Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 25)

I am so sorry for so late. Thanks for ur patience and love. Okay… this is my 25th episode and i am so glad that you all supported me till this level and i am so so happy to see my FF reached silver jubliee…. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› Ok lets get into the episode now

Here you go with episode 25

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 25)

Recap: Saral hurts Radhika and she slapped him hard and got help from Arjun to reach home. Nesam & Teji planned to unite Ardhika after knowing Saral’s character.

Nesam & Teji comes to a secure place and discuss something seriously which is muted. After discussing all 3 shows thumbs up to each other and goes to their place. Radhika continue doing her work and inbetween gets disturbed thinking about saral’s harsh behaviour and Arjun’s care on her. Some how she moves apart all the thoughts and continues her work.

Arjun is thinking about radhika and her engagement with Saral. He leans on his chair and becomes restless thinking about Nandini’s emotional blackmail and radhika. He sees her from his glass door who is working sincerely.

Arjun’s POV:

I don’t know what is happening to me, without knowing you i fallen in love with you but after knowing who you are, my mind says me to take revenge but my heart stops it whenever i see you. I remember once i told that i am only person can keep you happy in the world but now i am the one who is gonna snatch all your happiness in the name of revenge which i am gonna take for my mom who suffered a lot because of your family. I cannot ignore her tears but at the same time i am becoming weak infront of you. I am afraid that whether i can fulfil my mom’s wish or not. What are you doing to me radhika? Why i am not able to bare you with anyone else? My heart says that you are mine. I can’t be so weak like this..more than my love…my mom’s revenge is my priority and i will do anything for that.

Arjun stares radhika who is approaching his cabin only. He sits straight and composes himself.

Radhika, “May i come in Sir?”

Arjun, “Yes”

Radhika, “Sir..i have finished the project article, if you check once we can give it for publishing”

Arjun, “Fine.. share the PPT i will check and let you know”.

Arjun not even look at her face for anyof the answers…radhika felt wierd and is about to go but turns and says, “Sir..have you thought about what i said yesterday?”

Arjun now looks at her confusingly and asks, “About what?”

Radhika, “About your face mask?”

Arjun understand what she is saying and replies, “That’s none of your work Radhika…behave as an employee and don’t try to take advantage from me”.

Radhika is little shocked but still smiles and says, “Now also you wore that mask on your face sir. I can realise it. Sir, why you want to punish yourself by hiding your identity. You cannot be the one who can harm others. I can say this to anyone anywhere because my understanding never goes wrong and i understood from the day 1 i was with you in your home. Pls sir..come out from this shell and be yourself and that will suite for you.”

Radhika goes to her seat leaving Arjun speechless.

@Evening, everyone starts leaving one by one. Nesam & Teji looks at each other and starts implementing the plan. First Teji leaves the office without telling everyone and waits outside. Then radhika and Sam is about to leave, radhika asks Sam about neil. Sam says that neil already left early. They both comes out and radhika goes to take her scooty but stops hearing sam’s scream. She runs to her and sees her in the ground by holding her leg.

Radhika asks her, “What happened Sam?”

Sam,”Chasni..i twirled and my leg got injured..i think it is sprain and it is paining a lot.” She continues her drama and gives her a fake tears.

Arjun comes out at the same time and sees them and offers help in the car. Radhika agrees for it but sam rejects it thinking her drama will be flop. Teji notices all this and comes to sam and says, “Sam ..what yar? I am calling you for long and you did not pick my call only?”

sam starts searching her mobile and it is nowhere. She tells radhika that she kept it inside in her cabin itself and asks her to get it. Radhika goes inside and Sam, Teji and Arjun waits for her outside.

Since everyone already left the office, most of the lights switched off and it is dark inside the office. She goes to Sam’s cabin which is at the corner and starts searching for her mobile but she is not getting. Suddenly she felt someone is walking and when she looks at the wall, she sees some shadow moving and gets panic.

Outside, everyone saw neil is coming and asks them. They told about Radhika and he says that, “He did not see anyone inside”. They all look at arjun’s face and he gets tensed hearing and says,”he will go and check”. by saying this he goes inside and all the other 3 gives hifi and goes to lock the door. They locked the door and leaves from there.

Inside Radhika gets panic seeing the shadow and as usual our detective starts finding the shadow inside the office and forgets why she came inside. Arjun also goes inside and starts searching for Radhika. It gets dark inside and soon they both bumped into each other and falls down. Arjun on top of radhika, they both have an intense eyelock. Soon they composes themselves and gets up. He extends his hands to her to get up. But she ignores his help and stands on her own.

He gets little irritated and starts scolding her, “Where were you? if you come for one work, can’t you do only that? What are you searching here?”

Radhika also gets angry and replies,”Why are you scolding me? I came here to take Sam’s mobile but i saw someone’s shadow and thought of checking it who is that?”

Arjun,”You should not be in this Ad company..better you should start a detective company”.

Radhika, “Sure.,.i will start and keep your name for that company. Now happy?”

by saying this she goes to the door and tries to open it but it locks and she couldn’t open it and struggling to open that. Arjun also comes with her and both struggles to open it and starts shouting to get help from others. She is exhausted and goes back to her seat sadly and looks at him knocking the door.

Radhika, “Sir…there is no point in knocking it. I left my mobile outside itself and pls you call the security”.

Arjun takes his mobile and tries reaching the security but he did not get any response. Then radhika also tries to reach Nesam & Teji from his phone but they also did not pick up the call. Soon radhika feels the serious and starts crying thinking about her family.

