Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 17)


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Here you go with the episode 17

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 17)

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Recap: Arjun joins the Birdsong as a new chair person.

Radhika finds Arjun in Birdsong and is shocked to hear that he is the new chair person and wonders what is he upto? She is speechless seeing him there. Teji is also equally shocked as Radhika and looks at her pale face he thinks to himself, “Do i need to be happy seeing him here or have to pity on my chasnii?”

All the others started welcoming him and greets him especially the young ladies who already flattered by his killer looks, try to go near him but he simply avoided their closeness without hurting them, he moves towards Radhika by staring her continuously.

Arjun’s each and every step skips a beat on her heart and becomes statue for a moment. She hides her nervous somehow and composes herself to see him face to face.

He comes to them and greets Sam, Teji and finally comes to Radhika. He extends his hands to her and she slowly locks her hands into his and blinks at him. He slightly gives a little force in her hands and greets her saying, “Unexpected right?”. She stands silently and stares his eyes directly but did not say anything. He winks at her and tells everyone to continue their works and goes to his room with other higher officials.

Radhika hides her nervous from sam and silently sits in her place and tries to do her work. But she is not able to concentrate only. She locks her system and rushes out to have fresh air. So many thoughts are flowing in her mind and she understands his interest on her but she is not ready to accept it now though she likes him.

Till now she did not realise her feelings for him and she is confused after observing few incidents in his home by Kaka and Nandini. She is lost in her own world and did not see that Arjun is reaching towards her.

Arjun comes behind her very close and says, “Day Dream is it?”.

Radhika gets jerked off hearing his voice so close and turns back in shock and stares him. She replies, “No sir…simply just thought of having some fresh air”.

Arjun also comes and stands beside her and asks, “Do you want to ask me anything?”

Radhika looks at his eyes and asks, “ come you thought of owning Birdsong and what made you to buy it? I couldn’t believe all these which happened suddenly”.

Arjun now turns to her and says, “It’s just as simple as it is Radhika.. i want to extend my business empire and this is the only field i haven’t touch so far so thought of giving a try” By saying this he just look at her eyes.

Her eyes shows a small disappointment but she tried to cover it up and asks him, “Really is this the reason behind this?”

Arjun smiles slightly seeing her eager to know the reason and says, “This is the secondary reason and the primary reason is…” he stops saying after this.

Radhika looks tense to hear the next line but he did not complete it and moves backward and leaves from there. She stands there confusingly and looks the way he went and thinks to herself, “What he wants to say? or whether my intuition is right?. No it should not be..i should keep distance with him but why am i attracted to him always? Oh god…i thought of getting relieved after coming from his home but now i have to see him daily. what sort of punishment is this god?”

Soon Teji & Sam comes there and disturbs her from her thoughts and they started chatting.

Radhika, “Sam..i did not see Neil from morning. Did he know that new chairperson is joining today or he is not aware of it”.

Sam, “He is not well yar..yesterday he puked na..something happened him. I spoke to Prerna aunty and she told that he is sleeping and can’t come to office. I informed her that we will come in the evening to see him. Will go in eveng yar”.

Radhika also nodded and they all go back to their work. Arjun stands beside the wall and overheard their conversation and thinks how to stop Radhika meeting Neil.

Arjun in his cabin sitting his rolling chair and plans something and he looks at radhika who is working sincerely. He smiles at her and says, “I don’t want to do all this with you but i can’t see you being close with another man except me. I don’t want you to go to Neil and see him”.

He called Radhika’s extension and asks her to come inside. Radhika obliged him and goes to his cabin. he asks her to sit and starts discussing about the recordings and shoot they did on these 7 days.

Radhika informs him that, “Teji is doing that work in arranging the things in order and article is yet to prepare”.

Arjun, “Well Radhika, i want that work to be done by today itself. I mean arranging the recording is fine it can be delayed max by tomorrow but i need the article today itself. So that we can give it for publishing by tomorrow and 1 more thing don’t forget to add my entry in Birdsong in the article and that is much more important”.

Radhika for a min stares him without blinking her eyes and gives him a unbelievable look and says, “ is a very short notice. it will definitely takes time for me to prepare the article. It cannot be done today sir”.

Arjun, “Why so? Are you stuck up with any other work? If so, Stop everything and do this. Give priority to me Radhika…”

Radhika lifts her eyes and looks him puzzled and Arjun continues, “I mean.. give priority to my work”. He smiles seeing her tensed look.

Radhika still tries to convince him but he did not obliged for her and says, “If it gets late also he will wait for her to drop her in home”.

Radhika says, “It’s ok sir. I will manage. If its over, shall i go back to my desk”.

Arjun nods and she leaves without seeing him. He understands that she is angry and smiles at her behaviour.

