Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 31)


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Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 31)

Arjun wakes up when the first sun rays falls on him. He opens his eyes and and firstly he looks at Radhika’s face. He admires her beauty even when she is sleeping. He looks at her innocent face and thinks, “Why she is blaming mom unnecessarily? And what she is trying to prove herself and about mom..i didnot understand anything what is happening in this house”

He touches her cheeks slightly which disturbs her sleep and she opens her eyes and sees arjun staring at her. Rads, “You woke up so early”.

Arjun nods and says, “Just now…” and keeps on looking at her.

Rads, “Y r u looking at me like there anything on my face”

Arjun, “Hmm..yeah. Always Love, sometimes innocence, sometime naughtiness and etc etc…” by saying this he leans to her face and tries to kiss her lips but he feels a barrier between his and her lips. He finds a first fingerin his lips and he looks at her. She stares him and smiles saying, “This is not the time for romance. I have work and you too have to leave to office”. she tries to move but pinned to the bed by Arjun.

Radhika is shocked at his behaviour and says, “What r u doing? leave me”

Arjun looks at her and says, “What leave me? Don’t i have name? Say Arjun leave me, then also i will think atleast to leave you”

Radhika is stunned and says, “Sir pls.. leave me. Its getting late”

Arjun, “What sir..more…call me by name and say the statement which i said now”

Rads is trying to free from his hands and struggles a lot but she is unable to do and pleads him with her eyes. But Arjun simply nods as no and smiles at her.

Rads, “Pls..i can’t say your name suddenly…Just leave me”.

Arjun, “So you cannot say my name , ok then you have to bear the punishment of not calling me by my name”.

Rads, “Punishment? What is that”

Arjun, “SO eager to know that? Kiss is the punishment”

Rads, “What? you gone mad…pls leave me”

Arjun, “No baby..i am not gonna leave you. If you say my name i will leave for you sure, otherwise you have to get the punishment. And you have only 60 secs time…becoz it is already getting late..”

Rads stares him angrily who is smiling at her. Arjun enjoys her struggles and holds her hands tightly.

Arjun, “ok…60 secs over. Now it is my turn”.

He leans on her and starts kissing from her forehead. he kisses her forehead and asks, “Will you say now?”

Rads stammers and says, “Arjun Sir..Pls leave me..i will call your name with sir”

Arjun nodded no and leans on her cheeks and kisses softly which makes her shiver and she closes her eyes.

Arjun, “Now?”

Rads, “Ar..Ar..jun…S..i..r”

Arjun again looks at her lips and lean on her and is slowly nearing her lips inch by inch.

For each move she calls him as Arjun sir and when he there is no gap between their lips and is about to kiss, she closes her eyes and whispers, “ARJUN”

Arjun back off and looks at her face and she still closes her eyes , he smiles at her nervousness and kisses on her eyes and says, “I never know that my name is so beautiful to hear till it comes from your mouth” He moves beside her and let her go. She jumped off from the bed and looks at him and says, “Morning Romance over…happy? So from today another 3 days you should not come near to me…and this is the punishment for you” She makes face and runs from there before he catches her.

Arjun laughs at her childish act but he feels something is odd and thinks, “Y i am feeling so restless. I am very happy when she is around me. I want this happiness to be with me forever”. He comes out from the bed and goes for bathing.

Radhika goes to another room and finishes her bathing and goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast for him. Kaka wishes her and they both involved in cooking.

Nandini notices them from living hall and smirks at them saying, “All this will be for another 2 days, after that everything will get over”

Nandini gets shock hearing arjun’s voice says, “What will be over mom?”

She stammers and finds answer and tells, “I..mean…all the problems in your life …our life will get over so soon na.. i was saying that” she breathes heavily and looks nervous. Arjun notices her wierd behaviour and looks at Radhika smiling and talking to Kaka. Nandini also looks at her and fumes in anger murmurs herself, “Everything is because of her… i will not leave her easily”

Arjun finishes his food and bids bye to everyone, while leaving he looks at nandini’s tension face but he did not ask anything and leaves to office.

All the way, he finds difference in nandini’s behaviour and thinks radhika’s confidence on proving her wrong but he ignores that and reaches office and concentrates on his work.

Here in home, Radhika finishes her BF and goes to her room. She gets a call from Teji, “Hello r u?”

Teji, “I am fine chasni…but i have an important news for you”

Rads, “What is that?”

Teji, “I can’t tell you in phone..but i can show you. I ll msg u the address come there soon without any delay..i informed Neil also, he is already on the way”

Rads, “Oh then i call neil and ask him pick me up. Bye…”

Rads calls Neil and tell him to pick her up. While she goes out in urgency, unknowingly she bumps into the table and the photo frame falls down and it got broken. She worries and takes it, it has Arjun’s picture in it. She gets worry seeing it broken, she put the glass pieces in dustbin and looks at the picture and prays, “Nothing bad should happen to him”

She goes and sits in neil’s bike and they both drives to the address which teji sent. Actually it is a slum area. Teji in one corner stands and waits for them, he waves his hands after seeing them.

They both goes near him and asks, “What happened Teji?”

