Manmarziyan – A heart to beat only for me…(one shot)


Hi dearies….how r u all?…misssed u soooo somuch…so now am back with one of my os……and without further blabbering let’s enter into the story…. but read it with a strong heart guys. ,coz no proof reading?…….



It was a sunny winter evening…..weird combo?…well winter doesn’t mean always freezing temperature na…..and i was sitting at that park’s bench, looking around the sceneries the park presented me with….. it was a pleasant scenery with all giggling ,fun and laughter around me… gave me the peace i yearned for ,finally out of my busy appoinments…..i sighed closing my eyes mumbling my favourite melodies, and that’s when my eyes landed on a pair of young girls, walking in the pathway in the middle of the park… both seemed to be in their mid or early twenties….with one tall and beautifully dressed in a elegant long skirt and another girl in her casual kurtha and leggings with a matching shawl around her neck… the beautiful blonde was giggling all the while pulling the arms of her friend with her, and that made me shake my head muttering:”besties”…..but the blonde’s friend who was like any another simple indian girl giggled all the way with her friend…but i felt her smile somewhat….strange???….. why so?… i couldn’t decipher…. i curiously let my pair of eyes to wander over her face…. her beautiful brown hazels shown like being in a distant land, that i found hard to crack its truth…. she smiled sweetly a smile that didn’t adore her eyes.. she made me feel curious about her with each passing second with her own mystery thriller… with my mind in all this thoughts, i saw both the girls to come to halt at a point… the blonde pulled the other with her ,telling in her sweet voice:'”come on radhu… come with me… i will intoduce him to u…i haved told him a lot about you..”…..oh so she is radhu…nice name… i don’t have to name her as the “other girl”, and could call her with her own name….my mind cooed to me…… but radhu doesn’t seemed to be fond of it…. every time she denied ,her friend’s face would fell… she would plead…but still…its a ‘no’ from radhu….. my mind screamed,” what the hell is wrong with her?”.. while i replied it,”well, why can’t you ask it yourself?”…shushing it for then….. then that girl radhu turned around to walk away, her bestie hugged her and send her off….i smiled….well she is a good friend, my mind said…. radhu walked away, in the direction out of the park….no later that i heard a big thud, which was from the blonde’s high heels as she stomped her feet hard… i sighed, muttering :”girls..”…..while she ran in the opposite direction to hug a its her boyfriend ,whom she wanted to introduce to radhu, i thought….the guy hugged her tight swirling her….and when they pulled away, i heard her continuos ranting on radhu to her boyfriend….:”what the..?”….my mind cursed at the unexpected turn of events…the girl who was all sweet and sugary a minute before was now muttering curses for ‘her so called bestie…’..she said:”arrrgh.. what does she think of herself huh?…a queen?….ahhh.. she is just getting on my nerves every now and then…..what?…does she want me to beg to her….gosh… how could she?..ufff… no wonder she has no one for her…”…she huffed in anger, while i was seeing her with my now widened eyes….her boyfriend cooed :”a chill baby…”with his one hands around her he husked:”well where is the surprise you said you bought for me?….”…with that i say the girl to gasp, which meant that she forgot it..:”haha…” my mind laughed sarcastically thinking of the upcoming scenario, only if their places were shifted…i chuckled at the thought, while the boyfriend of that girl asked her with his eyes fixed behind her somewhere..:”hmmm..hon i think she is calling you…that girl..”…he said ,pointing to the girl to the blonde, who stood behind them with a good distance to hear them…smiling at them…..i was shocked to see radhu standing behind them ,with a big parcel in her hands with a unaffected smile, only is that it wasn’t reflecting in her eyes… the blonde gasped and i chuckled ,all ready to watch a WWF live show before my eyes, coz i knew its always fun watching girls fight…but radhu’s next move surprised me…she smiled a sweet one tilting her head to get the view of the blonde’s bf, and greeted him politely:”hi.. am nita’s friend..”…to which the guy just nodded his head….well radhu too returned his nod and moved towards the blonde and said:”u forgot this dear.. thank god that i saw this before driving away… so now here you go…. the special gift you bought especially for your love..”