Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 29)

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Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 29)

Episode 28

Dadaji looks at Nesam & Teji gang and smiles evily. He signs them to follow him. These 3 are now confused seeing dadaji’s reactions but still follows him. Dadaji goes into the room and locks the door.

Neil, “Dadaji, why u have us here?”

Dadaji, “Beta, have you seen radhika? Did you find any sign of happiness in her face?

Neil and others nodded no and looks at him and he continues, “She is not happy with this marriage. Just becoz of her papa she is doing this marriage. I dont want my choti to suffer in this unwanted relationship. I need your help to stop this marriage”.

All 3 in chorus, “WHAT?”

Dadaji, “Or else you can do otherwise, make her marry the one she loves”

Now those 3 faces are brightening and they looks each other happily and sam asks, “R u sure dadaji…”

Dadaji, “Haan beta.. i know choti loves someone else and i know who is that…it is your boss Arjun and he too loves her”

Neil, “But dadaji…his marriage is also today only. How can we do this mission”

Dadaji, “We will do something and make them married”

Sam hugs dadaji and says, “You are so cute dadaji”

Neil, “What is the plan but?”

Dadaji, “Swap the brides or swap the grooms”

Teji opens his mouth in shock and says, “Dadaji you are talking like a professional in this”.

Neil, “But how dadaji…we don’t know where is their marriage is happening.. and he didnt even invited his employees”

Dadaji,”ok. we will plan everything and each one will take one task. Sam, you have to be with choti. Teji, you should be with Arjun and Neil you be with Saral. Now i will tell you the plan ”

They all starts discussing the plan and it is muted. All 4 joins the hands and gets to their work.

Teji leaves to Arjun home and Neil to Saral’s home. Sam goes to Radhika and starts chatting with her.

Dadaji is talking with relatives and gets shock seeing Krishnan Kaka there and goes to him. Kaka also greets him and asks him about Radhika.

Dadaji finds him tensed and takes him to the corner and asks him the details.

Kaka, “What can i say? Nandini madam plans to kill Arjun after his marriage” he cries after saying.

Dadaji gets atmost shock and asks him to tell clearly.

FB – @Arjun’s home

Arjun reached his home after meeting Radhika. Nandini stops him and looks at him shockingly. Kaka watches everything.

Nandini, “What is this Arjun?”

Arjun, “What?”

Nandini wipes haldi in his face and shows him. He gets shocked and says, “ happens by mistake..gimmie 5 mins i will wash my face and come back” he goes to his room. Nandini fumes in anger and says, “Idiot..he went to Radhika’s home and is hiding it from me. What should i do now to avoid their meeting till marriage”.

She takes her mobile and calls to a number and waits for the person to pick it up. The call gets connected and she says, “Hello Saral”

Kaka gets shocked hearing Saral’s name and he too got to know that radhika is marrying and that guy name is Saral. He listens the conversation.

Nandini, “Saral…what are you doing at your home? enjoying the rituals is it?” her voice shows how much angry she is.

Nandini, “You are asking me? What i told you and what you are doing? This arjun is running on my head now”.

Nandini, “He went to meet your would be wife and gets a haldi from her hand..are you happy hearing this?”

Nandini, “I don’t know what you gonna do but remember the promise you given to me that you will clear my path and in return i will give you what you asked but if anything goes wrong then i will not keep quiet”.

Nandini, “There is no use in just blabbering Saral. DO something which makes radhika think only about you and till marriage they both should not meet again”.

Nandini hangs up the call and holds her head in tension. Mahi looks at her from stairs and thinks, “What this lady is upto?. Before she do something i need to be careful and i have to support her till the marriage gets complete”.

Nandini again calls to another number and says, “Hello, i have a work for you.”

Person, “Yes madam..tell me”.

Nandini, “You have to Kill Arjun”

Person, “Madam..Arjun sir?”

Nandini, “Haa..your Arjun sir only… is his marriage and i want you to kill him once my work is done. Get ready for that and i will tell you when you have to do”

She hungs the phone and goes and joins with other persons for the haldi and in the meanwhile Arjun also joins with her.

She show fake love and does all the rituals just for the name sake. Kaka who listens and watches everything gets scared and cries silently and leaves from there without telling to others.

