Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 34)


Thank you so so much my lovely dears…so i have to inform you all that we are nearing the end of this ff. Lets get into today’s chapter.

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 34)

Arjun continues sobbing and Radhika tries as much as possible to console him but he did not stop his tears and cries like a kid. Neil observes everything and says, “I think now Arjun needs peace of mind and radhika is there to pacify him. We will wait outside till then.” Everyone leaves ardhika alone and goes out.

Radhika too cries seeing Arjun in this dishelved state. She never ever imagine Arjun in this situation. She makes him look at her, cups his face and says,”Arjun, pls don’t cry. You should be more strong to digest this.” Arjun, “What sin i have done? I lost my real mom and the person whom i believe more than god had tried to kill me. I lost…i lost everything now. I lost my mom. I thought, i have everything and was living like a king but the truth is i was living like a joker to make others happy. What kind of life i was living all these years?” he continues blabbering.

Radhika couldn’t see his tears and pain and to stop his blabber she kisses him on his lips. Both closes their eyes and just feels the moment. Radhika knows it Arjun desperately needs some peace in his mind and heart and this kiss lightens the tension in their mind and gives peace to their hearts. Both don’t know how long they have been in this position but it makes arjun to get some peace but tears flows down continuously. Radhika seperates herself from him and wipes his tears by rubbing her cheeks with his. Then she kisses on his forehead and makes him lean on her chest and he too hugs her tightly.

Neil, Teji, Mahi and Aditya are in living room and thinks what to do with Nandini, coz she is still in that room. Suddenly they hear some sound in Nandini’s room. They get panic and runs there. Ardhika also heard the sound and rushes out to see what is happening. They see others entering to nandini’s room and they too went inside and gets shocked seeing the scene there.

Nandini lies in pool of blood and she cuts her wrist exactly on the vein. They tried to stop the blood but it is still oozing. Arjun is numb seeing her like this and steps back in shock. Neil and teji ties her hand in some cloth and carries her in their arms. Arjun does not give any reaction on her but moves back. Radhika looks on worried and tries to go but arjun holds her hand and says, “Don’t leave me and go pls”. She stays with Arjun and Aditya also did not go and stays back. Mahi informs radhika and leaves with Neil and Teji.

After 1 hr, Radhika gets a call from Neil and he informs about nandini’s health. Radhika comes to Aditya who is with Arjun, “Uncle, Neil called me from hospital. They were able to save Nandini but…”

Both father and son looks at her with question look and she continues, “but she lost her mental stability it seems. After the treatment again she tried to harm herself. Doctors saved her but they are scared that she might attempt for suicide again. They suggest to admit her in the mental hopsital.”

For a second arjun shows his pain in his eyes a drop of tear falls from his eyes which shows his pain clearly. Aditya says, “If that is her fate then we cannot do anything. I am ready to the hospital formalities becoz am still her legal husband”. by saying this he goes from there.

Radhika feels bad seeing both in pain but she couldn’t do anything on this. She called neil and informs him what aditya told.

Nandini always stares the ceiling aimlessly and did not concentrate on anything. The doctors and nurses try to make her feel normal but sometimes she behaves arrogant and sometimes she gets silent and stares the ceiling for so many hours. No one comes to hospital to see her, once aditya came and done with the hospital formalities. After that no one comes there to see her and she becomes all alone.

“This is the worst type of punishment when no one is there to talk, nothing to do and everyone avoids you, hates you, curses you. There cannot be any worst punishment more than this.” Nandini is bearing this for her deeds. She has all the relations but none is ready to look at her once.

After two days, things becoming normal slowly. Arjun is coming out from this trauma and radhika supports him a lot and never leave him alone. That day night radhika finishes all her work in the kitchen and goes to her room with milk for Arjun. Arjun smiles at her and makes her sit beside him. He holds her hand and says, “Thank you for being with me as a pillar. You are giving me a great support in this tough situation. But i couldn’t do anything to make you happy”

Radhika cups his face and says, “You are my everything and am very happy being with you. I don’t need anything else”

Arjun, “But i have some responsibility too. I have a surprise for you tomorrow”. Rads, “what is that surprise?”

