Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 30)


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Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (episode 30)

Recap: Ardhika got married and both reached Arjun’s villa. Rads challenges arjun to expose Nandini’s truth.

Radhika comes out from the room and goes to kitchen to prepare milk for arjun. Kaka comes there and smiles seeing her at the right place with the full rights. Rads notices him and smiles at him saying, “What kaka? Y r u smiling at me? So finally everything happened as you wish..huh?”

Kaka comes to her and keeps his hand on her head and says, “I wished only arjun’s safety and happiness, nothing else. And i was sure only you can give that…the day i saw you here and the way arjun looks at you and you have taken care of him when he was not well. I was sure that time only…you are the right person for my arjun”.

Rads glares at him and smiles. Both are disturbed by Nandini, who signs kaka to go out. Kaka looks at rads and she nods him to move. He silently goes out,after that nandini comes to her and looks at her from top to bottom. Rads feels her gaze on her and keeps silent and concentrates on her work.

Nandini, “So, do you feel that you won in this game and get what you want?”

Radz, “Game? I am not like you to treat the life as a game. But to answer your question, not completely. When your truth is out to Arjun, only that day i will consider as my win”.

Nandu fumes in anger and stares her, “That day will never come”

Radz, “don’t be over confident. It is not so far.”

Nandu, “Do you think, you can win over me? You don’t know about me”

Radz, “Y not? I know everything about you. Only person to know your true face is Arjun. And why can’t i do it? After all i am your niece. we both shared the same genes and i am sure i can do it and i will tear your face infront of everyone.”

Nandu gets extreme anger and due to this she raised hands on her to slap but radhika holds her hand and warns, “don’t dare to touch me with your dirty hands. And don’t think i will keep quiet”

Nandini jerks her hands from her and walks out from kitchen. Rads looks at her and says, “One minute”

Nandini stops there but dint turn to look at her. Radz continues, “Have you ever think, why arjun is not obeying you whenever you told him to avoid me, not to meet me?”

Nandini keeps silent but she is thinking. Radsm “Well i will say why. Because he stopped taking the medicines which you were giving him from the childhood”.

Nandini gets atmost shocked and turns towards her with her eyes wide opened.

Radhika smiles seeing her shocking face and blurts out that, “shocking…huh?. I like your this shocking face”.

Nandu fumes and asks, “what nonsense are you saying?”

Rads, “It’s about the nonsense which you were doing it for him from his childhood”

Radhika looks at her confused and scared face and continues, “I know you used to give him the medicine through his food, so that he will only obey you and do whatever you say. I found out this when i stayed with him here for that 7 days. But i stopped him taking that medicines from sometime back. you want to know who helped me? It is none other that Kaka”.

—FB starts—-

Kaka and radhika’s meeting in the temple. There he told her about nandini not being his biological mother. Kaka says, “Beta..i will tell you one more thing. That day when you were there arjun was not well and he got fainted na. It is because of nandini only. She gave me one powder and asks me to mix it in arjun’s food. It is happening from his childhood. she makes him addicted to that powder without his knowledge. Because of that only sometimes, he will not feel well and gets fainted. she will make sure that the medicine is adding in his food. Those 7 days i did not add it and it gave an effect on his health. But after she came, the next day she asked me to add it. I can’t do this anymore beta. Pls save him”

Radhika is shocked hearing this and tells him a plan which is muted

—FB ends—-

Rads, “Do you want to know how it got hidden from your eyes? I will tell you. Infront of you he used to add the medicine but the food which was given to arjun doesn’t have the medicine added. Just a drama we did and you also believed it”

Nandini glares her angrily and turns to go to confront kaka but stops by Rads, “ no no….you should not do that. If you try to harm kaka, or his daughter or his grand children in any other way, i will not leave you for a single second and i mean it. we have already given a complaint to police that if by any way these 3 are getting harmed by any sources, the complete responsiblitly will be one and only Nandini Mehra. So don’t dare to touch their shadows also.”

Nandini is now looks exhausted and looks at her blankly and rads continues, “I think these much shocks are enough for today. I am getting late. My husband will be waiting for me”. By saying this she takes the millk and goes to her room.

Nandini looks the way she goes and becomes statue. Kaka looks at her from some corner and feels happy seeing her losing with the little girl radhika. he gets proud smiles seeing radhika going.

Nandini to herself, “I will not leave you so easily Radhika. Do you think i am a fool. I have worked so hard for these many years and i will not let me lose in this game”. She smiles evily and goes to her room.

