Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 24)

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Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 24)

Recap: Ardhika’s dance in the party makes Saral angry and he takes radhika wiht him and left from the party.

Arjun stares the way radhika is going and felt bad about his helplessness of not being able to stop radhika from going. His thoughts gets disturbed when he feels

someone’s touch in his shoulder, he turns and sees Nandini standing there staring him. Arjun hides his pain and tears and smiles at her.

Nandini looks at him and tells, “I know Arjun, you are not able to see radhika with saral. I think now more than your mom’s pain, your love becomes important for you.

And that is not wrong actually..after all you love radhika right”. She does acting and drops crocodile tears. Seeing her crying, arjun felt bad and holds her hands

saying, “Mom, i don’t want anything than your happiness. And i know where your happiness lies”. She wipes her fake tears and smiles at him.

Mahi comes to her and they both talk through their eyes only. Nandini signs her to go behind arjun. Mahi nods and runs behind him. Arjun goes to his room and sits in

his bed sadly and lost in radhika’s thoughts.

Mahi slowly comes and sits near him and holds his shoulder for support. Arjun gets uncomfortable and moves her hands away. Mahi understands his dislike but still she

did the same thing again and this time she moves little more closer. But now Arjun couldn’t afford it, he gets up and looks at Mahi angrily and says, “Who asked you to

come to my room without my permission?”

Mahi at first gets scared by seeing his angry but somehow manages and replies, “Who has to give permission? Anyway we are going to marry na after that this will be my

room also right?”

Arjun did not expect this answer from her and gets shocked hearing it and roars, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING?”

Mahi now really gets scared and stammers saying, “Nandu aunty only told me”. Arjun couldn’t believe her and says, “Get out right now”. Mahi without any delay runs out

from the room and goes to Nandini and tells her everything. Nandini gets worried and gets into thinking. She did not find Arjun after that in the party, so she itself

finishes the party and sends off the guests.

Saral drives the car rashly in anger and radhika holds the seat tightly due to fear. She warns him so many times to go slowly but he did not listen her words at all.

His mind is full of the Arjun & Radhika close moments only. He parked his car in one corner and bangs his fist on the stearing wheel and looks at radhika. He holds her

hand tightly and asks, “What is he thinking? Ha..if he is your boss means, he can do anything? How dare he takes you and dances with you? And you Radhika, you not even

stopped him and you too danced with him happily. am you fiance, he pushed me and takes you for dancing and you too went to him happily. Great going. But i

did not expect this from you Radhika. You did a big mistake and you should bear the punishment”. By saying this he holds her hands tightly with kangan and it pierces

her skin and it starts bleeding. Radhika winces in pain and shouts at him to leave her hand. She pushed him and slaps him hard and says, “Don’t dare to behave with me

like this. Behave like a human….and remember one are just my fiance not my husband. Even if you are my husband also , you don’t have rights to do all this

cruelty. And don’t think that i will be keep quiet..i will chop you into pieces. And now i don’t need you and your car…GO TO HELL”.

By saying this she gets down from the car and starts walking backwards. Saral shouts at her to come with him but she did not even listen him and continues her walking.

While walking she tries reaching Teji, & Nesam but she did not get response. But after that she hesitates but still she calls Arjun.

Arjun in his room lies in his bed by thinking radhika, he sees his mobile ringing and is shocked to see radhika’s number. He did not believe it at first but

immediately he picks it up and says, “Hello Radhika, what happened? R u ok?”

Radhika hears his care in his voice and tears started drowling in her cheeks, she couldn’t control and cries. Arjun hears her crying, he couldn’t control himself and

jumps from the bed and takes his keys and rushes down but still he keeps talking on the phone and asking her, “Radhika, don’t cry…where are you now?”

Radhika tells where she is and he tells her to wait at the same place and he will come soon. Radhika disconnects the call and waits for him. She remembers her first

meeting with Arjun, her stay in his home, his care, affection, closeness till the party everything comes to her mind and finally her engagement also comes to her mind.

She looks at the kangan and looks at the wound in her hand.

After 15 mins, Arjun’s car reached the same place where radhika told. He gets down from the car and calls out her name in full tension. Radhika comes out from behind

the tree and looks at him in teary eyes. He sees her exhausted and crying, his heart feels her pain and he moves towards her. He holds her by shoulder and asks, “What

happened Radhika? You should be in your home by now right? Where is your fiance? ANd how come you here alone?”

She understands his tension and says, “Can you drop me to my home? My parents will be worried by now?” Arjun nods and did not asks any other questions seeing her

crying. But he notices blood in her hand and asks her by holding it, “What is this? How it happened?” He started dressing it while asking. But Radhika keeps quiet. He

is now sure that the saral only would have done this. He keeps looking at her and asks, “Saral have done this na?”. Suddenly Radhika lifts her head and looks at his

face and bows down again. Arjun understands it and starts driving off to her home. All the way both did not talk anything. He drops her home and says, “Radhika…i

know who did this with you..and don’t forget that i will not leave him for sure. I know he is your fiance but i don’t mind who he is…for me you are important and if

anybody tries to harm you then i will not leave them. I will show them the hell for sure.” Radhika silently looks at him and is about to get down but stops and turns

to his side and asks, “Why do you care me this much sir? You told you will not leave me and my family peacefully and now you are saying that you will not allow others

do harm me and you will punish them. Which is true sir? I am not able to understand you a single bit. Now also i called u ioz i just had a small hope that the arjun

whom i know, i stayed will come for me and you proved that again. Anyways thanks for your help”. By saying this she gets down and goes to her home.

