Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 19)


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Here you go with the episode 19

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 19)

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Recap: Nandini & Mahi’s heat conversation. Arjun is restless of not seeing Radhika in office.

Arjun comes out from his cabin and looks at Radhika’s place which is empty. He is restless thinking about her. He goes to Teji place and asks, “Teji, hh…mmm… you got the file which i asked you yesterday?”

Teji, “Yes sir…sorry i forgot to give you. here it is”. He gives the file to Arjun. Arjun gets the file and looks at him blankly. He wants to ask about Radhika but he is hesitated to ask Teji.

Teji wonders seeing Arjun is lost somewhere and looks at his tensed face. Arjun sees him and asks, “Teji…mmm..woh…mmm…what..about..the article?”

Teji understands now why Arjun is tensed. He replies, “Sir..Radhika has to complete it. but she is not in office today”.

Arjun acts as if he did not know, “Oh is it…where is she? Went any where?”

Teji rolls his eyes left and right and says, “Sir…she is not well. So takes off”.

Arjun is really on his toe now and gets so serious hearing the word not well. He asks, “Not well…What happened? Anything serious?”

Teji wonders hearing his tensed voice and seeing his worrying face, he replies, “No sir…don’t panic. SHe is having high fever and that too she already went to hospital and taking medicines. So nothing to worry”.

Arjun somehow gets little relax now and asks, “You spoke to her is it?”

Teji, “No sir…i did not talk to her. When i called she was sleeping so i spoke to her mom”.

Arjun, “Oh..okay fine. You continue your work”. He leaves to his cabin.

Inside his cabin, Arjun walks here and there, he couldn’t sit peacefully. He desperately want to see her now and thinks how. He is disturbed by his colleagues for some meetings. he did not want to go but he cannot avoid these meetings. So he goes to attend the meetings without interest only. He presence in the meeting was only Physically not mentally. His thoughts are surrounding only Radhika Radhika Radhika.

@Arjun villa,

Nandini is tensed and angry seeing her phone. She talks to herself, “What happened to Arjun? Why he is not picking my call? He is not behaving normally to me like earlier. He is changing. No i can’t see him going from my hands. I will not allow that.I have to do something.What…What..what should i do now?”

She is really in angry mode and walks here n there in the living hall which makes the maids gets scared of seeing her like this. No dare to go near her or just to be in her sight.

She again tries his number, but now it is switched off. She thrown her phone in angry and it went somewhere and everyone heard only the broken noise.

She shouts calling Krishnan (Kaka’s name is Krishnan – Only Nandini will call him in name). Kaka runs to her and folds his hands infront of her and says, “Ji…tell me”.

Nandini without looking at him, “I need that girl’s house address, right now”.

Kaka is little tensed and asks, “Girl..which girl?”

Nandini smirks and says, “Dont act too smart. I am talking about the one who stayed in my home for 7 days. I am asking about the girl who is the reason for my Arjun’s change. Now you got it?”

Kaka bends his head down and says, “Ji..i don’t have her address. Those days i did not even talk to her properly”.

Nandini stares him and asks, “R u sure you don’t have her address?”

kaka nods yes. Nandini asks him to go and he also leaves from that place.

Nandini falls on the sofa and extends her head back and leans on it and thinks for a while. He takes the landline and dials to the number. The call connects and she asks, “I need Radhika house address right now”.

Nandini got some response and she replies, “Radhika from Bird song agency who interviewed Arjun for 7 days”.

Nandini takes a pen from the stand and starts writing the address on the paper kept on the table.

She glares the address and says, “I am coming to you Radhika. I really want to know about you that why my Arjun is going behind you like a mad”.

She gets up and goes out. Kaka behind the stairs sees all this and prays the god for good.

@Bird Song,

Arjun who is not all interest and listening in the meeting. Time to time his tension is getting increased and his hype of seeing Radhika also getting increased. His nerves are about to break. He thinks for a while and to himself, “Enough of it now. can’t take anymore”. Immediately he gets up inbetween the meeting which makes others shock and he excuses saying he got an important call and have to leave. He did not wait for their response, came out from the meeting hall and rushes out to his car.

@Radhika home,

Radhika is now almost normal but still she is pampering by her mom and sweet dadaji. They both treating her like a small kid and she is hating that now. Mala is not allowing her to get down from the bed only. And Dadaji also supports Mala and stops radhika in doing the work apart from sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating 😛

Radhika is really gets pissed of now and jumps out from the bed. she started running inside the room and teases dadaji to get her if he can. They both started playing like a kid and Mala smiles seeing her kiddish behaviour. She gets happy tears seeing her and prays god, “God…pls make my choti happy as always like this”. Suddenly outside their house they all heard a car sound. Actually they heard 2 car sound one by one.

