Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (episode 27)


Thank you guys for the suport and love. My dad is fine and getting better day by day thanks for all the prayers. I gave some gap and i promise you all that now it will be regular.

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (episode 27)

Episode 27

Radhika got to about Nandini from her family. She consoles them and leavesto office. On the way she thinks about Nandini & Arjun relation and kaka’s warning about Arjun’s life. She gets confused and reaches office little late. While she enter only, she is informed that Arjun is waiting for her. She gives a sigh belief and goes to his room.

Arjun looks at her and remembers their previous day stay in office automatically smiles at her. Radhika wonders seeing him smiling and wides her eyes and stares at him. He becomes normal seeing her staring at him. He adjust himself and discuss about the project which she handles currently. He stares her going and remembers Nandini’s words which is echoing in his mind. He closes his eyes tightly and gives a sigh relief and talks to himself, “How can i do this? How can i punish Radhika for her parent’s mistake? She trusts me and what i am gonna do wiht her, taking revenge for the mistake which she did not even know.” His thoughts interrupts hearing Nandini’s voice. He gets surprised seeing her in office and asks, “Mom, what happened? Sudden visit?”

Nandini, “Just like that Arjun and i want to talk to you about an important matter, i thought of discussing with you directly”.

Arjun looks at her and allows her to continue. Nandini continues, “Arjun, i decided to get you married to Mahi as soon as possible”.

Arjun is shocked and speechless too. he stares nandini and immediately his mind thinks about only Radhika. within a few span all her moments crossed in his sight. He becomes upset and did not answer Nandini which irks her but still she decided to not lose her control on him. She comes to him and touches his shoulder and says, “Arjun, y u look upset? Do you think your mom will think wrong to you?”

Arjun looks at her and nods no and says, “Mom..actually..i..i..” She stops him and says, “I know Arjun, you liked Radhika but after hearing my tragedy you want to take revenge on her and their family, but what is the use? Bad people will become more bad then…we move on in our life, leave everthing aside. Now i want you to concentrate on your personal life. See Now radhika also getting married and she gonna lead a happy life. So you should think about you”.

Arjun gets more worry hearing Radhika’s engagement and gets more furious which Nandini did not even aware of it. He holds his fist in anger by thinking Radhika with Saral. He turns to her and says,As your wish mom”. Nandini gets hapy and hugs him. She informs him to come home soon and leaves from there. After she leaves the room Arjun talks to himself, “No Mom, i cannot leave them easily like this.

I will make them suffer like how they did to you. For that i need Radhika. I will not leave her at any cost. I lied you Mom. I love her and at the same time and i need to make them to pay for your pain. I will not let her go from my hand easily. She should be with me for all my life and that is the punishment i am giving for her family. I will get her either by hook or crook”.

Nandini goes out from Arjun’s cabin and looks at radhika happily chatting with her friends and smirks at her and thinks, “BYE Radhika..its time for you to leave from Arjun’s life. I don’t have any issues with you but what to do, you came in between in my target and i will not spare anything which stops my desire”. She is about to leave and is stunned seeing the person standing at the doorstep of the office. It is none other than Dilip. He also looks shocked seeing her after so many years. Both are speechless and stares each other. Radhika notices her papa and runs to him. But she did not miss seeing Nandini’s reaction. She gets him inside and makes him sit in the sofa on the reception.

Radhika gives him water and sits beside him. Sam, Teji & Neil also welcomes him and sits with them. Dilip talks to them nicely and looks at Nandini once who is still standing at the same place and watching him. He turns to Radhika and asks,”Why didnt you inform me that you are working under her?”

Radhika, “Papa, i am not working under her…they bought this agency newly and anyways i working Under Arjun her son.”

Dilip gives an unbelievable look and asks, “WHAT? Son?”

Radhika slowly nods her head and looks him worried. Dilip gets up and tells her to come with him right now. Radhika is shocked and asks, “Papa…what happened suddenly? I have work. You go home will talk in the evening”.

Dilip, “Choti, do what i say? I don’t want you to work here and you resign your job immediately right now and come with me”.

Everyone hears their conversation and a small chaos formed. Arjun comes out hearing this and shocked to see the scene happening.

Arjun comes to Nandini and stands with her and watching Radhika & Dilip’s conversation.

Nandini says, “He is Dilip, my so called brother”. Arjun is shocked and now he keenly notices what they are talking.

Dilip, “Choti..i dont want to hear anything now and i decided to get you married with Saral within 3 days from now. So inform your boss and come with me. Its my order”.

