Manmarziyan-This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You (Chapter 7 and Chapter 8)


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Chapter 7
Yash eyes were plastered to the TV screen.But his vision was blured all he could see was darkness.The video in which he was helping a girl was leaked in the most cunning way ever.Only first 2 minutes of the footage in which he made the girl lie on bed was being shown rest all was cut to attract more and more viewers.Media had fueled the interest of people in their contractidory statements. His name…His career….everything was mixed in dust today…

This wasn’t over yet….Social engios which worked for the welfare of woman race were bent on getting him arrest and deflamed infront of all the audience…But the question that popped in his brain was,’who leaked that video.’

Yash eyes turned bloodshot after seeing ARjun’s name flashing on his phone… He was burning with rage…Yash glued the phone to his ears to hear the voice of his biggest enemy…

ARjun,”Did you like my surprise..How I wish I could see your defeated face today but no issues I can imagine your ugly face today….yash more than my victory your deafeat makes me happy. ”

Yash fumed, “ARjun Mehra this z not over yet…I will make you pay for this….I will destroy you one day.”

ARjun chuckled, “Yash you can only talk but I actually do what I say….This z just the beginning till end I will make you rub your nose on my you remember what I promised you 15 years back that one day I will deflame you such that you won’t be able to lift your eyes infront of anyone…Finally I fulfilled my promise…you are right this isn’t over yet this z just the starting.”

Yash smashed the phone on the floor angrily… A panic rose in the nerves of his body after seeing Anisha’s reflection in the shiny velvet corspe…

Yash followed her gaze which was fixed on TV screen….he felt a throbbing pain in his veins….yash walked to her… crashed on the ground infront of her and sobbed burying his face in his hands.

Anisha got down and cupped his face with one tiny hand,”I believe you…I know you can never do such ghastly deed…I don’t care what this people say about you but I know you are not a pervet.”

Yash lifted his eyelids with some hope,”Anu how can you believe me after seeing that video. ”
Anisha smiled, “Yash its been 6 months I haven’t regained any of my memories with you but you never pressurized me to remember anything..we stay under one roof but I never felt scared in your presence…yash you never forced any kind of intimacy on me though I am your wife then how can I believe that you did this lowly deed.”

YAsh’s conscience was hit hard… His POV, “I just hope you don’t hate me after knowing the truth….I had no intention to keep you in darkness but it was the need of that moment.”
Yash,”I need sometime alone anu.”
He walked off leaving behind a puzzled Anisha.
Baby ARadhya was trying to draw something with her little delicate fingers….When she finished her masterpiece… she clapped her hands in amusement…

Prerna who was feeding her porridge chuckled at the toddler’s excitement..,”Baby show your Daadu what you have drawn today.”
But the little girl clutched her drawing book close to her heart….she twirled her neck showing her negative demeanour,”Naah Daadu adhya(ARadhya) won’t sow(show) you.”
Prerna smiled at her kiddish behaviour, “Baby please Daadu won’t tell anyone…. yours and daadu’s secret.”
ARadhya obliged and handed over her precious possession to her Daadu..
Prerna joy knew no bounds after seeing her drawing….ARadhya had drawn all her near and dear ones….her small world in which she was everyone’s favourite…
Though the figures were not drawn properly but one could understand the basic details the little one wanted to convey….ARadhya’s super hero her Neil chachu….her most beloved person dadaa..her imaginary cute image of her mom…not to forget her evergreen Daadu whom she loved dearly…
Prerna had tears in her eyes…she hugged her granddaughter tightly,”Baby I wish this dream could come true.”
Little ARadhya was hurt by her negative words….she pulled back and gave her Daadu a questioning look mixed with annoyance…
Prerna was just waiting for this opportunity..she smirked and spoke evily,”Baby the dream you have seen z ruined by a witch who destroys everything wherever she cast her eyes.”
ARadhya in a curious tone,”Daadu wat z a litch(witch). ”
Prerna carrased her dark locks falling on her innocent face,”A witch z someone who brings tears….sorrows… pain…In our life also we have one witch who killed your mom brutally and snatched everyone’s happiness. ”
ARadhya was irked till now,”Daadu wou(who) z dat(that) litch(witch).”
Prerna spoke with rage,”Samaira Khanaa snatched our each reason to smile.”
She got up and walked to the wardrobe…. pulled out a drawer and took out Sam’s pic..
Prerna handed over the pic to baby ARadhya,”This z the witch who gave immense pain to your…Neil chachu and your Daadu. ”
ARadhya tore the pic into pieces and scattered them on the floor….
The seed of hatred was buried now it was duely watered everyday to make its roots firm for the destruction that Prerna desired…
ARjun was standing infront of RAdhika’s wallsize portrait kept in the desolate room…he was staring into her brown orbs without even blinking his eyes once….he moved his long fingers all over her face relishing the feeling to touch her angelic and innocent face…