Arjun, “I told you na..its surprise. So don’t ask me. Without giving any reason you should come with me”

Rads, “Ok baba. Now have this milk and sleep”. Arjun stares his love who lies beside him. He moves close to her and to her surprise he hugs her and kisses on her forehead saying, “Stay with me always”.

Rads smiles at him and says, “Always”. They both slept by hugging each other.

Next day morning, Arjun is so tensed and nervous. Radhika finds his restless and asks him but he did not say anything and takes her with him. After sometime, he stops the car infront of radhika’s house. She looks on shocked and looks at him. He smiles and signs her to go. She gets down and get inside the house. Dadaji who sits in the couch in hall sees radhika coming gets happy and shouts as “CHOTIIIII….YOU CAME”

He runs to her and hugs her. She too hugs him happily and cries. Mala comes out from kitchen listening the word choti and stuns seeing her daughter after a week almost. Mala shed tears and hugs her tightly saying, “I miss you my beta. Why did you do this?”

Rads also cries and says, “Maa…i am sorry but i don’t have option to save Arjun”. Dilip comes forward and says, “What story you are telling?”

Before Radhika answers him, Arjun interrupts and says, “It is not story uncle. To save me, she sacrificed you all”. Everyone gets confused and stares ardhika cluelessly.

Arjun explains everything to them and finally he makes dilip forgive them. Dilip, Mala and Dadaji gets happy seeing arjun’s love for radhika, they get happy for them and blesses them to get all the happiness in the world.

Ardhika stays there till evening and goes to their home giving the reason as aditya will be alone. They reached Arjun villa and informs aditya everything. He gets happy about their reunion and blesses them too. All finishes their dinner and goes to their respective rooms.

Arjun gets changed into night suite and falls in the bed and waits for radhika. She too comes in her sleeveless maxi and arranges the bed. He looks at her from top to bottom and says, “Not bad, my wife is beautiful only”

Rads looks on him and says, “But what to do…only wife is beautiful not my husband” she winks at him. Arjun laughs and pulls her to him. She falls on top of him and her hair falls on his face. He takes it and tucks it behind her ears and cups her face. Both shares a cute eyelock and radhika breaks it saying, “How long we have to stay like this?”

Arjun, “I wish for life long”

Rads, “Life long? like this?”

Arjun, “We can change the position also” by saying this he comes on top of her.

Rads is surprised seeing his actions and says, “What happened to my handsome husband? Today he seems to be so romantic”

Arjun, “Mmm well i am always a romantic person only…but you were not there to show it to you”

Rads laughs at his counter and says, “What’s the idea now? Will sleep orrrrrr….?”

Arjun, “What you wanna do?”

Rads, “I don’t want anything” she turns her face to other side.

Arjun, “So you will oppose me if i do anything”

She smiles and closes her eyes. Arjun leans on her face and kisses on her cheeks. Rads turns and shows him the other one, he kisses there too. She starts breathing heavily. He stares her lips for a while and places a gentle kiss on hers. It is a very passionate one, which shows his love, his care, his affection, his thanks, sorry and has everything what he wants to say, he said it in one kiss. Then he lies beside her and both dozed off hugging each other.

A month leap,

Arjun villa is decorated nicely and only the family and friends are there. Ardhika, Aditya, Mala, Dilip, Dadaji, NeSam, Teji & Mahi also joins them as a couple and Kaka also joins with them.

Aditya is very happy and emotional too because he is witnessing his son’s birthday after so many years. Radhika consoles him and assembles everyone there for the cake cutting. Cake cutting celebration happened nicely and he gives the first piece to his dad and then to radhika. Happy times comes to them and all looks so happy and enjoys the environment.

All hears a voice from the doorstep calling for Arjun Mehra. All are shocked seeing the police in the doorstep. Arjun comes forward and tell him that he is Arjun.
Inspector, “Hello Mr.Arjun, Sorry to disturb you and your family. Actually i have a bad news for you”

Arjun, “Bad news? About?”

