Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 23)

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Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 23)

Episode 22

Recap: Radhika’ engagement with Saral & Arjun gets anger and jealous after hearing that.

Radhika comes to her place and starts working but she couldn’t concentrate on her work due to the recent happenings. She lost in her own thoughts and says, “Why it is happening only to me? One side Papa did my engagment without my interest and no one tries to bothers about that and another side Arjun sir..what it matters to him? I am not happy with my engagement…no one has asked me about my wish…everyone is deciding my life…what will i do now?” by thinking like this she looks at her kangan in her hand and gets upset.

To her and everyone’s surprise, Nandini comes to Birdsong office and starts interacting with the staffs. Arjun gets to know about it and comes out from his cabin and goes to her. Nandini hugs him and looks at radhika who is standing behind him at her desk and gives her a intense look at her and smiles at Arjun. Nesam and Teji joins with Radhika at her place and looks surprised seeing her here.

Arjun asks, “What a surprise? Y sudden visit?”

Nandini, “Arjun…you just ask your staffs to be in the conference room and i have an announcement for them”.

Arjun is puzzled but he obliges her and tells everyone to gather in the conference room. Everyone is gathered in the conference room and Arjun & Nandini at the center.

Nandini welcomes them and tells, “I am so happy to invite you all for the party i have arranged in my home for owning Bird Song company. I wish you all should present there and grace the party and one morething you can get your partners too”. By saying this she looks at Radhika who bows her head down. Everyone in the room is happy except two Radhika and Arjun who themselves lost in their own thoughts.

When Nandini is about to leave, Arjun offers her a drop and they both leave the office. Nesam & Teji comes to Radhika and tells her to get her fiance for the party.

Radhika is hesitated but still accepts if for her friends. They asks her to call him and inform him by now itself. She did so and Saral picks up the call and gets surprise of hearing radhika’s voice. He is so excited and accepts her invite and tells her that he will pick her up from her home.

Everyone have a group hug and rejoices the moment but Radhika just gives them a fake smile since her heart is filled with only tension, nervous & questions.

Next day, Everybody comes to office in the morning and leaves early to attend the party. Arjun eagerly looks at radhika and but she not even look at him once and intentionaly avoided his gaze. This irriates him more and thinks to talk to her in the party.

In the evening, Radhika gets ready for the party in the long chiffon peach color party wear gown.

She informs to their parents and waits for Saral’s arrival. Saral came and gets the blessing from her parents and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He extends his hands to her and she hesitatingly holds his hands and walks to the car. Dilip and Mala gets happy seeing them together and prays for them.

All the way Saral did non stp talking with her but she replies him in one liner and often giving him a fake smile. He thinks to get close to her in the party. They reach the party venue …Arjun’s villa. Radhika gets down from the car and is about to go but stopped by Saral. He again offers her to join hands with him. She did so and walks in to the party hall. There Nesam and Teji already reached the party and enjoys the drinks sees them together and rejoices and wishes them. Radhika introduces Saral to everyone and vice versa. All are talking nicely except Radhika. Neil notices this and finds some difference in her behaviour towards Saral and he thinks to ask her later.

Soon Arjun & Nandini comes and joins with everyone in the party. She gets Mahi also with her and makes her to be with Arjun only and warns her not to leave him alone.

But Arjun did not like Mahi’s company but still have her with him just to irritate Radhika. His eyes searches for her everywhere and stops at one point where he finds Radhika, Nesam, Teji & Saral talking together. His eyes zooms one and only radhika and he stuns seeing her in beautiful peach color party gown. His heart says to him to get her and keep her in his embrace for life time but his mind stops him in doing so. He tries to control his emotions at the maximum level and to comfort him he accepts Mahi’s company.

He moves to their group and introduces Mahi to them. And he expects radhika also introduce saral to him but she did not do so and he himself asks her about him.

Without any option, she introduces saral to him. Arjun’s eyes shows hatredness to him where in saral finds his attitude differently to him. He did not miss noticing arjun’s gaze towards Radhika. He did not like so to show his right, he wraps her by keeping his hands on her shoulder. That’s it…Arjun burns in anger and jealous and curses himself of not being able to drag her to him. He holds his fist tightly and it makes his body stiff, Mahi finds difference and touches his shoulder and asks him what happened?. He simply nods as no and tells her to talk to them and leaves from that place.

Radhika understands his anger and her eyes follows him the way he went. She stands there being helpless. Nandini finds Arjun in the barcounter and sees him drinking.

He smirks at him and asks the DJ to start the music. The music starts and everyone with their partners starts dancing on the floor. Saral also get Radhika on the floor and does the moves slowly accordingly to the music. Arjun fumes in jealous and breaks the glass. He gets up and goes towards the floor and looks at Saral & Radhika. He sees her feeling uncomfortable in saral’s hands coz using this chance Saral is crossing his limits by touching her bare back sensously. Arjun walks towards them slowly and stops them in the mid. Both looks at him questiongly, he takes Saral’s hand from her and slightly pushes him back and takes Radhika’s hand for dancing.

Everyone is shocked at his behaviour but still encourages him for the dance. Saral is in his atmost anger by watching him taking his fiance infront of him. Radhika somehow feels relax and comfortable when she comes to arjun’s hands. The music has changed now and it is a very romantic number which clearly tells their feelings,

(Guys, am using Sun saathiya song from ABCD 2 movie…dedicated to Jessie πŸ™‚ )

They both blend into each other arms so lovely, that no one is able to take eyes off from them. Arjun completely fell for her and he is unable to bear the pain of losing her which he clearly shows in his moves. He is behaving so over protective to her while dancing and showing over feelings also which Radhika can clearly understand and she has seen in his eyes. Even she felt more comfortable being with him and at one point of time she also frees her emotions and feelings on him which gives him the confirmation of her love.

Once the song ends, everyone cheers them and gives them a big applause for their dance. Arjun and Radhika stares each other lovingly and forget the surroundings. Saral & Mahi looks at them and gets jealousy feelings seeing them together. Nandini who is frustration seeing her plans are getting flopped and backfired. kaka who is looking all these from far getting happy seeing ardhika together.

Saral comes to them and seperates radhika from arjun and tells Nesam & others that they are leaving now since they are getting late. He drags Radhika with him and walks to the door. Radhika once she turns and looks at Arjun who is looking at her without blinking his eyes. Saral pulls her hardly due to that her kangan scratchs her hand and she winces in pain. He not even bothers about that and puts in the car and drives off.

Precap: Nesam & Teji finds the wound in Radhika’s hand and understand Saral did it. They confront him and gets to know his selfish and thinks he is not suite for their chasnii.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you πŸ™‚

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