Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 14)


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Here you go with the episode 14

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 14)

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Recap: Nandini’s entry and Radhika’s interest on knowing more about her.

Nandini takes Arjun and Mahima with her. Radhika is in full confusion after hearing kaka’s statement and she decided to find out the past of their lives. She helps Teji to go to his room and she also about to go to her room but she is disturbed by some whispers in the kitchen area. She silently goes there and heard the conversation.

1 maid: These 4 days this house was very calm and peaceful. See now madam came and again everything will be in her control and we have to dance accordingly.

2 maid: said correctly now madam got another girl…and i feel somehow she is also like our madam only. If this happens then soon i will get out of this home.. i cannot work here.

1 maid: ok leave it…we will see that later..come will go before some one sees us.

Radhika is puzzled hearing their conversation and remembers the scene which happened before once Nandini came, how Arjun feels happy seeing her, New girl entry and last but not least Kaka’s statement. She hold her head and sits on the dining table for sometime and starts thinking.

Finally she decided to ask her family about Nandini and this time she makes sure that she should get positive answer.

After sometime, Radhika is about to go to her room, she saw Nandini comes out of it and looks at Radhika who is climbing the stairs.

Nandini comes down and stops her saying, “Radhika, i have arranged a room for u in the ground floor itself…and i think that will be comfortable for you. And btw who gave you the room in the upstairs especially Arjun’s room?”

Radhika hesitates little bit but says, “Arjun sir only alloted that room to me”.

Nandini’s face reaction changes seeing her and replies,’That’s ok. So now i have given that room to Mahi, you can take your things and shift to another room”.

Radhika nodded and goes to the room to pack her stuffs. She goes inside and finds the door attached to Arjun’s room is still locked but she is hearing a laughing sound from that room. She gets irritated and starts packing her things fastly and moves to another room which is unaware by Arjun still.

Nandini makes Arjun spend time with Mahima and informs others not to disturb them. Soon Arjun comes downstairs searching for Radhika and ends up with meeting Nandini in the living hall. She wonders why he is so tensed and ask him what happened.

Arjun, “Mom, i did not find Radhika in her room. Where is she?”.

Nandini is puzzled and thinks why he is so caring about her and replies, “I have shifted her to another room Arjun”.

Arjun, “But why mom?”

Nandini is little shocked and says, “Arjun, u never asked me why? and this is the first time you are questioning me? Did i do anything really wrong?”

Arjun realizes his statement and composes himself and says, “No mom..not like that..i just asked bcoz interview is not over right….”

Nandini smiles and says, “It’s ok.. you can continue in the evening”.

Arjun, “Ok Mom”.

He looks here and there and did not find Radhika in the hall and gets upset. Nandini finds some difference and tension in him and gets into a thinking.

She calls Kaka and ask him to come with her. They both go to study room and she sits on the Chair and asks him, “What happened these 4 days? I need to know each and everything”.

Kaka tells her everything but hides Arjun’s care and interest towards Radhika. Nandini starts planning something and asks him to leave.

Nandini to herself, “Something is wrong. Before it becomes a big problem i have to do something”.

Till evening Radhika did not come out from her room only and tries reaching her family but every body is busy in the function. she is tired and slept. She woke up in the evening and gets ready with the script and comes out to continue the interview. Meanwhile Arjun also got ready and comes down and stops seeing Radhika from the other end of the room.

He runs to her and holds her by shoulder and asks, “Without informing me, y u changed ur room. I should have spoken to mom right”.

Radhika finds disturbed and says, “Sir…there is nothing wrong in that. Y r u behaving wierdly”.

Arjun realises his tension and calms him down and asks, ‘Sorry…so all set ready to continue the interview”

Radhika, “Yes Sir. Will go to the lawn and continue our shooting”.

Ardhika goes out to the lawn and Radhika starts arranging the camera angle. Arjun continuosly stares her without even blinking his eyes and smiles seeing her getting distracted by her hairs. He moves close to her and tuckles her hairs behind her ears and smiles. Radhika also smiles at him and tells him to start.

All these are watching by Nanding from her room balcony and gets irritated seeing Arjun’s closeness towards radhika. She stands there till the interview gets over and when they gets into home, she calls Arjun to her room.

Nandini smiles seeing him and says, “Arjun…its been a long time we have a i decided to keep a party to all our business friends to show your victory to the world and i need to inform something important in that party too. So you inform your PA to do all the necessary arrangements.

Arjun is surprised hearing this and becomes clueless what his mom is upto. He calls his PA and informs her about the party on day after tomorrow (means 7th day) and he
informs to invite the Birdsong higher officials also in that party.

Arjun disconnects the call and says to himself that, “Mom, the surprise is for you not for me. I am sure you will be very happy knowing this after all you want my happiness only na”.

In the late evening, he searches for Radhika in her room but could not find her. He goes to lawn and finds her sitting in the bench by looking at the sky. He admires her simplicity and adores her a lot. He goes to her and sits beside and asks, “So finally you found your love?”. Radhika jerks off by hearing his voice and looks at him and asks,”Love? it’s impossible sir”.

Arjun, “Why it is Impossible radhika? Just read like this na I m possible”.

Radhika neglects his answer and asks, “What are you doing here? Your mom would be waiting for you to spend time with you na”.

