Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 4)


Hi all, Satz back again with the next episode. First of all, i have to thank each and everyone who applauded my efforts on my previous FF (Enemity to Love). Thank you

so much from the bottom of my heart. I am really overwhelmed seeing all your love and emotions towards it. It takes me to cloud nine now. I hope i will do the same
justice in this FF also. If you are not satisified or happy or do you need any changes …pls do let me know.

Here you go with the episode 4

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 4)

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Recap: Ardhika met in the road and fought.Arjun couldn’t identify her because of mud in her face. Radhika gets to know about her new project from her head.

Arjun is working on his laptop tensely and suddenly his concentration diverts and he starts thinking about the girl he saw in the rain. Her face comes to his mind and unknowingly he smiles and says, “How beautiful she is and how soft, kindly nature she has…Y i am thinking about her always. It means do i love her? No…how come it is possible..i don’t even anything about her and i don’t know whether i will meet her again or not…then why i should think about her”.

By thinking like this he shakes his head and again diverts his mind in his work. After few mins again he lost in some thoughts but this time, he reminisces the incident which happen in the morning and sees the mud girl picture in his mind and says to himself, “How dare she insulted me? That small girl insulted me and broke my car she behaved like a rowdy? I will not leave her if i see her again…I ll make her to say sorry for behaving badly with me.”

He gets really disturbed and closes his laptop and calls his PA to his room.

@BirdSong office,

Radhika is called by her creative head. She goes to the room and her head signs her to sit while he was on the call and she does so. After few mins, her head disconnected the call and looks at her and says, “Radhika, i have a surprise for you. you are so lucky you know. So many girls are waiting in the queue to get this opportunity but without any efforts you have grabbed it in ur pocket”.

Radhika doesn’t understand anything and blinks at him and says,”Sir, but i really don’t get it what you are trying to say?”.

Head smiles seeing her innocence and says, “Okay…i have already told you about the documentary film making right..we have finalized the famous person whom you gonna interview.” by saying this he pause it for a sec and looks at Radhika.

Radhika’s curious gets little high and says, “Sir, i really afraid now seeing your hype for that person”.

Head smiles and says, “He is none other than the growing pesonality, the famous one of the most eligible bachelor in the city now “Mr.ARJUN KRISHNA””.

Radhika narrows her eyebrows and says,”ARJUN KRISHNA? I never heard this name before.”

Head smiles at her innocence and says,”He never comes out from his business world…He doesn’t like to give interview also..but nowadays he comes out from the barrier he kept for himself and starts merging with the people and this documentary film making is one of the step we made and approached to him and he also accepted it”.

Radhika raised her eyebrows as “Ohhh” by pouting her mouth.

Head, “So have to meet him tomorrow itself and informs him about the process we are following and get to know about his concerns also. With you i will send one person for ur assist and to shoot the film. So you can decide it who it can be”.

Radhika instantly says, “I will take Teji with me sir”.

Head approves it and gives her the Business Card of Arjun and list of papers to her which has the detailed analysis of Mr.ARJUN.

Radhika comes out from the room and calls Teji and informs him also the same. Teji becomes super excited and jumping like a kid. Radhika smiles seeing his happiness and thinks,”DOes this Arjun makes people crazy like this even Men?”.

@ Arjun’s office,

His PA informs him about his meetings today and tomorrow. Arjun tells her to cancel the meeting in the evening and checks for the tomorrow’s appointment.

PA says, “Yes sir, tomorrow you suppose to meet a person from Birdsong Advertising Agency who got the contract of making a documentary film of yours.”

Arjun looks down at the file and asks,”Who is coming?” without looking at her.

PA says, “Her name is Radhika Manohar. She is a creative director in her company”.

Arjun lifts his head and looks at her PA after hearing the name Radhika for a while and he asks her, “A girl gonna interview me?”

PA hesitantly says,”Yes…sir”.

Arjun gives a sigh relief and says,”OKAY…confirm the appointment tomorrow. I will see who is that brave girl”.

He sends her PA and he gets ready to leave his office.

In the night, Radhika tells whatever happened in her office to her Dadaji and they both are chit chatting happily and teasing her mom Mala also. Mala comes to them and gives her the mobile and signs her to talk. She happily gets it and says,”Papa…i am missing you so much badly…how are you? When are you coming to India?”.

She just gives a positive reactions while on phone and after that she cuts the call and says,”dadaji….soon papa will be coming to India..yeah…party time”. They both give hi-fi and hugs each other.

3 of them had their dinner together and falls asleep. Before sleep, Radhika greets good night to the painting and says,”Tomorrow is the important day for me. I wish everything should go smoothly.” then she dozes off.

Next day morning, Radhika wakes up little late and rushes to get ready. she left from hom without having breakfast. Still her scooty is not repaired, she hired a call taxi and reaches to Arjun’s office. On d way, she informed Teji also to come there directly. Just 5 mins before, she met Teji at the entrance and they both rush to the reception to check the details. They have been told to go 5th floor of this building. They both runs to the lift and reaches the meeting venue. They got a seat and breathing heavily. Radhika checks with the lady who sits on the Reception area on 5th floor about her meeting and gets to know that it will take place in another 5 mins.

