Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 3)


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Here you go with episode 3

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 3)

Recap: Radhika thinks about her dream man and Arjun thinks about the girl he saw in the rain.

Radhika doses of in sleep by thinking about her hero. Arjun also falls asleep by dreaming about the rainy girl.

Next day, Radhika wakes up and gets ready to go to her office. SHe is working in an Advertisement Agency called “BirdSong Advertisement Agency” which will make Ads and Documentary film also. She is one of the senior film & Ad maker. She is having a good impression from her management.

She gets late and hurries her mom to give the lunch box. Mala comes running from kitchen and handovers the lunch box to her and feeds breakfast also simultaneously. She greets her grandpa and kisses him on his cheeks and runs out to check her scooty but it did not started. She worries and informs her mom that she is going in bus today. She runs towards the bustop. On the way the streets are full of mud and water. She finds very difficult to walk on the road without spoiling her dress. She is still walking but finds the bus in the bustop which is little far and tries to run. But before she does so, a car in a high speed crosses her and showers all the waters on her with the mud. Now her face becomes full of mud and her dress also got spoiled. She is shocked and looks the way the car goes and bends down to take a stone. She throws it exactly and it breaks the backside window of the car and she heard the creeeeecccchhhh sound of the car. She becomes seeing the car stopped and the window breaks. She turns opposite side and starts wiping her face and dress. She gets jerked off hearing a manly voice in a rough tone saying, “How dare you break my car window?”. Its none other than Arjun. Since Radhika face is full of muds, he couldn’t identify her face which he saw in rain.

She just looks at him and replies, “How dare you spit the mud and water on me?”. Arjun folds his fists in anger and moves little forward. By seeing him, she moves one step back and about to slip but Arjun holds her hands. They both have a small eyelock. He makes her stand straight but she jerks his hands off her and stares him angrily.

Radhika: What do you think? Is this your father’s road or do you think that you are driving in a F1 race?. Can’t you see people walking in the road? You spoiled my dress and my day completely. And you..

Arjun cuts of her words and says, “Dont dare talk to me like that. I will not know what i will do to you. You have to see the road and walk properly. What is your problem now? Your dress got spoiled is it? Ye keep it and buy 10 dresses like this. You are like the people who falls for the money and you are also doing this drama for this only right? Keep it with you..

He takes her right hand and push the money in her hand and walks away from her and goes to his car and leaves from there. Radhika is shell shocked and looks at the way he goes. She is about to throw the money but thinks that, “I know the value of money Mr. I will do a return for this and make you feel guilty for ur this behaviour.”
She keeps the money in her bag and goes back to her home. She gets changed into a different suite and this time she catch auto and reaches to her office.

She reaches her office and goes inside angrily without greeting anyone. Her friend Teji comes and greets her Good Morning but she did not wish him back and lost in some thoughts. Teji shakes her and asks Why did u not wishing me back?

Radhika angrily says,”Good Morning”. Teji says, “Better you would have not wished only”. Radhika stares him and goes to her place. She arranges her desk and looks silently and suddenly shouts standing and says, “How dare he did like that?”. The whole office looks at her surprisingly. Radhika realises what she did, she immedately sits down and pats her head for her foolishness. SHe gives a smile to everyone and continues her work.

After 1 hr, Teji calls her for Tea break and she too goes with him. Teji then asks her about her anger. She explained him everything and fumes in anger again. Teji cools her down and says some jokes to make her smile. Radhika also soon becomes normal and continues her work happily.

After few hours she gets a call and she happily answers it and says, “Hey Sam…how are you? How was the work went? and BTW how is our hero?”

Sam: Hey Chasni baby… i m fine. I miss you sooooo much you know. After coming here only i thought i should have brought you here. Work went well and we finished our project successfully. And your hero is here only simply flirting with the foreign ladies. Useless fellow.

Radhika smiles hearing about her and they talk for sometime and cuts off the call. Radhika has been called by her creative head and she goes inside his cabin.

Head, “Radhika, we got a new project of making a documentary film about the growing famous personality. Its a very very crucial and critical project and i have selected you for this project. you have to meet the person and make the documentary film about him/her. It is a very valuable project to us, so you should be more hapy to take over this. R you okay to take this work?”.

Radhika super happy and immediately accepts it and asks him, “Whom she gonna interview?”. Head replies, “That we will get to know soon by today end of the day. So you make your preparations for the same. You can go now”.

Radhika comes out happily and tells this to Teji who is also very happy and congratulates her. Radhika lost in some thoughts and says to herself,”I feel something wierd…but why?”. The screen faces on her confused look.

Precap: Radhika gets to know whom she will interview and the conditions he placed in return of giving interview.

Hello guys, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments and i m eagerly waiting for it.

Credit to: sathya

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