Arjun, “You never know about my mom..She is a strong lady and she can manage any situation. It’s true that i am her world but am not her only also she would be in call with Event management team about the party arrangements. She wants the best for me”.

Radhika smiles seeing his love for his mom and soon her smile fades thinking why mala lied to her about Nandini if she is so good.

Ardhika gets disturbed by Mahi who calls Arjun’s name, finds him in lawn and sits inbetween Ardhika and starts her chanting with him. Radhika feels bad but she did not show it to them and silently leaves from that place. Arjun notices this and gets upset seeing his love moving from him. He angrily stares at Mahima but she thought that he is looking at her lovingly. Arjun now really gets irritated and gets up immediately when she is about to hug him. He tells her that he has some important calls and he rushes inside leaving her alone in the garden.

Mahima thinks whats wrong with him and thinks about Arjun Radhika bond and how he smiles while talking to her. Her dejection from Arjun turns into a jealous mode towards radhika now.

Mahima goes to Nandini and tells her about everything which happened. Nandini in her mind, “It’s not right. I cannot leave Arjun from my hand and this mahima she is the one whom i chose for Arjun, then only i can keep him in my control and mahima also will be under my control, otherwise all my efforts will get wasted. I have to work fast”.

Nandini gets disturbed by mahima’s blabber and somehow she consoled her and sent to her room and sits down to make a next move.

Day 6-

Teji becomes normal slowly and he is able to walk alone. But still radhika helped him and they both decided to wrap up the interview today itself coz they have covered almost every part of his day to day life. Arjun came to Teji’s room and heard their conversation and tells them that, “You both cannot go from here so easily. You have to attend tomorrow’s party and especially You radhika. I will not let you leave like this.”

Radhika, “Sir, we shoot your party and all and that’s not my job. Our work is done and we gathered most of the information about you. So we have to wrap up soon and starts developing our next activity in this.”

Arjun, “I am not asking you dear.. i am just telling you that you will be here tomorrow in party. And i want you to be in a special dress which i am choosing it for you”.

Radhika, “But why sir? i don’t like it and i don’t want it all”.

Arjun, “Radhika, pls dont be so adamant. Nothing will happen if you stay here 1 more day extra. Don’t show too much attitude, it doesn’t look good on u”.

The whole day Teji and Radhika spent time on arranging the shoots they have done these days. Till evening they both were busy in their own world and no one disturbed them also and don’t want also.

Arjun came in the evening with the bags and hands one to Teji and another to Radhika and asks her to wear it tomorrow.

Radhika refused to take it but Arjun forces her and without any other option she unwillingly accepted it…just to escape from him.

Arjun felt very happy and thinks, “I know am forcing you in everyway…the only reason for that is i don’t want to lose you. You are my precious girl. I don’t want to lose at any cost. If at all i have to force you to come in to my life..without any other thought i will do that also”.

Radhika at one side she is feeling happy seeing Arjun’s care but her mind is not ready to accept that. Both lost in their own thoughts and gets back to their work.

All finished their dinner and goes to sleep early to look after the arrangements for the party. Radhika did not come for dinner, Arjun worried for her and he tells Kaka to give dinner in her room itself.

Kaka takes the food and goes to her room and finds her thinking something seriously. he interrupts her thought and says he brought food for her.

Radhika thanks him and asks, “Shall i ask you one thing?”

Kaka nods and she continues, “what is the meaning for the last statement you murmured yesterday?”

Kaka is shocked and looks here and there scaringly. Radhika understands that he is getting scared for some one and when he is about to leave she holds his hands and asks, “i will try to look out for good. You can belive me”.

Kaka is emotional now and cups her face saying, “Arjun is a very good person but his life is already ruined and is ruining now. Pls save him”.

Radhika is now really shell shocked and did not understand any thing from his statement. Kaka goes from there leaving her thinking.

Precap: Arjun mesmerized seeing her in the dress he chose for her in the party. Arjun goes to Radhika but stops seeing someone from behind her hugs and lifts her up and started rolling her shouting saying “Chasniiiiiii”. Arjun boils in anger seeing them.

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Credit to: Sathya

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    1. Thank you so much Gauri 🙂 I will reveal the secrets one by one…soon. Pls pls bare me with some patience 🙂

  2. Hey Sathya darling its superb… aradhika’s state of mind described really fabulous… Nandini is in devil role…I guess Neil calls her chashniii…i was just flowing in the story n didn’t want to end it…amazing..waiting for nxt…love you dear.. stay blessed…

    1. Thank you so much Dipu 🙂 I am so happy for ur lovely comments 🙂 Keep commenting

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    1. He he he 🙂 Ofcourse…Neil is the one who can tempt Arjun to move close to Radhika…and for that he always gets in to Arjun’s anger 🙂

  8. So much suspense in this story it’s mind blowing. Why does Nandini want to control Arjun, and what connection does she have with Radhika’s family? Waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Brin 🙂 🙂 :). Nandini’s control over Arjun and connection with Radhika everyting i wll unfold one by one..pls be patience dear 🙂

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    Superb……..amazing………pls update nxt part soon na…..

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    1. Thank u so much Shree kutty 🙂 Radhika developed feelings without knowing that it is Arjun…and now she is not confirmed about her feelings after seeing him and Though sometimes she will bad seeing him with Mahi, she will understand her inner feelings slowly…that will be in future episodes.

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