….saying this she pushed the parcel into the other girl’s hands all the time her smile never fading an ounce…and she leaned over her and said animatedly that i was able to read from the moving of her lips:”be careful with the wraps nita…. u know na even when i made it it was a bit messy… so take care hon..”.she cooed… burrows took a jump off its place ,reading her words…while the blonde excitedly shoved the parcel to her bf, and literally screamed hugging her friend.:”oh i will sweetheart… u know you are the best…..and i love you for that..”…saying this she kissed her cheeks…..radhu just nodded smilingly pulling away and left from their bidding them a bye…. my eyes travelled with her being awestruck of her behaviour….. and my legs too got up following her…. she walked away gently, with a painful grin on her lips… that confused…her eyes those stared at the distant were glassy… she had her biting her lower lips, as if she is fighting a inner turmoil…she blinked her eyes….closed them with deep breaths….and when she opened it… the pain i witnessed before…the void i saw there were all now dissolved in the coldeness they held now….she walked further, when a mild cooling breeeze hit her body….. her hands automatically lifted as if to catch the breeeze and its chilness in its grip….her chest puffing up with the freshness the breeze carried…. and a soft smile curved her lips upward..and when she opened her eyes….. the dreamy spark in them made my heart skip a bit…. the warmth they now had in them, made me want for more of it…her form..that is definitely not under the beautiful category…. her features..not worth to turn ones’s breath heavy….. but her eyes…. the innocence they had in them…a sane all away from the world…. made my eyes locked into hers in some kind of spell, that i never wanted to break….her lifted hands now hugged her and her curvy lips curved more into a dreamy smile ,making my heart race in a mad race…. she appeared angelic when her eyes shone with its own beauty, when she looked up at the sky for some reason only the god knew….then breaking my trance… she walked off, giggling at the cute antics of the kids who ran around her…..making me feel lost at her ever so sweet and musical giggle…. she moved towards the place where her black bentley was parked…..pulling me in a tow with her magical mystery that killed me inside out for untold answers.. her features that had turned cold on her face, made me felt dejected as if i lost something precious…. she drove away leaving me in my trance… and the back glass of her car read, “i am what ,i am…”……letting me to mutter:”strange….”…under my breadth.. while i stood in the middle of nowhere looking at her disappearing presence… with her crystal eyes, speaking a language that am trying hard to understand…. :”oh ,she left me to blabber…”….my mind cursed her….while i shushed it ,unable to hear anything against her……………………………………………………………..

The days followed made me remember her mysterious eyes, with every breeze that fanned me.. i found her different… a challenge to be own at my cost….while my interest for her seemed amusing to me……..i had great many clients, in this fast growing world being a professional clinical psychologist… this busy life many have no time to spend for themselves, and end up spending it all to me…. but i love my profession…for that i could cure the disease of the mind….soothing people….their minds, gave me immense satisfication as a human being…the main reason i took it……so as i had many higher standard clients who needed my constant concentration, i even pay them visit in their work place…afterall anything for my work… sighing i entered the big glass building hopping out from my ride, to meet its managing director…. well, wondering why?….i said na to meet my client….yeah, that’s why…. he was a middle aged business man ,who is now being regularly counselled by him for his work related stress and all….. i straightly walked to his cabin, with the appointment he gave me… and started conversing with him….well most part of my work ,means talking….but in a elegantly logical way to get them out of their trauma, without rubbing that topic too much.. and well i was doing the same, conversing casually with him…i respected that man.. he was warm, like a father i would wish for…. yeah, u people guessed me correct.. am an orphan with no one in the name of family…..but i wasn’t left alone, i had the money my parent’s left me… so it raised me….and now am taking care of it along with my passion…….. and when we were talking in his work cabin, there was a soft knock in the door…. he stiffened to his bossy posture, when i chuckled an unseen one at his antics……. when he mouthed a gruff:”come in..”……. i heard the door to be opened, and in the next second his features softened……:”sir, the files you asked for….”