Outside, A car came very fast and stops by giving a creeeeeeecchhhhhh sound. Nandini angrily got down from the car and is about to go but stops seeing another car stops there itself. She gets shocked seeing Arjun is getting down from the car and Arjun is also equally shocked seeing Nandini there that too in radhika’s home. Nandini hides her angry, tense everything to him and smiles seeing him.

Arjun goes to her and asks, “ come you here?”

Nandu, “Arjun…i should ask that question to you. You supposed to be in office right and i remember you were saying in the morning that you have lot of works?”

Arjun is speechless and finding words and says, “Mom..actually what happen..Radhika supposed to prepare one article, she is done with everything and only few are pending. She did not come to office today. So i thought of checking with her about that”. somehow he hides his feelings and told the reason to her.

Nandini to herself, “I know this is not the reason. She did not come to office and you came here to see her in her home itself”.

To Arjun smiles and says, “Fine Arjun. I came to some nearby place for some other work and i remember one day you were saying that radhika is staying in this area only. so just thought of coming to her home and visiting her family once. Its good that you also came now. come lets go inside”.

Nandini & Arjun gets inside radhika’s house. After hearing the car sounds, Radhika goes to open the door and finds Arjun & Nandini on the door step and gets shocked seeing them there. Arjun becomes very relaxed seeing her normal and gets excited. Nandini gets irked seeing Arjun’s happy towards radhika, she forcefully gives a fake smile to her. Radhika comes out from her shock and invites them inside.

First Arjun steps inside following her. Radhika introduces Arjun to her mom and dadaji. Nandini then enters following him and Radhika introduces her also to her mom & dadaji as Arjun’s Mom.

Nandini is about to fold her hands to greet them but is shocked seeing Mala and Dadaji there. Even Mala and Dadaji also equally shocked and gets speechless seeing Nandini and that too as Arjun’s mom.

Nandini becomes statue seeing them and is loss of words. Radhika observes the trios reactions one by one and finds it wierd. Arjun our hero is sight is only his love.

Nandini gets some flashes and voice over, “You are shame for our family and you are dead for us now”. She closes her eyes tightly for a min and opens and looks at them angrily. Without uttering a single word she rushes out. Arjun is shocked on her behaviour and follows her and stops her asking, “What happened?”

Nandini, “Arjun…i am unable to breathe properly now. I have to go home”. By saying this she left in her car immediately.

Arjun worries for his mom, he also takes his car and follows nandu.

Radhika looks at her mom and dadaji and goes to them. She holds Mala by shoulder and says, “She is the one whose name is Nandini that i have asked you on that day”.

Mala with teary eyes looks at her in shock and looks at dadaji worriedly. Dadaji bows down his head and sits on the sofa. She goes to him and asks, “Dadaji..what happened? Y u both are reacting like this after seeing her? What is the relation between us?”

Mala remembers Dilip asking her, “Mala, at any situation our choti should not know about Nandini. She is a shame for us and my daughter should not know about this in her future also”.

Mala stops dadaji saying and tells radhika that, “It will be good if we are not talking about this now”. But Radhika insists her to say and mala says that, “Next week your papa is can ask him only”. By saying this she goes inside and tells her to not to force dadaji also. dadaji also goes to his room and locks it. Radhika left alone in the living room and gets confused seeing all this wierd actions.

Precap: Nandini tells Arjun her flashback. Arjun decides to take revenge from radhika’s family

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

Credit to: Sathya

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  1. Oh dear this story was going on sweet until then. How is nandini and rads related.. Am too curious. Y would arjun change like this. So sad… Pls tell me.

    1. thank u rg dear ?… yeah i will reveal the past one by one for now only nandini’s revelation will come and she will try to mKe arjun against radhika…but the exact truth will be coming to limelight only when dilip enters into the story. so pls wait ?

  2. Awesome episode, Waiting to know the secret of Nandini and Radhika’s family. 🙂

    1. thank u brin ? dear…

  3. Iam kavya and am reading this fanfic from start..i can’t comment in every updates but i used to read whenever iam free..Superbbb episode and superb writing..waiting for upcoming have a very good writing skill..may god bless you with all happiness…

    1. thank u kavya ??

  4. A twist..but the precap is worst.please update asap.

    1. ammu… i know u r angry… but pls be patience dear… ?

  5. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sathya di……………………………I’m really sorry for not commenting in ur previous 2 updates………I was busy with my exam….bt I had read it all……..and it was superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy that u din’t cheat us about ardhika’s lip lock……………………it was very hot and sweet………..I also enjoyed ardhika scenes in the rain…………….now about this epi : loved Arjun’s tension not seeing Rads…..y is every1 so scared of Nandini ???????????? and when’ll you reveal Nandini’s past ???????? is Arjun Nandini’s own son ?????? it is sad that now Arjun is going to take revenge on Rads……….you gave us an unexpected twist di……….love u………………………….TC………………..sorry for not commenting in ur prev updates…………..plzzzz reply…………

    1. Aastha.. actually i was angry of not seeing ur comments but i m convinced of hearing ur exams as the reason… i forgive u… ??? thank u for lovely comments ??? dear… for all ur questions u will get answer one by one in upcoming episodes..for now only nandini pov will be revealed but that too she will tell in which way she gets benefited… so wait n watch ??

