Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 33)


Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 33)

Nandini and everyone else is shell shocked. Radhika whispers “ARJUN”. Yes it is none other Arjun who only stares at Nandini who is still on the floor rubbing her cheeks and in shock seeing him alive standing infront of her. Arjun’s eyes only starring Nandini which full of hatred, anger, pain, hurt, wex, frustration and it is not ready to accept the truth..but the truth will hurt us now it’s Arjun’s turn. His eyes filled with tears and it flows down his cheeks and he slowly murmur, “You tried to kill me? Am i not your son? All these years you shown a fake love on me? You kept me alive just for this lifeless properties?”

Arjun needs an answer and he still looks at nandini, but her eyes could not face him. Some where she felt guilty and tears formed in her eyes too. She gets up and says, “Arjun…woh…mei…Arjun…” Arjun just raises his hands and stops her from saying anything and says, “Please now also don’t say anything to cheat me, i heard everything…EVERYTHING”. Nandini bows her head down and she couldn’t tolerate arjun’s anger and hatred towards her.

Arjun moves towards her and says, “MOM…i called you by this word from the bottom of my heart. I felt very proud seeing you and being your son. I never felt bad of not having a father..because you made me feel that you are my both mom and dad. But all these love and affection were fake is it? Just for this property…? I never remember my real maa’s face..because for me you are my maa…you know why? When i start remembering and understanding my surroundings, the only and first thing i remember is your face…my maa…you are my maa…sorry you were acted as my maa. But today you proved me that Step mother cannot be a real mother…Actually i prayed god that the doubt i got should not be true, but you failed me..Do you want to know how i got to know about your truth?”

Nandini lifted her face and looks at him with teary eyes..yes she was crying continuously hearing arjun’s statement. She never ever thought of this kind of confront from Arjun.

Arjun tells nandini from his POV,

“I didnt believe when radhika told me that you are trying to kill me…i asked her the proof and she told me she will prove your wrong motive in 3 days..but unfortunately i myself helped her unknowingly and proved you wrong. Somehow i was not able to fight with her to prove her wrong…something was stopping me..i dont know what…i was trying to find that what was stopping me and i noticed your tension, nervous today…there i felt something wierd in your behaviour and it ws disturbing me continously. I was driving on the forest area and was about to hit by a container lorry on the way..He try to drive on me intentionally and i jumped out of the car in the nick of time…he smashed only my car and not me. I rolled down to the slope area and stopped by a person who came forward to help me. He helped me and gets to his hut which was nearby down the slope. Then he asked about my details and i told him that i am Arjun Mehra. He was taken aback and he asked me about my parents, i told him i have only mother my father is expired and he asked me whether my mother name is Nandini. I was little shocked and nodded as yes by looking at him , yes he is crying , tears are rolling in his cheeks. He came close to me and cups my face in his hands…he continues touching my face, hands, body everything and he looked very emotional..i was feeling something odd and very emotional too…he kissed on my forehead and said, “My son Arjun…finally i have seen you”.
I was astonished hearing him…i was freezed and couldn’t utter a single word. He hugged me tightly and cries badly calling me as My son repeatedly. I couldn’t believe my ears and questioned him “What are you saying?”. He replied me “Yes..i am your father…Aditya Mehra”. I am stunned and that’s it i couldn’t stop myself and i hugged him too, we both were crying like a child and i asked him, “WHere were you these many years? Maa..suffered a lot without you”. He smiles bitterly and says, “I m like this now its just because of your so called maa Nandini Mehra” He removed his duplicate leg from his left one and stumbles to stand and i holded and looked on shocked.
He gives me a fake smile and i made him sit in the chair and i sat on his foot and asked, “How it happened?”. He replied me, “Before telling it to you, i want to see Nandini…can you pls take me to her and will prove her real face infront of you”. I did not stop him and i got him here. After coming here, i never ever imagined that my maa whom i considered as my everything was trying to kill me just for the property…”

He stopped and looks at nandini who is at the verge of lost everything she had till now….no hopes at all and her face becomes pale and her tears are frozed in her cheeks itself and typically she looks like a lifeless body.

