Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 11)


Hi Guys,…First of all I am so sorry for taking a long break and making you all wait. I need the gap and i have to say that i realy missed u all and your lovely

comments. As i promise i will not let this FF incomplete but probably i could not update it daily..but i will try to update it two days once atleast. lets go into the

episode now

Here you go with the episode 11

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 11)

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Recap: Radhika enquired about Nandini to mala and she gets shocked hearing that name and informs radhika not to interfere in any unwanted problems.

Radhika hangs the call and thinks for a sec and turns to go but shocked to see Arjun standing behind her by keeping his hands inside his pant pockets and raised his

eyebrows towards her.

Radhika blinks at him and she too raises her eyebrows towards him and nods as “What”?

Arjun smirks at her and steps towards her and notices her stepping backwards by seeing him.

Arjun, “No…Not 1 step more back otherwise i don’t know what i will do and i mean it.”

Radhika widens her eyes and gulps seeing him.

Arjun continues, “Am i looking like a ghost or what? Y r u behaving wierdly seeing me from morning. You not even look at my eyes and ignoring me. You know what

Radhika, i hate people ignoring me and specially my loved ones.”

Radhika looks at him puzzled and says, “Excuse me sir, i came here just for my work purpose. Apart from that i don’t have any other reason to look at you or smile at

you or talking to you. All these are not required for me. If you think otherwise then that is your problem and not mine. I am behaving normally but u r taking it in

other way. Seriously i really don’t know why you are giving so much importance to me and i don’t like that”.

Radhika looks at his eyes straightly and walks crossing him. Arjun keeps staring at her and turns to see the way she is going.

Arjun in his mind, “I know Radhika, now i don’t have importance in your life but soon i will make you think that nothing is important in your life more than me. I have

so many girls who runs behing me just for the sake of money but you are the first one who not even care about me and my money and that is the attitude i like in you so

much which makes me go crazy behind you. I will not leave you so easily…you are my precious gift and i will not miss it from my hands…willingly or unwillingly i

will make you as mine”.

Radhika goes to the room and lost in thoughts about Nandini and Arjun. she feels restless and teji notices this and tells her to prepare the article. Arjun comes back

and calls them to continue their coverage.

This time, Radhika takes the recording session in her hand and gives the questions to Teji and make him interview Arjun. Arjun understands her motive but silently

obliges what she did. Questions are asked about his Business life, how he acheived upto this level and where and all he has business markets in the world. The

interview goes on for a while and they finished it upto some point and goes to continues their works.

In the evening, Arjun, teji and radhika reaches home. All the way Radhika was silent and when Teji asks about that she still kept mum. Once they reaches home, Radhika

runs to her room and locks the door. Arjun notices but he did not want to irritate her more so he also silently goes to his room.

After sometime, Radhika and teji comes for dinner and waits for Arjun but he did not turn back. The servant is worried and goes to his room to check. soon Radhika and

teji heard a shout and runs to his room. There they found Arjun lying on the floor without conscious. Radhika is shocked and all the 3 takes him and puts him onto the

bed. Radhika is still in shocks and wonders what happen to him. When she is about to ask the servant she sees him talking on the phone to the doctor and tells him to

come fast.

The servant comes wipes his sweat on his face and looks at him caringly. Radhika and Teji looks on puzzled each other and waits for the doctor. The doctor comes and

checks Arjun’s health and tells the servant. “This problem was not there for sometime right and how come suddenly he lost his conscious. Now his mom is not here and we

have to take care of him well. Did he take his medicines properly?”

The servant blinks at him and says, “He used to take it but now i don’t know whether he is taking it or not”.

Doctor looks at Radhika and Teji and asks about them to servant and gets to know their details. He prescribes some medicines and tells the servant to get it and feed

him food and medicines properly. He tells all the information and leaves from there.

The servant gets the medicines and takes the food in the tray and goes to Arjun’s room. Still Radhika and Teji are there in his room only and silently stares what is

happening. The servant tries to wake Arjun but in vain. Radhika tells him to move and sits beside him and tries to wake Arjun. She wipes his face with warm water and

makes him drink some juice though he did not open his eyes. She feeds him another glass of juice with the medicines in that. she makes him lie properly in the bed and

goes out.

The servant also comes out and looks worried. She asks him about his health problem but the servant did not say anything clearly and says it is due to weakness and he

goes down.

Radhika looks at him worriedly and starts walking outside her room and suddenly she sees a room half opened just opposite of theirs. She goes towards and enters into

it and finds it a store room kind of it.

