Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 16)


Thank you so much all for ur lovely comments. I am so so happy that you all liked my plot. Ok lets get into the episode.

Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 16)

Recap: Nandini throws the party for the business circle, Arjun gifts radhika a beautiful party wear, Nesam entry in the party and Arjun gets angry seeing Radhika with another man.

Radhika hugs Sam tightly and expresses her happiness seeing them after a long time. While doing so she saw Arjun standing behind Sam and gives radhika an angry look. Radhika did not understand why he is staring her like that but she decided to go and talk to him. She steps forward to Arjun but suddenly she gets dragged by Neil and Sam & Teji also follows them. Arjun is now at the top of his anger holds his fist to control him emotions and a group of members fns him thre and joins with him to have the business discussion.
Arjun gives them a fake smile and continues talking to them but his concentration is only on searching Radhika. Nandini is watching all these from far and smirk saying, “I will not allow that girl to come near to my Arjun”.

They all 4 goes to the bar counter and asks the bartender to supply the drinks for all of them. Radhika refused it and just enjoys seeing them having a nice time. They have a chit chat aftr a long time.

Radhika, “So Neil…when you guys came back and how you came here?”

Neil, “Oh my dear chasniii….i missed you so much dear. I regret now..i should have got you with me instead of taking this lady” pointing to Sam.

Sam starts beating him badly and says, “Chasni..don’t believe him. You know what he always used to roam around and do the work last minute…and you know what he told me… good that i did not gt Radhika with me otherwise she would have not allowed me to enjoy all this and now he is blaming me”.

Radhika stares Neil and gives a fake anger look. Neil completelt surrenders and says, “Sorry” by keeping a pout face.

Radhika says, “Hmm fine fine. But one thing i am sure is that, You both doesn’t need anybody else’s company. You guys are made for each other..though you blame each other and fights with each cannot be with the third person and that is the universal truth”.

Nesam blushes seeing each other and hugs. Radhika and Teji cheers them up and suddenly Radhika feels that she is missing no..someone. She thinks to meet Arjun and talks to him. She gets excuse from them moves to the party hall to find Arjun. Suddenly Radhika feels a strong grip in her wrist and before she realise what it is she gets pulled towards some cornerand gets locked into a warm arms. Her face is now hide in his chest. She gets panic and is about to shout but stops seeing Arjun. She blinks at him and simultaneously she tries to free herself from his grip. But the more she tries, the more he tightens the grip.

Radhika hesitatingly says, “Sir…pls leave me. What are you doing? what if some one sees us like this?”

Arjun without leaving his grip, “This thought you should have got when some one hugs and lifts you in the hall”.

Radhika now understands his angry and somehow she feels little happy inside seeing his jealous but she did not want to continue that feeling and so she tries hardly now to get release from him.

Radhika, “Sir…how does that matter to you? They are my friends and i am seeing them after a long time. That is the way of expressing the happiness”.

Arjun pulls her more close to him and leans to her ears and says, “I don’t like it when some one touches you execpt me..i don’t mind if it is your friend or some body else”.

Radhika feels cold and shiver by hearing his voice so close and looks at his eyes without blinking. She finds the determination in his eyes and it says to her that only he has right on her.

They both lost into a deep and intense eye lock. He slowly lifts her chin more up and says, “You look gorgeous in this dress” and stares her lips and leans close to kiss her. Radhika knows what is happening but she is unable to stop herself and she closes her eyes when he comes close to her. When he is about to kiss her suddenly, Kaka’s voice disturbs them and he tells Arjun that Nandini is searching for him. They both get embarassed and gets seperated seeing him. Arjun nods him and goes from there to see Nandini. Radhika stands there alone and don’t know how to react and felt awkward. kaka smiles seeing her and goes from there.

Radhika goes to her gang and joins with them and starts having a jolly talk with them. They finds all their Birdsong higher management ppl and thinks why they came here. They all go to the party venue and finds Nandini & Arjun at the center of attraction. When Arjun is about to announce something..suddenly Neil feels like puking..he runs outside and other 3 also follows him and they missed the announcement made by Arjun.

Neil becomes normal and decides to leave from there. Radhika tells Sam to leave with Neil and she & Teji will come later. Nesam left the place and Radhu & Teji comes inside and finds Arjun is wished by so many ppl and she finds Nandini irked.

Teji and Radhika also goes to him and thought that it for different they also wished him and informs him that they are leaving today. Arjun looks at Radhika and tells that, “Don’t wory Teji.. i wont allow you people to go far from me”.

Radhika looks him puzzled and thinks herself that, “After today…defintely she is not gonna meet him then why he said like that?” She greets him, Nandini and leaes from there. Arjun sends them in his car to their respective places.

After the party is over..evreyone starts leaving and soon the house becomes empty. Arjun also goes to him room and takes rest. The maids continues their work. Nandini goes to her room and leans on the chair and starts thinking about the announcement he made in the party.


Arjun starts telling that, “I want to share my success and happiness with you all and this is the right time to announce this great news. Arjun Mehra companies will get additional services in its list. Till now i have not been involved only Media side and now i decided to increase my empire to media side also.”

Nandini is shocked and stuns hearing his announcement and she could not stop him infront of everyone. Arjun continues, “Yes…I bought a an Advertising Agency which is running successfully till now, i am gonna involve myself directly there and look after the improvements what i can do. It is None other that Birdsong Advertising Agency private ltd. This deal has been already signed by their management and from my side. From tomorrow onwards i will be official chairperson for this Agency. The management team and the current employees will continue as it is..there will not be any change in that”.

Everyone are praising and applauding him for the acheivements and successful steps in the business. Except Nandini, all are happy and starts wishing him. Nandini slowly whispers in his ears, “Arjun, why u did not inform me this earlier? And you not even asked me before you sign this deal?”

Arjun smilingly replies, “I did not get time to inform you prior mom…and i know it will be a surprise for you and you will be happy”. Nandini gives him a fake smile and stands silently.

FB ends.

Nandini to herself, “What is happening? Arjun never do any activity without informing me and now he signed a big deal and not even informed me. Something is wrong i have to find and sort it out before it goes out of my hand”.

Radhika reaches her home and puts herself onto the bed after changing everything. Soon she falls asleep thinking about her moments with Arjun.

Next day, she wakes up and gets ready for office. She finds it little differently but did not realise what it is and why?. She takes her scooty and reaches office.

When she entered office she finds the employees discusses something by forming a group. She finds Teji, Nesam at one corner and joins with them and enquires them.

Sam, “Chasnii…there is a change in the management yar.. today a new chairperson is joining in our Agency and now on he is the decision maker it seems.”

Radhika gets relaxed saying, “So what… how it gonna affect us yar? We will always do our work and why do we have to bother about this?”

Suddenly everyone gets alert seeing new chair person there. Radhika turns to see who it is and finds Arjun there and gets shocked. She is speechless and wonders what is he doing?”

Precap: Ardhika leaves office last and stuck in the rain. Ardhika’s first liplock ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: sathya

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