FB ends

Dadaji is shocked to hear about Saral who is related with Nandini. He now wants to stop this marriage at any cost. He assures kaka that nothing wrong will happen. He makes him leave from there without anyone’s notice.

He calls Neil and informs about what kaka said. Neil gets tensed and realised the seriousness of the matter what they are going to do.

He informs him that we will do as we planned. No changes in the plan.

Teji goes to Arjun’s home and sees him having haldi. He looks at his face and understands his uninterest and goes and sits with him.

Arjun looks at him and says, “Thanks for coming Teji”. Teji, “It’s my pleasure sir”

Neil goes to Saral’s home and greets him. Saral looks at him doubtedly but still he welcomes him. Saral’s parents gives him and Neil juice to drink. Neil offers to get it for him and ask saral to wash his face to remove the haldi. Saral goes to washroom and in the gap, Neil mixes something in the juice and waits for him and he takes another one and starts drinking it.

Saral comes and have the juice and after sometime he dozed off. Since only Neil is there in his room, he lifts him and puts inside the wardrobe and locked it. He took of his dress and wear it as the groom. Saral’s mom comes and asks him to get ready to go for the mandap. Neil just nodded and goes with her.

Nandini informs arjun to go to mandap hall and she will be coming with Mahi. Arjun goes with Teji and soon reaches the mandap hall but gets confused seeing two entries. The security comes and informs them that this building has 2 halls and each has seperate entry. Arjun tells his name and gets to his entry for the hall and out of curiosity Teji asks him about the other hall and the persons booked and gets shocked hearing the name Radhika who booked it for their marriage. Arjun also gets equally shocked and gets upset. Now Teji is full tension and thinsk to inform this to dadaji and others. Before they move into the hall, they see another car enters inside the building and it is none other than Saral’s car. Arjun gets angry seeing the groom (actually it is Neil his face s covered with flowers) and Neil too gets shocked seeing and Arjun here in the same building. He couldn’t sign teji also..and teji is now confused whether it is Neil or Saral. Arjun rushes inside the hall and goes to his room and locks it. Teji stands outside only and thinks to check whether that s Saral or Neil as per the plan. He runs to other hall.

Neil takes to the groom’s room and saral’s parents makes him sit there and leaves to do other work. Neil gives a sigh relief and takes the chehra and lies in the bed and suddenly the door opens and Teji peeps in his room , due to this sudden attack, Neil gets frightened and tries to hide his face..but after seeing teji he breathes normally. Both hugs each other and tries to calm down each other like how the couple does 😀 😀 😀 .

Neil tells him about Saral’s state and they both decided to inform this confusion to dadaji. Neil and Teji calls to dadaji and tells abt the marriage venue confusion and this makes him more happy. Dadaji comes to radhika’s room and finds Sam and Radhika chatting. He signs Sam to come out. Sam excuses herself and goes out to meet him.

Dadaji, “Sam beta, there is a change n our plan, coz the marriage hall we choose has 2 mandaps and in another one was chosen by Nandini for arjun’s marriage. Now our job is so easy and you have to make radhika reach their hall and makes her stay in the bride’s room and makes sure that no one should talk to radhika till marriage.
Sam gets scared and asks, “How only am getting scared and my hands are shivering.”

Dadaji, “Areh..dont get scared. I am there na. Do what i said but be careful. Arjun already reached the mandap and Teji is with him…so don’t worry”

Sam nodded and goes to be with radhika. Radhika is getting ready now but she looks upset.

Radhika got ready in a beautiful red color lehenga and Sam praises her beauty and covers her face with veil. Mala comes and blesses her and tells them to be in the car to leave for the mandap. Sam nods and goes with her. Dadaji tells mala and dilip that, “Let choti goes to hall first and we will follow them. She will be comfortable being with sam. They too nods and he signs to take radhika.

Sam and Radhika reaches marriage hall and as per Teji’s instructions, sam tells the driver to go left side hall which is of Arjun’s marriage hall but she informs her that is the one for her. She takes her to the bride’s room before anyone sees her. Teji hides and watches Sam taking Radhika with her. Sam makes her sit there and tells her not to take her veil and not to come out from this room.