She goes towards it and looks at the things places in the room. She sees a big box and things placed in a messy way. Just like that she takes out the things from that box and got a picture. It was folded and she can she a lady in her young age is none other than Nandini. She unfolded the picture and gets shocked the seeing the person standing next to her. She talks to herself, “How come it is possible? How come Nandini related to us?”. She stares the picture and takes it with her and left the store room.

She goes to her room and keeps the picture safe and starts thinking about it and thinks why her mom told lie they don’t know anyone in the name of Nandini.

Day 3 –

Next day, Radhika gets ready and goes to Arjun’s room but she did not find him in his bed and she looks everywhere in the room. Suddenly she sees him coming out from the washroom with just a towel covering himself. She looks embarrassed seeing his bare body, she immediately turns and closes her eyes and starts shouting at him saying, “You don’t have any good habits or what? How can you come like this? You forgot that i am also here”.

Arjun is amused and walks towards her saying, “Hello madam, this is my room and i can do whatever i like in my room. BTW, you are staying in my home not in my room…if you feel that you want to be then i don’t have any problem”.

Radhika bites her tongue and says, “I..I just came to see you. I mean..yesterday you were not well so thought of checking you. But it seems like the lion is out of its cage now. i don’t find any difference in you. Fine i am going down”. She runs down without turning to his side.

Arjun laughs at her and gets ready. They finished their breakfast and starts to office. The day goes asusual untill Teji slips off from the stairs and broke his leg. Radhika worries for him and calls Arjun for help. They taken him to hospital and admitted him there. The doctor checks him and tells them that he has fracture in his leg and be in hospital for a day atleast.

They have done all the formalities in the hospital and Ardhika comes out of the room and walks out. Ardhika drives to home and he looks at her silent avatar and starts the conversation, “So, your friend is not here with you. Don’t you feel scared to stay with me alone?”

Radhika gives him a look by raising her one eyebrow and looks at him from top to bottom and nods as No. She continues, “In these 3 days, as far as i know you are not that low level person who can use others weakness, so i don’t have to be scared of you.”

Arjun feels so happy hearing her positive perception about him. Both did not talk after that and drives silently. Suddenly Arjun stops the car by hearing radhika’s shout to stop. Once the car stops she gets down and runs backward and stops near the small boy who is sitting with her mom at the platform shop. The boy identifies her and hugs her in happiness. Radhika also hugs him and asks, “How are you? how is your health?”

Boy, “I am fine di. she is my mom”. he points a lady to her.

Radhika greets her and she has a talk with her. suddenly to her surprise, the boy runs by crossing her. She turns back and gets shocked seeing him hugging Arjun and he also looks happy seeing him. It seems like Arjun also knows this boy. Arjun takes him there and looks at her surprised face.

Both asks each other at the same time, “How you know him?”

The boy interrupts and says, “Bhaiyya, that day this di only stays with me in the hospital for whole night.” he looks at her and says, “Di, bhaiyya only gets me admitted me there and gave blood also”.

Radhika is surprised and gets to FB. One day, she was driving in her scooty and saw some crowd in the corner of the road. She stops and sees a small boy was hitted by some vehicle and losing his blood. She saw the people who are there just standing and talking and afraid to take action because of Police case and all. She gives water to him and ties his injured part with her duppatta and tries to stop some vehicle to take him to hospital but no body is stopping. She moves little forward and tries to get help but in vain.

She runs back to the place and saw the boy was not there. She gets to know that one person gets him in his car and drives to nearby hospital. She also goes there and reaches the hospital and checks for him. Before she goes there all the formalities are done and treatment also started. She tries to search the person who admitted the boy and checks in the reception. The person in the reception while checking saw the same person who is going outside and points him to her. Radhika just saw his back and he vanished in the small crowd. She couldn’t go behind him. She went to the room and checks with the doctor about his health and got to know the person admitted him gave blood also. She is surprised and gets a good impression on him. She remembers him going and she was able to see his back side only and that image stays in her heart and that’s the reason she has a painting of a guy who is backside is shown in her room.

FB ends

Radhika is really surprised and asks him, “How he knows that he is one admitted you”?

Boy, “di, next day he came to meet me and mom and gave some money and he makes me to join in the school also”.

Radhika is now overwhelmed and staring at him lovingly.

Precap: Day 3- Ardhika drenched in rain and comes close to each other.

So, how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know the comments and suggestions.

Credit to: Sathya

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