Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 12)


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Manmarziyan – My Impossible love (Episode 12)

Recap: Arjun gets unwell and Radhika cares him. Radhika finds her dream man is none other than Arjun.

Radhika is staring Arjun continuously. She never expected this affection, kindness in him and this is really sweet surprise for her. As per her perception, Arjun is a

rough and tough business man who will go to any extent to make his desire true. But now everything is changed. She is amazed to see his kind nature and this makes her

to change her perception about him. Without her permission, her heart starts melting towards him and ofcourse she is unaware of it. Arjun notices Radhika stares him

and waves his hands on her face. Radhika comes to senses and feels embarassed seeing his smirks towards her.

She turns to the boy and talks to him for sometime and greets his mother also. Both leave from there and drives off to home. There is a dark silence in the car till

they reaches home. Radhika gets down immediately and rushes to her room but stops seeing the doctor in the living hall. She greets him and looks at arjun who is coming

behind her and gets shocked seeing the doctor there. He looks at Radhika once and gets tensed slightly. Radhika notices his tension and tells him that she will prepare

coffee for them. While saying that she goes to kitchen and starts preparing it but still her mind is thinking about Arjun’s shock face only. She prepared the coffee

and goes to hall to give them but no one is there. She looks everywhere and sees the study room door is half opened. She moves towards it and hears their conversation.

Doctor, “Arjun, you are not at all listening my words. You are just recovering not completely recovered. You have to follow the medicines properly then only you can

come out of that trauma.

Arjun, “I understand doctor. See these many days i was normal only. Due to some tension yesterday i fainted. Its not that serious…i am normal now. Look at i

behaving wierdly?”

Doctor nods as no and gives a sigh relief and says, “ANyways Arjun, its my duty to tell you and i am doing that but its your responsibility to take care of your

health. hope you are doing that. Fine i am getting late.. i will take leave now.”

Radhika who is standing at the door hears the convresation but did not understand anything out of it. She looks blank and stands still at the same place holding the

coffee tray with full of confusions in her face.

Doctor and Arjun came out and gets shocked seeing her at the door and looks each other. Arjun shakes her and asks when she came. She replied just now. Doctor smiles at

her and takes the coffee and praises her preparation and leaves from there. Arjun gives a fake smile to him and stares radhika intensely. Radhika did not notice

anything and her mind is full of their conversation only and she tries to find out some loop whole in that but all in vain.

She sets evrything n the kitchen and goes to her room. She falls on her bed but she cannot be in peace. Because now her mind and heart is full and full occupied by one

and only Arjun. Her heart thinks about his kind nature and how she draws his picture and how she used to speak to that painting etc etc.. but her mind is occupied with

the conversation which Arjun and Doctor has. But she couldnt decide anything on that.

She rolls on the bed and gets restless. She gets up and moves to the balcony. She enjoys the chill breeze and becomes happy in that environment by forgetting

everything else. Arjun who is standing at his balcony smiles seeing her happiness and adores her lovingly and at that he realises that his happiness is lies in her

smile. Suddenly to her surprise a rain drop falls on her cheeks and makes her more crazy. Soon the drops getting increased and she starts jumping like a kid seeing the

rain. Arjun reminiscies his first sight on her on the rainy day and smiles seeing her acts. Then to his shock he sees her running out of the room and he too follows

her. She comes down and opens the main door and goes to the lawn and starts jumping and circling around herself. Arjun who is standing at his doorstep mesemerises

seeing his love and slowly walks towards her.

Radhika is in her night suite and fully drenched in rain which clearly shows her each and every curves of her body to Arjun which makes him go crazy on her. He stops

in the mid and breathes heavily seeing her from top to bottom and he holds his fist tightly to control his emotions but still his sight lands on her.

At once radhika stops her act and realises a gaze on her and turns to see and becomes statue seeing Arjun there who is like a lion waits for his prey. She starts

remembering their fi
rst meet and till she understands he is her dream man. She couldn’t believe anything but her heart fights for it to make her believe it.

