Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 6)


Thank you so much for your support to all the readers & commenters. Let me clear you all some point here…Its Arjun’s love at first sight on Radhika and that’s the reason he put the condition and have her near him. he has a confidence in within ths 7 days, he can make her feel for him too. But Radhika is least bothered about him now and she literally hates him now for forcing her in all the way. But soon the scene will get change and you can view the arjun’s love gets increases day by day and how Radhika changes her perception on him and slowly love develops for her also. And ofcourse, if loves comes means obviously problem also will come right but by whom? and what is that problem? Everything you will see in upcoming episodes.

Here you go with the episode 6

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 6)

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Recap: Radhika and Teji landed on Arjun’s villa.

Radhika is shocked hearing him and looks at his eyes. His words are echoing in her ears on what he said just before, “All the things are in this room is Mine only”.
She stares him for a while and with full energy she pushed him back forcefully. Arjun is amused by her act and stands there.

Radhika fumes in anger and asks, “What do you mean by that?”

Arjun understands her anger and smirks at her saying, “I mean what i mean. This was also my room and now i have given it to you since you are my most special guest”.

Radhika stands silently but stares him angrily and says, “ok fine. Thanks for giving your precious room for me. Now let me sleep. Will you pls?” she points her hand towards the door.

Arjun did not get angry but really enjoying her taunts. He moves steps backwards by looking at her. Radhika is puzzled seeing him and did not understand what he is doing. He moves on his right side and removes the screen. There she sees a door with a lock. She wonders what it could be. Arjun opens the door and sees her saying “Good Night”.

Radhika is totally confused and asks him, “Where are you going? yo have to go to your room..the way is here”. Arjun smiles seeing her tension and says, “This is also my room only and these 2 rooms have connections. since you came i have locked it simply.” He raised his eyebrows by seeing her shocking face.

Yes Now radhika is completely speechless and blinks at him. She sees him going inside his room, she runs to that door and stops him saying, ” I need the key for this door”.

Arjun is amused but he hand overs the key to her and says, “I have confident on myself that i will not use these cheap tricks to come here but if you don’t believe in you then better you lock it. It will be safe for me also”. He winks at her and locks the door from his side.

Radhika is speechless and looks at the closed door like “WHAT?”

But still she locks the door and keeps the key under her pillows and goes to sleep. She did not get sleep at first but soon after a long thinking she falls asleep.

Radhika is in deep sleep and feels a soft touch on her cheeks. She feels that her mom is trying to wake her up by patting her cheeks. She murmurs saying, “Mumma..pls let me sleep for some more time”.

Arjun who is sitting beside her smiles seeing her murmur thinking it is her mom. He gently pats her cheek again to wake her up but she ignored it and turns to his side. Since his hand was on her cheeks now she kept her face on his palm and continues sleeping. Arjun is mesmerized seeing her sleeping beauty and with another hand he removes the hairs which is disturbing her. he slowly leans on her face and whispers in her ears saying,”Good Morning Sweety”.

Radhika is disturbed his voice and slowly opens her eyes to see who is it and her eyes gets widened seeing him so closer, she gets up as if she sees the ghost and moves to the othe side of the bed. Arjun sees her act and just at the nick of time he hold her hands when she is about to fall down while moving back. Radhika looks at him and gets jerked off from his hand and stands on the bed and shouts, “what are you doing here? and how come you came inside?”

Arjun sees her standing on the bed and moves up and down because of the cushion bed. He grabs her hand and puts her down and says, “You locked this side door but you forgot to lock the main door”. he laughs seeing her reaction.

Radhika is in full frustration mood and asks him, “okay, now what is your problem? y u wake me up and that too so early?” She sees the clock and it shows 5:00 AM.

Arjun, “You came here to capture my activities from Day 1 right? And my Day starts from 5:00 AM only. So be quick, refresh yourself and come down….FAST”. By saying this he leaves the room.

Radhika stands like a statue and hits the floor by her leg and goes to washroom. She gets freshen up and comes down with her track suite and she did pony on her hair which gives her a cute look.

