Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 28)


Hey friends…how are you all …thank u so much for ur support and sorry for being so late. I indulged myself in lot of commitments and coz of that i couldn’t do it properly…Pls spare me…Now lets get into the episode.

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 28)

Radhika is completely lost in Arjun’s thoughts and not even look at Saral once. Saral looks at her and holds her hand but she jerks it off and feels uncomfortable. She looks what is happening around her and automatically tears drops down in her cheeks. She wipe it off before anyone could see but Mala notices it and worries for her.
Radhika feels dizzy and fainted due to the stress.

Radhika slowly opens her eyes and looks around. Mala sits beside her and Dilip behind her. On her Right side dadaji sits and rubs her forehead softly. That’s it after that she did not see anyone and she don’t want to see. Saral gets much irritated and calls her, “Radhu..what happened to you? you look so stressed and i personally tell you better don’t go out anywhere till our marriage”. Radhika gives him a stern look and says, “I will decide on that”. Sara and his parents are disappointed and looks at Dilip in a way of complain. Dilip feels embarassed and is about to say something but interrupts by dadaji says, “Now radhika needs rest…we will go out and let her sleep”. Before leaving he presses her hands and makes her to feel comfort and he assures that he will support her.

After everyone goes out, radhika gets up and goes to her cupboard. After a short search, she gets the paper which has the painting. She pins that painting to the board and stares it for some time. She gives a feather touch to that painting and a drop of tears comes from her eyes. She takes another plain paper and starts drawing it. Its been 3 hrs now and she finished her painting. It is nothing but Arjun’s picture. Now she clearly understands what is her feeling towards Arjun and that came as a painting. She gets happy seeing it but at the same time she felt bad remembering her engagement and dilip’s statement about her marriage. She stares the picture continuously and she comes to senses once she feels the touch on her shoulder. she turns and sees Mala there. Mala looks at her and the picture she drawn, she understands radhika’s feelings and worries seeing her. she takes her to bed and makes her to sit on it.

Mala cups her face and says,”Choti, i can understand your dislike for this marriage. But your papa promised them and it is his prestige issue. All i can say is forget everything and everyone, concentrate on your new life. Love can happen after marriage also. Pls beta..don’t do anything which makes your papa feels guilty.”

Radhika looks at her and cries silently. She nodded her silently and goes to the board and takes the pictures out from there and kept in the cupboard again. She comes to Mala and says, “I am ready for the marriage ma”. Mala hugs her and kiss on her forehead. Dadaji looks at them from outside and thinks to do something.

Next morning, As usual Radhika gets ready for office and comes down from her room. Dilip looks at her surprisingly and says, “Beta, where are you going?”

Radhika, “office papa”.

Dilip, “I told you already that you are not going to work with them again and tomorrow is morning is ur haldi and evening is ur marriage”.

Radhika becomes numb hearing him and gets tensed. She says, “haldi..marriage?”. Dilip, “haan beta, its very short time for ur marriage… I did not invite much ppl..if you want you can invite your friends”. She nods him and leaves.

Radz,”But seems everything is happening so fast”.

dilip comes to her and keeps his hands on her head and says, “Choti…i can’t risk your life after knowing Nandini. she might not harm you but if she gets any benefit of that then she never hesitates to do that. I don’t want her shadow also to fall on you”.

Rads, “Papa…i have to go to office”.

Dilip looks at her puzzled and she continues, “I will give my resignation inperson and will come back soon. I have to invite my friends for my marriage”. Dilip gives her permission and she leaves.

Radhika goes to BS and looks at everyone who is staring her. Nesam and teji comes and hugs her. She goes to her cabin and tells them about her marriage. They 3 get shocked and looks each other.

Teji, “Chasni..what are you saying? Haldi, marriage and that too tomorrow?” he asks in a shock and obviuously his voice tells about his care for her. At the same time, Arjun enters and gets shocked hearing Teji’s statement. He stops there itself and looks at radhika who is upset. He holds his fist in anger and gets restless thinking about radhika. He stares her continuously and this makes her to feel something odd and looks at the entrance and finds Arjun standing there looking at her.

Radhika feels her heart freeze for a min while seeing him. Tears forms in her eyes and all her moments with him comes to her mind. Since she realised her love for him, she feels her life is going away somewhere far.

Nesam & Teji looks at her and the way she looks. They see Arjun there and understands their feelings. Arjun comes to his senses and rushes to his cabin. Radhika sees him going and wants to go behind him but stops herself. She informs her friends that she is resigning her job. All 3 are shocked and try to convince her but she couldn’t change her decision. she sends them and prints a letter and goes to Arjun’s cabin with heavy heart and she makes sure that she should not breakdown infront of him.

Arjun hears a knock on his door, without seeing he allows the person to come in. Radhika comes in and sees him hiding his face in the files.

