Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 15)


Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments 🙂 i am so happy to see your love on this FF. Thanks a means a lot to me.

About the mysteries i will reveal it slowly one by one. So ple pls pls be patience for some more time. And Radhika had developed feelings by seeing the painting but when she faces the reality that its Arjun…she has a soft corner for him but she is not able to confirm about her feelings to him now. Even she itself don’t know what is stopping her. But on the other side whatever it may be, Arjun’s only aim now is to get Radhika in his life at any cost.

Yeah and about Nandini, i dont need to say anything now all of you would have guessed her character. She is one lady who wants to control everything. She likes to be the superior person and she always wants to do and for that she will go to any extent.

So i gave some hints and now will go to the episode.

Here you go with the episode 15

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 15)

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Recap: Nandini gets irked seeing Ardhika together. Arjun gifts Radhika a beautiful party wear and he decides to surprise Nandini in the party.

Radhika is shocked what she heard now from Kaka. She rethinks the words which Kaka said just now and it echoes in her mind, ‘Arjun is a very good person but his life is already ruined and is ruining now. Pls save him”.

She gets more confused and rubs her forehead and thinks,”why kaka said like that? Why i have to save Arjun?”. She thinks a lot but she couldn’t get any clue and slowly she falls asleep without having dinner.

Day 7- last Day in Arjun’s home

Radhika gets up little late and worries about yesterday’s happenings. She wants to avoid thinking that but often it comes to her mind. She freshen up and comes out from her room and sees the servants are busy in doing the arrangements for the party. She see Kaka in one end doing the work slowly with full concentration. She stares him continously and soon the gaze reaches Kaka and he feels strange and looks at Radhika who is still staring him.

Kaka looks here and there and he tries to say something through his eyes but all in vain. Soon he called by Nandini and he goes away from that place.Radhika gets coffee from another maid and she walks in the living hall by having coffee and she is zooming all over the area. She keeps the cup at the kitchen comes near the stairs. She saw the store room and thinks to go inside. She slowly goes up and enters inside the store room before any one sees.

She starts searching something even she doesn’t know what she wants to search. But simply she is searching and digging the old boxes and all. She sees a case kept at the corner and goes near to that. she finds it locked and and search for the keys but she couldn’t get it. She comes out silently and runs to her room. All these are watching by kaka and he goes & lock the store room and leaves.

Radhika in her room finds tensed and walks here and there by biting her nail and thinks what should be in that case. Now she cannot decide anything and she worries that today is the last day in this house and after this she cannot come back and will not be able to find anything. She gets upset and sits on the bed sadly.

A mirror image comes infront of her and asks, “Do you really worry that you cannot come back to find anything related to Nandini or you worry that you cannot spend time or meet Arjun like this?”

Radhika gets jerked off by this question and looks shocked.

Image, “Mm come on Radhika. Answer my question. For what you really worry?”

Radhika is now really gone to a deep thinking and looks on confusingly and says, “I remember Kaka’s words, i want to Save Arjun sir”.

Image started laughing at her and says, “Save Arjun…very funny. Do you think you can really do it?”

Radhika nods as Yes.

Image, “So how you gonna do that? And btw who are you to save Arjun first? What is your relation with him?”

Radhika is shaked by these questions and did not answer for it.

Image, “I will tell you. You love him and you don’t want him to be in trouble so that you want to save him as per that kaka’s statement. Am i right?”

Radhika is stunned by hearing the word Love and immediately nodded as No and said, “No…No…i don’t love Arjun sir. I…I.. Just wanna help him”.

Image, “Did he say to you that he is problem?”

Radhika, “No”

Image, “Then? Why you feel that he is really in problem?”

Radhika, “I don’t know but i feel it”.

Image, “You feel for him right. Your heart feels that he has some problem right?”

Radhika, “Yes”.

Image, “Then what is the name for this kind of feelings radhika?”

Radhika blinks at the image and says, “Its just a humanity”.

Image, “Bullshit…just go and tell this answer to someone else. I am your inner soul dear..i know each and everything about you and what you are feeling now?”

Radhika, “Then what, do you think i am in love with him?”

Image, “Ofcourse yes dear. You are in deep love with him but you did not realise it”.

Radhika, “ cannot happen. It is Impossible”.

Image, “why so? It can be possible dear because he also loves you. Don’t you feel that?”

Radhika remembers Arjun’s activities and closes her eyes tightly and says, “He is just caring me that i am staying in his house. That’s it. Nothing more than that”.

