Manmarziyan The Heart listens to you Chapter 1 -The Meeting of two nightmares.


Radhika woke up.It was indeed a nightmare again,the same nightmare.She looked around the room.Oh it was all messy.She wasn’t like this.After her sad past ,she wasn’t ready for relation.Neil and Sam,her childhood best friends who got married 1 year ago,too tried to convince but she did not like the idea atleast now.It was a Sunday,time to treat herself for success of presentation for Birdsong.She decided to make some warm waffle and hot chocolate,perfect for little cold weather.She made those and ate it.But she missed Sam and Neil.

She would have been in office if Piyali hadn’t given her a pure and strict vacation.She now missed Nesam terribly,she even missed Apple.She was cute and really caring.She saw timing it was 12 pm.Shopping malls would be open,she decided to go there at least she would do some timepass.She called a cab and dressed in her pink short kurti and jeans. She looked beautiful with her open hair.

In the shopping mall nothing was interesting.She still bought some clothes for baby,afterall Sam’s baby was due this week.Neil had been dancing when he heard this news.She wondered if the baby would be a boy or a girl.No matter what the baby would be super cute,she was sure.She bought a exotica pizza from Pizza hut and some kadhai paneer from restaurant.It was 4 pm,time really passed fast.She had just got out of the mall when a man,a total handsome man came her way.He was hot but his attitude was cool.She saw that the man probably coming for jogging had saved 3 yr old kid(she just guesses)She becomes enraged and says to him,”Hey if you can’t handle a kid how do you think you are going to grow him up properly if anything would have happened then?”

He looks at her puzzled and says,”Excuse me,he is not my kid.”Radhika says,”So whose kid is he,mine?”it had a sarcasm tone.He says,”Maybe.”She is about to reply when a lady comes and thanks him for saving her kid.He smiles and looks at Radhika.She is embarrased and is about to say sorry,when suddenly some girls shout,”Oh he is Arjun Mehra!Look!”Everyone sees towards him and he says,”Time to run!”He grabs Radhika ‘s bags and her hand and makes her run.She says to him,”Hey why should I run?Wait you are that funny CEO who suddenly threw his rich luxurious chocolate into bin and was about to eat its wrapper.”He was still running and finally seeing a wall he hides her and himself and stairs at Radhika,they have an eyelock.Song plays…Dheere Dheere se in slow version.

They then hear someone saying looks he left already,we could have got selfie or autograph.He reliefs in peace and says,”Hey only some people know that?Only my college friends.”Radhika says,”Mr Arjun Mehra,you were my worst nightmare but you can’t remember me because of surgery.”Arjun sees her and tries to recollect,”Worst nightmare??Oh shit! Its you Radhika mishra!Grabbed my own nightmare by myself.”She was looking at him as mad.
Next chapter: Violence breaking suddenly,Radhika with Arjun
I know,another story,I thought why should always Radhika heal someone?Let Arjun heal her.Hows the idea?Do you like it?Think why did she have a surgery?With whom she had a past.Try to think.This will be over soon actually short stories i guess.Would you like me to add some songs too.Probably they might unite or might end with a resolution to each other.WHat do you want plz answer.Plz give ur suggestions and comments.Love you all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Tanya another one. Wow. Super intro. Why make short story. Make it as lengthy as possible so that it would never end. I am becoming miser these days. Loved it.

  2. Actually i wanted u to ask one thing. Hav u wrote a story in cmnts sec of mmz with these 4 working in BS n 4 chap were cmpltd i think. Plz reply me.

  3. Hey tanya….came up with a new story…….sounds interesting…….n yes we wud love to see arjun bringing radhika out from her dark past….n wud obviously like to see them united….so continue with this one…..

  4. very nice narration…got to see a different angle of manmaeziyann…please do continue…yes sometimes even girls have terrible pasts and they have to come out of it…but please unite ardhika at the end…very nice conception of yours…thumbs uppp…

  5. Wow tanya…new story….nd ur idea is awesome dear….loved it….yeah y only she heals him…let’s see how arjun heals her now….nd I think radhika’s past is related to saral (???)…..plzz update lucky everyday nd always with me also…nd continue this one also my dear…love ue heart…??
    One lovee?

  6. Oh tanya dr another story….. u r super my girl……. nice and intresting story…..

    1. Hayathi:Thanks for your compliment 🙂

      Ameena: Will update soon.And relieved u all liked my idea.Thanks!

      Lavanya:Thank you so much,Lavanya.

      Daizy: Thanks Daizy and will try to unite.

      Manha:Thanks Manha.And for your confusion,It was a total different chapter.You know do dushman parivaar and stuck between is the lovebirds,teenagers then.But now,she had bitter past but still she is like our Radhika,stilll cheerful but here its totally different,she herself is broken and has no hopes for herself,she has lost faith in relation.

  7. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    It’s really nice. Whatever u do just want ardhika to be together. Neil n Sam having a baby so cute. ??????

    1. Thanks Preity

  8. Tanya baby where is always with me dr

    1. Will update soon

  9. nice story, but have confusion regarding surgery I mean what kind of surgery

  10. O Tanya dear, it’s superb, awesome episode, new story on mmz, lovely plot, let’s see how arjun heals rads…nesam having baby choooo sweeeeeet. ..plz make it loooong story….love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  11. Hey tanya wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    another heart rocking story , yes one is heart touching but oh my god when arjun drag rads with her in their first meet I totally think its heart rocking.

    Heart throb arjun meet a girl radhika mishra amazing

    Loved it totally Paisa vasool. Love u dear always smiling and keep updating

  12. Heyyy Tanya dear …thank u 4a new marvellous story ….

    A short intro bt Loved dis new storyyyyyyy….
    Its superbbbbbbb..awesooooooooome
    Eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi …
    Keep writing n smiling alwaaaaaays

    Love u loads..

  13. Cuttteeeee…. One… Tanaya…God bless you and do write as much you can over Mmz…. Loved it…

  14. u should continue this story.

  15. Tanya why don’t u start writing that story too yaar. It actually resembles our old manmarzian some how. Like birdsong, friends, their life from start. Plz i know u r writing 3 ff already. But i woul love to read that story too yaar. Plz. But for now whr r ur other updates. Plz update always with me soon.

  16. Yaar tanya y r u not writing plsssss its tooo goood plssss write it further

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