Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 13)


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Here you go with the episode 13

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 13)

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Recap: Radhika realized her dream man is none other than Arjun but did not show her feelings. Arjun gave a day off to her on Day 4 and watching her going out.

Arjun dialed a number and says, “Hello” and tells him something which is muted. He put down his phone and looks the way she went and says to himself, “You can’t go out of my hand Radhika and i will not let that happen so easily”. He smiles and goes to his room.

Radhika gets an auto and reaches the hospital where Teji is admitted. She stays with him and gets to know that today evening only we can take him to home. They informed that they need Arjun’s signature to discharge since he only admitted him. She agrees and tells Teji that they will come in the evening.

Again she takes an auto and tells him the address where to go. She lost herself in her own thoughts and thinks, “What is happening to me? Why i always gets nervous by seeing his presence near me? And why he always behind me..he knows each and everything about me and controls me..why? Oh god… what is this? I came out just to get escape from his gaze atleast for a day but now also am thinking about him only. God pls help me na..plssss”

Soon she reached her society and goes to open the door but finds shocked seeing it is already unlocked. She gets scared and rushes inside to see who came in. She enters the hall and checks everywhere and finds no one there. She goes to each and every room and finds it empty and gets puzzled seeing no one there but how come the door is opened. She heard some noise in her room and flashes that she did not check her room yet. She runs to her room and opened the door and gets shocked seeing Arjun there staring the painting she drawn. She is shell shocked now and breathes heavily seeing him there. Arjun stares the painting and touches it softly and without turning to her he said, “Welcome home Radhika”.

Arjun continues, “Nice painting. Did you paint is it? Hmm good you are really a talented girl.I appreciate it. By the way radhika, May i know who is this in this painting?”. Now he turns to her and looks at her reactionless face.

He moves towards and takes her both hands and kisses it and says, “A price for your art”. Radhika did not understand what is happening, she just stands like a idol and looks at him blindly. Some how she comes to her senses and takes her hands out from his and asks him, “Sir, how come you are in my home? And how do you know first of all that i will come here and i did not even inform you anything? What is happening here?”

Arjun smiles at her confused reaction and in his mind voice, “Where ever you go…My destination will always be you Radhika”.

Arjun says to her, “It’s not a big deal Radhika…I have all yours and Teji’s house address with my PA. I collected it when i agreed for your interview. So don’t think too much with your small brain. See how are you looking now”.

Arjun takes out his hand key and starts wiping her sweat, Radhika realized the closeness and moves back from him. Arjun looks at her tensed face and takes her near to the painting and asks, “Who is this guy Radhika? I find him very similar to me. Is it really me orrrr?” By saying this he looks suspiciously at her reaction.

Radhika stumbles by his question and stammers saying, “No…No…Sirr… it is my Friend’s picture. he asked me to draw of picture of him…to tease him i did his back pose”. She gives a sigh relief after saying this but she did not see Arjun’s reaction.

Arjun shrinks his eyes and puts a strong look at her and moves close to her and asks, “Friend?”

Radhika is looking at the floor with her heads down and as it is widened her eyes by hearing his voice so close and slowly lifts her eyes and looks at him standing very close. She felt some difference in his look but couldnot understand it. But she is sure that it is not a normal look.

Arjun again asks her, “Friend means?”.

Radhika now understands his question and look and decided to give him back, “Friend means..Friend”.

Arjun folds his fist tightly and asks him, “Is it only Friendship?”. His voice becomes so stern that Radhika couldn’t face him and answer his question. She moves her gaze somewhere and says, “As of now only Friendship…but we can’t predict the future right?”
Arjun now gives her a cold look and says, “I can predict Radhika. I will tell you now. He will always be your friend only and if in case if a single step goes beyond this limit..then this friendship also will not be there”.

Radhika froze hearing his statement and now she is really angry and couldn’t shut her mouth and blurted out saying, “You cannot decide my life sir..i have not given that right to anyone except my parents. You can rule the business world but not everyone and especially me. It is very difficult”.

Arjun is surprised seeing her anger on him and smirks at her saying, “I like to fight for my rights radhika. It is all about a business will not understand now but soon you will. Anyways, i got a call from Ashram, we will go there and spend some time and will go to hospital to discharge Teji, so shall we move”.