Aditya mehra comes infront of her and says, “Shall i tell the kids how i lost my legs?”…Nandini didnt move even her eye lids
and still bows her head down. Aditya smirks at
her and looks at Arjun and says, “You were exactly 3 years and your mom fell in sick and she was not able to walk…she got paralysis
attack and after all my happiness and life has
been gone. I was struggling with you in my control and your most beloved Krishnan my loyal servant he helped me a lot in taking care of
you. More than me he spent much time with
you. I arranged so many treatments for my wife but there was no hope…so we thought of moving to our native village and i thought she
will feel good in that natural ambience. But there
i never thought that i will lose my happiness there…I met nandini there and she was working in my industry. One day just like that she came
to our home and she looked at your mom and
her illness. She told me that she will take care of her after her work time. I did not accept it initially but she never listened me, she came and
took care of your mom very well…and she taken
care of you too. I impressed with her work and slowly created a soft corner for her. Whenever i saw her, i gave her a smile which makes her
happy. One day she came to me and told that
she wants to be with me and take care of you and your mom forever. First i refused it and often she used to talk to me about this topic and
convinces me finally. I did not know that her
family did not accept this relation and she promised me that if am not marrying her she will kill herself. I believed her words and married her.
Initially she behaved well but slowly her
behaviour got changed and she stop taking care of you and your mom. I reminded her that i married her just becoz she was looking after
your mom. But she never listened my words and
she spent her time fully in club and all. Finally i gave her a warning that i will throw her out of the house if she not behave well. Then after that
for another few days she behaved normally and
taken care of your mom. But one day i was in industry and i got a call that your mom, my wife died. I was numb and rushed to home but i saw
only her lifeless body. Krishnan was there with
her and crying silently. I saw the fear in his eyes and i did not know what was that. All her last rites were done and its been 5 days, again
nandini started her usual work and she started
drinking in home itself. And one day in her drunken mood, she spitted the bitter truth that she only killed my wife by poisoning her food. I
was shocked and confronted her once she
came out from her drunken state. But instead of agreeing her deeds, she started shouted on me and said she was behind only my wealth and that’s y she married me. I couldn’t take up that and warned her that i m gonna complain to police and i taken my car towards police station. I did not see that she was also driving behind me. She came in too fast and dashed my car and out of control it went on the roadside rock and i was injured badly. She locked me inside the car itself and makes the car move, it drives and fell in the slope inside the forest area. I was thrown away from the car and it got blasted and my car was burnt in fire. I lost my conscious and when i woke up, i found in someone’s hut, i felt pain in my leg and i couldn’t tolerate it anymore..i started shouting due to the pain. The old man made me calm down and told how they found me. I lost my leg in that brutal murder attempt. I thoght my life was gone completely. I remembered about you and with the help of that old man, i called to home landline and found no one was there. I tried so manytimes but all in vain. I couldn’t find you after that and i came to painful decision that i lost you also, but i got my happiness back..yes i got my son. I am so happy now” he finished by hugging arjun tightly.

Arjun hugs him back and stares Nandini who doesn’t move at all from that place and breathes heavily. He gets seperated from him and goes to Nandini again and says, “What harm we did to you? Y u killed my mom? Do you think you will get forgive for all your deeds? You have no place here and i am saying you now…you are not fit to live in this world”.

He rushes out from that room and followed by others. Arjun goes to his room and sits on his bed and closes his face by hands. Radhika and everyone stands at the doorstep and looks at him. Neil signals her to go to him. Radhika slowly moves towards him and touches his shoulders and sits beside him. Arjun couldn’t control his tears more than her touch, he hugs her tightly and cries like a small kid. She felt tears on her shoulders and it is from his cheeks. She hugs him tightly and consoles him as much as possible, but he continues sobbing in her shoulders.

Precap: Arjun met radhika’s family and convinces them to accept their marriage. Everyone assembles in Arjun’s home and they get a happy time together with family and friends but police comes and interrupts them. Arjun looks on shocked.

Thank you so much for reading this episode. Sorry guys, this episode is only for Nandini—Arjun—Aditya. Last but not the least i gave a small ardhika scenes. Pls give your comments for this episode.

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