Radhika is shocked and becomes dumb hearing her marriage, so as Arjun. Everyone is shocked hearing this except one person…nandini. She is the only person in that room gets happy hearing his statement and thinks, “This is the best decision in his lifetime” and smirks at them.

Neil who observes the heat and pats radhika’s shoulder and tells her to go with Dilip for now. He advices her to decide all these later. Radhika accepts him and takes her bag and goes with him. When Arjun is about to stop her, Nandini holds his hands and stops him.

Dadaji shouts at Dilip for taking the decision about Radhika’s marriage without discussing with anyone. Mala also angry on him.

Radhika goes to her room and locked it after she reaches home. Its been an hour she did not come out. Dadaji questions dilip,

“Dilip…what made you to decide the marriage in 3 days? why so urgent?”

Dilip sadly says, “I saw Nandini in her office”.

Mala & Dadaji looks each other and stands silently. Dilip looks at their silence and says, “So you both already knows this and you have hide it from me”.

Mala, “We also got to know before your arrival only. I thought of telling you but soon all these engagement and other issues comes up, i forgot about this”.

Dilip says, “Do you understand now why i want her marriage so soon? I am scared now that nandini might harm my kid..i want her to be in safer hands”. Mala & Dadaji tried to convince him but all in vain. Dilip called Saral family and informs them about the early marriage.

Radhika in her room crying and curses about her fate. She gets a call from an unknown number and picks it up.

Radhika, “Hello”

Caller, “Beta..i am Krishna kaka ”

Radhika, “Haan Kaka..”

kaka, “Beta, i heard that you are marrying in another 3 it true?”

Radhika worries more and silently says, “Hmm”.

Kaka,”beta..pls dont think i am selfish. I am begging you, dont leave Arjun”.

Radhika, “Kaka..i am really confused. What i can do and why i should not leave Arjun? Pls tell me clearly…”

Kaka, “Beta. i cant tell everything in phone…will meet in the same temple in the evening”.

Radhika also agreed for it and cuts the call.

In the evening she informs only to Mala and goes to the temple and meets Kaka there.

Radhika, “Kaka..pls tell me what is the problem? I dont understand clearly? What is the danger for Arjun and why you said that it is because of Nandini?”

Kaka, “Beta, Nandini made arrangements for Arjun’s marriage and that Mahi is the bride. Beta…Arjun already suffered a lot in his childhood and now he forgot everything coz of nandini. She is again going to spoil his life. Pls save him”.

Radhika is atmost confusion now and asks, “Kaka..what you trying to say? I have to save him means…how?”

Kaka, “By marrying him”.

Radhika is shell shocked and stares him and continues, “What are you saying? My marriage already fixed”.

Kaka, “I know that. Only you can save him from that devils. Nandini is one devil and she brought Mahi from somewhere and makes arjun to marry her to spoil his life”.

Kaka sees her shocked face and continues, “Beta, Arjun loves you and i can realise that. I am seeing him from my childhood and i never seen him attracted to anyone so easily. He used to rough and tough guy but i seen the softness, care, affection and love whenever he ses you. I want my arjun to get all happiness in his life and only you can give that”.

Tears formed and she is about to say something but kaka stopped her and says, “i know tht you also have feelings for him but still you did not realise it”.

Radhika is not gives him an unbelievable look and nods no and says, “No Kaka…i dont have that kind of feelings on arjun sir”.

Kaka, “Beta…one can feel the love and i saw the love, care from you when Arjun was not well. You taken care of him so well..till now even nandini did not do that. I am not convincing you but saying the truth. Pls don’t spoil your and Arjun are made for each other. You are meant to be one. Marriage is for once in our life and we have to make it to the right person. Think well and decide beta”

He leaves from there and radhika still stands there silently and recollects everything what he said. She couldn’t believe it but when she tries to ignore it all her moments with arjun flashes on her mind.

Radhika gets a call from Dilip asking her to come home soon. She goes to home and shocked seeing saral’s family waiting for her with shagun for their marriage. She becomes statue for few hours there but her mind revolves around thinking about one and only Arjun.

Precap: Radhika’s colleagues participate in her marriage function and everyone participates in her haldi ceremony including Arjun. Radhika slipped on Arjun and haldi from her hand falls on his face. Nesam & Teji sees this and gets amused.

Hello all…i hope you all like this episode. Now almost all the secrets are revealed except few. I am expecting some questions from you guys.. i ll see who ask me that? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

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  1. Sis one request please close nandini chapter asap…m requesting u…before nandini it was epic story…coz of nandu negative I personally read hastily…sorry but I can’t lie…waiting for etl season 2 both tracks…

    1. Sathya

      Rosie.. Actually Nandi I is the main character in this ff. Though the maineads are ardhika the story has crucial role for nanda. If I finish Nandini chapter means then this ff is Almost over. But still we can have it without her once arjun is saved after that she will not be part of their life. Thanks Dear ???