ARjun spoke in a choked voice, “its been 6 months,12 days,2 hours I haven’t seen you..haven’t touched you…I don’t know where are you but the day I find you….RAdhika you will have to pay for each tear I have shed in this 6 months….those brown orbs you have still can bend me according to your will….please come back…I will die without you.”

Anisha who was busy reading a novel suddenly something unknown broke her stance….she felt as if someone very close to her heart called out her name….she smiled at her stupidity when she found no one around her….

Here,ARjun kissed RAdhika’s portrait deeply and brought it close to his heart with his strong manly hands….
Anisha who was engrossed in her novel felt as if her heart skipped a beat….she placed her hand on her heart to feel her racing heartbeats.
Anisha whispered, “ARjun”….and as the word escaped from her lips she felt a rush of blood in her veins….her heartrate increased…. she closed her eyes but nothing could she remember…

ARjun who was still standing embracing his RAdhika’s portrait felt as if his panoti called out his name,” Why do I feel that you just called out my name Radhika. ”
Hats off to this Love indeed….ARjun and Radhika are so far from eachother yet so close.On the other side Yash and Radhika\Anisha stay under one roof yet so far…RAdhika lost her memories but still her heart keeps her away from Yash because it only belongs to ARjun….Let’s see ARjun’s reaction after knowing that his radhika z yash’s Anisha…

Chapter 8

ARjun was checking mails on his laptop…His face had an amazing satisfaction of bringing his biggest enemy to dust….ARjun had gifted yash troubled days and sleepless nights…
Though ARjun wanted to celebrate his victory but the thought of Radhika’s absence in his life was piercing his heart and forcing the tears to roll down his marblecut face…
Like everytime Neil barged inside his cabin without knocking which irked ARjun a bit….he loved to keep his personal and professional life apart but this crazy friend he had loved to spoil the systemic atmosphere of the office…

Neil chuckled, “Mr ARjun Mehra don’t glare at me….I am not even a bit scared of that mock glares you give me.”

ARjun,”I should be scared of you because someday people will name us lesbians owing to your 24 hours snooping around me.”

Neil,”Let them I don’t care…we both don’t have anyone in our life rightnow so the idea z not that bad.”

ARjun gave him a intense look and then burst out laughing….he controlled with great difficulty and finally composed himself….ARjun brought the brooding handsome and mysterious look on his face again….

Neil,”Jokes apart….I came to congratulate you for your victory..ARjun nowadays you keep alot of secrets from me…you didn’t even find it necessary to tell me once about your plan….I am no one to you,right?.”

ARjun irritatly,”Neil will you stop behaving like a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend… If you talk about secrets then I have many buried inside me….you can’t even imagine the depth of them…I wanted to keep you out of this that’s why I didn’t told you anything. ”

Neil was hurt,”ARjun I thought we are friends but still I don’t know you enough. ”
ARjun got up from his chair and walked towards Neil,”Neil I trust you but I don’t trust my luck…. I lost Radhika in this darkness somewhere and now I can’t afford to lose you…believe me I swear on Radhika that I trust you the most in this world.”

Neil smiled, “Smart move….you always prove that you can rule anyone’s heart and mind both…So this calls for a celebration.”

ARjun spoke in a pained voice,”Neil you know I don’t wish to be part of any party….all those greedy desperate looks I earn from the girls I just can’t bear them…if you really want to party then let’s drink till we roll on the bare floor.”

Neil,”You are the biggest miser I ever met…Girls are just a lame excuse atleast you should have thought about some good excuse… I am not listening to anything we will party harder today’s evening…I will handle everything…you just be there.”