Rads, “Sir…”

Arjun lifts his eyes and looks at Radhika standing nervuosly. He gets more angry seeing her and says, “Tell me fast..i have work”.

Radhika feels pain in his words but still composes herself and says, “Sir.. its my resignation”.

She keeps the resignation letter in his table and says, “I came to invite you for my marriage. Tomorrow morning haldi function and evening my marriage. I want you to come and attend my marriage”. she stammers and finishes her statemement.

That’s it and that’s enought to make Arjun behave wild. He gets up from his chair and goes to her and takes her to the corner of his cabin and pins her to the wall.

Arjun forces him on her and says, “How dare you come and asks me to attend your marriage? do you wanna test my patience is it? And what is this resignation drama?”

Rads feels the pain and says, “Sir..its are hurting me”.

Arjun, “Yes i will because i am hurt and i want you to feel the same pain but you are not. All are drama. You cannot even realise what i am going through and you came here to invite me for ur marriage. Do you forget that i told you i will not leave you and your family in peace. Don’t think in ur dream also that you can go far from me ..i will not leave you untill i get my revenge for ur family’s deeds.”

Radhika couldn’t control anymore pushes him and says, “Enough…Are you mad? can’t you see what is happening around you? Haa correct how can you are blind..blind with your mom’s lie. and it binds you to not see the truth around you. You know what you are living in a shadow life. You will never the understand the truth if it is infront of you also.”

she runs from there making Arjun speechless. Arjun feels hurt and goes to his place and looks at the letter she kept. He opens the letter but instead of resignation, his imagination says it as her marriage invitation. he tares it into pieces and puts it in dustbin.

He comes out from his cabin to see her but she left from office long back and he got to know that she invited everyone for her marriage. He smirks and goes to his cabin again.

Nesam & Teji sits together and lost into thinking. Sam, “I can’t chasni is heartbreak. It is clearly written in her face that she is not ready for this marriage”.

Teji, “Not only for marriage she doesn’t like Teji also. But she accepted just coz of her papa”.

Sam, “Neil..he is right. We have to do something to save her from that Saral”.

Neil, “ down. Did you guys notice something today in Radhika?”

Sam & Teji, “yes we have”

Neil, “What?”

Sam, “She loves Arjun..i saw the pain in her eyes when she sees Arjun”.

Neil, “Exactly and Arjun also loves her and he is getting angry of losing her”.

Teji, “So what we gonna do? tomorrow is her marriage with Saral”.

Neil, “We have to plan something to make them one”.

Sam, “But how Neil…do you know onething ..Arjun sir also getting married Nandini mam decided it and he also accepted it”.

Neil, “What? when?”

Sam, “yes.. i heard some people talking about it and date they are saying is June 24”.

Neil Teji together shouting, “WHATTTTTTTTT?”

Sam gets scared and asks, “What happen?”

Teji, “Sam..24 is tomorrow yar”

Sam, “OMG…what do we do now?”

Neil, “Where is the marriage? do you know?”

Sam nodded as no and says, “ something and save chasni…atleast save her from saral na”.

Neil nodded positively and says, “Sure.. i will not let anything bad happen with chasni”.

They all 3 join their hands together and plans.

Arjun becomes restless and leaves to his home early.

Nandini who is busy in talking in phone sees Arjun is coming home so early with tension. She thinks, “Today what he did…everytime he is doing something and making me tension”.

Nandini calls him and shows him the invitation ready for his marriage. Mahi also sits with nandini who looks at him smilingly. But he just ignores her and says to nandini that, “Mom..don’t show anything to me…whatever you decide i am ok with that”. He goes to his room by saying that.

Nandini and Mahi looks at him going and joins hands together and says, “Finally our plan is gonna work”.

Nandini interrupts her and says, “My Plan. ASs we discussed you will get you share and after that i should not see you anywhere in this city…got it?”

Mahi gets angry but hides it and says, “Ok” but thinks , “I am not going anywhere and i will make you leave from here”.

Nandini gets a call and she goes away and picks it up, “Hello”

Person, “As you said…all the papers are ready. Once the marriage is over…we can submit the papers with their signatures”.

Nandini, “That’s grt to hear. Don’t mess anything. will meet you tomorrow in the marriage”.

Nandini gives a evil smile and gets happy that her task is going as per the plan.

Arjun did not come for the dinner also and nandini also did not call him. she let him feel his love last one time.

Radhika also feels sad and did not come for dinner. Mala & Dadaji tried to talk to dilip to postpone the marriage but dilip is not ready to get convinced.

Since Radhika doesn’t have food…dadaji also did not have…and both mala & Dilip also skipped the food. Their house doesn’t have the feeling and environment of marriage ceremony. All went to their bed sadly.

