Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 5)

Hi all, Satz back again with the next episode. Thank you so much for all ur comments. I hope by now you all get to know about Arjun character right. He is not a

arrogant man…but soon the situation makes him to be arrogant towards his love. Radhika, she is a sweet girl but she will not keep quiet any wrong things are happening infront of her. You will see how these 2 will join their hands together.

Here you go with the episode 5

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 5)

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Recap: Arjun’s condition for interview. Radhika has been forced by her head to accept the condition to get the interview of Arjun.

Radhika leaves from office sadly and on the way she is thinking only about how she is gonna inform this to her mom and dadaji. She reaches her home and finds her mom packing her stuffs in the travel bag. Radhika is confused and looks for Dadaji. He is also doing some packings. She goes to him and asks him what happened?

Dadaji: Choti, what u forgot? we have a marriage function in our native day after tomorrow na. you forgot or what?

Radhika remembers that and says, “Haan dadaji…i forgot..but i cannot come with you”.

Mala: Why u cannot come?

Radhika: Maa…i have an important work. I cannot put leave. Its very important for me and my career maa.

Mala and Dadaji looks each other sadly and asks, “Will she be able to manage alone here?”

Radhika thinks for a while and says, “Maa…anyways i have to be out of town for 7 days for my work. So i don’t need to stay here alone.”

Mala: 7 days. Where you are going?

Radhika: I don’t have that information yet ma….today or tomorrow i will get it from my head. You don’t worry about me. I will take care of myself. You and dadaji take care and enjoy the marriage ok.

Mala & Dadaji hugs her and informs her that they are leaving tomorrow noon. They had dinner and falls asleep.

Radhika lies on her bed but did not get sleep. she turns here and there but she couldn’t sleep. She goes to the painting and says, “I don’t know why it is happening with me always. I don’t want to go for that interview but my career is very important for me and i have been forced to accept it. I don’t know who you are but whenver i talk to you and stand near by you..i feel something that i be safe when i am with you. For those 7 days, i need ur support for me to handle that Arjun.”

She gently touches the painting and goes back to her bed and falls asleep. Next day morning..Radhika gets ready for office and bids bye to Mala and Dadaji since they are leaving in the noon…she cannot see them when she is coming in the evening. Mala informs her to be careful wherever she goes and tells her to call her daily.

Radhika assures her everything and leaves for office.

@Arjun Villa,

Nandini – Arjun’s Mom. she is shouting at the servants to finish the work properly. Arjun comes to the dining hall and sees her mom shouting the maids and they are literally gets scared seeing her. Arjun goes to his mom and hugs her. Nandini is little shock and stops shouting. she stares arjun and asks, “what happen to you suddenly? All these hugging and all..i never seen you this much happy? Anything you can share with me?”

Arjun smiles at her and says, “Soon you will know the reason behind my happiness. But now tell me why r u shouting at them?”

Nandini, “Then what? Whatever i told them yesterday they did not even finish it. I have to leave to my brother’s place also and anyways i can come only after 10 days.

i thought to make some arrangements before i leave. But they are not even listening me.”

Arjun smiles and tells her that, “You don’t worry. I will take care of the things. You leave early and let me know once you reach there.”

Nandini also nods and they both share a hug and he waves bye to her. Nandini to herself, “I want to see you happy like this forever Arjun. you will be having a big surprise when i am back”.

Arjun drives the car and thinks, “Mom, when you back i have a big surprise for you”.

Arjun reaches office and asks her PA about the Birdsong contract details.

PA: Sir, Birdsong agency has accepted our conditions and they asks us the date from when we can start the interview.

Arjun looks at her once and says, “From Tomorrow”. PA left the room and Arjun leans back on his chair and ties his hands at the back of his head and stares at the ceiling and smiles. He remembers the first sight he saw Radhika on the rain and how she fought with him on the road.He laughs and says,”I am so excited to have you nearby me. These 7 days going to become a most special days for me. And i am sure i will make you feel the same before you leave me”.

@Birdsong office,

Creative Head calls Radhika and Teji to his room.

Head, “We have got a confirmation from Arjun’s office that from tomorrow we have to start our film making. So do all the preparations now and get ready for the shoot.

Radhika, the complete project is your responsibility and make sure that in these 7 days, you should be more conscious and try to cover most of his activities which others don’t know. Then only we will get more popularity in the media. Got it. And Teji you should help and support her in her work okay? Now you both can go and start all the preparations.

Radhika nods him and keeps silent. Teji asks him, “Sir, tomorrow means, at what time we should be there at his home?”

Head, “From tomorrow means, you should capture his activities from Day 1 that too from you should be there at his home by tonight”.

Radhika looks him shocked but doesn’t reply anything. Both leaves the room silently.