…came a gentle girl voice ,while her arm stretched past me to settle the files in the table….i had my eyes fixed on her….:”gotcha…” mind danced… yeah, there stood the girl who robbed my sleep for no reason with her orbs…..she was dressed just like that day, a simple kurtha and leggings in light blue colur witha duppatta covering her whole front….her hair were in simple plaits…. maybe that is her usual attire…she had a spectacles over her eyes, that made it difficult for me to read them…. she had her eyes fixed on him….while mine begged to have a straight look into them…everything about her seemed to be so simple, yet fueled me more to get a catch on her..her boss seemed to be satisfied, as he had a smile on his lips while he go through the file…while she stood silently without any expression in her face, though i could say that she was nervously waiting for his response, with a way her eyes softened the second her boss’s lips twitched to form a curve……he finally seemed to have been totally satisfied with the files that he lifted his eyes and said:”you didn’t have to bring these….”…to which she just smiled and mumbled something that was inaudible…i frowned of not hearing her words, while he smiled…guess it wasn’t a new thing for him….well he knows his staff well, my mind commented…and by the time i shutted it, he was introducing me to her :”radhika.. this is mr. Arjun mehra….”…..oh so, her fullname is radhika exclaimed my mind as a result of its deep search, while i smiled at her when she wished with her wide smile… well it was radiating..contagious too… but still i wasn’t satisfied.. it was way too artificial, or one can say professional… well, its not her fault thinking me as some business tycoon conversing with her boss… me being in black tux too, added more to her conclusion i guess… but still it isn’t my fault that am having a catchy personality one could die for….i exclaimed when my stupid brain chuckled mocking… how dare it?..ahh, i will take care of u later..i warned it ,making it gulp…. and it isn’t my fault that am gonna attend a wedding of my friend who happens to be a business man, where that means i certainly can’t wear any punjabi dhoti to it….. and when the next words escaped his lips, i knew her wide smile would die away and she would greet me with her eyes ,that would judge me piting of my job, as my looks contradict heavily..just like everyone else…who loved a badboy and a billionare casanova… more than a simple guy…and being a psycologist, doesn’t mean that i always have to be in my doctor robe… or to wear a reading glass….hell no… :”he is my personal psycologist…”said he… the next second what i saw, pushed me into sweet surprise… i saw her eyes widen that moment, and her head snapped at me…. her eyes shone with newly lit sparkles, making my heart take a heavy leep in my rib… she smiled at me, and now that smile was radiating… all the way from her heart to mine, through her intimidating eyes… it was screened away the next second, but still…. it shone, my mind did a crazy dance in its stand….making me chuckle…. it cooed in my ears that:”your love loves your passion it seems… she doesn’t seem to be the one to run after money…”..and i hummed in its response…but the next second ,i screamed at it:”oh no….not like that…she isn’t my love… its just that..…i find her interesting…”….my mind laughed and patted me saying:”you need to learn many things still son.”…and i shoved its hands pouting… and by the time our discussion was over, radhika went out wishing her boss.. and me ofcourse… my mind took a still of her sparkling eyes, as a memory of this meet… it announced, making me chuckle…seeing my constant stare on her, he said:”she is radhika mishra ,my company’s financial head…. newly transferred from pune”..he continued of not getting any answer from me:”as you may see, she is very sincere… a reason for my lowering stress..she is a good girl but just not so people friendly”..saying this he chuckled while i gave him a dry smile, while my inner screamed that it would like to work on it.. i got up, stating that i had a wedding to attend and walked out……there was her cabin, opposite to her boss’s.. she was there seated inside the glass doors…with her specs on, bitting her lower lip and her narrowed stare constantly on the screen with no ounce of expression in her face, and i knew she was deeply drowned into her work… :”need to know you more…”..i said to myself making it ready, and took a deep breath digging her posture into me ,i walked away….the cool breeze embraced me, and i looked up at the sky just like she did making a silent prayer to reveal her pain soon.. coz, i wanted to sooth her pain.. the pain that her distant look, reminded me of………………………………………