      1. Sorry di………..plzzz don’t be mad at me……I read ur updates at ni8 after my parents went to sleep………….they wouldn’t allow me to take net as I had exam…………so now can I take that you are not cross at me ???????????

  6. ❤?Natasha?❤


    1. thank u natasha ???

  7. oh darling i tot today ll get to know abt nadhu n rads fam realtion ? i was eagerly scrolled but u again kept it as secret ?✌? am eagerness growing more darling ? arjun is really superbbbbbb n rads always cute ✌??loved rads n dhadhaji part?? need some aradhika moments? loved it ? love u?

    1. thanks a lot suga dear ????ha ha ha i really want to maintain some curiosity to the story… till niw i have manitained it vl c n future episode… thanks for the support dear ? sure though arjun will be angry as u all know he cannot be away from. radhika… ?

  8. Nandini….i can’t say anything about this lady…plz somebody sent her to hell or a place from where she cant return…Arjun is going to mad or what…is he a puppet here again…omg…put nandu bhandu in fire…precap scares

    1. rosie dear.. cool. cool… y so angry yar… everything has a reason… Arjun wants to fulfill his duty as a son but nandhu will manipulate him against radhika now since she dis not want her effort to be wasted…

  9. Sathya Darling my eagerness on its peak now…wht is the relation between this families…Nandini related to Dilip…m just pretty excited…Arjun’s condition,his restlessness described superb…wht yar..Nandini putting venom in arjun’s mind..oh no…well m eager to knw wht’s arjun reaction on that fake story of nandini…sorry m blabbering a lot..see this much m engrossed in the story… love u for nxt…

    1. thank u so much dipu darling… am so so happy to c ur eager… but hold on for some more time then the secrets will. be unfold from. both the sides… i hope i can satisfy u all… vl c… and for now thanks a lot dear ?????

  10. Awesome loved it

    1. thank u sam ???

  11. Fab epi sathya I luv it totally…if im nt wrng arjun is nandini’s son???? Seriously arjun going to take revenge frm radzzz ???? Waiting for next update luv u a lots….

    1. thank u gayathri… ???? i will. not say anything now… u will come to know soon… but it will take some more episodes to know the complete truth ????love u

  12. Sathya chellam…episode romaba superb…as usual amazing….. I loved radhu kiddish behavior…but ur suspense killing me … Nandini devil never change….iam scared about precap….pls update next one soon…love u a lot…tc…

    1. thank u susi dear ??? not only precap till arjun knows full truth he will mistreat radhika but he cannot leave her for sure

  13. Loved the episode and my eagerness to know the past increases day by day. Post soon pls and stay blessed

    1. Thank u so so much gianna.. ???love u

  14. Satz super chap. Arjun nandhu entry, Malaji & dadji shock semma. Waiting for the next one 🙂

    1. Thank u Naaga…. ???

  15. hai Satya di..
    after a very long time…hope you remember me..
    I am in love with your ff totally…its so much promising….I love all the character’s..and I have a doubt is nandhini real mother of arjun?? and why mala and dadaji are dumbstruck seeking nandhini and viceversa…know that you will reveal the past….but can’t wait….without having these thoughts..and am afraid if arjun is gonna take revenge on radhika…offff…I guess I might die of this suspense…please do continue….waiting for your next episode….

    1. Hey Lavanya… how can i forget u yar… actually u forgot me… ?? btw…. i am so happy to see u back here… and thank u so much for thw love n support… yes ofcourse i vl reveal the past onw by one… al. in one day vl be boring na… ???????love u a lot… keep. commenting n. this time no excuse…

  16. I am very curious to see arjun’s different side and nadini’s fb. Post nxt soon 🙂

    1. Btw i forgot to say that i loved this ep 😉

  17. superb…….

  18. Hi Sathya, sorry for commenting late .. dear it was awesome…finally we will know the reason between the hatred between Radhika’s family and Nandini…this episode was awesome…waiting for the next one 🙂 love you

  19. awesome episode ………….interesting story… eagerly waiting next

  20. Nice epis ..u r trully a brilliant writer..waiting 4 the tuture episodes. .

  21. Awesome, marvellous episode sathya dearyyy….arjun so desperate for rads n nandini so evil to keep ardhika apart from each other. …what’s the mystery exactly. …why all r ashamed of nandini. …now precap is very tense. …why will arjun take revange from rads family? Will nandini say the truth of past to arjun or just manipulating him to break ardhika.??…so many queries. …can’t wait for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

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