Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 21)

Thank you all for the unconditional support. As you all expect now the real game starts between the Truth & Lie and Love & Hate. Here Radhika is a very strong girl who can go to any extent to save her family but she herself will become the pawn. Arjun starts his revenge game in his way but it will not be encourage by nandini, since she knows that Arjun is getting closer to Radhika in the name of revenge. To make them apart Nandini will plan something and she gets shocked when it will backfire.

Here you go with the episode 21

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 21)

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Recap: Nandini told Arjun about her relation with radhika family and Arjun gets angry and vows to take revenge for his mom.

Arjun consoles Nandini and make her sleep after giving medicines to her. After all her drama Nandini slept peacefully by making Arjun sleepless. Arjun goes to his room and puts himself in the bed. Mahi who was watching all these from her room thinks, “I couldn’t believe this Nandini…how come she can be so innocent girl..i think she is framing some fake story and this stupid Arjun also believing her without questioning…hmm its very difficult to break Arjun’s trust on Nandini..then only i can make him mine…”

Arjun remenisces all his moments with Radhika from the day he saw her in rain upto their kissing. He holds his heads in pain and screams, “NOOOOO”. He goes to his balcony and looks at the moon. Again and again he gets Radhika’s face smiling at him. Tears flow down in his cheeks.

He talks to himself, “I love her but more than that i love my mom. I gave promise to my mom…i will take revenge on Mishra family for the torture they gave to my mom. The pain which they gave to my mom i will make them also taste the same by giving the same pain to their beloved daughter RADHIKA. I am sorry Radhika..i have no vengence with you but now you are the pawn for me to take revenge on your family”. He wipes his tears and makes a determined face. After sometime he falls asleep by thinking about his incomplete & impossible love.

@Radhika home,

There is a big silence in the house. No one is talking to each other. Dadaji sits in the sofa with sad face and cries silently. Mala is in kitchen and doing something but she also not in sense. Radhika notices everything and goes to her room. She takes some thing from her bag and comes to dadaji. She sits on his feet and holds his hand and gives the picture which she taken from Arjun’s home. Dadaji looks at the photo and gets more upset. Radhika looks at him and holds his hand tightly for the support.

Radhika, “Dadaji, i have so many questions revolving in my head when i saw this picture at first time. But now after i see the reactions of all 3 of you..i am sure that something you are hiding from me. Tell me na dadaji.. what is our relation with Nandini?”

Dadaji looks at her with teary eyes and about to say something, Mala interrupted them and gives Radhika her mobile. Radhika takes and attends says, “I am fine papa. Papa..but i want to know…hmm ok..i wont ask anything to dadaji…bye”

Radhika glares mala and gives the phone to her. Mala gets the mobile and asks them to have dinner. All 3 silently have their dinner and goes to their room. Radhika couldn’t sit peacefully and walks here and there in her room and thinks what kind of relation with Nandini her family has. Soon after having the medicines and all she falls asleep.

Next Morning, radhika wakes up early and reaches office early and continues her incomplete work on the article which given by Arjun. Inbetween she gets the sweet moments of Arjun. She smiles and continues her work. Soon Sam & Teji also joins her and all 3 started their non stop chatting morning itself. Radhika laughs heartily and soon her smile vanished when Arjun enters and stares her angrily. Radhika follows his gaze and gets confused seeing his reaction on her. Arjun leaves to his cabin and glares Radhika through the glass door. He talks to himself, “How much ever u want to smile..Smile radhika..because after this i wont let you think to smile”.

After Sam & Teji went to their places, Radhika continues her work. Soon she gets jerked off hearing a voice so near to her in a rough manner. yes it is Arjun.

Arjun comes to her desk and see her working on her system and calls her name in a rough manner, “RADHIKAAAA”

Radhika gets jerked off and turns and is surprise to see Arjun standing and stares her. Radhika, “Yes sir”

Arjun, “Is that article ready?” he is asking very rudely to her.

Radhika stammers and says, “Sir..actually almost over..few changes are there…and” she stops seeing Arjun raised his hands.

Arjun, “I wanna see that now”

Radhika is shock and reminds him again that she still has to do some changes.

Arjun, “ me upto you finished”.

Radhika is confused on his behaviour but obliges him and takes a printout of the article she is preparing. Arjun gets the printout and starts looking at it.

Arjun stares her angrily and says, “What nonsense is this? Are you saying is this the article you gonna publish. It becomes waste of time Radhika”.

Radhika somehow answers him, “ is not the final copy. It need some reviews then only i can finalise”.

Arjun, “I am saying this is not worth for the review also”. By saying this to her and everyone’s shock, he throws the papers on her face.

He continues, “I need you to prepare it again and it should be finished today itself. Got it”. Saying this he goes from there.

Everyone there are speechless seeing Arjun’s anger and feels pity on Radhika. Sam & Teji comes forward and takes the papers on the floors and keep it on Radhika place.

Radhika becomes statue and cries silently. Arjun watches this from his cabin feels bad seeing her crying and due to that frustration he banged his hand on the wall.

