Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 22)

So how are you guys…sorry for not updating yesterday…as few know i have written a new ff called Manmarziyan – Just the two of us. Pls do read and provide your

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Here you go with the episode 22

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 22)

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Recap: Arjun insults radhika and she refuses his work. Neil supports Radhika to be bold.

Radhika goes to his home and decides to asks about Nandini from dadaji at any cost. Once she enters her home she gets shocked seeing her father Dilip there. She is

shocked to see him suddenly without any information. She becomes happy and runs to him and hug him tightly. Mala and Dadaji smiles at her behaviour.

She did not losen her grip for sometime and finally she gets seperated from him and asks, “Papa…what a surprise? when you came? you did not even inform me?”

Dilip, “I told to them not to inform you and i thought of seeing your surprise face”. He cups her face and kisses on her forehead.

All of them had a chit chat for some time and Dilip tells radhika that, “I have one more suprise for you”

Radhika, “What is that?”

Dilip, “I told it is a surprise. so wait for that”.

Radhika makes faces and goes to her room. In the night all 4 have dinner together and have a chat.

Radhika, “Papa.. i thought of asking dadaji..but now since you are here i can ask you only. who is Nandini? and what is the relation for us?”

Everyone becomes silent and Dilip says, “Choti…it will be good for you if you are not knowing few things”.

Dilip finishes his dinner and goes out. Radhika stares him while Mala and Dadaji also follows him. Radhika is in deep thoughts and determined to know the full truth


Next day, she wokes up little late and gets ready for office quickly. She comes down to the hall and asks Mala for breakfast. She sees her becomes so busy in kitchen

that she did not hear her shout. She sees Dilip also arranging some stuffs in the hall and cleaning the place. Radhika wonders what is happening and asks him.

Dilip, “ are not going to office now”

Radhika, “What? but why?”

Dilip, “I told you na i have a surprise for you”

Radhika, “for that why i should not go to office papa?”

Dilip, “Because the surprise is that, i have fixed your marriage with my friend’s son. They are coming now to see you with the guy”.

Radhika is shocked and stares him with teary eyes. Dilip gets concerned for her and says, “You believe your papa right. I will do only good for you”.

Radhika is speechless and did not know what to say.

Dilip calls Mala to make her ready. Mala takes Radhika with her and consoles her and getting her ready. Soon the guests came and Mala, Dilip & Dadaji welcomes them and

makes them sit and feel comfortable. Mala gives them sweets and introduces Radhika to them. She greets everyone and they make her sit near the guy. He looks at Radhika and mesmerizes seeing her beauty and extends his hands to her by introducing him as , “Hi I am Saral”.

Radhika hesitates but gives her hand to him and introduces her also. They all gets happy seeing them together. Dilip tells them to talk seperately if they want but Saral refuses it and says, “No Uncle, there is no need..i like her so much”. Radhika is stunned by his speech and blinks at her parents. She sees them becoming happy and they are looking for her answer. Radhika don’t know what to reply. She keeps mum and this shocks Saral and his family. Saral holds her shoulder and says, “What happened? You did not like me or feeling shy?” when she is about to say something Dilip interfers and says, “My choti will not go against my word. We are ok with this relation.”. Radhika looks at them teary eyes but she hides it. Everyone becomes happy and decides to do engagement now itself in simple way.

Saral makes her to stand and makes her wear the kangan which they bought for her. After wearing it he holds her hand and says, “I don’t want you to remove this kangan from your hand at any time at any cost. It means i always stays with you and i want it.”

Radhika did not see his face only but nodded her head slightly. After a normal talks every one left only radhika’s family is left out. Radhika runs to her room and locks it. After some time she comes down with her normal wear and informs them that she is going to office and left. Dadaji looks at her sad face and decides to talk to Dilip. He calls him and says, “Dilip, i think radhika is not happy with this marriage. why u want to force this relation on her?”

Dilip, “Papaji…even i don’t want to force anything on her but now i am scared about my daughter life after knowing about Nandini. I cannot be in peace till i make her life safe and secured. For that i have to force her..i don’t have any other choice. Guy’s family is really good one our choti will be very happy there..don’t worry she will be normal”.

Radhika takes an auto and she did not want to go in scooty since she is not in mood to drive. All the way she lost in deep thought which is happening in her life. she reaches office and goes to her cabin. Arjun who is looking for her already notices her coming and is about to call her but stops seeing Nesam and Teji reaches her place. But he opens his door half and listens their conversation.

Sam, “Hey chasniiii…y so late today?”

Radhika keeps silent and gets sad. Neil looks at her worried face and cups her face asking, “What happened chasnii? Any problem?”

Radhika sees them gets worried and changes her face reaction and says, “I just pretend to be sad to check how u ppl are reacting. BTW i have a good news for you all”.

Nesam & Teji wonders and asks chorusly, “What?”

Radhika, “Actually i got morning. And this is my engagement proof kangan”.

All are become shell shocked and did not know how to react. She looks at each and every faces has different reactions. But she did not see one more person reaction after hearing this it is none other than Arjun.

Arjun who is utter shocked and speechless after hearing her engagement news. His anger raised like anything and due to this his eyes becomes red and fumes in atmost anger and jealous.

He hold his fist and all his nerves are becoming tight, he couldn’t control his anger he wants to drag her now immediately into his arms but considering the environment he is keeping quiet.

soon everyone got the news and congratulates radhika. He rushes out and tells them to get back to work and calls radhika to his cabin.