Radhika goes to her room and finds Arjun sleeping by narrowing his legs and hands like a little kid. She smiles at him and keeps the milk glass near the table. She goes to mirror and looks at her from top to bottom. She feels she need to change her dress. She removes her jewels and goes to washroom. After a having a good hot bath, she looks at the hanger and bangs her head thinking of not taking her dresses and then only she reminds that she did not even have her dresses. She looks at the long towel there and hesitates to wear only that. But then she thinks that Arjun is sleeping, so she takes it and covers herself with that towel and comes out from the washroom.

That was the exact moment when she comes out from the room and bumps with some one and falls on him. She is on top of him, she adjusted her hairs and looks at him, it is Arjun. She gets shocked and without noticing her position she asks, “How come you here. You were sleeping right?”

Arjun realises their position and her closeness and replies stammering, “I..i..thought of using washroom”.

Radhika is about to say something but she stops seeing his eyes going through all over her and she feels his hands on her bare back. she feels hot in his touch and then she realises her position and somehow she gets up from him. Arjun smiles at her nervous and looks at her from top to bottom and says, “I never know that you will wear this kind of costumes also…but wear only inside the room”.

Rads gets embarrassed and says, “I don’t have dresses and thought of taking your shirts”.

Arjun smiles seeing her blushing face and holds her hands and takes her to another room which she was staying on those 7 days. He makes her stand infront of the warddrobe and opens it. Radhika gets shocked seeing the dresses aligned there. Arjun looks at her face and amusingly says, “I bought all these dresses only for you. All these are yours.”

He gives a pause and says, “I…mean whatever it is there in this room is now all yours” he says sarcastically and rads looks at his face and ofcourse a naughty smile.

Rads gets shy and replies, “Thank you”

She takes one set of night suite and looks at him questionly. Arjun also looks at her and raises his eyebrows as “WHAT?”

She shows him the way to go but he nods no. She gets shocked and tries to go but stops by him.

Arjun,”Why are you going outside and asking me to go out?”

Rads, “Sir…i need to change, if you are here how can i?”

Arjun, “Well…i have to remind you onething is now you are Mrs. Radhika Arjun Mehra and for your information i have full rights to see you and you too have full rights to change infront of me. I have no objection”.

Rads face becomes red and says, “You are shameless sir. I am going..leave me” she smiles secretly and tries to go but arjun pushes her to the door and locks her by his strong two arms and leans close to her face.

Radhika gets nervous and her heart beats faster and faster, she did not even blink her eyes and stares him continuously. He leans to her right side collar bone and sucks the water drops on her skin. Radhika closes her eyes tightly and holds the dresses tightly. He then moves onto left side and did the same thing…radhika still holds her dress tightly to control her emotions. But Arjun decided to play with her, he stops and looks at her face silently. he smiles seeing her face.

Radhika slowly opens her eyes and looks at him. He then moves back and says, “I will not test you more..enough for today. Change your dress and come. I am going.” But before he goes he kisses her cheeks and goes which makes her eyes opened widely in shock. She touches the place where his lips placed. She feels goosebumps on her body and she shakes herself a little and pats her head and says to herself, “Control..control radhika. You should not loose your feeling infront of him”. But still she smiles remembering his kiss and changes her dress.

She changes her dress and comes to the room where arjun is there. she did not see his face at all and comes to one side of the bed and is prepared to lay down. Arjun, “Good that i don’t need to tell you all this..i thought you will sleep in that couch”. Radhika understands his teasing and replies, “I never have habit of sleeping in couch. If you have, then i don’t have any problem”.

Arjun stops smiling for a moment and thinks and says, “I have heard this same dialogue somewhere”.

Radhika replies, “Probably in your pre-birth” (guys,…remember this dialogue in Enemity to Love season 1—taken from there :P)

Arjun, “Hmm i heard it from you only…how the same person telling the same dialogue to the same person”.

Radhika, “My fate..who knows..In pre-birth also we might have been together”.

Arjun, “So you are saying that our relation is for 7 births?”

Radhika, “Oh no… serioulsy i don’t want to waste my other births with you again. I really need a change”. She says this making her face and by seeing her arjun smiles and holds her hands and says, “I am so happy today after a long time. Why can’t we stay like this leaving all your allegations against mom. I am sure you will not have proof for that. My mom is not like that instead you have to question your family”.

Rads smile also vanishes and says, “I don’t want to point out who is right or wrong? You have given me 3 days and it is my turn to give you the proof. if i am not able to then tell what i need to do .. i will do as you say”.

Arjun nods and wishes her good night and both dozed off soon.