ARjun,”I cannot win against you but I have one condition.”
Neil,”what condition. ”
ARjun smirked, “Yash Raichand should be there in today’s part….how could I miss seeing his disoriented face today…. I don’t know how you get this done but I want him in today’s party.”
Neil,”your wish z my command boss…..I have one question…why do you hate Yash so much.”
ARjun stood infront of the window and spoke while watching the running speedy race of vehicles, “Some questions are better left unanswered…don’t ask me again I hate to talk about my past.”
Neil,”As you wish but if someday you feel like sharing with someone then the person should be only me….no one else.”
ARjun,”Promise. ”
Neil was scratching his head to think how to bring Yash in today’s party….he knew Yash was the only way to bring ARjun in the party but he will never come after hearing the name of host….
Finally after scrapping many plans he came up with a perfect plan….He removed his phone out and dialled a no….
Neil,”Mr Khanaa actually I am throwing a party today to celebrate the inauguration of our new project.”
Mr Khanaa, “That’s great Sir….I am honoured.”
Neil,”But I want a favour.”
Mr Khanaa, “Anything for you Sir.”
Neil,”I want you to announce that tonight’s party z yours….I mean no one should know that I am the host…one more thing I want Yash Raichand in our party.”
Mr Khanaa, “Sir why him….I mean he z finished…As far as I know ARjun sir and Yash are rivals.”
Neil,”Mr Khanaa I think we should cancel our deal…”
Mr Khanaa, “No Sir he will be there in the party.”
Neil,”Good… Remember if I don’t see Yash then I won’t take a minute to cancel our deal.”
He disconnected and grinned wider…
We should keep our friends closer and enemies more closer…
ARjun was returning home from office….. But the vision wasn’t clear it was blur due to the rain….Though the road was abandoned and lonely still one could hear the threatening sound of thunder which could make anyone skip a heartbeat…but ARjun wasn’t the one to get scared of such small petty things….
He halted the car and pulled the knob of window down…he was never too much fond of rain but his RAdhika loved monsoons….

ARjun let the tiny,wet,droopy droplets wetten his face to feel the freshness of them….He closed his eyes and whispered, “RAdhika if there z even a bit truthfulness in my love for you then somehow tell me that you still love me.”
Anisha who was enjoying the rain in the green meadows of her lawn felt her heartbeats racing..
She started feeling dizzy….her head started spinning…A blur image of a man was all could see and a lady buttoning up his shirt buttons but the faces were not clear enough to recognize their identities…
ARjun had closed his eyes to relish the raindrops flashing on his face…

RAdhika was dancing in the rain like a kid….she had so much innocence in her inspite of being grownup….Sam’s yelling voice commanding her to come inside the house could be heard…she was pleading with her friend to stop getting drenched in the rain…
Radhika got distracted when she heard the honcking sound of a black SUV….she turned to face the intruder it was none other than khadoos ARjun Sir…
Radhika assumed that he must have come to meet Sam so she decided to let the lovebirds spend sometime together….
ARjun on the otherhand was forced to stop his car here because of the thunderstoms which could start any minute…. Though he was trapping Sam in his revenge plan that time but this meeting wasn’t intensional…
He was snooping in his phone but a sparking laughter made him turn to Radhika…. She was laughing holding her tummy seeing his irritated expression,”ARjun Sir what brings you here today.”
ARjun who was lost in her brown orbs felt as if her question woke him up from his own dream,”This z all because of you…After seeing your face in the morning my whole day stinks…you are the biggest panoti ever.”
RAdhika lost her smile as his words reached her ears..,”Sir you should go inside…. Don’t spoil my moment with this beautiful rain today.”
ARjun fumed, “Even I don’t have any desire to look at your face….come inside or else you will catch cold.”
RAdhika retorted, “Naah you go….I am fine here.”
ARjun gave up and walked inside the house… He devilishly smiled at Sam who was fascinated by his drenched form..,”Sam I was thinking only about you whole day and see this rain brought me here close to you.”
He glanced at RAdhika who was still enjoying the rain and bolted the door….he smirked and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled Sam closer…