It had been two weeks to be exact since i have seen her…. and my mind was restless, to see her soon… to know her soon… calm her storming heart soon….in her memories just like every other day, i was walking in that distant corner of that botonical garden…. suddenly i heard a giggle…. sooo musical, that i knew the next instant that it was her’s….. i moved around with my eyes rolling all around to see her…ah, finally there she was…. in her all elegant form… giggling, smiling and posing crazily for a… guy’s camera?…. my heart raced to see her with another one..that i felt the urge, to rip the arm that was around her shoulder now as they took a selfie… but not after, she addressed him as bhaiya…. oops, my mind grinned…while i face palmed myself for my utter most stupidity of the world in some time…. :”he is her brother yaar.. means that your soon to be brother in law…” my mind said to me….while i said a:”oh, shut up..” to it blushingly…. they roamed here and there all around the garden with me tailing them…. she was giggling and pulling his legs all the while, making me grin wide like a idiot in the happiness that atleast someone is there with whom she is carefree… she was herself all the while that her beautifully cute giggling made it hard for me to stand away from her… and after what seemed to be ages, her brother bid her bye… i sighed of finally getting all her time for myself….. i saw her sitting under a tree ,over the grasses with her eyes staring the distant… it was as if the one who giggled all along wasn’t her… as if all her just pumped energy was sucked out… i was perplexed at her form….and not wanting to waste time further, i went and stood before her greeting her with a :”hi..”..i was afraid ,what if she doesn’t recognise me… but the smile she instantly retuned, and her nod when i asked her if could join her, all said me that she didn’t forget me yet….i sat beside her leaving a decent space with my mind dancing all the while, with a proud smirk screaming:”who would be able to forget this handsome young man”, which made me grin beyond control…. i saw her expression changing to a casual one the moment i sat beside her, and it didn’t take me much to say that she was hiding… masking her emotions, inside a pit…. i struggled to start a conversation, and when i did… it went on smoothly, with us speaking on different general topics..we started of from initiating talking on the first name basis..coz, she all the while irritated calling me sir..but at last i won in making her spell my name…ahh, was o sweet ,when it was out from her lips….her voice was very even toned all the while unlike many other, who screamed to their lung’s content for a simple yes while the other would have done husky flirtings…. suddenly her phone ringed a classical melody ,making her excuse herself…. she spoke chirpily at the number of calls that followed but what worried me was, that the happiness died away the next second she hung the call.. making me wonder and frown too… with all her number of calls ,i could say that she was being informed and invited for her college reunion by her friends… many spoke with her asking her to come, while all spoke to ask her other friends contacts.. which she promised to share, or to convey them the news herself…. she sighed at last after ending all the calls, and we resumed out talk of general issues when she cleared me what were those calls for confirming my good guess…..the evening was fast riping that the deserted corner, where we sat was now filled with people and childrens playing all over…. we looked on, enjoying ourselves in their play….and that’s when a small kid, who was running in his full speed fell before us making us stun.. radhika who saw it immediately got up and ran towards the kid… she kneeled down to his level, picking him up dusting his cloths… and when she was busy checking if he had any wounds ,enquiring him if he is alright… i heard the kid laugh, and that’s when i knew that he fooled us playfully… radhika just smiled masking her shock and finally let go of the boy, after checking for one last time if he was alright… i chuckled when we walked back to our place and said:”he fooled you radhika..”.. at once i saw her snapping look and sharp glance on me… that was followed up by her wonderful artificial smile, and she shrugged her shoulders with it….. and when i was about to take my seat, she excused herself stating of some work and left me bidding her bye…. my mind cursed my fate literally, for such a short period of time i got with her…. while a part of me said, am soon going to get my answers……. the answers for those questions, that made her dream a distant one…… that gave her a painful lump down her heart…………………………………………..