Radhika comes to her place and throws the notebook in anger and sits on her chair and holds her head for support. Sam and Teji looks at her state and comes to her. Sam patted her shoulder gently and asks about the problem. Radhika tells them everything and says, “Now i can’t come to see Neil”.

Sam did not know the real intention so she convinced her to concentrate on her work more than Neil. But Teji understands that something is cooking in Arjun’s mind and he thinks Radhika will have a tough time and he should be ready to support her. He tells Sam that, “Sam, i will also stay with radhika afterall we both only did the work it will be easy for her if i stayed with her and worked together”.

Sam also agrees for this and they all continues their work. Radhika did not go for lunch break also and doing the work Arjun gave. Arjun sees all this feels bad for his behaviour but he determined to not to allow her to meet Neil. He thinks that Neil & Radhika share a close bonding which might affect his relation with Radhika but he did not aware that Neil & Sam are in love with each other and Radhika is just his friend.

Sam & Teji get lunch for Radhika at her desk only and when she refused to take it they start feeding her like a child. Arjun sees all these from his room and smiles seeing their bonding and gets happy seeing Radhika is having food. He also went and have his food once she is done.

In the evening, everyone started leaving one by one. Finally Sam, Teji & Radhika are in office and after sometime Sam comes to her and tells her to leave early as much as possible and tells her to call her once she reached home. Radhika nodded and tells her to inform Neil about this and asks him to take care of him. Sam hugs her and leaves.

Arjun comes out of his cabin to see Radhika gets little shocked seeing Teji also with her. He thinks what Teji is doing here still. He sees him helping her in finishing the article. He thinks for a while and goes to his cabin and calls Teji and asks him to come to his cabin.

Teji hesitatingly goes inside and greets him. Arjun asks him to sit and asks, “How are you Teji? How is your leg now? have still pain is it?”

Teji is surprised and answers him happlily that, “No sir.. now am alright. Slightly the pain is there whenever i stress other than that..i am fine. Thanks”.

Arjun, “Hmm.. that’s good. So what are you doing still? Not leaving home?”

Teji, “No sir..actually Radhika is preparing an article for the interview we had with you, so i am helping her”.

Arjun, “ your recording arrangements are done is it?”

Teji stammers and says, “No sir..yet to complete. Inbetween i thought of helping radhika”.

Arjun, “Helping her is fine…but you know what i have one important work for you and only you can do now”.

Teji looks puzzled and says, “Yeah sure sir.. tell me what i need to do?”

Arjun, “Actually we need to get some files from our Branch office regarding the new project and i just joined today and i tried reaching some ppl but nobody is responding. If you don’t mind can you go to the branch office and get me the files”.

Teji becomes statue for a while and keeps his mouth open and only his eyes are rolling here and there behind his specs and thinks what to do.

Arjun waves his hand infront of him to make him to get into senses and asks, “Can you go there and get the files?”

Teji hesitatingly nods his head and leaves from his cabin. Arjun smiles thinking about his plan.

Teji comes to Radhika and says everything and looks on worried. Radhika comforts him and says, “Don’t worry, i will manage. Now i have to worry about you only. Go carefully and get the files ok”.

Teji gives her a warm hug and leaves from there. Radhika continues her work and did not notice that Arjun is watching all her actions.

After a few mins, Arjun comes to her place and asks, “Is everything ok Radhika?”

Radhika stumbles by hearing his voice and looks at him by sitting at her chair and says, “Yes sir.. everything is ok.”

Arjun, “So it is getting late now, how are you going home?”

Radhika, “I have my scooty sir.”.

And for him now it is a news and he gets upset hearing she will go on her own. He smiles fakingly and says, “He will get some fresh air and come back”. She nods and continues her work.

After sometime he comes having 2 cups of coffees and keeps 1 cup in her table. She says thanks and have it. He takes another one and goes to his cabin.

Its been more than 1 hr now and got very late. Sam is continously calling her to check whether she started or not but Radhika did not attend her or may be she did not notice it. Arjun comes out from his and is about to go to her but interrupted by a call from Teji. He attends it and Teji says, “Sir..i got stuck up with heavy traffic and is look like raining. I think it is very difficult for me to get the files and comes back to office”

Arjun smiles hearing this and says to him that, “It’s ok Teji. Then while coming to office tomorrow you bring that file with you. fine?”

Teji agrees for it and disconnects the call and tries reaching Radhika but did not get response. Arjun comes to her and asks, “How much work is pending radhika?”

Radhika sadly replies, “Few more are still pending sir. I don’t think so i can complete it by today. If you don’t mind shall i…”

Before she completes the line Arjun replies, “Finish it tomorrow Radhika. No problem. And now it is already late. Come will leave”.

Radhika gets happy and takes out her stuffs and says, “Thank you sir”.

Both heads to lift and goes down to take their vehicle to leave but Radhika gets shocked seeing her scooty punctured. She is in atmost shock now and wonders how she will go home.

