Manmarziyan The Heart listens to you Chapter 3 Part 3 – Radhika’s baby


It was Arjun.In no time he beat everyone and surprisingly to RadhikA,even Saral begged to leave him.Arjun left him and gave him warning.His shirt which he must have changed quickly was torn due to fight and his toned and muscular body was shown.He is going when Radhika grabs his arm and turns him to her side.She does sit-up and says sorry.She even makes faces to make him laugh but all he says ok.Radhika asks,”Hey you are perfectboyfriend material.Why haven’t you ever shown this side.”He said,”I don’t want materialistic ones.And if you say so why don’t you become one.”Radhika was going to say she would love to be his only.but she just smiled and went together back.

After 1 year,
Both had started to feel for each other but none expresses.One day,Radhika parents phone came that she will have to marry Saral.Arjun warned her but she had no choice being debt ridden.In next few days,She imagined herself only with Arjun in soul but she was married to Saral.(Sorry this is a tragic one.I know.)Arjun was devastated only to find a job where he soon become the ceo and was workaholic.All he cared was Radhika should be happy even if it has to be Saral.

——————————-FB ends————————-
Radhika said,”For past 2 yrs we were married he lived with other mistresses.He many a times used me and threw me.He harassed me physically and mentally both.”Her eyes were of tears,Arjun held on her hand.Radhika continued,”One day I refused and he threw me on road to disfigure my face,only to be found by Good Samaritan who did my plastic surgery and gave me new face.Still my foster parents send me to him and he did what he used to do.One day,I was pregnant and when I told him and hoped he would change he just said to abort and tried to hurt.Now,I was going to be mother.I decided not to be weak and lodged him to police.Nesam brought me here after my foster parents disowned me after this.”Suddenly she asked,”how did you know how I looked after surgery.”Arjun said,”Shanti kaki.”Radhika looked how he knew about her.

shanti kaki had taken care of her and baby till now.Shanti kaki arrived with Radhika’s baby.It was a cute little girl.She had acquired all features of Radhika and no sole feature of Saral.She did not know how.Arjun took her in her arms.She was 7 months and talked.The baby girl said,”Dada!Mama!”Radhika was shocked how well both bonded as they were daughter and father forever.Arjun and her daughter what a lovely future she thought.But a lot of unanswered things were there.How did her daughter know him so well?How did he know everything?
Pre cap:Naming of Radhika’s baby girl

Typed in hurry.Hope it was ok.I know shocking she married Saral but I told in beginning she is not healed yet.Some answers left.Plz give comment nd suggestion.Helps a lot.And yes it might look at if hurrying so sorry for u all.??

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Really tragic yaar. Feeling hurt. What to do we r nt familiar with it like radz marrying someone else. We only hav ardhika n no one else. But this story is diff. I’m waiting for the unanswered ques for now.what will happen next.

  2. Oh poor poor rads I feel so sorry for her………..i hate you saral…..i hate u to te core.. ……
    HW does Arjun know shanti kaki???????
    HW CME rads baby CME to know Arjun???????????wat ‘ll Arjun do now????
    will he marry hr n tke care f hr n hr daughter???????please unite ardhika…..
    Wat name te baby gonna have??????

    Y did rads foster parents sent hr bck to tat devil evn after she informed tem f HS true colour???????????love tat ardhika HD attraction to ech other frm clg itself…….. …..

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
    unite ardhika…………..

  3. 🙁 kinda sad update

  4. What radhika already married baby also oh my god ek update mein itni sari twist and turns tanya baby…. oh arjun u r cool yaar

  5. Ohh… Feeling sad..

  6. Really shocking yaar. But atleast now she decided to fight against saral,now arjun also with her. Waiting for next update to know answers for lots of questions.

  7. I’m also not like it.yaar pls mak everything is a lie of radhika..and also she ran from the wedding and ghe baby was nt saral’s one etc..
    We want aradhika one can’t in between to theirr..yaar
    Pls reveal tha truth hidden by rad soon…

  8. Hey tanya well dear, in starting I am a little confused but when I read full It was like full of twist story of aradhika and saral is the devila woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
    He make any scene complete. Loved it dear.

    I really want to know how come this marriage baby happens very very keen to know my twist waali tanya girl.

    Love u to the core of my heart . Keep updating this one musst .

    Love u always

    Once a friend always a friend. and yaa how could I forget Keep smiling always

  9. Heyyyyy Tanya dear..this epi is full of twist n shocks…but an awesooooome epi..

    I’m reallyyy eager to read what follows nxt..nd What more twists n turns r going to follow in this ff..

    Love u loooadzz

  10. amazing tanya!! totally loving it from my heart….but it was sooo sad…radhika suffered a lot…but still she is strong and now our hero is with her….I’m sure everything will be fine with her and they ill be together 4ever…..update the next part soon….love uuuu…..

    One loveeeee

  11. D bst episd evr…loved it…n egrly waitng for next prt…??

  12. ramaaaa !!!! noooooooooooooo …….. can someone plz kill that saral …… and tanya you just reminded me of my friend who went through the same … i could feel everything she went through …… shes carrying 7 months now ….. i just kept crying and i still cant stop ……. people need to change ….. im glad radhika has arjun to support her and nesam too …. i just hope she too finds someone who can stand by her

    what am i doing ?! i think i just need to stop .. sorry there

    i loved the update dear … thank you so much … keep posting … waiting eagerly for the next one

    love you loads … tc… keep smiling … bear hug

  13. really good and mysterious
    eagerly waiting for next part

  14. Very sad epi, 🙁 But finally ardhika is together forever. ..

  15. Happy New Year tanya may this new year bring fresh bout of excellence to ur life.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

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