Sam’s hand hesitatly touched his barechest,”ARjun chashni z out.”
ARjun smiled, “That’s right she z out and the door z bolted so only you and me alone in the house.”
He leaned to kiss her but backed out after hearing the knock on the door…..Sam chuckled seeing his displeasure…
Sam opened the door to find drenched Neil and RAdhika gazing at her….
Neil had wrapped his hand around Radhika’s shoulder and both were giggling…
ARjun’s jaw hardened….He fisted..his POV,”What z the need to touch her every minute.”
Neil,”Sammy can’t you see we are drenched… Go get a towel if you get sometime free from your boyfriend. ”
ARjun couldn’t see Neil and Radhika together so he walked off to Sam’s room…
Neil was busy rubbing the towel on radhika’s scalp to dry her hair, “Chashni you have the most beautiful hair ever seen.”
ARjun had peeped his head out….he burned to death seeing Neil caressing radhika’s wet hair..he hated to see them together though he didn’t knew why it mattered for him…
Sam who was sipping her hot coffee sitting on sofa was also irked to see Neil with radhika…
ARjun was burning inside listening the giggles coming from the hall…his POV, “I don’t understand what’s wrong with me….Neil and Radhika are bestfriends….there z nothing between them and why am I conserned about them…ARjun stop it…concentrate on Sam.”
As the flashback came to send a smile crept on ARjun’s face….his POV, “Things have changed now but still I can never see you with someone else….I couldn’t even tolerate you with Neil though I wasn’t aware of my feelings that time.”
Sorry for interruption…. I always wanted the them to show this scene in Manmarziyan…that’s why I fulfilled my desire here….hope you people understood that this was the time when ARjun’s brain was clouded by revenge against Samrat..Hope you all don’t mind…
The party had just started…. The hall was filled with guest of royal honour…. But ARjun’s ears were tormented by the noises….he loved calm places where he could remense radhika’s memories…He walked out to catch some air…
Neil was crowded by hot chicks fighting for his attention but he was least interested in any of them but the sight infront of him made him mad with anger….
Sam entered the party dressed elegantly in a skimy red gown….Suddenly the attention shifted from Neil to Sam…all man present in the party were ogging here with lustful eyes….
Neil was burning like coal…his POV, “Who invited her.”
On the otherhand Sam was only here to catch a glimpse of ARadhya…. This was a excellent opportunity which she couldn’t miss…

Neil pulled Sharon closer but his eyes were only on Sam…he wanted to hurt Sam deliberately.. He leaned on Sharon…their faces were just an inch apart….
Sam’s eyes were moist….tears were streaming down her cheeks watching her idiot engrossed in someother girl…her POV,”why Neil you always have to hurt me.”
But this wasn’t over yet….Neil’s hatred had overshadowed his love for Sam….he was hellbent on making Sam cry buckets…
Neil,”Attention please all ladies and Gentleman… Today we all have gathered here for a special reason…That special reason z ARneil new venture…But to add the glory of today’s party I have another pleasant news…I have decided to shed the divorcee image now because I am going to marry the love of my life…Sharon.”
The hall was filled with thundering sound of claps Neil’s announcement earned…all congratulated him for his marriage plans….but Neil was busy enjoying the crestfallen Sam…he kissed Sharon on her cheek but his eyes never left Sam…
Sam couldn’t take it anymore… She was about to breakdown but a assuring affectionate hand stopped her from doing so…
Samrat wiped his daughter’s tears,”Bachu don’t cry….you know he z doing this to break you but you have to be strong. ”
Sam spoke in a broken voice, “Pa I cannot see Neil with someone else.”
Samrat gave her a comforting hug,”Don’t worry everything will be fine.”
Guyzz one question…How you people want me to address RAdhika….I mean by the name Anisha or RAdhika…
Yash entered the party with Anisha….Mr Khanaa was among Yash previous clients so he couldn’t decline when the old man invited him….
Anisha was beautifully dressed in white shimmery silk velvet sari….she was no less then any queen of some island…
Neil’s view was blocked by the people so he didn’t notice his Chashni…. However fate had someother plans…
Sam walked out of the party with Samrat so even she couldn’t see her long lost friend….
Neil asked Sharon for a dance to burn Sam…he spinned and swept Sharon her feet but his eyes were only searching Sam…
Yash was continously staring Anisha whose eyes were busy exploring the place….he watching her with immense and endless love in his eyes…