Ins, “Nandini Mehra is no more”

All are shocked and numb including Arjun. Radhika comes forward and holds arjun’s hand for support. Neil comes and asks, “What are you saying sir? How and when?”

Ins, “We got the news from the hospital today morning only and i got to know that she is not mentally stable and you all have abandoned her long back. But i just thought of informing this news to you since she is part of mehra family”

Aditya, “She was Mr.Inspector and not anymore. We legally abandoned her long back and we don’t have any connections with her now”

Dadaji cries listening this and slowly comes to them and says, “She is not related to them but she is my…my daughter. I don’t want to do any last rites for her but i want to see her once last time….Pls”

Dilip also gets emotional and says, “Arjun..we are not forcing you anything. But papa wants to see her once, pls don’t mistaken us”

Arjun composes himself and says, “Inspector…i am her son and i will do her last rites”

Everyone is shocked and Aditya stops him saying, “R u mad arjun. Why you want to give her the rights as your mom. She is not fit for that”

Arjun, “Dad..i know she is not fit for anything but i considered her as my mom. I am not like her to forget her role. Her love and affection was fake but mine was true. I will do her last rites. Dadaji, uncle…we will go together”

Arjun, Dadaji, Dilip goes there and finishes all the rituals and comes to home. Everyone stays there itself on that day. In the night radhika goes to her room and finds arjun already in sleep showing his back to her. She understand his mood and goes to her side and turns arjun to face her. As she expected, arjun did not sleep but crying silently. She wipes his tears and makes him sleep on her lap and rubbing his hair softly. Soon he sleeps and she also slept in the same position.

Precap: Happy times back. 2 years leap. Ardhika, Nesam and Maji (Teji + Mahi) in Birdsong are so busy in their work and discuss something seriously. (LAST EPISODE)

Thank you so much for reading this episode. hope i entertained you giving most of ardhika moments. Guys for nandini, as per my opinion, loneliness is the worst punishement ever though you have someone for you. So i have decided like that and finishes her character here. As i said next will be the last episode and will be having a happy ending. And i always prefer the happy end and i believe in that it might be cinematic but i like a happy ending.

So now it is your turn to give comments…and guys who are silent readers for this…today and tomorrow is the last chance to give comments for this ff…so pls pls give your comments….

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  1. Mica

    omg sathhuuuu,,, seem you will nice touch for last episode exactly as DYM serial
    luv it luv it

    1. Mica

      *give nice touch

    2. Sathya

      Thank u so much Mica dear??? not exactly as same as dym… U all will have a surprise at the end more of a comical way

  2. you nailed it sathya…it was an awesome awesome epi…..thank you thank you

  3. also one questions::Last precap you has mansion Ardhika’s marriage…so i was actually expecting marriage episode as well..:)can you please please add more make is few more episode if you can???Please this is my request…

    1. And a request of mine too.. sathu dii qnd pls make it long and sweet oki?

    2. Sathya

      Dear… I think marriage is not in this ff I guess…. They are already married na… I understand ur interest for ardhika scenes…. I will give their scenes for sure…. Next episode is full of ardhika only Hut that will be the last episode too…. I m sorry dear… Actually this I am the perfect end I can give for this ff… If I drag it na then it won’t be interesting….thank u so much for ur lovely comments ????

  4. Awww…very nice sis..this is worst punishment ever..very bad than death..end??? So soon?? Why??? Any way I want ETL N UL..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u rosie ??? I thought to end in a good note buddy… Now everything is set right na

  5. JoAn

    Sathya ji pls romance between aardhika ?

    1. Sathya

      Hey joan… Yeah next episode is full of ardhika romance only… But that will be a end of this ff… Hope u like it

    2. JoAn

      Like ah I loved it I’m mad abt it pls give us 50 episodes ????

  6. sathya dii it was really awesome….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear ??