Sam hides and searches for Teji. Teji drags her to corner and informs about neil to her. They both see Nandini comes to the hall with Mahi. They get scared and thinks to avoid her going to the bride room. Teji gets a juice glass and tries to cross them but he drops the juice on Nandini’s dress. Nandini gets irritated of seeing her dress got spoiled, she scolds him and goes to change it leaving Mahi there itself. Teji then tells her, “Hi..Pls come with me.. i will show you the room”. He signs sam to follow him silently.

Teji takes her to first floor and opens the door for her once she enters the room, he keeps the cloth which is of chloroform in her nose and makes her smell it. She faints and falls on Teji..Sam comes for help and puts her under the bed. They closed the door and comes down and sees Nandini in phone. She calls Teji and asks for Arjun and Mahi. He shows the rooms and tells her that they r taking rest. In the meanwhile Sam runs from back side to the next hall and meets Neil there and get another set of wedding dress. she goes and gets ready in that dress and stays in the bride’s room as Radhika.

Soon everyone starts coming to the hall and it is getting crowded. Sam, Neil & Teji are getting tensed but dadaji looks cool but prays inside. When Nandini comes out talking in phone gets shocked seeing Dilip and Mala there. She understands that radhika’s marriage is happening in other hall. Immediately she disconnected her call and tries dialling to Saral number.

Neil sees the caller in Saral’s number from Nandini and picks up the call. He changes his voice and talks to her as Saral.

Nandini, “What the hell is happening? How can you be so stupid having your marriage also in the same hall?”

Neil (as Saral), “Mam..even i don’t know. But don’t worry everything will go as per our plan”.

Nandini, “ careful. We should not make them see each other”. she disconnected the call and goes to check Mahi and sees her sleeping showing her back..actually it is radhika sleeping due to the tiredness.

Then she goes to Arjun’s room and sees him dialling to some one continuously. Nandini, “Arjun…to whom you are trying to call?”

Arjun gets shocked and says, “Nothing mom..i..i..tried to talk to my manager”

Nandini understands and takes him mobile from him and says, “Now you don’t need this mobile till marriage”. She goes out leaving him restless.

Arjun’s mind is full of radhika’s thoughts and he is unable to sit peacefully.

There Neil and Sam are tensed and messaging each other what should we do next. They all are in sync with each other. dadaji also often messages them to go with the plan.

Kaka watches Arjun and thinks to talk to him but stops thinking there is of no use telling him. So he goes to bride’s room and knocks the door. Radhika gets disturbed and opens the door but is shocked to see Kaka there and Kaka also gets shocked to see Radhika there. He comes inside and locks the door and says, “Beta…you here?”

Radhika is confused and says, “ is my marriage today. But how come you came here?”

Kaka, “ is Arjun’s marriage here”

Radhika is shocked and asks, “What? Kaka i think you mistaken”

Kaka, “No…”

while they are talking only, Teji enters into the room and he is stumbled seeing Radhika and Kaka there.

Rads, “ is saying it is Arjun’s marriage hall?”

Teji blinks at them and thinks what to tell. Finally he decides to open up to her.

Teji, “Haan chasni…we know that. And you should know one more thing is that You gonna marry only Arjun”.

Radhika is speechless and gives an unbelievable look at him.

Radz, “Are you mad? what nonsense are you saying? I have to go to my papa..they will be waiting for me”.

Teji, “No one will wait for you..coz already sam is filling ur place”.

Radhika is now dumb and gets confused what they are upto.

Kaka interferes and says, “Beta..he is right. You only have to marry Arjun..coz you both loves each other and more than that only you can save him from Nandini”.

Radhika is getting irritated and asks him, “Kaka please….you are saying this to me but y can’t you say this to Arjun. Tell him about his mom na”

Kaka, “I can’t tell this to him beta.. if Nandini knows that i only told him then she will kill my daughter and grand children. Haan beta..she made her man married my daughter and if i expose her truth then she will order him to kill my children. And that’s the reason i kept mum for all these years. Now she is planning to kill Arjun also after marriage”

Radhika is unbelievable and looks at him, he continues, “She was talking in phone to someone to kill arjun after getting signature from him and his wife. Coz his father written the will as all the properties should go to him after his marriage and if anything happens for him inbetween then the properties will go to trust.

