Manmarziyan The Heart listens to you Chapter 2- A pain healed by a little pain


Radhika said,”Common Arjun,face it.You surely made my college a hell by calling me Ms Spectacle.”Arjun said,”Radhika it was a joke.God you still are stuck on those good old days.”Good old days,really,she thought.She grabbed her bags from him and said,”Well,you still seem a arrogant Mr CEO.Have fun with those girls chasing you.And yes,I am stuck to those days.”She started to go when Arjun started walking behind her,he was closely noticing her.Nothing had changed except her face and behavior.Earlier she was bubbly,cheerful and not so hopeless like today and was optimist.She was with the theory half full.She had now turned to hopeless,sad and pessimist.All he could do was let go off his sad sigh.

Radhika was walking fast.She was thinking about those days with Arjun,he called her Ms Spectacles and how she would reply she had 4 eyes so that she could look better through someone and judge.She always was ready with witty answers and now she had no answers when he said she was still stuck there.Did he knew?or not?Still a better question to answer rather than to answer the first.She was distracted by the thoughts when she saw some people breaking everything.Shit!A violence attack.Radhika did not know where to go.Just like her life everything looked so complicated and confusing.She thought will no one clear all this.She was suddenly hit by a stone at her head.She thought,”Looks like no one would clear.”But suddenly someone caught her but her eyes were closed not due to fear but to hear the impact of ground.She wanted to open and see her savior but to her dismay,the savior was her nightmare.She suddenly thought,”Is he the answer that God has given?” She shaked off her thought when she suddenly fainted.She could last hear his voice calling,”Radhika,wake up,please.”It was just the same when she was going from college for her marriage to Saral and he said,”Radhika,don’t end up with him,he is bad,I know it.”But she closed her eyes to let go off her pain.

After some time,
Arjun was sitting there or we can say he was sleeping with his hands with Radhika.His face looked innocent but surely showed some care.She opened her eyes with great difficulty.Her head pained.Her slight movement waked him up and he asked,”Radhika,u ok?”She nodded and said,”I would like to go home now.”He said,”No you can’t.”She asked,”Why?You can’t force me.See,according to six fundalmental right of India,I can go to any part of India as an Indian Citizen,I can even express my opinion freely.”She said all in one line.She thought yes,she won.But he answered,”Fundalmental rights are suspended due to emergency.”She looked at him.He was smiling,he had won it.Yes it was violence broken out so yeah,kind of emergency.She looked at him again.He was the one who brought out the best in her and probably worst part too.

He suddenly said,”Do I look so handsome?”She said,”Nope,you look like a donkey.”She laughed and he said,”Yes,it is best.Mr and Mrs Donkey.”She asked,”But who is Mrs Donkey?”HE said you.She threw a pillow at him and laughed.If anyone would have said that,the person would be dead or out of the place.But she didn’t mind him.Somehow her heart said,”Give him a chance,he is the one.”but the mind said,”Don’t coz your old days remember.”Suddenly Arjun said,”Not all days are good.Thats what is life.”She looked at him horrified,how did he know what she was thinking.He ignored her looks and gave her sweet corn soup and some tomato bruschetta pieces,smelling delicious.Well she was hungry and she drank and ate from his hands.Her heart right now was acting stronger and probably her protesting mind right now wanted some piece.

Her cell was ringing.But Arjun picked it up.She frowned.He was talking so nicely as if he knew the person.He ended the call.She looked at him giving a look How-do-you-know.He said,”Sam.”Radhika said,”Why you did not let me talk,oh i brought some nice clothes for the coming baby..”He closed her mouth and said,”She talked with me about where are you.”Radhika asked if he told.He smiled and said,”Told a Date.”Radhika hit him another pillow and said,”You never gonna improve.”He said,”Learnt from you.”He smiled and she frowned.This thing was always opposite in college.Usually he frowned and he smiled.

He settled everything and finally when Radhika was sitting comfortably he asked,”Tell me everything.From Saral to now.And no distraction and changing the topic.I hope you trust me so.”She saw and wanted to change the topic but now his funny tone was now stern serious as CEO would be,but comparatively gentler.No backing out she thought,and she was ready to tell him the truth,which she hid to world and known to herself,Nesam and now Arjun.She didn’t know why she would be trusting him to tell her the truth,but the reality was she was ready.

Next Chapter: The Revelation of Past and Ready for a future

*********************************************************************** was it?Pretty soon will update Always with me too.You can give me idea what you want to see in “Always with me.”Will help me a lot.I chose A pain healed by a little pain because the little pain caused by the stone helps her heart pain little relief as it brings Ardhika little closer.Plz give comments and suggestions.Love u all.

SPOILER: A third man to entry in Radhika’s life.He is definitely not Saral but someone else.

Credit to: Tanya

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