Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 10)


Hello guys, thanks all for the lovely comments 🙂 I know most of you are scolding me for the kiss scene…i told its Ardhika’s first kiss but i did not say it is a lip lock or not 😛 😛 :P. Ok ok…i understood ur sorry for disappointing you. You know what.. Our hero is a real gem…he wants to kiss her when she is in conscious and he likes to see her response…and soon you will get a scene like that.. so pls wait for that 🙂

Here you go with episode 10

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 10)
Recap: Ardhika’s first Kiss 😛

Next day, Radhika winces in head ache and holds her head in both the hands and murmurs in pain. She holds it tightly and shouts, “Maaa….what the hell happened to me? Why my its paining like this”. she heard a response from the door there Arjun stands with a tray. He smiles at her and says, “Good Morning”.

Radhika turns her head and sees Arjun standing and tries to get up and sit straight. Arjun moves to her and keeps the tray beside the table and sits on the bed facing her straightly. Radhika blinks at him and still holds her head and shrinks her face in pain. Arjun smiles at her and says, “You were asking something right…yy it is paining like this?”

Radhika looks at him and nods as Yes. He says, “If you get hang over then it will be like this only”.

Radhika says, “Ohhhh” and bow downs her head but within a moment again she lifts her head up and looks at him in shock and asks, “What? Hangover?”

Arjun enjoys her reactions and says, “Yes my dear…did you remember anything in the party yesterday?”

Radhika thinks for a while and says, “ head is paining more”.

Arjun gives her the lemon juice and makes her drink it. SHe feels better now and he asks her to think now about yesterday party.

Radhika starts thinking and says the incident one by one, “We danced, then i rushed somewhere and asks for water from the bartender. He kepts the glass near me and i drank it.” she stops there and looks at him and says, “I don’t remember after that”.

Arjun chuckes at her and says, ” I will tell you what happened”.

Arjun tells her everything when gets alcoholic and how he puts her on the bed. Radhika blinks at him in shock and asks, “I drank yesterday” She closed her mouth by her hands and widened her eyes and says, “My mom will kill me if she knows all these”.

Arjun, “Ohhh if your mom kills you just for having alcohol means, then what will she do when she knows about yesterday’s night happenings”. He keeps his face seriously and looks at her.

Radhika looks at him in a shock and asks what happened. He moves to her and she also moves little back while doing that her blanket moves down from her body and she looks on shocked seeing her dress. Her eyes looks everywhere on the bed and its moving on the couch keeps beside the bed. her eyes are widened and stares at it. Arjun also follows her gaze and halts at the couch and gives her a side look.

Arjun enjoys her tension and says, “Actually radhika, yesterday u were not in ur senses, so…”

Radhika turns to him and says, “So..?”

Arjun, “I helped u in changing your dress”.

Radhika, “Help?” ask in a shock

Arjun, “Yeah…but u were out of ur control yesterday”.

Radhika is about to cry and covers her by blanket and stares him angrily and says, “How dare you did this? Who asked you to change my cloths?”

Arjun, “Hey..relax..relax…Just for changing the cloths you are shouting like this…then what will u do if you know the full story?”

Radhika is speechless and asks him in a low voice, “What happened?”

Arjun, “Mmm…i am so sorry Radhika, what will i do if a girl approaches me”.

Radhika, “What are you saying?”

Arjun, “Radhika…don’t get panic..mmm…actually everything is over between us”.

Radhika is shell shocked and stares him. She started crying like a kid and starts beating him. He laughs and stops her by holding her hands and says, “Hey Radhika…enough yar…its really paining.”

Radhika is staring him angrily. He started laughing out loud seeing her reactions. He tells her, “I will leave your hands now…but you should not beat me”. he slowly releases her hands and control his laugh.

Arjun cups her face and says, “I am not a cheapster or womanizer to misbehave when you are not in ur senses. Infact, you only misbehaved with me”.

Radhika shouts, “WHAT?”

Arjun, “Yes…you pulled me towards you and asks me to kiss you”.

Radhika hangs her mouth open in shock and says, “I don’t believe you.”

Arjun, “I know you won’t believe me..but that’s the fact. next time i will make sure to record it and will show you ok”.

Radhika, “what?” she looks at him with her big eyes.

Arjun, “Careful careful…it gonna drop down”. He laughs at her and says, “So my Day 2 started with your scoldings..i have to go office…you too get ready and come down”. He leaves the room.

Radhika sits at the same place for a while and losts in some thoughts.

She still feels the hang over but gets ready for office. She comes down and looks for teji. Teji also holds his head and blabbers due to hangover. Radhika and Teji goes to dinning hall and waits for Arjun. Arjun comes and greets them. Teji greets him back but radhika keeps quiet. he notices her but didnot ask anything.

They all 3 reaches office and he explains them about his business empire, how he did this and who was his support during his tough times etc etc. Teji and Radhika noted everything what he said. Radhika not even looks at his face for a min also. She always bows her head down and notes it everything. Arjun also notices everything and stares all the while.

In the break Radhika had a chat with his employees about their work and their boss. She feels happy when they say good about Arjun. But when Arjun crosses them she keeps silent and avoids his gaze. Arjun gets irked seeing her avoiding him and thinks to trap her.

Radhika again got to know about Nandini and gets into thinking. she moves outside the room and dials to her mom.

Radhika: Maa… how are you? How is dadaji? I miss you both so much maa..

Mala: Here everyone is fine Radhika. How are you? you take care of your health.

Radhika: sure maa. Maa i have to ask you onething

Mala: what?

Radhika: Did we know anyone about Nandini?

Mala is shocked hearing that name and becomes speechless.

Radhika: Ma… you there…maa…maa..

Mala: haann…no beta…we don’t know anyone.

Radhika: hmm ok maa. I ll disconnect the call. Take care of u maa.

Mala: Radhika…don’t interfere in any unwanted problem. You take care of yourself.

Radhika wonders and feels the tense in her voice but still says, “Ok maa”.

She turns to go but shocks seeing Arjun behind her.

Precap: Day 3 – Radhika finds Nandini’s old picture and is shocked seeing the person standing next to her.

I hope you all like it….pls let me know your comments for the same.

Credit to: Sathya

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  1. Ey sathya!! Thank you so much for the back to back updates!! I expected a lot with the kiss… Why is he lying?! Aiyo aiyo.. She’s ignoring him… He’s angry and what with Nandini?! I don’t understand… Why is Mala so tensed?! Precap!! So Nandini is related to her?! Post soon di

    Love you ??

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    the precap is confusing. was nandini standing beside her in the photo or in real?????
    plzzzzzz reply…………… u…………muah……….

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    Ok, last 2 updates pyngram po. Arjun foreheadla kiss pannadhu cent percent correct really ennala kooda ethukka mudiyaadhu, konja payandhen enga lips la kiss paaniduvaanonu but illa enakku innum romba arjuna pidichidithu. Rendu perum conscious ah irrukkum podhu lip lock scene vai romba nalla irukkum. Seekirama nxt update post pannu ( satz mind voice – orey nalla 3 updates post panniruken pathaleynraala ) mundidhall 🙂

    1. Solla marandhuten precap is interesting. Nandhu oda irukradhu mala aunty irubaangan ninaykkiren may be.

  19. hey satz darling sorry fir late comments actually had too much work in ofc so got late to come home n all…so commenting 3 in 1…all the chapters r extraordinary yar..super duper… m too falling for Arjun..hehe…u rocked it yar..what is connection between nandini n mala…something past relation between their family..intresting yarrr…love you babe

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