Arjun stares her and drives off to his home. Nandini looks at him going and dials to someone and starts shouting, “Can’t you do a single work properly? How can you be

so irresponsible? I don’t know what you do…just finish it off everything as early as possible”. She disconnects the call and sits on the sofa. Kaka watches all this

and thinks he has to do something now.

Next day, Radhika comes to office and wishes Nesam & Teji. Neil looks at her hand and worries asking how it happened. Radhika never hides anything from Neil, so she

told him everything. Nesam & Teji is shocked hearing Saral’s cruel act and gets anger. Neil is jumping in anger and tells her that he wants kick him now itself.

Radhika somehow composes him and says, “Neil, i really don’t want to marry Saral. But my parents did not ask me my wish and they themself decided it. I can’t go

against their wish also but i want them to see his real character”. Neil tells her that, “Chasnii.. you don’t worry. we all will plan together and will kick out Saral

from ur life. And by the way how yu went to ur home?”

Radhika silently says, “Arjun sir dropped me”. Nesam and teji chorously says, “OHHHHHHH…ARJUN SIRRRRR”. Radhika gets embarrassed and tells them to shut their mouth.

Arjun also crosses by that time, he comes to her place and calls her and asks about her wound. She tells, “I am alright sir”. he gets concern for her and leaves from

there. Neil stares his face continoulsy when he talks to Radhika. Once he goes he tells Sam, Teji &Radhika that, “Chasniii….i am sure he is having feelings for you”.
Radhika, “What nonsense?”

Neil, “Are baba… i am saying the truth. Only Men can understand Men feelings and i am sure that he is in love with you”.

Radhika, “Enough Neil. Nothing like that. he just cares for me that’s it. Enough of your blabbering and go to work”.

Neil looks at Teji & Sam and signs them to come with him. Neil silently plans with them to make Arjun & Radhika one and makes Saral to kick out from Radhika’s life.

Precap: Kaka met Radhika outside and tells her that he wants to share some secret with her. Radhika goes to her home and asks her papa to spit all the truth about Nandini right now

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  1. It was amazing really enjoyed reading it as usual. Very well written Sathya. Waiting for Neil’s plan to bring ardhika together. Stay blessed ???

    1. thank u so much gia… ??love u

  2. Awesome episode, waiting eagerly for the next update. 🙂

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  5. Sathya this is all i just i like rads ans to Saral..its really splendid yar…every women should be bold like her while dealing with domestic violence.. hatts off you..where were u dear?? i missed u in my ff comment section.. i like it read frm u always..any way take care u

    1. dipu kutty thank u so much darling… i am soooooo happy seeing ur comments… you make me smile always whenever i see ur comments…even i too have the feeling that if am not seeing ur comment..i used to feel bad?????love u a lot???

  6. Awesome Sathya 🙂 waiting for Nandini’s truth to unfold 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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  7. Awesome….waiting for neil s plan and truth abt nandini…

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  8. superb epsiode….ggood to see arjun caring for radhika…and Saral that fellow never changes…hate him for hurting rads…and arjun…sorry for his state…being tied up between his love and mother…and donno what nandhini wants..y and what is she planning since beginning…now her plans have become dangerous…and its because of her arjun and radhika are suffering now…and happy that rads has Neil by her side..he is the support she can rely on…because donno when arjun will be swinging between his two sides…hope the truth comes out and everything falls into its place…love you sathya di…sorry if I had hurt I am not able to comment for each of your episode…however hard am trying…an not able to…am sorry…but my love for you stays the same…

    1. lavanya… i missed u so much dear… really i missed ur long long comments… its ok… i can understand ur situation too… anyway i am happy to see u back here again… love u somuch and thanks for the lovely comment.. ?????

  9. Awesome Sathya

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  10. U r rocking as usual sathya

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  11. Sathya…its Superb ..loved it… u know Rads counter with saral? n calling Arjun? is the excellent part..?? waiting 4 Neil’s plan??.. and the true FB.?. kaka meets Rads! Super.?. Nw Rads too will realise her love for Arjun???.. I want nandini to have a tough time in convincing Arjuu against Mishras.?. Eager for next update.. whn is our Asian paints update ???

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  13. Satz its superb……..just give me a chance di….I really want to smack that Saral……….bt happy ? that Rads have him what he badly wanted………loved Arjun’s care for Rads………….I have a doubt di….is Nandini Arjun’s true mother??????………..Mahi is just disgusting…….Raneil bond is very nyc……..loved Neil’s plan………….plzz update soooon………love u …..plzzz reply…………

    1. Thank u aastha… ????about ur doubt… i will reveal it in next few episodes dear…

  14. wooowww .. nice one ka !!! atlast we will get u know the mystery behind nandini , and i am very sure nandini is not mother of arjun 🙂 🙂 .. and who is this Mahi ???

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  19. Awesome, wowwww sathya very beautiful episode. …loved it very very muchhhh. ….saral that jerk, cruel, I wanna knock him out …how dare he hurt our rads….arjun came to help rads…awwww…so sweeeeeet….nesam n teji knows saral’s character now n also arjun ‘s feelings for rads…I’m excited for their plan to unite ardhika. …precap is very interesting. ….keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Thank u roma dear… i always get a big smile by seeing ur comments ????

      1. And your update n stories bring smile on my face….. 😀 love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh 😉

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