Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 20)


Thanks a lot for all the readers and commenters. Pls keep on supporting me. I know everyone is so eager to know the past between Nandhu and Rads family and worry about
Arjun’s behaviour. Yes..Nandini will reveal her past in her way in which she will get the sympathy from Arjun. After knowing the story from nandhu Arjun oath to take revenge from Radhika family and for his target will be Radhika. Till now radhika did not develop much feelings for him but when she realises her feelings for him, her world turns upside down bcoz of Arjun’s cold behaviour. So pls wait and read 🙂 🙂

Here you go with the episode 20

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 20)

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Recap: Nandini and Arjun goes to Radhika’s home and Nandini, Mala & Dadaji gets shocked seeing each other.

Nandini reaches her villa and gets down from the car and rushes inside angrily. Arjun also reaches home and follows her inside the home. He stops her in mid and turns her to face him and holds her face. He sees his mom looks worried and angry. He is confused and worried seeing her in this state. Nandini lifts her eyes and looks at him soon tears started flowing down her cheeks. She hugs him and starts crying. Arjun tries to pacifies her and makes her sit on the sofa and gets water for her.

Nandini stares the way Arjun went and thinks, “This is the right chance for me to make him as my old Arjun”. Soon Arjun comes with water and gives it to her. She still continues her drama and says, “Whom i never want to see in my life..i saw them today. Have you noticed Arjun, how they look at me in a disgusting way”.

Arjun looks on confused. Nandini continues, “Still they are not happy seeing me”.

Arjun, “But who are they? And why they are not happy seeing you?”

Nandini looks at him with teary eyes and says, “I was Suraj Mishra’s daughter, Nandini Mishra. Radhika’s parents are my brother and bhabhi”.

Arjun is now shell shocked and gives unbelievable look. He questions her, “But Mom, when i asked you about our relations you told you have none”.

Nandini, “Yes, it is beause i have been abandoned by them. They disowned me as their daughter”.

Arjun, “WHAT? But why?”

Nandini gives a heavy breathe and gets up and starts walking by describing her story to Arjun.

“I am only daughter to my family. At that time, my family situation was not that much good enough to manage my studies, marriage etc etc.. They always looks me as a burden only. I used to cry every day on thinking about my fate. My mom died in her early age. So i couldn’t share my feelings to my mom also. And my father dislikes me being a burden to that family. No one talks to me properly and hates me to the core. Soon my brother’s marriage happened. Mala came as my bhabhi. You know na Arjun, when the family itself dislikes the person then how come the outcomer will be. I have experienced that also from Mala. No one bothers about me and she started her torture being my bhabhi. No one questions her also. That time i was doing some job in local textile company. One day evening i went to my home and saw some people were sitting and talking to my dad about my marriage. Soon i entered all their gaze were on me, i felt odd and runs inside and locks my room. After sometime my bhabhi asked me to come out and she gave me the coffee tray and told me to give it to them. Without any choice i went to them and stands infront of them like a statue. At once i really thought my family is worrying for me and they are arranging marriage for my bright future. I was little happy but then soon i was shaken hearing the statement the guy’s family to my dad is that how much money he wants to give me to them. I felt disgusted and heart broken. I couldn’t stand there and runs to my room and locks it and cried like anything. After some time they knocked my door. My dad, brother & bhabhi stands on my doorstep and stares me angrily. My brother warned me not to do any tricks and stunts in this marriage and they have given them promise that they will make me marry to that guy who bought me from my family for the big amount. I begged them to leave me but no one ready to hear anything. They told me that tomorrow is the marriage and i refused so they locked me inside the home and starts preparing for the marriage. I have no one to help me except the god. I was looking for a chance to get escape from them. In the midnight, my bhabhi came to my room and she gave all the necessary stuffs to me for my marriage. I silently obliged her, after giving a glare she goes out but she forgot to lock the door. I found it out and slowly i came out from my room and runs to the backyard and jumped out by grabbing the wall. Just Imagine Arjun..a teenage girl who lost all her happiness and wants to secure her dignity who runs to save her life from her selfish family. I was dejected badly and running continuously. I did not stop anywhere, i was scared that they will get me back. soon i found a car crossing the way. I asked for a lift. He stopped and looked at my situation. he understood something that i was in danger so he
gave me lift to the place where i want to go. I was blank to say where i want to go. Finally he only told me that he will give shelter and job for my betterment. I agreed after having a deep thought. After a long time i met a person who showed me what affection means. First time i realised the affection on me which i did not get from my family. I started my new life in city. I don’t know whether my family searched me or not. After that day i never ever went back to my native. I was scared to go. And one fine day, the person who gave me shelter and job was ready to share his life with me. I got shocked and only my tears answered him as Yes. It was none other than your papa Aditya Mehra. He gave me new life after the tragedy in my life. That time i thought and thanked god that he made me to meet your papa and my life was totally changed after that. I tasted the happiness which i never had in my life from my birth. I was treated like a princess. Soon you also born and made our life brighter than before. But god did not allow me to be happy for so long, your papa met an accident and he was spot dead. My world got shattered once again and with you as 3yrs old kid, i did not know what to do? where to go? I don’t have courage to go to my family. Then i made my mind to be in this city itself and i started learning all our business and started working hardly to keep your papa’s name high in the business world. Soon you grown up and you are following the foot prints of your papa. But i found some differences in your behaviour when i came back. I noticed your interest on Radhika so i thought of meeting her family to make her your life partner but…but i did not even think that i will see them again”.