Teji looks at them once and points to one place. Both turns to the side which teji points and gets shocked seeing a person there who is familiar to them.

Raneil & Teji goes near to the person and rads calls, “Mahi”

Yes it is Mahi who is in Slums and doing her house hold work, gets shocked hearing her fake name and looks at the three in a shock. All the 3 stares at her and looks each other and decides something.

@Saral’s house,

Saral is shouting at his parents of not able to arrange 10 lakhs for his loan repayment. He is at his verge and scolding his parents for their non capability. they felt very bad hearing his scoldings and silently cries.

They all gets surprise hearing a new voice, “Hello Mr. Saral”

Saral looks at the door and is speechless seeing the person who is standing at the doorstep. He becomes statue and asks, “You here?”

Mahi, “ here at the right place and my right place”

Saral, “What nonsense are you blabbering?”

Mahi, “It’s not nonsense Mr. Saral. I am saying the truth, and that truth has so many witness including your parents”

Saral is quite and gets nervous hearing her speech. Mahi continues, “I think you understand what i am trying to say”.

Mahi goes to his parents and gets blessings from them and introducing herself as their daughter in law.

All are dumbstruck and looks each other. Mahi smiles at them and says, “Why you all r silent? That day in the mandap, he taken pheras with me and he tied mangalsutra to me…see still it is there with me” by showing it to them, “Only pending is he did not put sindoor to me, that ritual we can take here”

she takes sindoor box and extends it to saral and asks, “Now you can keep the sindoor to me and i promise, this time i will not run anywhere”

Saral smirks at her and throw the box in the floor and shouts, “How dare you ask me to keep sindoor to a third rated girl like you. Do you think, i will do as you say. Never ever in ur dreams also. I know who you are and where are you from? Go and do the drama somewhere else not to me”

Mahi, “That’s fair enough that you know about me. Ok then i will come to a deal. I need 5 lakhs. I will also have to survive right”

Saral, “WTF…y should i have to give money to you and for what reason?”

Mahi, “To hide your truth from Arjun, you should pay me Saral”

Saral gets shock for a sec hearing arjun’s name and stares her and says, “In tht case, your truth also should be hidden right.”

Mahi laughs and says, “I ready to accept my lies infront of him…do you have the guts…did you think once that..i was thinking to marry him and enjoys the luxury life, but you were about to marry his love, his jaan..radhika and is about to spoil her life.. do you think he will leave you alive for that reason?”

Saral is quiet now and his face shows his fear cleary and says, “ok i agree your deal but i don’t have that much money..even i am in need of money now”

Mahi, “I don’t bother about your problem, if you have give me or else get it from your so called partner in crime Mrs. Nandini Mehra”

Saral, “I called her but she is not responding my calls now. Even am in problem”

Mahi, “Ok then i am going to Arjun…atleast he will help me”

Saral,”Listen, Even nandini madam cheated me..she supposed to help me in my business and my loan payment for marrying radhika”

Mahi, “What did you say? Tell it again”

Saral, “Actually, Nandini offered me 10 lakhs for my loan repayment and for my business need also if i marry radhika. Initially her father asked my dad for this alliance and i rejected it at first step but nandini got to know this somehow and she offered me 10 lakhs deal to marry radhika and i accepted. But now everything is ruined and i am n loss of money now”

Suddenly he gets shocked hearing a claps sound from outside and looks at the door and is speechless seeing Radhika, neil and Teji coming one by one.

Radhika comes to Mahi and says, “Good Job acted more than i expected”

Then she looks at Saral and says, “Thanks for blurting out the truth Mr.Saral”

Saral is dumb and looks everyone shockingly.

Precap: Radhika gets a call and drops the phone in a shock and shouts ARJUN. Nandini laughs like anything in her house seeing Arjun’s photo and says, “Now everything is over”.

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    1. Sathya

      Thank you vini ???

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      Thank you so much dear gauri….??? next one will be probably tomorrow

  3. Jessie

    Super..did they record saral saying truth…cute romance..and precap scares me., did this devil Nandu harmed Arjun..?waiting 4 nxt update is all difficult with this suspense…

    1. Sathya

      Ha ha they have video recording only… But it is of no use…. As per the precap they will have a shock which shatter rads and everyone…. Fingers crossed

  4. Akka enna ithu great shock in precap….pls pls pls next updarte seekkiram pannunga or else i will die of the suspense…and ka arjunnukku onnum agathu illa? Am really tensed…and arjun was so cuttey and naughty….loved him…..Akka really semma Epi…elevated my mood in seconds…thank u so much……muahhhhh……and solla maranthutten that nandini is devil ka avalukku pls periya apa vainga plsss…..okay bye….take care….love u….am waiting….also teddy bear hugs for my sathya ka?

    1. Sathya

      Sree cool cool… As per precap bad will happen dear… But after that what will happen it is suspense… Yeah Nandini will pay for her evils for sure

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      That is suspense dear… But Radhika will be shattered

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      Ha ha ha yeah dipu dear…. U n me have a special telepathy connection is there… That will always make us think together in both of our ffs…. ???precap is suspense dear someone will get hurt

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