Manmarziyan The Heart listens to you Chapter 3 Part 2- Insult by Radhika,hurts Arjun.


Radhika angrily eyed him.He just sat next to her seat.He was writing some notes.Both tried to ignore each other. But from corner of their eyes,they were trying to see.
Later,at the end of the class,Nesam came and said to Radhika,”Hey how was the new hero beside you?Did he say anything?But..”Radhika stopped them and said,”Guys,I am tired for today.Lets talk later.”They agreed.Radhika was sad today because today was the last performance of trio.They had decided not to do any other songs now.It was because Radhika had promised her foster parents.

Saral Joshi,with his evil mates,Arvind,Kunj were discussing to do ragging of new boy,Arjun.They thought it would be fun.Arjun came there.Saral came in front and said,”So you are the new boy.Arjun Mehra.Bhai bohot gareeb lakte ho.Koi nahi chal roz meri gaadi saaf kardena.Chal abhi mere per daba.Zyada khush rakhega toh sochunga aur paisa dene ka.”He gave Arjun 5 Rs.And everyone started laughing.

Arjun just smirked and said,”Thanks.I will keep it.I will one day,pretty soon will return this money with interest.Till then,enjoy being out of college as I have taken the video.”Saral signalled his gang to attack him.
The gang attacked him.But one by one Arjun just beat them one by one like a hero.He went from their like a hero.Everyone now hailed him a hero as no one before had courage to fight with Saral.Even Saral now did not talk much to him.He got afraid.

After 2 years,
The silence between Ardhika prevailed.Only their eyes talked of so called hatred.When they talked it only resulted in big fight.They avoided each other.There was a tough competition between them in each field.In whole college,they had become talk of the town.
Today there is a dance act to be done.Arjun and Radhika are coordinators.Nesam for sometime have been trying to pacify Ardhika.They were right now arguing on what colour should the lead wear.
Radhika: No they will wear only pink.Its their first meeting.
Arjun:No.Common we don’t want to take the work we done on sets to be overshadowed by your gaudy dress.

Radhika: No,it won’t.We want to show her as beautiful
Arjun calls Sam and Neil.He talks to them and Sam finally turns to her and says,”I will bring what is best for dress.Idiot lets go.”Radhika says fine and they carry on the work.Suddenly they hear Rasika’s scream.She has sprained her leg and even Anirudh has got hurt.Whole staff is worried.Suddenly Rashi screams her idea,
“Lets Make Arjun Radhika the main lead.”They both looked at each other and said No.Radhika said,”No,also he is too nerdy to even fit in the role.”Arjun looked angrily at her and left the place.Radhika wondered at her words if she had hurt him.

After 2 hours,
Finally Arjun and Radhika had agreed when they said all was laid on college’s integrity.But Arjun ignored now Radhika.It never affected her his ignore looks but today she was restless.
Right now,Arjun was wearing a green rich embroidered sherwanni with a traditional coat with heavy embroidery.He wore jewellery.He had wore his contact lens.He right now looked very handsome just like a king.There Radhika whose specs had been removed 2 months ago and was waiting for her dress.Sam came and gave her.It was a dhaani coloured dress(remember deewani mastani song?)She looked beautiful.

Finallly the show is starting.Everyone were afraid today.They didn’t know what will happen today.
Sam and Neil start by saying,
“Love sees nothing.Even if you write to it Don’t enter.It will enter and say Sorry I was illiterate.”Everyone laughed.Continuing they said,”Today we depict the story of Bajirao Mastani.”Everyone clapped.

Bajirao is acclaimed for the fact that he fought over 41 battles and had reportedly never lost any of them. Bajirao was the one who initiated to moving the administrative capital of the Maratha Empire from Satara to the city of Pune in 1728, and was successful in his attempt. Maratha Empire had lost their confidence in the authority after their idol Shivaji had left them. But Bajirao re-installed their faith and dominated the sub-continent for entire 18th century before the British people came to power in the 19th century. “
Arjun enters and shows his sword skills and everyone are impressed.He looks handsome so even girls are thinking to make him their bf now.Everyone is surprised of his acting and how his nerdy looks are gone.

“Daughter of Maharaja Chhatrasal of the establishment of Bundelkhand, Mastani was a strong woman who was adept in dancing and singing, and also knew the art of horse-riding and spear-throwing. Her mother, Ruhaani Bai , was a Persian-Muslim who was a court dancer at the Nizam of Hyderabad. History tells us that Bajirao had rescued Chhatrasal after Mohammad Khan Bangash invaded Chhattrasal’s kingdom during 1727-1728. Bajirao broke down Bangash’s army, and builded Chhatrasal up to his throne. This gesture of Bajirao had indebted Chattrasal and he was highly obliged. In a spur of gratitude, he awarded him with his daughter Mastani.”
Now came Mastani-our Radhika
Song plays….
Deewani Mastani
Nabhatun aali apsara
Nabhatun aali apsara
Asi sundara saaj sajpura

Aali aali aali
Aali ga aali

Kesa madhi maandla gajra
Lokachya nazara khilya tichyavr..

Aali aali aali

Nazar jo teri laagi main deewani ho gayi
Deewani haan deewani, deewani ho gayi
Mash’hoor mere ishq ki kahaani ho gayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahaan thi main dekho kahaan chali aayi..
Kehte hain ye deewani Mastani ho gayi

Mash’hoor mere ishq ki kahani ho gayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahaan thi main dekho kahaan chali aayi..
Kehte hain ye deewani Mastani ho gayi
Deewani haan deewani, deewani ho gayi

Zakham aisa tune lagaya
Deewani, deewani, deewani, deewani ho gayi
Marham aisa tune lagaya
Ruhaani, ruhaani, ruhaani, ruhaani ho gayi
Pehchaan mere ishq ki ab toh
Pehchaan mere ishq ki ab toh
Rawaani, rawaani, rawaani, rawaani ho gayi

Ho.. mash’hoor mere ishq ki kahani ho gayi
Kehte hain yeh deewani Mastani ho gayi
Haan deewani, haan deewani, deewani ho gayi
Mash’hoor mere ishq ki kahani ho gayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahaan thi main dekho kahaan chali aayi

Kehte hain ye deewani Mastani ho gayi
Deewani haan deewani, deewani ho gayi

Kashibai Part is also shown.And the evergreen saga of this couple is shown.
Finally it was completed and everyone applauded.
All girls surrounded Arjun and tried to ask him to be their boyfriend.Radhika wanted to talk but seeing him busy and Angry when he saw her she went to her room.While going to her room,a path was there where it used to be lonely.She was passing by when someone caught her.
It was Saral and his gang.They were trying to harass Radhika from 2 yrs but she ignored it.She said,”Leave me Saral.”His gang smirked and saral said,”Seedhe samaj nahi aaata toh hum yehi karenge.”He tore Radhika’s sleeve and Radhika tried to fight but the other group memebers held her.She was crying.There he tore her another sleeve.Now before he could do something more,Someone hit very hard to person holding Radhika.
Next Part:Marriage of Radhika with????_______________________________________________

How was it?Many mistakes must be there.Try to guess Radhika is marrying whom.And yes,Thanks Devi,Lakshmi,Manha,Hayathi,Brity,joyee,roma,hareem and Nisha.Luv to read your comments,gives inspiration.Love u all and Plz give comment and suggestion.

Credit to: Tanya

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