She continues her tears again and sobbing badly. Arjun who listens her story silently comes to her and hugs her and pats her head saying, “I am there for you mom. No one dare to touch you till i am here”. He is so shocked that he can’t even imagine Radhika from that disgusting family. Nandini hugs him and thinks, “Somehow i made him to believe me…i have to keep up his softness towards me till i succeed”.

He makes her wipes her tears and feeds her food. Then due to tiredness she informed Arjun that she is gonna sleep for sometime. She goes to her room and locks the door and starts throwing the pillows to the floor in angry. She says in low voice, “How come they are here? Till now how can i not encounter them being in the same city? i saw only 2 of them where is dilip then? for now Arjun believed me but what will happen if he goes to them and talk about myself? No i should not allow to go there. I have to think something else. Think Nandhu..thinkkkk….You have come upto this level and now you cannot accept your defeat. Do something before it goes out of your hand”.

At the living hall,

Arjun sits silently in the couch and losts himself in deep thoughts. He still not able to believe the story what nandini had told him. Suddenly he heard a scream from nandini’s room. he gets shocked and runs to her room and finds it locked. He pushes and breaks the door. he rushes inside and gets shocked seeing nandini with knife which has blood. He sees her wrist and sees blood oozing from her hand. He runs to her and ties it with a cloth and starts shout at her attempt. Nandini winces in pain and says in scaring voice, “I am scared Arjun. I saw them again. Now they will again come to me and torture me again. They will seperate us Arjun. You don’t know about them they are very bad. They will do anything, they will go to any extent for their selfishness.”

Arjun is shocked hearing all this and sees Nandini in a bad state. He hugs her and consoles her saying, “Mom..i won’t let anything happen to you. I will teach them a good lesson. Now its my turn to make them suffer as how you did. I am there for you mom. I will not leave them easily”

Nandini gets happy listening his hatred towards them now. She hugs him and wipes her tears.

Precap: Arjun insults Radhika infront of everyone in the office. Radhika is shocked seeing his anger on her and gets confused.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions. It is a small update only..i will try for long on next….

Credit to: Sathya

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  1. its really superbbbbbbbbbbb 🙂 🙂 🙂 nadhu s really talented………. she cooked up a story in very short time :O :O but i believe her story :O its really awesome dear 😀 😀 😀 love u 😀 😀

    1. Am sorry I don’t believe her story ? typos

    2. thank u so much suga dear ?

  2. Oooh no….not again a nandu drama…i can’t see I mean I can’t read if Arjun will hurt radhika being a puppet of nandini again…he has his mind…why don’t he use that…ooooh..nandu drama should be less…its a request…if u have other plans then sorry..??

    1. i can understand rosie..have some patience dear ??

  3. Sathya u nailed it pa I really luv it……..nandini’s faking arjun by telling stupid stry so he wil be puppet n her hand……excited fr next update soon update luv u a lot…….tc

    1. Thank u gayathri… ???

  4. Very very nice SathtYa…Just lovedd it..u r amazing. .I was waiting badly gor todays love n marriage between cousins acceptable. ..For bengalis its not legal..Hope they r nt cousins in reality of this FF.

    1. tamilnadu side mom brother(uncle )son,dad sister daughter marriages are accept

    2. Riki…here in south side na we will marry brother’s son/daughter to sister’s son/daughter. Not brother – brother kids and not with Sister to sister kids…

    3. Thanks a lot Riki ????

  5. Oh dear, I feel very bad. So rads and arjun r mama ponu and attai paiyan? Will arjun hate rads? Will rads put up with his Behaviour? Won’t she be hurt when he does this? Will he stay away from her? Wat is d point of taking it out on rads ? When she is innocent. Pls let me know soon.

    1. i think i have given my comments bwlow and it will answer ur questions… thank u so much for ur lovely comments.. ????

  6. awesome episode……..eagerly waiting next one.update

    1. Thank u subha ????

  7. Sathya,First i thought not to read this epi because of last epi’s precap.but i read it.Nandini is really devil.this precap is also a disaster.please update asap.

    1. dont worry ammu… all is going well… finally everything ends well ???

  8. guys.. cool cool… Arjun will torture Radhika in the name of taking revenge for his mom’s sake…and simultaneously he is not aware that in the name of revenge he is trying to go more close to her…I promise this hide n seek scenes will be there for some time..and due to Radhika’s negligence on him becoz of his behaviour will make him more crazy and do some unexpected things which makes Nandini also angry 😛 😛 😛

  9. ohhhhh myyyy godddf…Sathya darling what a twist…hatts off for this to you…n that nandu the b*t*h telling modified story to arjun…wanna slap her…now the actual game begin i guess..hatred worses love..ohhhh..m so excited to see further….how come such extra ordinary ideas came to ur mind my darling…..Love you…loads of huggs n kissess to you..