It had now been three weeks since i have seen her, but still her memories…..and the flashes of her lost eyes, remained in my memory lane like a drop of fresh winter dew……making me groan internally, of not knowing the reason behind her ordeal…. i was dressed to kill that night in my jeans, tshirt and a navy blue blazer above it… i was supposed to attend a small get together party in a famous pub… and that was where i am heading now…….the pub was filled for that night with young lads all around me drowned in their drinks… i sat their in the bar counter, sipping my light drink which too was on my friends’s insistence..coz i hate drinking… strange?.. well yes, i am….. my eyes were looking around lesuirely while i was chatting with my friends….. but at a certain point, i felt my breadth hitch seeing my nymph before my eyes.. she wasn’t dressed any peppy or smoky, like the rest of her gang… but was in her blackish brown simply printed long tops, and a matching pony and simple accessories ,nothing less for the environment around us… i smiled looking at her drink in her hand, which am sure is a plane diet coke in its container.. she just like me, i thought…..why my brows shrinked to see her seated all alone, in the midst of her gang… they were all busy with their own friends, while radhika sat their speaking just the necessary with a constant smile in her face… which was a pure artificial one with the obvious fact.. her eyes that were emotionless all these days, was screaming its pain out now churning my insides even with a good distance while her so called besties gang of boys and girls giggled in their own bubble….she had the most beautiful pair of expressive eyes, that had a thin layer of kajal in it magnifying its beauty…. they spoke a million words now, but no one seemed to undeerstand it too… everytime she tried intervening, she was shoved of with zero response….slowly i say her glassy eyes turning colder every passing second, that i knew that she was now burying everything inside her… all her pain of being let alone…so, now i knew what was the reason behind her lost state…. slowly with time, the crowd seemed to dissolve slowly and her friend who was all the while joking and drinking has begun blabbering something in her drunken state…. radhika tried hard in controlling her , when all the girls who were still now drinking with her backed off from the sudded mess she started to creat.. radhika shushed..spoke to her… tried comforting her… reasoning her…. did her level best, but nothing seemed to work on that drunken girl that her voice pitch increased every passing second….. with her few blabberings itself, i knew that it was a breakup story that she was blabbering… sensing all the eyes in the pub on her beautiful and now drunken friend, radhika started pulling her out with all her strength… but that girl was nowhere near listening.. she spoke in a higher tone scratching the ear drums of everyone in the pub that:”radhu…come with me…” *hiccup….”come with me:..*hiccup….”let’s teach that jai a good lesson… he messed with you, and i supported him… how stupid of me… but now he messed with me.. and we aren’t leaving him this time radhu…
come”…*hiccup..”on…let’s teach him a lesson….”….*hiccup…”he badly needs one..”….saying this she pulled radhika’s hand hard.. radhika nodded a no, being reluctant to her and tried speaking with her… but when she grew adamant, radhika pulled her hands off making the girl fall on the floor… radhika cringed, and swiftly bend to help her friend.. but that girl shoved her hands off and screamed :”don’t you come near me…….hate me…. that’s why you want me to suffer in pain…”.. she huffed all angry… radhika, just touched her head gently and spoke:”i could never hate you… or any of you… i love you people and care for you… its just that…”…”i don’t care a damn, if you people didn’t reciprocate it..”…. saying these last words she stiffened, sniffing back her tears… she walked towards her gang, and screamed at them:”take her home…NOW…”… to which the girls turned numb, and ran to take their drunken friend in their hands… radhika stood their alone like a wounded tigress, with her eyes cold covering her emotions inside… she followed her gand lending them a hand to lift their friend, bringinf her out of the pub… i ,who was all the while just a mere show watcher, ran behind her following her out of the pub… she stood their in the parking, watching her friend carried away safely and then she went into her ride, driving away… with a suddenly grown emotions, to hold her tightin my arms, i too drove behind her.. and for a reason i knew she wouldn’t go to her house… and i was damn right ,when her car travelled out of the city, to the deserted grassland….. that was a plain area ,full of soft grass spread over it…. that shined brilliantly in the full moon… the sight was awesomly soothing that i saw her walking on it, hugging herself tight with her arms…. i silently walked behind her, waiting for her to note me….