She looks at his angry face and thinks about his anger and scared. But still she goes inside and locks the door. Once she goes he drags her to the corner where no one can view them. He pins her to the wall and locks her in his arms. Due to this sudden act she becomes numb and stares him silently without fighting with him.

He too stares her but in anger way and asks, “What was the drama radhika?”

Radhika comes to her sense and says, “Drama? What drama?”

Arjun, “Few mins back you told na about you”

Radhika understands what he is asking and replies, “That is not drama sir. I told about my engagement”.

Arjun bangs wall by his hands and says, “How dare you say to me that you got engaged”

Radhika looks him confusingly and says, “what’s wrong in that? Why i should not engaged or what? Or if i engaged then what is your problem?”

Arjun don’t have answer and looks at her without any reaction, moves close to her. There is only 1 inch of gap between them. Radhika gets nervous and breathes heavily feeling the closeness.

Arjun whispers, “Don’t do this Radhika. You cannot be happy with anyone except..” he stops what he suppose to say.

Radhika lifts her eyes and looks at him and says, “Means, as you said you will not allow me to be happy with anyone is it?”

Arjun gets him back little and gets shocked hearing what she said. He realises his position and moves back more and replies, “I appreciate you. Yes as i said..i will not leave your family peacefully and for that you are the one who is gonna suffer a lot”.

Radhika, “You know what sir? You cannot even think to harm me. The Arjun i have seen in those 7 days are the real one. The one i am seeing now has wearing a mask over his face by hiding his originality”.

Arjun is bewildered hearing her statement and steps back. Radhika looks at him silently and goes out from his cabin.

Arjun is stands at the same place and her words are echoes in his ears as, “The one i am seeing now has wearing a mask over his face by hiding his originality”.

Precap: Nandini throws a party in her home and invites Birdsong employees. Arjun burns in jealous and angry seeing Saral & Radhika together.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions. It is a small update only..i will try for long on next….

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  1. Superb Sathya.. I liked RAdhika a lot in this part ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Amazing update its always Amazing to read about a jealoue Arjun. This Saral track worries me and precap makes me nervous. Post soon and tc dear

  3. Nandini most be very evil that Dilip is forcing Radhika to marry Saral.

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice update..plsss update next on soon..can’t wait to see arjun’s jealous..when next one is posted???

  5. Hi satya gud one
    Rads doesn’t say tat she is unhappy to any one. Who will know she is unhappy? Who will put a stop to d engagement?

  6. awesome ………………….

  7. Hai di…………its amazing………I read the epi through Rads eyes……..I am also unhappy like her…………actually I was shocked reading that Rads got engaged that too to Saral………is he -ve or +ve in this…………………..loved Arjun’s reaction…………….y doesn’t anybody say about Nandini to Rads ?????????????????? its better she know the relation frm her family’s mouth than anybody else’s………………won’t you unite ardhika??????????? and di plzzzz read my comment in ” Need Tamil version of mmz” ……….and plzz reply in this one too…………love u………TC………..

  8. Arjun impossible nature yarr…..radzzz engaged wit saral y sathya suddenly saral entry???? Radzzz pavam pa its lit bit surprise fr us too becz of saral’s entry……hope ngth goes wrng dr……waiting for party to arjun jealous towards radzz …… ๐Ÿ™‚ tc dr

  9. Awesome, wowwww marvellous episode sathya my sweeetheart. …loved it…poor rads had to engage with saral…noooo…..he is really jerk….his character doesn’t look good….why dilip want rads to marry saral….ufff arjun’s anger was very dangerous. …his love possessiveness n care for rads clearly showing. ….what exactly is nandini’s mystery…..why dilip is so scared of her…..precap is very interesting. …arjun will burn into jealousy n turn to ashes seeing rads n saral together in party…lol…very lovely narration….keep it up honeyyy. . . Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. .. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

  10. What is happening here….n what will happen in future…omg…i want to beat everyone Arjun,nandini, saral etc….tension arising

  11. Satz semma super po ? Ha ha ha ????? this is 4 Arjun Ippa yenna pannuva… Ippa yenna pannuva ( ennoda mind voice – theriyama solliten, of course nee yenna vennalum pannuva) โ˜บ

  12. fabulous..waiting 4 nxt..and is the man following them is saral??

    1. sorry dr..the comment got exchange..this question is for ur other ff..

  13. Its awesome di .n the ques is whether saral is +ve or -ve????

  14. amazing episode……….eagerly waiting next one…tc

  15. Sathya u nailed it yarr….your ff have magical zing that i always got caught myself in the story…Surprise cun shock of radhika’s marrige making arjun forget his revenge..oh m jst excited to see how things turn you dear tc

  16. Sathya loved it ๐Ÿ™‚ poor Rads she had to accept the relationship for her family’s sake…. loved jealous Arjun…want him to burn more …I am curious what Arjun will do to get Radhika back from Saral…loads of love stay blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hayyyy wowww super one. Loved it. Now arjun what will he do with radhika ???

  18. Wow satz ….episode romba sooper..paavam radhu…. Dilip en epadi oru mudiva eduthutaru. ..adhuvm andha nandini Ku bayandhutu….appadi ennadhan problem…andha ragasiyatha eppa pa solluva….saral inga navallna? Radhu engegment news ketu arjun padum paadu apapa…enaku romba kondatama irukku…avanuku venum…next one a seekirama update pannu….love u …tc..

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