Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 18)


Thank you so much for the comments. I hope i have satisfied you all by giving a small peck from my side having cute small romantic stuff in the previous episode. I guarantee you guys that this is just a start..soon you will face so many between Ardhika.

Here you go with the episode 18

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 18)

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Recap: Ardhika’s romance in the rain. was a first kiss they both had in their life time and which would be the most special one. As we know Arjun he is happy inside bcoz he started conquering his love and this is the first step he made but for Radhika she is soooo nervous, tense, shivering and what else all sort of reactions are playing with her.

Inside the car, it is damn silent. Radhika bows down her head and staring at her folded hands in her lap. Arjun who gives a side look to her finds her tension he does not want to tease her more so he also kept quiet..though for him also it is the first time right atleast he should maintain that feeling :P.

Till he reaches her home, Radhika not even look at him and once they reach she immediately rush out from the car and runs to her home and locks the door. Arjun is about to call her but stops seeing her running. He thought to leave her today and thinks to talk to her in the office tomorrow. He returns back to his home. All the while he thinks about their closeness and an automatically a cute smile appears in his face.

Radhika runs inside and locks the door by leaning on it and gives a heavy breathe. She gets jerked off hearing dadaji’s voice near her asking what happened?.

she opened her eyes in a shock and finds him standing tensed looking at her. she runs to him and hugs him tightly and soon she realises and composes herself. She gets seperated from him and says, “Nothing serious dadaji…it was raining outside na i came by running that’s y. Nothing else”.

He pats her cheek and tells her to meet her mom. Radhika kisses him on his cheeks and goes to kitchen to see her mom. SHe finds Mala busy in her work, she goes and hugs her from back and says, “I missed you so much maaa”.

Mala turns and hugs her and kisses her on forehead saying, “I was really worried for you. I am relaxed now seeing you”.

Radhika rests her head in Mala’s shoulder and says, “I was always fine maa” while saying this she remembers her staying with Arjun in his home and his care towards her.

She immediately lifts her head and shakes left right and talks to herself that, “No i should not think about him”.

Mala sees her and asks, “What happened choti?”

Radhika finds her maa serious, she gives a fake smile to her and says she gonna take rest for sometime.

Radhika rushes to her room and locks the door and falls on the bed. She then notices the coat which she covered herself now and thinks about Arjun in it. She hangs the coat in the hanger and falls on the bed. she closed her eyes tightly to avoid getting the memories of Arjun but all in vain. She rolls on the bed left and right but she couldn’t get the sleep peacefully.

She gets up and sits by holding her head in both hands and thinks, “What is happening to me? What have i done? I am losing myself infront of him and my feelings blowing towards him. I should control myself. This relation will never work. I should stop him else i should stop my growing feelings for him”

By saying this she looks at the painting kept in the stand at the corner. To her shock, she sees the painting is moving and turning to face her. Now she is seeing the face of that painting and it is none other than Arjun who stands there and looks at her lovingly and winks at her. Radhika gets jerked off seeing his winking and closes her face by her hands. She slightly move one of her finger from her eyes and looks at the painting again, now it is not moving and showing its back pose.

She felt relaxed and moves towards the picture, folds it and kept inside her wardrobe. She slowly moves towards the hanger and stares at the coat he gave to her. She gets the flashes of their kiss and she gets goosebumps again. She tries to move from there but stopped by a strong hands hugging her from back. She gets speechless and shocked and bends down to see the hands. She sees the hands inside the same coat and her body feels the cold and slowly lifts her face and looks at him by turning her head. She is shell shocked to see Arjun behind her and smiles at her.

She stammers and asks, “…here?.”

Arjun smiles and says, “Hmm.. to see my love, to kiss my love”. By saying this he leans to her and is about to kiss her but radhika is face is shown closer and she closed her eyes and screams as , “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”.

Soon she hears a knock on her door and comes to reality and sees here and there in the room and finds no one. She wipes her face and goes to open the the door. Mala and dadaji stands there shock seeing her pale face. Mala immediately checks her and gets shock knowing she has high fever now. She gets worried and tells dadaji to take her to hospital.

Radhika tries to convince them but they forcefully taken her to hospital and gets injected and comes back home. Afer coming home, Mala starts preparing dinner for her and dadaji makes her lay down in his lap and pats her cheek softly.