Anisha felt the place familiar…. She had never come here because she hardly stepped out of the house yet her mind was showing her blur images of this place….
Anisha’s stream of thoughts broke when yash touched her shoulder….he duely asked her for dance….she felt uncomfortable but obliged…
Anisha danced with Yash beautifully yet one could see the discomfort written on her angelic face…
ARjun who was out till now entered the party..he was about to confront Neil but the view infront of him made him angry as bull…
ARjun had seen his radhika after 6 months…..every minute was a torture without her….he was seeing his beloved face after a long time but here she was in his enemy’s arms…
ARjun felt betrayed…. His body…. His heart….his soul was burning with rage….he balled his fist in vengeance… ARjun didn’t fail to notice yash hand on radhika’s waist….he wanted to rip yash with bare hands… His rage had completely blinded him to think logically…. ARjun wanted to kill RAdhika for allowing Yash to touch her…
His twisted brows and hardened jaw showed how much he wanted to kill Yash right now….ARjun was about to confront radhika but Neil blocked his path…
Neil dragged him to a corner,”ARjun don’t create a scene…media will bounce the topic and ruin your image.”
ARjun fumed, “Did you saw them….she z dancing with that scoudrel infront of me…leave me Neil let me go…I want to kill her.”
Neil struggled to stop ARjun,”Please ARjun you are too much angry right now….I saw them but we can’t do anything infront of our guest.”
ARjun pushed Neil away,”I care a damn about people….Radhika betrayed me and I won’t stand here like a fool…she stayed under one roof with yash Raichand for 6 months….I don’t know how many times he touched her in this time and the most hurting feeling z she let him do whatever he desired.”
Neil couldn’t take the vile words ARjun uttered for Chashni…. He punched ARjun hard,”Do you even realize what you just said….how could you even think such a cheap thing….I don’t know why Chashni z with yash but I trust her wholeheartedly….ARjun you have ARadhya’s swear you will not confront her infront of everyone.”
Neil walked off leaving behind a fuming ARJUN…
ARjun was hell angry but he couldn’t break his daughter’s swear…he vowed to confront Radhika somehow…his POV, “You are so dead Radhika.”
Anisha excused herself from yash…..she walked inside the washroom to calm her racing heartbeats….
But she was pulled harshly by a strong muscular arm…..Anisha couldn’t see the face but the strong grip was painful yet familiar…

ARjun dragged her ignoring her protest and painful moans….he brought her inside the restrooms and pushed her inhumanly…
Anisha hit the ground and hurt her wrist…..ARjun pulled her up and clasped her hair tightly as if he intended to rip them off her scalp….
He switched on the lights….Anisha was shocked to see the man….she was shivering with fright….she only knew ARjun Mehra as her husband’s business rival….Anisha tried to walk out but she was dragged back in his strong grip…
ARjun caught her by neck,”I loved you from the bottom of my heart and you betrayed me….you b*t*h….Radhika I will kill you.”
Anisha let out a painful groan…she removed his hand with great difficulty, “RAdhika? my name z anisha….I will scream if you don’t let me go now.”
Arjun fumed,”Scream till your heart’s content…this rooms are soundproof.”
Anisha struggled to move out of his grip but she failed….ARjun tightened his clasp on her hair strands, “you changed your name too….I was dying every second in this 6 months and you were enjoying living with that scoundrel under one roof….Tell me radhika how many times he touched you?….does he know about all the your beautiful moles I have seen and touched….did you sleep with him even once in this 6 months.”
ARjun was piercing his fingers on radhika’s bare waist forcing her to answer his outrageous question…Anisha couldn’t take it anymore…her eyelids became heavy and she fainted in ARjun’s arms….
ARjun couldn’t react…he wanted to hurt her but the mere sight of unconscious radhika turned ARjun into ice from volcano…
Neil who was searching for ARjun reached there and cursed ARjun for his misbehaviour…
Neil pulled ARjun’s collar,”ARjun Mehra how low you want to stoop….I met yash and befriend him….I made him drink to spill out the beans…you know what he confessed that he saved radhika 6 months ago and she didn’t even remember her own name let alone you….Yash gave her a new name just to avoid stressing her brains…. They don’t even stay in one room forget about sleeping on bed…how can you think this cheap about Chashni…I request you please leave her alone.”
Neil snatched an unconscious radhika from arjun’s and placed her on the bed gently….. He glared at ARjun with pure rage in his eyes…
He removed his phone out and dialled the doctor…..
ARjun crashed on his knees….he was ashamed of himself today….How could he doubt his radhika…he never deserved her yet she loved him but couldn’t even trust her….he was wailing like an abandoned child….

Precap….ARadhya hurts Sam by calling her a witch….Neil’s cold behavior towards ARjun hurts him….RAdhika admitted in hospital….ARjun fumes seeing yash’s care towards Radhika but controls himself…Complications of hearts

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