Radhika nods and seeing Arjun goes out from her room. She turns to the painting and goes near to it and says, “I never ever imagined this kind of shades in you. I was happy when i did not see your face but now i felt a strange feeling may be fear..after seeing you. I miss you badly”. She says the last statement by touching the picture gently and goes out.

Ardhika drives to Ashram, and on the way both did not talk to each other and not even look. There was a heavy silence inside the car which both did not like. Arjun kept quiet just to avoid the arguements with her but Radhika now did not like to talk to him so she also kept quiet.

They both spend some time in the ashram wih the kids and in the evening they headed to hospital. All the formalities are over and they discharged Teji. Everyone reachs home. He asks the maid to help Teji till he is here. Radhika silently goes to her room and falls on the bed without even changing her cloths.

She simply stares the ceiling and reminisices her moments with Arjun and closes her eyes tightly to avoid his thoughts. She did not change and went down for dinner. she slept as it is by thinking about Arjun.

Arjun also did not want to force her for everything. As far as he understood that it is not good atleast for him to force Radhika to do the things. He wants to give her some free space and wants her to feel for him too. By thinking each other both falls asleep.

Day 5-

Next day, Ardhika gets ready and goes down. But Arjun said that today the interview is all about his personal life, so he told her to finish it off in home itself. Radhika agrees to it and prepares for it. Now She has to do both Teji’s part also. She starts shooting and simultaneously shoots the question to him about his family.

The servants and Teji all are watching this interview without disturbing them.

Radhika, “So sir, Since these days we observed your day to day life in your business world and today we all want to know about your personal side. Can you please speak out about your family?”

Arjun, “My business world is very big but i have a very small family which is of me and my mom and she is my world and everything to me.

Radhika, “Great to know sir…Shall we know more about her?”

Arjun smiles and says, “Her name is…”

Suddenly to everyone’s surprise they heard a female voice saying in a bold tone, “NANDINI”.

All turned to the side where the voice comes and surprised to see her standing there at the entrance with a smiling face. She looks bold and modern and the servants looks at each other and nods their heads to each other and went inside to continue their work.

Radhika is super shocked seeing her directly and continues staring without blinking her eyes. Nandini walks towards Arjun and he also smiles seeing her. She goes to him and hugs him saying, ” I MISS YOU SO MUCH ARJUN”.

Arjun, “Miss you too mom”.

Radhika becomes statue and observes each and everything of Nandini. Arjun introduces Radhika and Teji to Nandini. Nandini smiles seeing Radhika and cups her face saying, “She looks so cute and beautiful”.

Arjun is so happy seeing his mom likes Radhika but radhika is completely out of focus now. Her mind is thinking about how she is related to her family.

Nandini then turns to Arjun and says, “I have a surprise for you”. By saying this she turns to the door side and says, “You can come in now”. Arjun, Radhika and Teji and Kaka (elder Servant) turns and finds a modern stylish girl who dresses upto her knees with high heels and strapless short fit tight dress walking towards them.

All are stunned to see her and continues staring her. Teji’s eyes becomes widened and he adjusts his specs and staring that girl like anything. She moves towards Arjun and extends her hands saying, “Hi Arjun, I am Mahima…Mahi”

Arjun gives his hands to her and they both share a light hug. Nandini is so happy seeing them and tells Radhika , “As Arjun said it was a small family till now and soon it will be extended. I guess we will finish this interview all here itself and we want to spend time with family. So please excuse us”.

She takes Arjun & Mahi with her and goes to their room. Arjun felt bad leaving Radhika there but he cannot oppose his mom. Radhika is completely lost and decides to find the secret between Nandini and her family.

kaka gives a heavy breathe and murmurs, “Hmm…one came and destroyed and now another”. Radhika listens and looks at him confusingly. Kaka notices her look and silently moves to his place.

She looks at the way Nandini went and the screen freezes her on her determined face.

Precap: Nandini exchanges Radhika’s room to ground floor and puts Mahi in that room. Nandini finds difference in Arjun’s behaviour when he sees Radhika.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

Credit to: Sathya

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