Radhika with full irritation mood she steps down but suddenly she smells something which is her favourite…she close her eyes and turns to the side where the smells comes. She opens her eyes and sees there the servant having coffee tray. when she is about to snatch one, Arjun stopped her from taking it and asks her to come with him.

Radhika turns to him and asks, “Now what you want to do? Atleast i can have a coffee na?” All the while, Teji falls on the couch and continues his sleep.

Arjun, “Have coffee after our jogging”. Radhika is shocked and shouts, “JOGGING?”.

Teji gets jerk and got up in a half sleep and asks, “Who is jogging?”

Arjun looks at them and says, “You both came here to cover my day to day activities only right…so you have to come with me wherever i am going. if you are not then tell me i wil cancel this contract immediately”.

Before he completes his sentence only, Teji runs outside to get ready to go with him. Radhika looks at him helplessely and slowly goes out. Arjun smiles and follows them.

Radhika and Teji taken the back seat and Arjun drives the car to the park where he usually goes. By the time he reaches the park, he turns back to see them but finds them sleeping on leaning each other’s shoulder. Arjun bangs the horn hardly and it gives a horrible noise. Radhika and Teji jerked up and looks at him blinking in a half sleep. Arjun points them to get down from the car.

They both got down and Teji gets ready with his Camera to shoot his activities. Arjun enters the park and starts his warm up. Radhika and Teji simply stands there and looks at the others who is doing exercise. Suddenly Arjun starts running, and they also started running behind him. Teji who holds the camera trying to run fast to cover his face but unable to do it.

Some how he managed to go and he covered his face from all the side and when he tries to cover it from left side, he did not notice the small pond there and falls down with a small jerk…but still he holds the camera at height to make sure it doesn’t fall in water.

Radhika shouts as “TEJI” and helps him to get out from the water. Arjun who looks at them smiling and continues his jogging. he finished his rounds and finds them who is sitting in the bench silently. he approaches them and asks, “What happened? you covered only one round of my 1st activity..what about other rounds?”

Radhika replies, “we will edit it and show the 1st round continously. Now please will go home. Plsssss”. She literally pleading him.

They leaves from there and goes to his home. Arjun goes to his room to wash his face and he comes back to the living hall and find them sleeping again in the sofa.

The servant comes and extends the coffee cups and looks at them sleeping. Arjun tries to wake them up but all in vain. He takes a cup of water and throw it on their face. Both gets up in a shake and radhika looks at him in her atmost anger. When she is about to shout he stops her and asks her to take the coffee.

Immediately Radhika changes her mood and takes the coffee happily and drinks it, so does Teji too.

Arjun asks them to get ready soon. Radhika, “ where?”

Arjun,”You will get to know soon. Now go, get ready and come back soon”.

Radhika gives him a frustration look and runs to her room. Teji also goes to his room. Arjun smiles seeing her going and thinks, “I know you are angry on me. But i am sure your perception on me will change soon”.

Radhika gets ready in her blue denim jeans with white tank top. She puts a pony for her hair, a cute a small white pearl earing and with white color watch for her matching dress. Arjun already got ready and waiting for them in the dining hall.

Radhika gets dressed up and comes downstairs. Arjun sees her and he is dumbstruck seeing her beauty comes like a cloud. He stares her continously. Radhika notices his gaze on her but she avoided looking at him and sits on the table far from him. They all have done with their breakfast and leaves the home.

After a short drive, Arjun stops the car and asks them to get down. He tells them that this place is one of his most favourite place and activity in his daily routine.

Radhika and Teji sees the place and surprised seeing him. Radhika is now completely shock seeing his another side. She couldn’t believe her eyes and thinks whether is this the Arjun she is seeing in reality. Arjun notices her reaction and a small curve comes on his face.

Precap: Day 1- Radhika is amazed seeing him having so many trusts for poor people. She losts in his thoughts when her PA explains her about his habits.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. I think i haven’t give it upto the expectation. if so am really sorry for that. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

Credit to: Sathya

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