    1. Thank u dipu for the fantastic comment… love u a lot ??????

  10. OMG…now ARjun will hurt her again…will Neil and Sam help her stand infront of Arjun….bring make this Arjun jealous ….I am feeling pity on Radhika 🙂 but everthing is in Sathya’s hand she will make thing right 🙂 loved it please post the next one soon 🙂 love you dear 🙂

    1. I am so so happy seeing ur comment… btw how are now? and thank u soooooo much for the lovelt comment… ?????

      1. feeling better….you feel best when u skip office 😛

  11. Sema episode satz kudos

    1. Thanks a lottttt geeth ????

  12. very very well going….thank you

    1. Thank u KK ????

  13. I know Nandini is not telling the truth, but I’m waiting to find out the actual truth from Radhika’s father.

    Sathya you nailed it, waiting to find out what Arjun will do that will make Nandini angry. 🙂

    1. Thank u so so so much Brin for tbe amazing comment… love u dear ????

  14. Thanks Sathya n Subha…

  15. Hayyyy poor Arjun again fell in nandus trap. Poor Radhika how will she face himmmmm ????

  16. Amazing one sathya chellam….nandini ulaga maga nadipuda saamy…thanga mudiyala….avaluku en indha kolaveri?…poor arjun…n waiting for next one… u lot …tc..

    1. thank u susi ???

  17. Wow…the plot is getting more interesting….keep it going satya….update the next epi sooonnn…very excited 🙂

    1. thank u neetz ???

  18. Nice episode sathya =D>=D>..waiting for nxt update eagerly.. O:)O:)plsss update soon..even though i have exams iam eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes..hope arjun realises nandhu’s fake story:?:?…

    1. thank u kavya… but concentrate on ur exams first… ?????

  19. oh that Nandini is disgusting……….how can she twist the truth and lie to Arjun who considers her as his god…………my suspicions are increasing…is Arjun Nandini’s own son????? I dnt think so…maybe his dad named his properties in Arjun’s name and maybe that witch is after that……………..I’m really scared will Arjun vent out all the revenge on poor Radhu ??????? di plzzzzzz make Rads strong……..the precap makes me sad……………di u did’t reply to my question in ur prev epi……are u still mad at me??????? plzz don’t be mad at ur lil sis……………

    1. thank u aastha…. ???and i m not angry on u now… n u be cool.. y tension.. no tension… all is well… ?????

      1. thank you……………so when’ll u update ????????? eagerly waiting to see Arjun going closer to Rads in the name of revenge…………

  20. Satz nice episode. Omg yenna oru nadippu nandhu.
    I think she ly murdered her husband / arjuns father.
    Ennaku innumum doubt arjun oda real mom nandhuva illa ……
    Nerya knots pottirukka satz yeppa adhai yellam avizhkka pora.
    And Precap ennakku suthama pidikkala, ennaku azhanam pola thondradhu ? & nandhu dilip ws bro sis so my guess ws correct …….good naga ?
    OK satz next gaga wait panren pls update soon.

    1. thank u naaga… ???? dont worry… i ll slowly reveal the knots one by one… for now only nandini story.. n in upcoming radhika will face the hatred from arjun… so the secrets n solution will be revealed slowly… porumai migavum avasiyam… ????

  21. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Hi sathya…..this epi was awesome……out of the world……… ennaku ore oru maasam……unga moolaiya kadan kudunga…….. .habba……..nnenga evalavu nalla ezhuthiringanu ungaluku theriyuma?????…….ennaku comment panna varthaye kadaikala avlo supera ezhuthiringa……love ya..,tc……

    1. hey natasha m surprised by seeing ur comment in tamil… am so happy yar… ???and that was a lovely comment.. thank u so much..

  22. nice ………….

    1. Thank you Priya 🙂

  23. hai satya di…
    it was awesome…nadhini had brain washed arjun…and donno what he will do…will he hurt her…can he??and I feel nadhini is not arjun’s mother….as she manipulates him always…..because a mother can’t make their children in wrong path…sorry if I had interfered in your story…and I guess this love hate relation is gonna have some twists…still the main past has to come out yet..waiting for that to happen…and must see how that real truth is gonna change everyone’s life…please keep going…loved it di…please do try publishing your fabulous work…and see…your books will be sold like hot cakes tell me the date…love you…love you lots di…

    1. Thank you Lavanya :)…i understand your tension dear…don’t worry…soon everything will be in its right place 🙂

  24. Awesome update, hating Nandini so much. Waiting for the next update.

    1. Thank you Gianna 🙂

  25. Awesome, marvellous episode .. sathya my dearrrrr you did wonderful job. …nandini so cruel n nasty mind …she plotted so badly n arjun fell for it…ahhhhh…her story was really very fake….Is she really arjun’s mom??? Arjun believed her…uffff…precap is very tensed.. hopefully rada find true face of nandini n take out arjun from her trap….keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Hi Roma, Thank you so so much.. i think i am replying ur comment for the first time 🙂 Thanks a lot for the love your are giving continously to me 🙂

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