Radhika sits at her desk and continues her work. Sam & Teji calls her for lunch but she denied it. But when they forces her she shouted at them to leave her alone.

She feels a strong hands on her heads and turns to see who is that and is surprised to see Neil smiling at her. She couldn’t control her tears and hugs him tightly and crying badly. Neil pats her and tries to console her. He gets her to dining area where Sam & Teji is waiting for radhika. Radhika says sorry to them and Neil makes her eat something. After she eats something, Neil tells her to be strong, not to lose her respect, and never ever accept any blames. He gives her so much courage and tells her to answer Arjun in her way. Radhika smiles at him and says, “You are my teacher who teaches me how to be strong, not to get afraid, and speak boldly..thank you neil.

Neil, “That’s my duty..after all you are my sweeeeeet chasniiiiii right”. They all smile and radhika heads to leave. She is about to go to her place but she goes to Arjun’s cabin.

Radhika, “May i come in sir”.

Arjun, “Yes”

Radhika, “Sir, i need to talk to u”.

Arjun, “I don’t have time for ur nonsense talking…get back to ur work..even u have work and don’t have much time if am right”

Radhika, “Sir, i came here to tell u that i cannot finish this work today. I need some more time”.

Arjun, “How dare you refuse my work that too infront of me” He gets angry and moves towards Radhika.

Radhika stands at her place and says him that, “I am not refusing sir…but i am saying the reality. How can you expect me to finish the whole article today itslf. It is not possible”.

Arjun, “Just do what i say”

Radhika gets pissed off and says, “No. I cannot do this”. By saying this she turns to go but he arjun holds her wrist and turns her to him and twisted her hand at her back. Radhika winces in pain and asks him leave her. BUt Arjun does not leave her and says, “I don’t like if you refuse my words”.

Radhika, “What is your problem? Just let me go. Are you out of ur nuts?” she tries at her maximum and pushes him back. Arjun’s grip losen and he moves back with little jerk. radhika uses this chance and runs to the door and tries to open it but before she opens the door fully, arjun comes from behind and shuts the door in one hand and stands behind her giving her a glare look. Radhika stands at the same position and gets tensed. She did not turn back to face his anger but she looks out of the door and search for the people. Her bay is completely empty since all went for lunch. She thinks what to do but gets jerked off hearing his voice saying, “Look at me”.

Radhika closes her eyes due to anger and thinks to teach him a lesson and gives a heavy breathe and slowly turns to him but soon with full energy she pushes him by keeping her hands on his chest, Arjun did not expect this suddent action he got slipped and holds radhika for support. Since she also did not expect this both falls on the ground. Radhika on top of Arjun, here head hits his chest with full force and she felt pain in her forehead. Arjun lifts her head and tuckles her hairs behind her ears and slowly rubs her forehead softly. Radhika is surprised seeing his color change and lost in his sight. Both share a cute eyelock and that was disturbed by peon who came and give lunch to Arjun.

Ardhika gets up from the floor and composes themselves. Arjun stares her and says, “R u ok?”. Radhika lifts her head and looks at him surprised and thinks, “Is this the same guy who scolded me sometime back?”

Arjun waves his hand infront of her and tells her to continue her work. Radhika silently walks out from his cabin.

Neil, Sam & Teji encounters Radhika and asks her what happened. She did not say anything but smiles at them. Neil takes her both hands and locks in his palms and says, “Chasni…don’t run away from your problems ok. Be brave and face it. We all are here for your support. If you need us to finish ur work then tell we are ready to do ok?”

Radhika smiles and nods as yes. Neil gives her a side hug and pats her head. Two eyes ar burning seeing them together its nothing but Arjun who glares them through his cabin. He holds his fist in anger seeing Neil hugs her.

Arjun murmurs, “This girl don’t have shame only. How come she can allow any other man to touch her first of all. Idiot Idiot. I will teach her a lesson. Next time if someone tries to touch her then she should remember me”. By saying this he glares at the gang who is chatting happily.

In the evening, everyone starts leaving one by one. Nesam & Teji also leaves after some time. Radhika is about to leave but stops seeing Arjun coming out from his cabin. He also sees her and is about to leave. But Radhika stops him and says, “Sir..shall i get sometime to talk to you”.

Arjun, “Why, was that not enough you spoke to me in the noon?”

Radhika, “Its about personal”.

Arjun gets curious and his voice gets softs and says, “Personal? What?”

Radhika thinks for a while and says, “Sir…actually…about yesterday’s meeting in my home..i want to know what is the relation between us?”

Arjun gets furious remembering Nandini’s statement and shouts, “Enough…enough of ur blo*dy drama. Y r u asking me? Go and ask your family.”

Radhika gets scared and says, “I asked them but they are not saying anything to me”

Arjun, “How will they say if they are wrong. Go and tell them that i will not leave them and let them live peacefully for what they did to my mom”. by saying this he leaves from there.

Radhika stuns hearing him and decides to ask about their connection today at any cost.

Precap: Arjun gets shocked hearing everyone congratulates radhika for her engagement.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

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