Arjun smilingly going to his car and gives a side look to her. He feels pity on her and again comes to her and asks, “What happened radhika?”

Radhika answered him sadly, “My scooty tyre got punctured sir but in the morning it was fine only. I don’t know how i will go home now?”

Arjun says, “Don’t worry till i am here. I am there for you always. You can join with me. I will drop you in ur home”.

Radhika hesitates but later decides to go with him. She sits in the passenger seat in front. Arjun also takes his seat and drives off.

He plays the song in the audio system and yes it is his favourite song plays,

The song is from Minnale,

Poopol poopol nenjai koithaval,

(She plucks my heart like a flowers)

Minnalai Minnalai en paarvai parithaval

(She steals my vision like a lightening)

After hearing the song, Arjun reminiscies his first sight on her on the rainy day. He smiles remembering that day and turns to look at her. She looks outside the window and smiles hearing the song and slightly keeps her head outside and enjoys the chill breeze.

Arjun is mesmerized seeing her love smiling and thinks, “I want to keep you happy like this all your life and i know only i can do that”.

Radhika doesn’t notice anything and for now she is enjoying the ride and suddenly she saw something on the road and shouts at him to stop the car. Arjun is shocked and immediately stops the car and looks at her. She removes the seat belt and gets out from the car and starts running backwards. Arjun is wondered what this girl is doing. He also got down from the car and looks at the way she went and gives a unbelievable look at her who is in the chat stall.

He says, this girl is making me crazy day by day. God pls save me. he also starts walking towards the stall and waits for her. She asks him for chat and he said no she bought only for her and enjoys eating it. Arjun stares her lovingly for each and every action she does. He admires her like anything and it makes his love more on her.

He tells her that it is looking like raining and makes her to finish it fast so that before rain comes we can go home. She did not mind all those and eats it slowly.

Finally she finished it and he pays the amount to the shopkeeper and both walks towards the car. But to her surprise and to his shock, it starts raining and she started laughing and enjoying the rains on the road itself.

She started jumping and starts dancing like a kid. Arjun also got drenched in rain and tries to stop her acting. But she is not. He stares her from top to bottom in the wet dress and he feels that his nerves are getting heat by seeing her. He tries to control his feelings and calls her to get in car but she did not listen anything and dancing in the rain.

Finally he lifted her up in his arms and looks around to find any shelter and he found one and runs to the shed where it was covered with trees so no rain drops there. He makes her stand there and started scolding for her behaviour. She realise that he is angry so she kept quiet at one shout and kept her finger in her lips like a kid.

Arjun just loves her kiddish behaviour. He takes her hand and start wiping her face with his hands. At first she moves back but once he touches She felt heavenly and closed her eyes to enjoy this moment.

Arjun sees her and moves closer to her. She felt his presence very near due to his hot breathe on her. Her heart beats like a race and she just wants this moment to be freezed. Unknowingly her heart and body also started yearning for his closeness.

Arjun keeps both his hands on her face and starts admiring her. He gently kisses her forehead, then move to her eyes. He placed kiss on both her eyes and kisses her nose. She smiles but still closed her eyes. Her lips started shivering due to the coldness and he looks down at her lips and gently places a kiss.

Radhika gets goosebumps and her whole body reacted in a same way which arjun wants.Her nerves got freezed and she felt the passionate touch on her lips.

Their first kiss and she wants to go on his arms completely. He hold her tightly without stopping the liplock. He holds her waist and pressing hardly.

Radhika keeps her hands on his chest and slowly she moves her hands to his head and starts rubbing it.

The liplock hold them tightly for sometime and it gives them the meaning that they are the ones who made for each other. No one can seperate them. He starts holding her more tightly due to the fear of losing her. he don’t want to leave her not only now but anytime.

It was at first almost as if he hadn’t wanted to kiss her. His mouth was hard on hers, unyielding; then he put both arms around her and pulled her against him. His lips softened. She could feel the rapid beat of his heart, taste the sweetness of apples still on his mouth. She insert her hands into his hair, as if she’d wanted to do since the first time she’d seen him. His hair curled around her fingers, silky and fine. Her heart was hammering, and there was a rushing sound in her ears, like beating wings”

At last he released her from his grip and looks at her with bunch of loves in his eyes. She opened her eyes and looks at him lovingly. They both lost into each other’s and there the call comes to disturb them.

They both come to reality and moves away and feels embarassed. He attends the call, it was Nandini. he looks disturbed by hearing her voice and looks at Radhika who turns her head away to avoid his gaze. he answered saying on the way.

Arjun sees Radhika feeling cold, so he gave his overcoat to cover her and takes her with him.

Inside the car, both doesn’t utter a single word and it is damn full silent.

Precap: Radhika takes off for office and Arjun is restless of not seeing Radhika in office.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions. Hope aastha i dint cheat you this time and have given you what you expected 😛 😛 😛

Credit to: Sathya

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