That’s y she got Mahi as her pawn to get married to Arjun, so that she will get signature from Arjun & Mahi and then she planned to kill him”.

Radhika is now completely distruaght and sits in the bed. Teji comes and sits with her and says, “Chasni…we all are trying to help you and Arjun but now only you can help Arjun to come out from this fake relationship.”

Aftr a long thinking she accepted for their plan but gets upset thinking about her papa. Teji infrms her that dadaji also with them in this plan. In the meanwhile,Saral gets conscious and tries to come out from the warddrobe and finally succeeds it. He comes out from his room and finds it locked. He comes to his house backyard and jumps the wall and starts running on the road and gets the taxi finally.

In the mandap, Mahi also gets conscious and holds her head coz of pain. She gets a thud when she tries to get up and understands she is under something. she rolls over and comes out from the bed and tries to open the door. She couldn’t and knocking it continuously. As per Teji’s saying, Kaka comes and opens the door and finds Mahi.

He acts as if he gets shocked and tells her that Arjun goes to another hall to marry radhika. Mahi gets furious and runs from there thinking “I will replace radhika and will marry arjun”. She goes to the other hall via backside and silently enters into the bride’s room and finds it empty. She covers her face with veil and sits on the bed. Sam watches this from washroom silently and messages Teji as “Success”.

Dadji finds Saral comes out from taxi and he hides himself and dials Neil and tells him to hide. Neil removes the chehra and keeps it on the bed and hides in the washroom. Saral comes running and his parents finds him going to bride’s room but they stops him saying not see the bride before marriage. They forcefully takes him to his room and pushes him inside. He sees the room empty nd finds only the chehra.

Now it is time for Muhurtham and the pundit calls the couples in both the halls. Nandini gets Arjun and makes him sit in the mandap. Then some ladies brings bride and makes her sit near arjun. Arjun’s heart beats faster than earlier. he touches his heart and feels the tense and feels something odd. he looks at the bride and looks curious but he thinks it will be Mahi only. he getts upset and looks Nandini who looks happy. he gives a fake smile and does the puja as per pundit.

The same way, Saral and Mahi has been brought by elders and makes them sit in the mandap. Saral looks happy but still he feels tension. he holds the bride’s hand and she also holds it back happily. Saral gets happy thinking Marriage is changing people mindset. he happily performs the puja as instructed by Pandit.

Neil and Sam silently comes out from the room and looks at the marriage happening. They message Teji to know the status there and gets a positive message. Dadaji looks radhika’s marriage from one corner and he wipes his tears happily. Pandit calls Ardhika to take pheras. He holds her hand and feels something but still he continues the pheras. After he makes her wear the mangalsutra. He did not see her face at all and when pandit asks him to keep the sindoor also, he opens the veil and is shocked to see radhika. Radhika takes his hands and makes him put the sindoor on her fore head. Pandit announces them as husband and wife.

Nandini becomes numb seeing radhika there with Arjun. Kaka smiles happily and wipes his happy tears.

The same way Saral & Mahi marriage also over but when he keeps sindoor he sees her face and gets shocked and drops the sindoor down and opens her veil. mahi also gets shocked seeing Saral there instead of Arjun. Everyone is shocked of not seeing radhika there. Mahi without saying anything runs from there to otherside of the hall and Saral also follows her. Neil and Sam gives hifi and hugs each other. Mala and Dilip also follows them to other hall.

Arjun couldn’t believe his eyes of seeing his dream girl and he is not sure how to react. His heart is very happy seeing her as his wife but his minds questions him how this has happened and looks blank? Nandini is at the urge of anger. She wants to kill her right now but she controls her anger and stares her.

Saral and Mahi comes there and gets shocked seeing Ardhika together.

Radhika looks at Arjun and smiles at him lovingly. Mala & Dilip sees this and gets shocked and mala shouts, “CHOTIIIII”.

Radhika comes to senses hearing her mom’s voice and looks at them. Her smile fades away and looks at them crying and feels guilty.

Mala cries and says, “You cheated us choti…you insulted your papa infront of everyone”

Nandini shouts, “Enough of your drama now. Take your daughter and get lost”.