@ Evening, Teji and Radhika leaves office and decides to meet at one common place so that they can go together to Arjun’s home. Radhika leaves to her home. She started packing her stuffs which is needed for 7 days. She arranges everything. After 1 hr she is done with all the packings and steps out from her house. To her shock a big luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover car parked infront of her house. She hangs her mouth open seeing that car and to give more shock, she sees Teji is getting down from the car and smiles at her. Radhika stands at the same place but Teji runs to her and says, “Radhika, you know what, Arjun sir sent his car to pick us. See this car we can’t imagine to go to the showroom only to see this car but now we are gonna have drive in this car. i am so so happy. I have to say thanks to you only to choose me as ur assistant, otherwise i will not get this luxuries. Ok come now. we will go.”

Radhika keeps silent and seriously thinking something. The driver comes to her and gets her luggage and opens the door for her. She silently goes inside and sits in the car. Till they reach Arjun’s villa Teji is continously talking but no Radhika. The car entered into a big mansion..or we can call it as a Palace. Teji hangs his mouth open and admires his house. Radhika also sees and gets more nervous and tense seeing all these…she is not excited, happy, sad but something is pressing her hard. She prays god silently to give her strength to handle this man.

The driver takes their luggage and keeps it in the living hall. Radhika and Teji enters the house and for a min both are like awestruck. They couldn’t take off their eyes from anything. They are looking around the hall feels like “WOW”. Suddenly they hear a voice says, “Welcome to my cage”.

Radhika turns and asks, “CAGE?”

Arjun smiles at her and says, “Ofcourse, once you are in , then you will not feel like going out”.

Radhika, “Hmm yes in one way you are correct. It is a cage only because we have been sent her forcefully not by our will.”

Arjun likes her taunt but not now. So he tells them to take rest for sometime. He calls one of the servant to keep their bags in the rooms which is given for them. One servant takes Teji’s bag and goes on the left side. Teji follows him and Radhika also follows him but Arjun stops her by extending his hand on her way. She looks at him puzzled and says, “You only told to take rest what?”

Arjun says, “You have to take rest in your room and your room is on upstairs”.

Radhika is shocked and sees the way he is pointing his fingers and finds another servant taking her bags and climbing the stairs.

Radhika is fuming in anger now and says, “Y should i have to stay there? can’t i stay here itself?”

Arjun simply says, “NO”.

Radhika sees him smiling at her and asks, “Y r u laughing at me. Am i looking like a joker?”

Arjun goes near her and says, “you are looking beautiful when you are angry. but do be angry often otherwise i can’t control myself”.

Radhika gulps and steps back from him and runs to the stairs following the servant. Arjun laughs seeing her and says, “goshhhh…I LOVE HER”.

The servant shows her the room and tells her that, “Madam, dinner will be ready in another 1 hr. You can come down by that time”. She thanks him and once he left..she locked the door and leans on the door itself and breathes heavily and thinks within these 7 days what and all i have to bare.

After 1 hr, radhika gets freshen up and goes down. She hears two voices who is lauging aloud. She knows that one is Teji’s and wonders who else it can be the another one and finds it shocked seeing Arjun laughs. And for a sec she is lost seeing him smiling. She thinks, “OMG…he s so handsome while innocent look he has but truth is he is not innocent..he is an arrogant”

She comes out from her self thoughts and joins with them in the dining table and had their dinner. Teji wishes them good night and goes to his room. Radhika also silently leaves to her room. When she is climbing she feels something odd so she turns back and sees and gets shocked seeing Arjun also climbing stairs. She gets puzzled and runs fastly to her room. Arjun also follows her the same way. Radhika goes inside her room and about to lock the door but Arjun stops by keeping his hands on the door. Radhika gets scared but didn’t want to show to him and asks, “Now what?”

Arjun simply takes her hands from stopping him and moves inside the room but Radhika keeps on asking him what he wants. Arjun goes to the bookshelf and takes a book from there and shows it to her saying, “Its my book and i came here to take this”.

Radhika is confused and asks, “Why your book is here?”

Arjun, “Coz, it is my room and my book wil be in my room only na”.

Radhika is now speechless and tries to talk but only air is coming. Finally she asks in low voice, “Your room”.

Arjun walks towards her and she steps back and at last she hits the wall and when she tries to move on her left side, a strong hand banned her to move and she again tries to move on her right side, again she is been stopped. Now she is literally in a cage who locked by the handsome hunk. She bows her head down continuously and feels the closeness and heat on her body. She feels nervous and slowly lifts her head and looks at him.

Arjun blocks her way and slowly moves close to her and enjoys her nervous. He sees the gap between them and tries to fill it but stops by a pair of hands on his chest.

He looks down at his chest and grabs the hands and to her shock he extends her hands and locks it on the wall with his hands. Now nothing can stop him in filling the gap…He moves to her and blows air on her face.

Radhika is completely shock by his behaviour and closes her eyes when he blows air on her face. He sarcastically says in a husky voice that, “Yes it is my room, and whatever it is there in this room is also mine only.”

He says this by looking at her sensuously. Radhika opens her eyes and looks him helplessely.

Precap: Day 1- Radhika and Teji runs behind him in the morning. Arjun sees them sleeping in the sofa and throws water on them.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

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