Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 26)

Hi all… Sorry for so late. Actually my dad is not well and hospitalized and that’s y I could not update anything. Still we r in Hospital and I thought to update something since I got some time today. It might be a small update.. Plz adjust it. Let’s get into the chapter.

Radhika calls her family and asks, “Papa, I want to know about Nandini. What s the relation between us? Plz don’t say any reason, I want to k know the truth right now.

Dilip is little shock seeing his choti and looks at mala n dadaji. They are also Shocked seeing radhika encounter. Radhika observe their reactions and says”This time no excuse… At any cost I want to know the truth”.

Dadaji takes her with him and sits in the sofa and says, “Choti, Nandini is my daughter, my only daughter. My wife died when she born. So me n Dilip gave all our love to her but it makes her a spoiled child. We were not rich enough to make her all wish fulfilled. She turns to a stubborn child and she will fulfill her desire by her stubborness. She grown up and her expectations also grown up. She gets jealous seeing her friends in college who spends money like water. She started asking me and I object her.. More than me Dilip did not like her attitude and started controlling her which she does not like it. She stopped talking to him. Soon we found found a difference in her, she stopped asking money from us but she has money in her hand and she got so many expensive gifts. We doubted her and questioned her. She did not reveal anything and says she is doing part time job.

One day Dilip followed her and found that she was roaming with a guy and he used to spend money for her. That day evening once she came to home we shouted at her and stopped her from going out. This made her so furious and she starts hating us. Then we got ur mom alliance for Dilip and thought if a lady is there is home, she will change her behavior. Dilip n mala got married and mala became my another daughter. She tried to talk to Nandini and make herself understand her but she insulted her also. “.
Dadaji stopped and sobbing in pain. Mala continues, “one day she went out near to our field and met a person who asked the route for the textile mill in our area. He is none other than the new owner of that mill. Nandini got to know that n she rushed to our home and informs papa that she wants to work in that textile mill with some of her friends in that village. Initially nobody accepted but we thought that it could be a change for her and might get changed. But she proved us wrong. She joined in that mill just to fulfill her expectations.

She starts coming late to home and when we inquired her she gave us some reason saying overtime n all. We did not get doubted at that time and slowly we got to know that she is moving closely with her owner and often goes out with him. When we asked her she said she loves him and gonna marry him. We were shocked and did not accept that. She not even worried for us and told that she did not want us and she decided to marry him.

The worst thing was he was already married and had one kid also. But his wife is bed ridden due to paralysis after giving birth to his son. His loyal servant Krishna looked after his son. Nandini used that chance and moved close with him and made him believe him that she can take care of his family. He also believed her words and came to talk to us. We did not have any choice and finally agreed to their marriage.

She felt so happy going to his big mansion and thought to rule but things are going vice versa. He made her to serve for his first wife and care his son. Just for the fake trust she did that but soon she gets frustrated and started fighting with him and claims money for her expenses.

He gave but soon he found that she was not at home and went somewhere. When he asked she did not reply him properly and it got into an heated argument. Finally he declared saying that he married her just to look after his wife and son. This made her so angry and she decided to finish the obstacles which she had in her life.

To his surprise she was taking care of his wife very well and talked sweetly to everyone. We all believed that she changed but again she proved us wrong. One day we got a news from his house that his first wife is dead. We rushed to his home and there the final rites were happening. Everything was over and we consoled him and came to our home. After that its been a long time we met him.

That was our worst day when we saw him in our doorstep. He was very angry and furious. He shouted on us saying that Nandini is the reason for his wife’s death and he informed that he will not leave her and our family. Papaji became so worried and we tried calling Nandini in their landline but its not connected. Soon we all reached his house and got to k know from his loyal servant Krishna that Nandini n her husband has very big fight and soon after he went out in his car followed by Nandini.

We waited there for some time but both did not reach till midnight so we came back to our home. The next day morning we got to know the news that Nandini n her husband met an accident and he died on the spot whereas Nandini had severe injuries. We met her in hospital but she did not want us to meet her.

Papaji can’t sit quietly of not seeing his daughter, so me n Papaji only gone there and we got shocked seeing the scene there. Nandini who does not even has the mark of being lost her husband and she happily lives and enjoyed in her home with her club friends.

We both were bewildered and shouted at her but she yelled at us and scolded saying, we are coming and seeing her to beg money from her and she shouted papa also badly which made me furious and I slapped her hardly in front of her friends and servants. She got angry and made us leave her home by watchman. Papaji was insulted by her badly and he cannot forget that insult… That time ur papa went to Dubai for job and we did not inform him all these. So we both decided to hide these from him.

Papaji couldn’t live there with that insult and later we I informed this to dilipji and we shifted from that village and that time u were in my womb and we thought to give u a good environment and character and we don’t want u to get to know about Nandini and Nandini about u. After that we don’t know about her and we also did not try to meet or talk to her. ”

Radhika cries seeing her family worried. She goes to Dilip and hugs him saying”sorry papa if I hurt u… I just want to know about her and that’s y I behaved rudely “. He pats her head and says, “beta, I don’t want even her shadow also falls on u”.

Then she consoles everyone and leaves for office. On d way she was thinking about Nandini n Arjun relation and she tried to link Arjun relation with Kaka’s saying. She decided to meet Kaka once again to know about the danger for Arjun.

Precap: Kaka make radhika realize her love for Arjun. Radhika n Saral pre marriage rituals started which makes Arjun furious.

Guys, hope I have justified somewhat and I m not sure whether I met ur expectations or not. If not plz forgive me. I am not at all able to write and somehow I managed it. And still the whole truth is not out. I will reveal it slowly in the upcoming episodes and for u all there is a shock n surprise twist in radhika marriage. Just wait and see. ✋ till now bye. ???