  2. Dhara

    Awesome Sathya ?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dhara???

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, what is kaka hiding from Radhika and why is Dilip so afraid of his sister, waiting for the next episode. πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u for the lovely comments dear ????.. Kaka is helpless and kept mum though he knows everything at Nandini. Dilip fear is normal thing.. He just wants to keep his daughter away from Nandini. The secrets will be revealed in the coming episodes..

  4. RituM

    who is that mahi……

    what kind of medicines arjun is taking

    what nandini get from all of this

    why saral……..

    1. Sathya

      Hi ritu.. Thanks for the comment dear ??? all ur questions will be answered soon and thanks for ur questions

  5. Satzzzzz it’s superbbbbbbbb dear πŸ˜€ love kakas care on arjun πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ loved it πŸ˜€

    1. Sathya

      Thank u sugar dear ???

  6. glad that u r back dear but abt the questions am not that smart so i just hope that someone with smarty brain will ask u,But still got to ask u fewthings
    Is nandini doing all this drama to get arjuns property i mean?………. but y she is doing this as he loves her like his own mother.
    One more thing does arjun know that nandini is not her real mother?
    And has his father left anywill for which she is creating so much drama?
    whatever it may be just wanna see ardhika unite soon and am sure radhika will clear all the mu’s..
    so girl thank u for lovely update..
    Take care

    1. Sathya

      Th am u so much shiva … Ur questions are smart enough for me to write 2 episodes as an answer….

  7. Awesome Sathya πŸ™‚ Arjun Radhika will get married me too happy…waiting for that…but I am curious to know how will Saral’s chapter get closed ….waiting for next and waiting for your new FF πŸ™‚ happy weekend loads of love stay blessed πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri dear… Lovely to read ur comments ??? Saraland is just a pawn and he will be thrown away by Radhika itself…

  8. Naaga

    Hi satz ?
    My question is
    Innum Yeroda perla Arjun dad oda properties irrukku?
    Actually indha quesn kku answer thericha ennala matthadhu purinchikka mudiyum.

    So this my quesn pls post the ans ☺

    1. Sathya

      My dear naaga.. If I answer ur question then the whole plot will be revealed… So am sorry da… But u will get to know everything soon love u dear ???

  9. Satz my darlingggghhg…it was simply awsome…you have amazing skill to express characters state of mind…Arjun decision to punish her by keeping for life was so lovely.. wishhh some say something like this to me..haha…n kaka is really a crystal n savier for aradhika..precapp..m really damn excited yo so

    1. Sathya

      Aaahhhh dipu darling… Thank u for the lovely comments…. Yes arjun thinks to punish her by having her with him bit it is just his self explain but truth is he cannot see her with anyone else… ????

  10. Nice epi, waiting for ardhika to be one

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Gia dear

  11. awesome …………. eagerly looking forward for nxt episode …………… love you ……………tc

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Priya

  12. nice dr..but who is this kaka..I mean how does he has information about both rads and arjun..waiting for u tc..

    1. Sathya

      He is the one loyal servant who arjun’s dad had. For some reason nandini left him and he knows everything about nandini

  13. Gr8 2 kno abt ur father..As always, a veryvery Nice epusode..loved it.

  14. Awesome, wowwww satz, superbbbbb episode….arjun all restless coz of rads engagement n marriage with saral…n shocked by his wedding with mahi…..nandini is playing her evil games but arjun won’t leave rads…let’s see what rads gonna decide after talking to kaka…I hope ardhika realize their feelings for each other….I’m so curious n anxious to know how will arjun n rads will get marry…keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh. … πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ your pic in dp is very beautiful. … β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  15. Shree

    Sathya ka!! Adichi dhool kelapiteenga!! Radhika’s wedding!! Uh oh… Nandini is such a devil… Arjun is so restless… Love kaka… Ada why can’t he tell that she’s not his mom?… Mahi and Arjun?! Noooo… He is helping her realise her feelings… Loved the precap

    Post soon ka.. Love you ??

  16. ammu kutty mind blowing episode……..summa kalaikiteenka……eagerly waiting next one..pls pls update soon……….tc

  17. superb !!!!!!!! but I’m filled with questions……… Nandini after his money ?????? Y is Arjun’s life in dager ?????????? when will u unite ardhika ??????????

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