  7. RinaSivaguru

    Wow……. superb sathya…… really goanna miss this ff…. please update the last part soon….. and do come back wit another ff soon…… ?????

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Rina ??? am already writing 3 on this. Pls do read that and hope u like it

      1. RinaSivaguru

        Wow…… sure I will go read it…. ???

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

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      Thank u dear

  9. Brin

    Outstanding episode, you nail it, well done, and yes loneliness is the best revenge for Nandini, waiting for the last episode. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Brin ??? sure will update soon

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      Thank you so much dear for ur lovely comments…. ???

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    Today’s part was fantastic?

    1. Sathya

      Dhara dear… Thank u so much for ur support ??? and about romance yeah u have it in next episode and that we be the end also…

  12. Nice one Ka… ☺☺

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      Thank u vini ???

  13. Fabulous episode Sathya..Nandini’s punishment was perfect..loneliness is like a curse…u nailed it dear…waiting for aradhika’s scenes and happy happy moments… Plz post soon..and update other ffs too dear..m

    1. Sathya

      Ritu darling ??? thanks for the loveable comment dear… Ardhika happy moments romance all will be in next episode…

  14. Jessie

    Superb Sathya.. yes..u r right abt punishment.. I really liked Arjun completing his responsibilities as a son.. she is fake.. he isn’t.. thats d oly1 way 4 him to get over this.. ye saral ko kya go gaya.. is he in jail or anything else.. say tat too in last epi.. and abt Nesam too.. eager 4 d climax.. wow.. I like this.. Will u bring one more ff after this.. This is a very nice story..

    1. Sathya

      Jessie dear ??? thanks for ur lovely comments. Yes about arjun he s correct from his side and that’s y I made him to do the last rites. Yeah saral will also be punished for sure.. I ll tell AL in detailed in next episode

  15. Hi Satz, superb Episode ma ????

    Storiya Azhaga konduvandhrukkey.

    Nadhu chaptrey supera mudichirukey.

    OK next 1 is last ….Anxiously waiting ☺

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Naaga ??? will update soon

  16. Hey di,i am your silent reader.Its an amazing storyline and you are a very good writer.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Alice ???

  17. Dipika

    Satz this is the best…after enimity of urs impossible is my one of the fav ff..i m going to miss it badly….sach me..frm their first meet in rainy night..after khichdwala incident.. Their 7 days togetherness.. Cute fights…marriage… All is so slepndid.. I just bowled on ur writing.. You r amazinggggg writer….yess loneliness is worst punishment… I m really feeling sorry for nandini she got everything.. A good man as partner..obedient n loving son..wealth…but just for greediness she lost her all n end her self..i like tge way rads kissed was emotional kiss…aaradhika moment.. lovely.. Arjun again stole my heart for last line he said for nandini…I just love this ff…i know u will always give us beautiful ff like this…sooooo going now….tons n tons of

    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling…. Love u so much ???. Awww u stole my heart by ur golden words. I am overwhelmed seeing ur love on this ff. Yeah as u mentioned it’s a beautiful journey all though from day 1 they met and till the end… I never think this impossible would be possible for me yet I did it with all ur support. Million thanks dear???

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      Wowww gauri…. Every time when I see ur comments it’s like a boost for me. Thank u so much dear ???

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      Thank k u dear… Am already writing 3 mmz ff dear… I think u r aware of that. Thank u so much for the support n love dear

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      Thank you so much gia dear…. Will update soon ???

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u subha dear ??? intha story la inime add panna onnume illa pa… Actually main story plot is between arjun Nandini and Radhika…. Now Nandini chappy is over and as always ardhika will have a happy life… That’s it. There is nothing to drag here…

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      Thank u myra???of course it needs an end na…. All the problems are over mainly Nandini… Now ardhika is happy in their life and will have a happy life ahead…

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      Thank u so much shree ??? aama seekirama mudichidalam… Vera enna irukku ithula…. Main villain poyaachu… Ardhika happya irupaanga… Avlo than… Ok thaana ma

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