Next morning, radhika wakes up first and feels weight over her and sees arjun’s hand is covering her waist and puts his one leg also on her. She couldn’t move her leg also. She tried a lot but all in vain. She sees him keenly and notices his naughty smile on the corner of his lips and understands his play. She pinches him hard and he screams and takes his hand and leg. Immediately she gets up from the bed and laughs at him seeing his face. Before he comes she goes to washroom runningly and locks the door. She takes bath and gets freshen up and comes out of searching him but he is not there in the room. She goes to other room and takes a saree in peach with white color combo and wears it. She takes a matching simple jwellery and wears it and goes to another room. Arjun comes inside the room and gets mesmerised seeing her morning beauty, he becomes dumbstruck. Radhika sees him and gets proud of herself. They both gets disturbed by Nandini’s voice and radhika goes out to see her asking him to get ready.

Nandini waits for Arjun but radhika comes to her and says, “He is getting ready, you can ask me if you want anything”

Nandini stares her and takes her car keys and goes out without uttering a word. Radhika gives a sigh relief and moves to downstairs, but she sees the store room is opened and she remembers the box she saw that day. Immediately she goes to the store room and starts searching for the box, but it is not there where she saw previously. She gets worried but gets shock feeling someone’s touch on her shoulder. She turns and finds Kaka standing there smilingly by showing the box to her. She gets happy and takes the box with her. They both sit there itself and tries to open it but not able to. Radhika tells to kaka, “Kaka…now arjun is getting ready for office. I will send him off and will our search again. You be here only, i will come back”.

Radhika goes out and meets arjun in the dining hall and serves him breakfast. Arjun, “You are not coming to office?”

Rads, “I think i have resigned”

Arjun, “I think i have tore it into pieces”

Rads looks at him surprisingly and smiles and says, “Okay then i will come and join after 3 days”.

Arjun looks at her and gives her an unbelievable look and finishes his breakfast. He comes to her and cups her face and says, “Y r u so stubborn to prove my mom is wrong when she is not?”

Rads, “How can you say that she is not wrong? Do you have any proof?”

Arjun, “She is my mom radhika. How can a mom think bad to her son?”

Rads thinks not to disclose his real identity to him now. She gives a fake smile and says, “Okay..fine. It’s late for can leave. We will do our arguement again in the evening”

He leaves from there and immediately she runs to store room and checks for the key for that box.

Rads exhausted and says, “Kaka..what is this? We are not getting the key to open this. where it will be? If we are not proving her wrong then it is very difficult to convince arjun. We will loose in our effort”

Kaka, “Beta..don’t loose your faith. You believe arjun na…he is key for your success and for nandini’s defeat too.”

Radhika gets upset and looks here and there in the room and her vision stops at one point. She asks Kaka and asks, “Kaka..who is in that picture?”

Kaka smiles and says, “Your husband”

Radhika looks the picture keenly and remembers the word told by kaka, “Arjun is the key for your success”. she immediately goes to the picture and tries to take it.

she take the picture in hand and looks at the wall but finds no whole nothing. She turns the backside of the picture frame and opens it. There she finds a small section in square shape with a button lock. She pressed it and it got open and has small keys inside. She gets happy and with that she tries opens the box and successfully it opens.

She gets shocked seeing the box and finds a mangalsutra and picture of having a lady with a small kid. Kaka cries seeing the picture and says, “Beta she is your mother in law..arjun’s mom and he is arjun. It is her mangalsutra”

Radhika gets shocked and seeing the picture and decides to show this to Arjun and thinks to take her first step.

In the night, once they finish their dinner and is about to sleep, radhika shows arjun the picture and asks him, “Do you know who is it?”

Arjun looks at the picture he feels some connection but not sure about that and says, “No..i don’t know. Who is it? your relation?”

Radhika is shocked and says, “Yes…they are my close relation. Ok leave her…can’t you identify this little kid also?”

Arjun nodded no and he gets some awkward feeling and says, “Radhika…don’t know i am getting head ache now. I will sleep” he lays down and sleeps immediately.

Radhika to herself, “You are such a cruel beyond my thought nandini. You hidden arjun sir’s childhood memories also. He couldn’t identify himself and he even don’t how he was as a kid. you did a big sin nd you have to pay for that”.

She looks at sleeping arjun and feels pity on him. She moves to him and place a kiss on his forehead and lays beside him.

Precap, “Mahi confronts Saral to announce her as his wife. Saral refuses it and blurts out his relation with nandini to her. Radhika comes and says, “Thank you for accepting it from your mouth Saral”. Neil & Teji also comes with her.

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