Manmarziyan …..Hold my Hand till the last breath …. (Episode 3)


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Hello lovely peoples I’m back with the episode 3. Sorry for not commenting some readers as I was busy with studies. But I’m very much happy as I got very lovely friends like u all. Thanx for being so imp peoples in my life……
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Chapter 3 (story from radhika’s view)
ME : Two beautiful hazel eyes was looking at window. Her eyes had some unknown pain. A man in mid forties but looking young as if he is in his mid twenties. The man is his dad the famous business tycoon mr.rabi mohapatra . Actually Radhika (as I said she was a Bengali but I changed her to an oriya girl) was not a born blind child but at the age of 5 she lost her vision not completely but she has a very blurr vision which cant be treated by wearing specs. She never mind being a blind but the pain was of losing her mother at a very tender age.
Life is so strange I can’t see people but I can sense when anyone around me is sad. He has(god) taken something from me but gave something strong to me that is my power to sense people’s emotion. I can sense that my father was a lil gloomy .
There was some heaviness in his voice. He said ,”beta why don’t u go outside n have a good time with your friends, all I could do was a smile. I said to him,’more than my friends I need u , u r my best friend.
He said ,”god u r stubborn like your mom”. Don’t know but this pierced my heart, somewhere mom’s emptiness in life was felt. My dad had me independent since I lost my vision. My mom died when I was about 10 in a car accident. I only hold some emotional memories with her. She was and will be an essential part of my life.My silence made him realized that I was hurt, he felt guilty , I could sense it , I quickly said,” tame imiti kahi pariba ni (u can’t say like that)”with some fake anger n continued,”mu tama jhia bhi ta (I m ur daughter too) “n poked my tounge out. To this he laughed aloud.

My father rabi mohapatra a very successful businessman, never failed in anything neither in business nor in his parenting but still thinks he has failed in my case in taking care of me. But he is wrong, he is the best father.
I said to dad ,”aame aai pakhuku india jiba kebe?”(when we will go to nani in india)
He replied very soon my darling. I was very happy. He was a bit relief seeing me happy, he gently patted my head. I asked dad to call my friend Col he is also a blind like me but we don’t care.

Hey friends now we return to india:
Me: Arjun was busy bitting his nails, when his dad slightly tapped on his hand to bring him to reality. He was reading a book farehenit in which the writer has written that the books will be destroyed by future. His dad was almost on floor laughing by seeing his sons stupidity.
I know dad u think I ‘m a mad boy, I make a mental note. Dad gets up and asks me so when u r starting to pack your bags my dad said softely. I replied very soon. Mom omg she is a drama queen (although she looks cute , because she is my mom) she threw daggers at me while tears where brimming and it could pour any time.
I sighed and hugged her from side and rubbed her shoulders telling u r the best mom thanks for giving your consent. She smiled but didn’t utter a word.
She was a bit cold towards me for some time. Although she loves me a lot.
Me: arjun its not your mom’s coldness but your mom’s love for u …

Precap : Arjun’s trip to hong kong
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Thanks my dear friends and silent readers for reading my ff. love u all . 

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