Suddenly some scene is cropping up in her mind is that she sees a man in coat suite standing in the rain by showing his back side. Radhika slowly moves towards him and

touches his shoulder. The person slowly turns and it is clearly shown it as Arjun and that moment a slight thunder and lightening happens there which makes her to come

to reality. Once she comes to her senses she gets shocked seeing what she was doing. She holds arjun’s hands and stares him lovingly. She gets shocked and immediately

she drops his hands and turns to move away but stopped in the mid by a strong energetic force. Yes Arjun grabs her hand and pulls her over to him. She falls on him and

holds his shoulders for support and looks at his face closely.

Arjun cups her face and moves her hairs from her face and holds her waist sensuosly. Radhika gets shivering on her body but she did not try to move from him instead

she closes her eyes due to shyness. Arjun smiles at her face and kisses her forehead, cheeks, nose and finally looks at her rosy lips which is shivering hardly due to

this closeness. He leans on her face and is about to meet hr lips with his but stops and the statement which she says in the morning that he will not misuse the

other’s weakness and so she is not scared to stay with him. He moves little back and looks at her face lovingly whom still closes her eyes and stands like an idol. He

smiles and lifts her in his arms and carry her inside the home. Radhika is really surprised now and puzzles what he is about to.

He drops her in her room and pats her cheeks saying, “Good Night” and went to his room. Radhika becomes idol and stares the way he went. She smiles by touching her

cheeks softly and goes to the mirror and looks at her from top to bottom. She remembers the statement which she said to hr mom that she will see her dream man in the

rain and will understand the signs that he is the one who born for her. She gets blush due to the new blossom of love and enjoys the happiness for sometime but soon a

thought disturbs her and reminds her about his status and hers and she calms down and changes her dress and falls asleep.

Arjun changes into the night suite and falls on his bed and smiles remebering his closeness with her. He says to himself, “Another 4 more days are there, before it

gets over i have to confess my feelings and i will make her also confess her feelings towards me”.

Day 4 –

Next day morning, Radhika wakes up early and comes down to have coffee from the maid but she did not find any one. She simply goes to the kitchen and gets into

preparing coffee. She puts the milk in the pot and makes it to boil and in the mean time she found the coffee dabba kept on the self which is of little height for her.

She tries hard to take it but suddenly another hand comes close to her and takes the box. Radhika is shocked and immediately turns to see and blinks seeing him vry

close. She is able to feel his hot breathe on her face which makes her body shivering. Arjun notices this and slightly moves back and gives her the box and gives her

the way to finish her preparation.

She silently goes and prepares coffee for both of them and hands over one cup to him also. She bows down her head and acts like she is concentrating only on the coffee

and nothing else. He sees her each and every act and thinks to tease her. Arjun, “Mmmm Radhika, i forgot to say today no maids will be there in our home. It is holiday

for them so its only u n me only in home”.

Radhika spits the coffee and starts coughing and pats her head slowly and blinks at him sadly but soon her look got changed. She looks behind him and at him

alternatively and stares him angrily. Arjun finds the difference in her view and turns to see what is that and finds the servant (Kaka) standing behind them and looks

at them confusingly. Arjun smiles seeing her angry reaction and tells Kaka to continue his work. She did not say a single word after that and silently drinks her

coffee. Arjun then tells her to take off today means there is no shooting today since teji also not there and he doesn’t want her to struggle. Radhika feels bit

relaxed and thinks to go to her home once but she did not tell him.

She gets ready fast and goes down. She meets Arjun at the breakfast and tells him that she will be back in the evening.

Arjun, “Radhika, if you don’t mind may i know where are you going”

Radhika, “I mind sir and i don’t want to tell my personal to third person”.

Arjun in shock, “Third Person?”

Radhika gulps seeing his angry look and she doesn’t want to stand there for a minute also..she waves bye and runs from there.

Arjun takes out his mobile and dials to a number and says, “Hello” and stares the way she went.

Precap: Day 5, Arjuns tells about his mom and all are disturbed by a voice and the person is none other Nandini. Radhika stares her without blinking her eyes and

observes each and every actions of hers.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you 🙂

Credit to: Sathya

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