Arjun is shocked hearing her but he did not oppose her. Dilip stops Mala and says, “We had one daughter but now she is dead for us”. He takes Mala with her and leaves from there. Radhika stands there crying and looks at their parents. She sees dadaji near the doorstep and he waves his hands in a way of blessing her and leaves with dilip.

Nandini did not say anything and turns to go but stops seeing Saral and Mahi together and gaze them angrily and leaves from there.

Arjun tries to follow her but stops by Kaka and he asks him to take radhika also with him. He hesitates but holds her hands and takes her with him. While going Saral stops her and tries to hold her but Arjun holds his hand and tells him, “Now i should not see your shadow also nearby her…She is my wife”. By saying this he takes her with him and goes in his car.

Kaka takes the front seat and Ardhika sits at the back seat. Both did not utter a single word and remembers what happened sometime back. They reached home and hesitates to go inside. but kaka insists them to come inside. They are about to step inside but stop hearing nandini’s voice looks at her carrying the aarthi thal to welcome them.

Radhika finds her fishy but arjun gets sad seeing her not happy. Kaka gets scared seeing her silence coz he knows her well her silence is more dangerous.

She welcomes them inside and sends Arjun to his room. he looks at radhika but nandini says she will send her now. he nods and goes to his room. Nandini drags Radhika and takes her to the study room and locks it.

Nandini, “What r u thinking now? So you will be happy of becoming Mrs. Arjun right? I never knew that you will go to this much extent to get his money? Tell me how much do you want to go away from his life?”

Radhika smiles at him and says, “No one can go to extent as you went to have his money”.

Nandini gets shocked says, “what are you saying?”

Radhika, “You understood what i said. Don’t try to act infront of me. I know everything about you. And don’t think that i will leave Arjun. It will never happen and i wont let u snatch his property. I am the wall between you and arjun.”

By saying this she goes out from the room and goes upstairs.

she knocks the door and enters inside. Arjun stands in the balcony and looks at her. She moves to him slowly and stands beside him. Arjun stares her and he still couldn’t believe his marriage happened with his love.

He breaks the silence and asks, “I couldn’t believe that we got married”

Radhika pinches him hard and he screams in pain and looks at her. She smiles and says, “Now you can believe na”.

Arjun, “i believe it ok. But i really don’t know how to react now. But why you married me?”

Radhika didn’t answer him and turns to go but he holds her hand and says, “I need answer”.

Radz, “If i tell the truth then you will not believe me”.

Arjun, “Y should i not believe you”.

Radz, “Bcoz it is about your so called mom”.

Arjun, “What?”

Radz, “Yes, i married you to save you from your mom”.

Arjun, “I don’t understand”.

Radz, “Your life is in danger and the person behind that is your mom Nandini”.

Arjun, “Just stop talking nonsense. Y will my mom being a danger for me? R u out ur nuts?”.

Radz, “ didnot believe me na..that’s what i told you will not believe me”.

Arjun, “Not only me, no one in this world will not believe by hearing that mom is the danger for her son”.

Radz, “If i prove, you are wrong and i am right”

Arjun, “Prove me first”

Radz, “Okay..i will expose her truth to you in 3 days and it is my challenge”.

she goes out of the room and Arjun stands as a statue. He holds his head and feels upset.

Precap: Radhika opens the box and finds a mangalsutra and the photo of a lady carries a small boy.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you 🙂

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  1. awesome epi dr…finally aradhika got married..jst loved it..dadaji nesam and teji rocked..waiting to see how will rads expose nandini in three days..plz post soon..and update the other ffs keep rocking…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much ritu ?????? I m so happy now that I satisfied u all in this episode… Yeah sure other ffs I ll try to give it today for sure….

  2. RituM

    ok…..hats off to u lovely lady…..i mean…how much kg of mind did you use to write this……ahhhhh… much interchanging…..n i realy enjoy each n every moment……next one. soon plzzzzz

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a ton ritum… ???? actually I spent my whole day from morning to evening to write this sequence…to be frank I broke my head like anything to frame this swapping… But now I am. Happy that u all liked it???

