Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 32)


Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 32)

Saral is distraught seeing Radhika, Neil and Teji. He starts sweating badly seeing them.

Saral, “Radhika, you here? what truth you are talking about?”

Rads, “You forget so soon? That’s very bad”

Neil, “For your information saral, We only sent Mahi to you and all this are drama made by us”

Saral is frowned now and says, “What is the proof of my truth?”

Mahi comes infront of him and removes her chain from her neck and removes the pendent from that. She shows him the pendent and says, “It is not only a pendent but a micro camera and we can insert this directly in our android phone and immediately we can see the videos we shooted. Do you wanna see yours now?”

Radhika smiles and takes the MC from her hand and says, “This will says the relation between you and Nandini and this is enough for now to realise arjun’s mistake on believing the lady blindly which is of no worth”.

Saral is tensed and couldn’t do anything but stays silent. That time, Radhika gets a call from the Arjun’s number, she receives the call.

Rads, “Hello ?”

Caller, “I found this phone in the roadside near the forest area”

Rads, “What…Forest area? Can you pls tell me where exactly you are?”

Neil and Teji gets tensed seeing her worried face and voice.

Caller said the place to her and additionaly says, “It looks like, he met a bad accident because the place where i found the phone is full of blood”

That’s it…radhika drops the mobile on floor and shouts “ARJUN”. Neil & Teji gets panicked and tries to get the information from her but she stammers, “Arjun…accident…blood” she couldn’t complete the statement and cries.

Mahi gets worried seeing her and says, “Neil..i think Nandini did something to Arjun. we should go fast and looks for him”

Everyone gets worried except Saral and he smiles slightly getting relax, Teji notices it and says, “Don’t be so relax, Your chapter is already end now and you cannot even survive now except begging for money…all the doors are closed for you”

Neil composes him and takes him, rads and Mahi from there and leaves from there to the place where the accident happened.

They all 4 reaches the forest area and looks for the caller, Radhika is out of control now and runs here & there to find arjun and shouting at his name continuously. Meanwhile, Neil calls to arjun’s number and finds it ringing nearby, they see a middle aged man who is walking towards them. Neil & Teji runs to him and takes arjun’s mobile from him and asks, “Sir…what happened? Where is Arjun? Do you know anything about him? where you find this mobile? Pls pls tell us fast…”
That person looks at them and says, “I don’t know about him where he went but i found only his mobile there in the pool of blood”

Rads looks at the place where he points and she starts running there madly and stops seeing the blood on the ground. She startled seeing it and sits on the floor. She cries badly and rubs the place where the blood is drained. She cries by calling his name as “Arjun…” and she remembers their talk in the morning how he asked her to say his name without sir and how she refused. She cries loudly and shouts “NOOOOOOOOO”.

Mahi feels bad seeing her condition and Neil, Teji tries to console her. Mahi, “Neil…we don’t have time..we have to search for Arjun…i don’t know what that nandini had done to him”

They accept what she said and starts searching for arjun, they tried going inside the forest also..but they couldn’t go more deep and lost hope. Nobody knows how to handle Radhika…

@Arjun villa

Nandini is laughing seeing Arjun’s picture and says, “Everything is over now. I am sorry my beta…i don’t have any other option now. You know what initially i don’t have any plans to kill you but what to do…am sure that anytime you can be my trouble in getting this property and that too…radhika..yeah you started questioning me and hiding things from me..i don’t like it. from that time i was watching you and your behavior..everything is changed…you are not my old Arjun who always listens only his mom’s words. And soon you became useless for me..then what is the point for me to keep you alive…and now all ur properties will come to my name…You know what arjun… as per ur stupid dad’s will, all the property will come to you after your marriage, but if you died due to some reasons, it will go to the trust and orphanages. do you think i will sitting quiet and watching all this? Is for this reason i have brought up you well…No..never…i cannot leave this simply..i have planned this for a long time. So i have changed the will according to if you die, the property will be transferred to my name and now i will get all this in my name. You did good thing even when you at your end.

I am sorry Arjun…finally you have to lose your life for your dearest mom…Just meet your dad, ofcourse your mom…at heaven and spend your lost life there. Bye Bye”

She waves bye infront of his picture and laughs. Suddenly a voice from her back says, “You again lost Nandini”

Nandini turns to looks at him and gets shocked seeing the person standing at the doorside. Nandini is breatheless and whispers, “You alive?”

He comes forward to her and says, “Yes am alive. You know what now also you lost and you never gonna be get what you wish for? because you are such a b*t*h who deserves nothing”

Nandini is still in shock and in loss of words. She just stares him continuously wiithout having any reaction and her face becomes pale seeing him.

she whispers, “Aditya mehra”

He smiles at her and says, “Areh wah…you remember my name also….that’s really a good thing. If you remember my name then you should remember how u tried to kill me also right?” he finishes it in cold voice.

Nandini is so much tensed seeing him and stammers, “How come you are alive…?”

Aditya, “Because i have god’s grace on me, so i am alive now. But i really don’t why you are alive now. Ok leave that. Now tell me where is my son?”

Nandini is shocked and keeps silent. Aditya moves close to her and in cold voice he asks, “I ASKED YOU WHERE IS MY SON ARJUN?”

Nandini, “I..i don’t know”

Aditya, “How come you don’t know. You know very well where he is. tell me where is he?” atlast he shouts at her after losing his patience.

Nandini also lost her temper and shouts saying, “I Killed him. Yes i killed him. what else you wanna know?”

Aditya is shocked and throttles her neck and says, “You killed my are not fit to live in this world. You killed my son…i will kill you now itself”

Radhika, Neil, Teji and Mahi rushes inside home and hearing the shout on nandini’s room they run there and peeps into the room when aditya holds her neck. All are shocked and clueless who is this guy. Neil & Teji tried to seperate him from nandini and finally did it. Aditya is shouting at them to leave him.

Nandini is coughing badly holding her neck and sees radhika who is staring her simply. Radhika is slowly moving to her and asks her, “What you did to Arjun?”

Nandini in angry shouts at her saying, “You wanna hear again..ok listen..i killed him..i killed your beloved Arjun sir…i made the accident on him. enough”

Aditya is shouting at her and pushes neil teji and again holds her neck and shouts, “I will not leave you alive. You destroyed my family. You killed my wife first and then me and now my son. i will not leave you…i will not leave you”

Nandini with full force she pushes him back and shouts, “Haan…i killed your first wife…she was the main trouble for my desire so i killed her, and you found everything what i did to her and i don’t have option so i had to kill you and finally your lovely son..Arjun he was so small and he hugs my legs and was crying vigourously of not seeing his mom and dad. That time i decided to have him at my legs forever and thinks to get this property but everything got spoiled and do you think i will leave him alive when he is not useful for me?”

Radhika is furious and gives a tight slap on nandini’s face which makes everyone shocked. Nandini is at hell angry and holds her neck and throttles her but she is pulled from her and gets another tight slap on her face and falls on the ground.

Precap: Suspense.

Thank you so much for reading this episode. I know it might not be upto the mark, am really sorry for that. Pls give your comments for this episode.

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