Soon Mala comes with the food and feeds her and after feeds her medicines also. After they makes sleep in her room and Mala said to dadaji that she also sleep with her tonight. Dadaji goes from there and Mala comes to Radhika and gently rubs her forehead and place a kiss. She finds some difference in her behaviour but she couldn’t understand what it is. Radhika sleeps peacefully in the dose of medicine.

@Arjun villa,

Arjun reaches his home and gets inside silently. Nandini finds him wet and goes to him and enquires about what happened. Arjun thinks for a sec and tells her that he was having some work in his new office so it got late. Nandini did not get convinced but still she did not ask him anything after that. She lets him to go to his room and asks him to come for dinner after refreshing. Arjun denies the food and says he is tired and gonna sleep and asks her to have it. He place a kiss on her cheeks and greets night for her and went to his room. While going he starts whistling on his favourite song and smiles. Nandini stares him angrily and tells to herself that, “Definitely something had happened which makes him happy like this and he hides that to me. What it could be? Is that because of Radhika? No it should not be, if so then i have to take my step fastly otherwise my efforts will be wasted only”.

She goes to Mahi’s room and finds her in the floor sitting and eating the fruits with two hands in a ugly manner. Nandini finds it awkward and gives a disgusting look. She walks inside by adjusting her throat and makes her hear. Mahi who was busy in eating, finds her staring drops the plate down and immediately gets up and stammers, “Woh..woh…i felt hungry..that’s y i was having fruits”. She gets scared seeing her angry look.

Nandini, “Eating like this” says by waving her hands showing the plates and wastes on the floor.

Nandini goes to her and holds her arms in one hand and says, “Look, i have got you here for my benefit. If something goes wrongly then i will not leave you easily. Till everything is set have to behave decently. Forget that you were in slum and just keep only one thing in mind that you are now a business man’s daughter and behave like that. Got it”. She literally shouts at her.

Mahi nods yes for everything whatever she said and feels pain in the arms where nandini was holding her. Nandini shoves her and leaves from there.

After she leaves, Mahi looks the way she went and sits on the bed and thinks about her insults by Nandini. She gets angry thinking about her insults and says to herself, “You do whatever you want..but final game will be mine” She smirks thinking about something.

Arjun gets refreshed and changes into his night clothes and comes to his balcony. He sees the full moon and gets flashes of radhika’s smiling face. He smiles heartily and says, “You are the light for my dark life. I need you radhika.. i need you desperately. I will not allow you to move away from me at any cost. I will make you as mine for sure by hook or crook. But i will make you mine. You know what…whenever you are near to me…i feel like heaven. I feel like my whole life is bound by you. I never got this kinds of feeling earlier. You are making my life beautiful in each and every moment radhika. I Love you. I want to hug, kiss you..and want to keep you in my arms for my whole life”.

He smiles at his madness and excited to face her tomorrow in office. After sometime he falls on his bed and sleeps.

Next morning,

Arjun gets ready early and comes down. Nandini is having coffee gets shocked seeing him ready so early and questions him.

Arjun, “Mom..actually i have taken a new responsibility right…so i have to know so many things. Lot of work is there. That’s why. Ok i m getting late. Bye mom”.

Arjun did not wait for her reply only and rushes out. Nandini is boggled seeing his change and gets tensed.

Arjun reaches office so early and finds no one is in yet. He smiles at his craziness and goes to his cabing. Without any other option he started looking at his work but he is becoming excited to see his love. Slowly ppl started coming in one by one. Even Sam & Teji comes to office but he did not see Radhika. He gets restless of not seeing her in office. he stares her empty place sadly.

@Radhika’s home,

Radhika sits on her by covering herself in blanket and stares the wall blindly. Mala comes to her and feeds her food and medicines as routine and tells her to take rest.

Radhika denies it and says, “Maa..i have lot of work. I have to finish it one task today itself. i should go to office maa”.

Mala did not allow and scolds her and warns her to be at home itself. Even dadaji supports mala when radhika asks his help.

Radhika gets upset and bends down her head and keeps her knees for support. she lost in her own thoughts.

The screen freezes on Arjun’s restless face and Radhika’s sad face.

Precap: Arjun & Nandini comes to Radhika’s home. Arjun gets happy seeing Radhika and Nandini is shocked seeing Mala and Dadaji.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

Credit to: Sathya

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