Arjun sees her worried, goes to Kitchen area which is inside the office itself. And he comes back with 2 cups and offers her one. She looks at him with teary eyes and gets one cup. She sips it and looks at him says, “Nice coffee, thanks”. Arjun smiles at her and silently have it.

The time passes on, they both did not talk to each other but maintains the distance and sits far away from each other. Radhika feels thirsty and goes to get water.

Arjun hears her screaming badly and runs to her. There he see Radhika is jumping here and there and continues screaming. She sees him and runs towards him, and she jumps and sits on him. He automatically holds her from his hip. She locks her legs on his hips and drapes her hands in his neck and hides her face in his shoulder and says, “Sir…pls pls pls help me from this”.

For a sec arjun did not realise his position and sees her that he carries her like a kid in his hips and blinks at her. But she did not think all these and simply shouts at him to help her. Arjun then comes to sense and asks her what happened?

Radhika points through her finger and he sees a cockroach there and understands that she is afraid of cockroach. He laughs at her fear and goes inside near the cockroach and her grip is getting tighter than before. She starts shouting at him not to go there. But He goes there and scares her instead of helping her. She tightens her grip more n more begs him to take her from there. he laughs hardly and takes her as it is to her place and puts her into her seat and continues laughing seeing her scared face.

Radhika gets irritated seeing and starts beating him to stop laughing. He still laughs and tries to stop her from beating but she continues it. He then pulls her to the wall and locks her inside him by holding his hands tightly.

They both get into a intense eyelock which lasts for a while and both forget themselves in each other’s embraces. Suddenly their eyelock gets disturbed by hearing the call from Arjun’s mobile. They move away and feels awkward and seeing each other. Arjun attends the call and it is from nandini. he tells her what happened and she
gets pissed of hearing it and tells him that she will inform to the security team right away.

Nandini calls to security team of the Birdsong agency and scolded left and right and tells them the problem and asks them to get the two out from there. Immediately he calls another number and informs about Arjun and Radhika’s stay in office.

Arjun and Radhika did not look at each other and sits far away. They heard someone is trying to open the door and feels relax seeing the door is opened. Radhika felt relaxed and gets happy but soon it vanishes seeing saral also with them. Arjun gets angry seeing him and he rememebers radhika’s wound and stares him in atmost anger.

Saral rushes to Radhika and hugs her saying, “Radhu..oh are alright. I really got scared of not seeing you and hearing your voice. I called you so many times and i did not get any response and got panic. I just like that came here to check you but got to know that you are locked inside. Thank god you are safe.”

Radhika gives a fake smile and looks at Arjun who eyes are red due to anger. Without uttering a single word he storms out and left from there. Radhika goes to home with Saral. Saral greets Dilip, Mala and Dadaji and tells them the problem. Mala got scared and hugs her daughter. Saral, “Papa ji, i have a small request. See now what happened, so i think i only can safegaurd radhika in all her problems. So papaji…why don’t we prepone our marriage. I want her to be safe and i don’t want her to get into any troubles.”

Mala & Dada ji looks at each other and stares Dilip for his decision. Dilip happily accepts it and tells him that he will talk to his parents. Radhika is shocked now and tries to talk inbetween but stops by Dilip. She felt bad and rushes to her room. She did not have food also when mala calls her. She silently cries and falls asleep.

Arjun storms in his house and runs to his room without even meeting nandini. She looks at him and smiles saying, “You have to make yourself used for this kind of situation Arjun. It s your fate”. Kaka hears her statement and decides something.

Next morning, Radhika leaves to office without talking to anyone. Mala sees her and gets worried and signs to Dadaji. When Dadaji speaks to Dilip about the marriage but dilip did not get convinced.

Radhika drives in her scooty and she stops seeing Kaka in her street corner. she wonders why he is here. She goes to him and asks him. Kaka, “Beta, i need to talk to you”.

Radhika takes him to the nearby temple and they sit in the corner. Radhika waits for him to start but he hesitates.

Radhika, “Kaka…what happened? anything serious?”

Kaka,”Beta…i came here for one help and only you can do that”

Radhika, “i don’t understand”.

Kaka after a long hesitation he says, “beta, only you can save Arjun”.

Radhika, “What are you saying? Tell me clearly?”

kaka, “Arjun’s life is in danger”

radhika is shell shocked and says, “Danger? By whom?”

kaka, “Nandini”.

Radhika is now speechless and asks, “WHat are you saying? Nandini is his mom. How can a mom be a danger to son”.

Kaka gives a sad smile and says, “Nandini is just a wife of Arjun’s father, she is not his biological mother”.

Radhika is shocked and is unable to believe it. And she expresses the same to him. He smiles at her and says, “If you are not believing me means its fine, but you will believe your family right. Go and ask them who is Nandini. They know her more than me”.

kaka leaves from there and radhika immediately turns her vehicle to her home. She enters and calls everyone. Once all the 3 comes, she asks Dilip, “Papa… i want to know who is Nandini? And what is the relation between us? Pls don’t hide anything from me papa. I want to know the truth right now”.

The screen freezes on everyone’s sad face.

Precap: Nandini’s full flashback revealed to Radhika. She determines to help Arjun.

Hello people, So finally, the waiting is over. Next episode will be the secret revelation of Nandini. Fingers crossed..i don’t know how you will accept it. I will post it soon. Thanks for the support.

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