Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 2)

Manmarziyan FF – Hidden Love (Episode 2) Old Title

Hi all, Satz back again with the new title for the Hidden love ff. Thank you so much for the comments you all have given and i am so happy for all your encouragement.

Pls do read this ff continously and provide your support as always.

Here you go with the episode 2

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 2)

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Recap: A guy drives fastly in the rain and stopped by a girl. He just impressed by her act and likes her attitude at first sight.

The girl and the kids are enjoying the rain and ice cream. All are chatting, shouting, laughing happily. The people who cornered themselves because of rain are staring

them like as if they are in a different world. Yes, ofcourse, The kids and the girls are in their own world where no one can understand.

Kid: Radhika di, you sing well na..pls sing one song di…

Now all the kids asking her to sing. Yes it is our beautiful, cute, lovely, bubbly, charming.mmm what else…we can give her so many names…right…That’s our


Radhika calms down the kids and waving her hands in the rains and close her eyes. A cute smiles comes in her face and she starts singing about the rain


Female Version only:

rim jim rim jim rim jim
rim jim rim jim rim jim
rim jim rim jim rim jim
rim jim rim jim rim jim

mazhaiyae mazhaiyae neer-in thiraiyae

(Oooh Rainy, you are the screen of water)

vaanam ezhudhum kavidhai thuliyae

(The sky writing a poetry)

maegathin sirippoliyae

(And the cloud’s laughter)

vaanavill-ae niram aelu thoovi oonjalaadi oviyam theetugindradhay

(Seven color rainbow sprinkle the painting while swinging)

indha neerin paalam vaanam mannai inaikiradhae iyarkai azhagae

(The rain water is the bridge which connects the sky and land, Lovely nature !!!)

rim jim rim jim rim jim
rim jim rim jim rim jim
rim jim rim jim rim jim
rim jim rim jim rim jim

They all were enjoying a lot in the rain and after some time all finished the icecreams and goes to their home. All of them are living in the same society, so she

drops each kid to their home safely and finally she goes to her home. She press the bell and waiting for her grandpa to open the door. Because she informs only to her

grandpa not even to her parents as she knows they will not allow her to go out in the rain.

But to her shock, her mom opened the door and stares her angrily seeing her wet. Our girl is shocked and blinks at her grandpa who is standing behind her mom and signs

her not to speak anything.

Her mom did not say anything but goes inside. Grandpa signs her to come inside. She goes inside and silently follows her mom.

Grandpa calls her mom, “Mala, actually…”. Mala interrupts and says, “Papa, you are the one who is spoiling her. See her condition. With this state, she roamed

everywhere in the city and comes late to home that too with those kids. What if their parents comes and scolds her on taking their kids along with her everywhere”.

Radhika murmurs, “They did not say are only scolding me”.

Mala stares her angrily and says, “Because i am worrying for my kid. I don’t bother about others.What if something bad happens to you?”.

Radhika goes and hugs her mom and says, “Mom, nothing will happen for me… i can be safe pls dont worry ma…”. she kisses her mom’s cheeks.

Mala still in angry but takes the towel and starts drying her wet hairs and warns her not to go in rain and in late night again. Radhika nods for everything and goes

to her room.

She asks for coffee from her mom and gets freshen up and gets changed into night suite. Mala gives her coffee and goes.

Radhika opens the window and looks outside. Still it is raining but not heavy…the speed reduces and it is kind of drizzling now. She stares it lovingly and enjoys

her coffee.

Soon Mala also comes and stands with her and asks, “What are you staring outside?”

Radhika: I m searching for my dream boy mom.

Mala smiles at her and says, “In rain?”

Radhika: Yes mom, you know what, when i will meet him na…i am sure definitely it will be a rainy day and the moment i see him, it will be like a lightening. I am

waiting for that day mom.

Mala gives a heavy breathe and says, “hmm wait will be waiting for your whole life to meet him”.

She teases her and asks her to sleep and leaves the room. Radhika sees her mom going and keeps a pout face and again looks outside and closes her eyes.

she could see a 6 feet tall man standing by showing his back and moves forward. Radhika opens her eyes and feels sad and goes to other side of her room where she kepts

her paintings. She looks at the painting stand and opens the painting which she done recently.

It is the painting of the same man showing his back. Radhika talks to that painting, “When will i see you. You know..i don’t know who you are..but seriously you are

really disturbing me. I couldn’t remember how suddenly u started coming in my dreams. Without seeing you in my dreams, my days will not start and will not end. I am

waiting for that special moment where i can see you really.”

She stares the picture lovingly.

@ a very big could be of palace only.

A guy gives the car keys to his driver and enters into the house but stops hearing a lady’s voice.

Lady: Arjun, where were you? What were you doing when i called you?

Yessss….our hero and he is Mr.Arjun, a most eligible bachelor and a successful business man in the city.

Arjun: Sorry mom…i was in a meeting and it was in outskirts. Tower was not proper mom. So sorry.

Lady smiles at him and says, “It’s ok…so you had your dinner?”

Arjun: Yes i had it in the business meeting itself and u?

Lady nods no sadly. Arjun feels bad and takes her to the dining table and orders the maids to keep the food in the table. He tells to his mom that he will be back in 5


Arjun runs to his room and changes his dress and gets freshen up and comes down to the dining hall.

He takes the plate and fills it with his mom’s favourite dish and starts feeding her like a kid. She too feeds him little. They both finished their dinner and greets

good night and goes to their room.

Arjun falls on his bed and tries to sleep but suddenly he remembered the girl he saw in the rain and thinks about her. Her face comes to his mind which makes him to

smile unknowingly. He says to himself, “I wanna see her again”.

Screen splits into two: Radhika standing near the painting and Arjun’s smiling face.

Precap: Yet to think :P.

This is a very small update i know. I will try to update a long one in the next episode. Pls let me know your comments for this episode.

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