  3. Kavina

    I loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u kavina

  4. Brin

    It was very entertaining, the way they got married and Nandini plan blew up in her face was mind blowing, Sathya you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin ???? you always keeps supporting me… Love u dear

  5. ohhhhhh myyyyy godddd
    ..m spellbound…. you just stole my heart…if you were in front of me na i don’t wht i have done…for this lovely marvelous epi a bone crushing hugghhh n lots of kisses for you..i found myself qith no qorfsw now to praise you..marrige,swapping.. itane swapping to maine serial me b nahi dekhi..means i m really numb n…..see…no words coming..hahhhaa…really m grateful n Blissful that i can read your words… so now waiting eagerly for nxt…love you to the infinity…. tc

    1. Sathya

      Million thanks dipu darling… Ha ha ha I m jumping now after reading ur comments…this swapping made me mad yesterday… I spent my whole day to frame this sequence and I felt that I made some flaws…even I found some mistakes after posting it… All these I learnt it from movie n serials only…. ?????thanks for the support dear???love u

      1. flaws??? no darling its flawless…. no flaws at all…i knw how diffcult it would for u write such beautiful epi….muhhhhaaaa

  6. Dhara

    Awesome twist n turns Sathya?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so. Much dhara ????

  7. Jessie

    I loved d couple swapping… though in serials it will be boring here u made it interesting.. Neil n sam in rads mandap . I was wondering whether they wud reach D stage..loved d shock u gave 4 saral n mahi.. kaka too helping
    . I liked it.. dint expect dadaji 2 come with this plan.. did Arjun forgot his mom.. does he remember tat nandini isn’t his original mom..Roads need 2 be all careful..sathya dear.. I loved eager 4 next update..Nesam n Teji were awesome.

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Jessie… Ur comments means a lot. ???arjun don’t know about his real mom.. As far as him, Nandini is his Mom…ams the secret will be revealed by rads in those 3 days challenge.

  8. awesome……..thank u.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Usha ?

  9. Aasthu

    awesome………………I had read you update yesterday ni8 itself b4 going to bed…..but couldn’t comment due to network problem…………….love u……….TC…………swapping was awesome………..plzzzzzz update sooooooooon………… in the next epi will Rads expose Nandini di????????? or after the next ??????????????

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Aasthu ? not exactly on next episode it will take another 3 epusodes

  10. freaking Awesome Sathya 🙂 this is a sunday treat Arjun Radhika married… love dadaji… and she pinched him… that was so cute… poor Nandini….gayi kaam se… waiting for Nandini’s truth to be revealed 🙂 loads of love dear big hug for you 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot gauri… ???Dadaji is real hero here… Love u dear

  11. Lakshmi05

    Superb episode dear… Whole marriage sequence is awesome…eagerly waiting for next update …luv…

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      Thank u so much Lakshmi ???

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  13. Naaga

    Satz its awesome ✌ Yenna oru kolmaal kalyanam, anyway Nalla padiya oru marriage nadathi mudichitta, vazhthukkal. Naa rombavey enjoy panninen. Arjun happya irundhalum, radhu vidam fake avadhu kovam paduvaan parthen ana adhu illama pochu. Thats ok. 3 days leya unnmai veliya varapodha i mean arjunukku therichuduma romba fast irukkapla thonradhu, unmai therichudhuna apa sikrama mudichuduvya ?

    Ok ma next gaga wait panren pls post soon ☺

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot naaga.. Y so late dear.. Arjun will not be angry with Radu…but he will be shattered after knowing the truth n she should be the one with him… ??? I dint think about finishing yet…

  14. Geeth

    Superb episode satz bride swapping excellent waiting to see arjuns behaviour towards radi….

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  15. outstanding episode……………..eagerly waiting next one….tc

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  16. Awesome update Sathya

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  17. Awesome, wowwww lovely marvellous episode. ..satzzzzz my sweeeeeetheart. ..I just loved it to the bottom of my heart. . …ardhika married. ..finally. …yayyyy….I loved the whole drama n dadaji’s planning. ..n top of everything your mastermind. ….kudos my sissyyyy. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. ….at one point I thought that nesam will also get married but very cunningly you brought saral n mahi in second mandap…lol…..the last scene of ardhika was really awesomeeeeee. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

  18. Mica

    omgggggg….. finally i can comment….yippieeeee
    but still i can’t even describe my feeling toward this mindblowing story,,speechless speechless,,omg sathyaaaa

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