Image, “Radhika, we can make the people understand who are ready to realise, but you just blinded your eyes and not ready to open to see the reality”.

Radhika, “I dont want anything. I just wanna go from here right after the party and after that i will not face Arjun sir. I dont want all these problems in my life”.

Image, “Your fate doesn’t allow this radhika. You are born to face problems, you are born to face Arjun, you are born to feel his love for you and you are born to live with him. First you keep this in your mind”.

Radhika holds her head tightly & closed her eyes and shouts, “I don’t want to hear anything. Just go away from here”.

Teji who comes to her room stands at the door and blinks at her and says, “Radhika…i just came and did not say anything”.

Radhika opens her eyes in a shock and looks at Teji who is in same shock seeing his buddy in full tension mode.

Teji comes to her and pats her shoulder saying, “What happened Radhu? You looks so tensed. Any problem?”

Radhika gives him a fake smile and says, “Nothing Teji…what happen? y u came here? u need anything?”

Teji, “No..simply thought of checking what you are doing? And i just want to give you a hint that today in the party you will have a big surprise”.

Radhika smiles and asks, “surprise? What is that?”

Teji nodded as no and says, “You will get to know in the party. ok its getting late now..get ready for the party and will enjoy as much as we can…after all today is our last day here and will miss all these luxuries after this na”.

Immediately Radhika gets sad hearing his statement and all the moments spent with Arjun comes to her flash and makes her more sad.

Teji leaves from her room and Radhika also slowly gets ready for the evening party. She takes the bag from the ward drobe and opens it. It has a very beautiful party wear chosen by Arjun for her.

It is the Modest coral bridesmaid dresses with cap sleeves lace bridesmaid dress chiffon evening dresses for parties. She gently rolls her fingers over that and takes out from the box to wear it.

Link below for Radhika’s party wear

At the living hall, Guests are slowly reaching the venue one by one. Nandini greets them with a broad smile and do the gesturing properly to them. she waits for Arjun and Mahi to come down together but finds only Mahi coming down like a dumb by keeping a pout face. She comes to Nandini and says, “Arjun doesn’t need me. He always asking me to go..go..go. He never talks to me and if it is that Radhika means, he himself going behind her. I feel very insulted. I don’t like it..i want to go back to my home. I will tell my dad everything”.

Nandini gets tensed and calms her down and says, “Mahi..listen, don’t worry about radhika. Today is her last in this house and after that she will not be seen in this area itself. Your only target should be Arjun OK. If he insults you also..don’t take it seriously..might be because of this party tension…but he also likes you if not make him to like you. Just for this small things don’t take it to your dad. we will solve it together. I am here na. I always support you. So don’t worry”.

suddenly there is some whispers in the party and all their eyes moves to the stairs and stops seeing Arjun the future king of the Business world is stepping down from the stairs with a neat smile on his face.

Link for Arjun’s party wear

All the girls stares him like anything and it clearly visible by their heavy breathe that he looks so hot. But his eyes searches for one and only his love. He searches for her and comes down and stands near Nandini. Nandini praises his looks and looks at his tension of not seeing Radhika. She gets irked but did not show it out.

Soon Arjun’s vision stands at one place and stares at her from top to bottom. Yes it is his Radhika who comes out from her room with the beautiful party wear gifted by Arjun. Arjun is now really proud of himself about his choice obviously he has to because his love Radhika also his choice right. He just scanning her each and every movement. Radhika who is little tensed and starts searching for Arjun unknowingly. Her eyes also stares at him and looks at him lovingly. She asks him about her looks through her eyes. He signs as fantastic. SHe gets happy and walks towards him. Arjun also comes out from nandini’s hands and started walking towards her.

Suddenly to her surprise, a two strong hands covers radhika by her waist and lifts her up and starts rolling her and shouts, “chasniiiiiii”. Radhika is scared at first but after hearing the voice she too gets happy and gets down to see him. It is none other than Neil her best buddy. They both share a tight hug and she becomes so happy that she forget a person who is standing there with red blood eyes. Yes Arjun who boils in anger seeing their closeness.

Radhika gets a pat on her shoulder and hears, “So you forgot about me?”. She turns and finds Sam there and now her happiness gets doubled and she hugs her too happily. While hugging her radhika sees Arjun at the back who is in full anger mood. She did not understand his reaction first and looks at him tensedly.

Precap: Arjun’s surprise to Nandini. Radhika is shocked finding Arjun as her new boss in Birdsong.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions. Actually i m missing some of my regular readers. Guys pls pls do comments…it really means a lot to me.

Credit to: Sathya

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