They both waited for few seconds and been called inside the room. Radhika and Teji compose themselves and enters the room and looks around everywhere. Teji is literally opens his mouth in excitement. Radhika also zooms the room and halts it hearing a voice coming behind the chair. The voice greets them Good Morning and asks them to take a seat. They both also greets him and is moving forward to take a seat. Now the chair is turning to their side and Teji & Radhika is now seeing the Growing personality , the eligible bachelor MR.ARJUN KRISHNA.

Radhika stands freeze where she is and blinks looking at him. Teji is so happy seeing and smiles at him. Arjun who is not able to believe that he is seeing his beautiful rainy girl infront of him. He is super happy, excited, surprise, shock…Multiple reactions at his face…He gets up from his chair and stares her who is still in shock seeing him. He raises his hands and about to say, “you are the one..”.

His words been cut off in the mid by Radhika and continues,”I am the one who broke your car window yesterday”. She blurted the truth but still she is not getting afraid of per her she is not at fault and she thought that he also about to say the same what she told. Teji who heard this is super shock now and looks both of them.

Arjun now who is in more shock remembers the incident from rainy day upto their fight. He composes himself and says to himself that,” rainy girl and the rowdy girl i saw yesterday both are same…what a coincidence..i think she blurted the truth that i too know about her…let it i will have fun with her..”

By thinking like this..he sits back in his chair and leans back to it. He sees Teji & Radhika still stands at the same place. He tels them to sit. He narrows his eyes and continuously stares at Radhika who is not lifting her head at all and he understood that so many thoughts are going on in her mind.

Arjun breaks the silence and says,”I have only 15 mins time left for this meeting”. Immediately Teji and Radhika lifts their head and looks each other nervously and looks at him.

Arjun works on his laptop but his concentration is only on Radhika. Radhika, “But sir, we have asked for atleast 30 mins for the meeting”.

Arjun says, “Yes…i thought we need 30 mins to discuss and confirm the contract. But now it is not needed”.

Radhika & Teji looks worried and Teji says,”Sir…you cancelled our contract is it? But sir..pls give us one chance sir…”

Radhika now fumes in anger seeing Teji pleading him and simultaneoulsy she thinks about her Head who believes her and now it is becoming worse.

Arjun interrupts him and says,”I did not say i cancelled it…I said no need of any discussion”.

Radhika & Teji gives a confused look. Arjun smiles at them and says,”I confirm this contract”.

Both are so happy and looks each other happily and Teji says, “Wooowwww sir.. Thank you so much sirr…”.

Radhika also about to say something but he raises his hands and stops her and continues..”I didn’t finish it yet”.

Agian they goes to confusion mode. Arjun continues, “I have a condition to sign this contract”.

Teji, “What is the condition Sir?”

Arjun moves his look to Radhika and says, “THe person who is taking interview should stay with me for 7 days. I mean STAY…WITH…ME…IN…MY HOME.”

Radhika & Teji is shell shocked and gulps seeing each other. Radhika understand that he is taking revenge for his insult and already she was fuming in anger and now she couldn’t tolerate it anymore…She started talking.

Radhika, “But in the agreement, this conditions and all not mentioned sir. We cannot take decision on our own. We have to check my creative head and i don’t think so they will agree for this”.

Arjun smirks seeing her confidence and says, “Conditions i will make and approval your head will give. 15 mins over…you both can leave now”.

Radhika and Teji feels devastated and sadly gets up and goes to the door. before they open it Arjun says, “Be ready at anytime to come to my home”.

Radhika sees him smiling and angrily goes out of the meeting room and fumes in anger. Teji tries to calm her but all in vain. finally they catch a taxi and goes to their office and meets their head.

Head, “I know everything Radhika. As he said he is in the position of giving the conditions and we are in the position of accepting it”.

Radhika is in deep shock and says, “How can you say like this sir? It is really idiotic condition…It’s IMPOSSIBLE”.

Head calms her and says, “Radhika..even i did not decide this. He is really important to us and if we rejected, there are so many agency who is still trying to take his contract. If we lose him it will be a big loss for us. From the management only they have accepted his condition and now it is my turn to approve it.”

Radhika becomes numb for a while hearing this and says, “Then sir..i cannot take up this assignment”.

Head, “You have no choice Radhika. See this letter, you and Teji are the one who gonna take up this project.”

Radhika, “Sir..this is too much. I am saying am not ready to take it up and sir pls…i don’t want to ”

Head now in strict tone, “I am not asking you radhika…i am just ordering you as a Creative Head”.

Radhika silently leaves from the room and sits in her place silently. Teji comes to her place and asks her what happened.

Radhika tells him everything and says, “How can i tell to my mom about that and i am sure she will not allow me for staying and all.”

Teji, “Radhu…think well before you accept it. It is a very good project for us and i am sure once we finish this documentary our life will defintely change”.

Radhika sadly looking at him and nods as No.

The screen freezes on Radhika’s sad face and Arjun’s smiling face.

Precap: Radhika with Teji landed infront of the big mansion. Arjun welcomes them and smiles sees her tensed face.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

Credit to: Sathya

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