Next morning, Arjun wakes up and gets ready in a nice suite and comes down. Nandini wonders thinking where he is going early morning. Arjun while coming down gets shocked seeing some people in his home and finds Nandini staring him. He goes to her and asks, “mom..who are all they?”

Nandini, “They are…ok tell me where are you going now?”

Arjun, “… i have some work.. will be going to office from there”.

Nandini, “Arjun.. r u mad? Today is your haldi and evening your marriage…don’t you remember that what we discussed on that day?”

Arjun gets shocked and thinks what they discussed.


The day when dilip comes and takes Radhika with her, Arjun rushes to his cabin again followed by nandini. Arjun bangs his hand on wall and pours out his angry. Nandini comes and holds him to calm down.

Nandin, “Arjun..sshhhhh..calm down. Y r u hurting yourself. I can see the pain but nothing is in our hands. Just leave it. Let her go”.

Arjun, “Mom i cannot leave her like this”.

nandini gets angry hearing this but composes and asks, “Means?”

Arjun realises what he said and replies, “I..i…mean i cannot leave my revenge in halfway like this”

Nandini understands that he is hiding and thinks to manipulate him and says, “I understand Arjun…but this is not the time for revenge. She is going to get married..leave it”

Arjun holds his fist hearing the word marriage and turns to her and says, “I cannot accept my defeat like this and mom..they need to answer for their deeds they did to you”.

Nandini, “I am saying na arjun…i am the victim and i am telling you now to leave them. God will punish them. can’t you do this for your mom?’

Arjun sees her crying and wipes her tears saying, “I will do anything for you mom”.

nandini gets happy and says, “That’s my boy…Forget everything and move on your life. As you promised me i will do the marriage arrangements for you”.

Arjun stops her and says, “Have you decided the marriage date mom?”

Nandini, “No..not yet..Y what happen?”

Arjun, “Ok..then fix it for day after tomorrow mom”.

Nandini gets shocked and surprised and says, “Arjun…r u sure?”

Arjun, “Yes Mom…before my mind gets changed..will have this marriage.”

Nandini gets alert and at the same time she is happy that her target is accomplishing so fast.

Fb ends.

Arjun thinks , “I know mom..i promise you but i am not able to resist myself seeing her”.

Nandini shakes him and asks, “Arjun, you have to get ready for your haldi”.

Arjun, “Mom..give me an hr..i will be back..i have some urgent work”. By saying this he rushes out though nandini is calling him.

Arjun drives fastly and stops infront of radhika’s home. He sees the decorations in her home and sees the kids playing. he see some of his employees also..they wished him and he too gives them a fake smile and enters her house. His eyes searches for Radhika everywhere in that house but all he sees is their society people and some relatives and kids. he moves forward and finds kids are going up. he remembers her room and starts climbing the stairs and luckily her parents are not around and busy with other works.

Radhika got ready with her dressings and sees the kids entering her room. She smiles at them asks, “Who allowed you here?”

Kid, “Who will allow us? You are our didi and we can come here anytime”.

Radz, “Aahaa…nice to hear but mumma will shout at you when she gets to know that you entered in my room”.

Kid, “No mumma will not shout for that..they will shout for this only”.

while saying that the kids applied haldi on her face and runs from there. Radhika gets shocked and says, “You naughty kids..i will not leave you now”.
By saying this she runs behind the kids and takes some haldi from her face and have it in her hands. She comes out and runs but bumps into something and falls on it. She then realises it is not a thing but a human. She sees him and gets freeze. It is none other than Arjun.

She gets more shock seeing his face has haldi which is on her hand. Arjun also gets shocked seeing her this much closed. They both gets up and looks at each other embarassingly. Arjun gets mesmerised seeing her in white and yellow combo lehenga and matching earrings and bangles. She puts a bun and covers it with flowers.

Radhika, “Sir…you here”

Arjun, “You forgot or what? you only invited me for your marriage”. By saying this he starts wiping the haldi by his hands.

Radz, “Thanks for you need anything to drink..i will get you something” she is going by saying this.

But got slipped due to her long skirt stucks in her slipper and is about to fall but Arjun holds her keeping his one hand on her bare back and another holds her waist.

She feels chillness in her back and in her waist and stares Arjun. They both gets into an eyelock but got disturbed by dadaji. Ardhika moves away from each other and Arjun looks at him and goes down. While dadaji looks at radhika who weeps silently seeing him going, she runs to her room. Dadaji gives a heavy breathe and is about to go but stops seeing Nesam & Teji starring. Dadaji looks at them and smiles at them evily.

Precap: Nandini is helpless seeing Ardhika getting married. Radhika tells about Nandini to Arjun and challenges him to expose her truth in 3 days.

So i hope you all enjoyed this episode. Pls let me know your comments.

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