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  1. Nita

    Finally nadini mystery solved……. Take care of your dad’s health sathya… when you are free

    1. Thank u so much Nita ?sure he is getting well now. Thank u dear ?

  2. Harani

    Awesome episode dr worries take care of your dad ,we can wait for your wonderful updates 🙂

    1. Thank u so much Herein dear ???he is getting well now. ?

  3. Sathya today’s ff is mind-blowing. Sathya you used to update daily now what happen.

  4. Sathya today’s ff is mind-blowing. Sathya you used to update daily now what happen. Take care of your dad.

    1. Thanks a lot niharika ??? he is getting well now.

  5. Sathya today’s ff is mind-blowing. Take care of your dad.

  6. woow !!! … nice one ka ,.. how is dad ?? take care of him. As i guessed nandhini is not biological mother of arjun .. i am correct 😛 🙂 🙂 ..i want to know how will radhika / arjun will stop radhika’s marriage 🙂 .. kindly post sooooon 🙂

    1. Hey vini ???thank u so much. I miss u n lalitha a lot. Vl msg u n what’s App. Appa is getting better now.

  7. Shravanrishi

    Superb episode sathya take care of your dad.

    1. Thank u so much shravan ????

  8. Good one Sathya, I don’t have words to describe Nandini. I hope your dad gets well soon. Stay blessed

    1. Thank u Gianna ??? he is better now

  9. Nandini…when her drama will end?? Hows ur father now??

    1. Thank u Rosie ??? he is better now.

  10. Sathya it was amazing 🙂 will wait for your update…now just don’t worry about anything else and tc of your father …load of love 🙂

    1. gauri di waiting for dpo wen will u post it

      1. posted already 🙂

    2. Thank u gauri ??? sure he is getting better now. ?

  11. amazing episode.sathya…..take care of your dad………god always with u…

    1. Thank u subha ??? he is better now. ?

  12. superb epi…waiting for the next…pls dont apologise….we can even wait for ages for urs this beautiful story…..hope ur dad is well now..take care of him….

    1. Thank u so much sreee ???

  13. nyc epi dear tc of ur dad

    1. Thank u ???

  14. going awesome….

    1. Thank u ???

  15. Awesome episode, finally the truth is revealed about Nandini, you nail it well done. 🙂

    Hope your dad recover soon and don’t worry about ff we can wait, first thing his your dads health. 🙂

    1. Thank u so so much Brin ??? thanks for the prayer n support

  16. Naaga

    Satz chap ws so nice ? & Precap is super ?

    Don’t worry Satz, Appa kku nallaidum.

    1. Thank u so much naga. ?? Appa is getting fine day by day. No worries.

  17. Rg2015

    Hi sathya how r u ? Hope ur dad is better. Beautiful update. I loved it to d core. Will arjun hurt rads a lot? Hope not. How will rads and arjun come closer btw nandini.

    1. Thank u rg ???

  18. Hi sathya.. no worries abt ff dear..take care of ur dad.. I will pray for ur dad to recover soon.. and abt ff..flashback justified nandini’s character., guess she has some hold tats y pretending to take care arjun..may be property in his name.. waiting for d wedding dhamaka.. hope kaka gives some gyan to Arjun too… Take care of urself n family dear.. loads of love..

    1. Thank u so much Jessie ???

  19. Superbbbbbbbb dear 😀 loved. It 😀 oh god I never expected nadhini would b dis much dangerous 😮 hope rads ll put out our arjun from DAT mess 😀

    1. Thank u so much suga ???

  20. Take care of uncle di…………….what happened to him ????? finally Nandini mystery is solved…………she is a b*t*h………… she is after the money which her hubby left in Arjun’s name……………….after getting that will she kill him ?????????? plzzzz save Arjun and unite ardhika……………..

    1. Sure aastha ???thank u so much dear. He got urinary infection and it affected his kidney. Now he is fine and getting better day by day. Another 2 to 3 days he should be in observation. Thanks for the comment dear ???

  21. as expected….a wi**h

  22. awesome episode diii ……………

    1. Thank u dear ??

  23. Hope ur papa is fine..
    Finally the wait is over..lovely episode..u r such a creative person. .

    1. Thank u Riki ??

  24. Awesome episode, my sweeeeeet darling sathya. ..very well narrated. ..nandini really a cheapster n creepy evil. .I hope rads save arjun from her…keep it up honeyyy. …I hope your father get well soooooooon. ..take care sweetie. ..bear hugssss. you loads. .muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂

    1. Thank u absolutely much Roma… ????I love to read comments from u always… Which gives me the widest smile thank u so so much dear ????

  25. Episode was superb satz take care of ur dad waiting for next episode

    1. Thank u geeth ???

  26. hey sathya darling really sorry for coming late here..m feeling bad that such a high voltage epi m reading sorry… n you r twist queen i must say..Nandini modified the story with 360 degree.. n truth is opposite of it…m shocked.. how could she so this just to fulfill hunger for money… m worried whn arjun got to knw this..wht happen thn..n saral n rads marriage ritual starting means arjun will turn into angry bird mode.. haha..loved this epi..loads of love n hugs to my

    1. Thank u so much for the awesome comment dipu darling. I waited for ur comments… I don’t mind if its late but anytime I need it. ????Love u a lot darling

  27. awesome epi dr..that nandini is disgusting…waiting to see how will rads save Arjun..take care of urself and ur dad…even if u posted it in hospital it is jst superb…love u

    1. Thank u so much ritu darling.???

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