i expected her to break down there, but she surprised me walking into the alnd further and further, and when she stopped….we were standing before a beautiful lake, that shined like the heaven itself…. i wanted her to break doen there atleast so that i could carry her in my embrace to wipe away all her tears and pain…. but still she stood in silence with her back towards me… unable to bear the silence anymore, i walked further to see her face….. she was staring deep across the lake, blinking her eyes several times as the tears blurred her vision and her hardly twitching lips told me that she was holiding back her tears hard….:”arrrgh, why wouldn’t you just cry and let it all go?”….i screamed at her not able to hold myself back anymore…..she at once jerked, acknowledging my presnce and asked in her choking voice:”what are you doing here ,arjun?”…..i was irritated ,and so i snapped back at her:”huh…i was stalking you..”… i expected her to let her frustation out on me by scolding but all the mouthed was an simple ‘oh’ and went back to her staring competition… i had had enough..i gripped her tight by her shoulder ,making her look at me:”why can’t you just cry out all your sorrows?.. what’s wrong with u?..”…i screamed in anger….but she stared at me unflinched ,buut i saw her cold facade over her eyes wearing down…. she spoke in a meek voice:”why should i arjun?.. why should i always be the one who to cry aloud?…. why should always i be the one at fault at everyone’s eyes that they despise me?…tell me what did i do wrong?….am.. am not cold or a heartless craving for their love.. for their attention…why do always all find me not lovable?…why am i never loved?… why am i never cared ?… being silent doesn’t mean i don’t care…. not able to say everything in words, doesn’t mean my silent gestures are fake…. not able to drag them all for me, doesn’t mean i never loved them na…then why?.. why do i have no one to cry with me?,…why is there no one to giggle with me?…. why is there never anyone, to give me the attention i seek…..why am i not loved?….or never reciprocated of my love?….why?..why am i always crushed and thrown after being used?…why its always me?”…she screamed all her pain through her words, that now her tears flowed all the way down from her eyes to the ground under their feet, in non stop streams.. i felt her jellying in my grips, before i could understand anything….she crashed on her knees on the floor, with tears flowing faster than before… i bend down to hug her to my chest, so that she scream out all her pain.. but she pushed me, with her hands on my chest and spat:”are you too going to take advantage of my state warning you…don’t you DARE… ….am not that weak to turn all vulnerable, and crash into your arms for my solace…. i have no one… and will never have too…you are no exception…”saying this she sobbed heavily.. i hugged her tight this time, and she didn’t stop me this time, instead snuggled more into my grip… i after her sobs reduced pulled away and cupped her cheeks… and placed a deep kiss on her forehead and said…:”you have me radhika….”..she pushed me away asking:”why are you with me?”….to which i replied:”i love you radhika.. always have and always will…..”..she gasped at my sudden confession just like me… and started pushing me away more and said…:”no… you are lying…. you too would leave me…. you don’t love me.. no one ever did….go away…. am no any beauty for you to trick….”…this rubbed be wrong…i pulled her harsh that she landed on my chest and snapped…:”don’t u dare insult my love radhika…”….hearing this she looked at me blinking her eyes wide, with fresh tears rolling down from it….i mentally cursed myself for screaming at her and i pulled her into a a tight hug, burying her inside me..while i myself buried my head in her crook of neck… i felt her tears wetting my shirt… i pulled away to see her still sobbing for god knows what reason…. i once again kissed her forehead and stood up:”cry as much as you want radhika… because from tomorrow… u would forget what they mean in my love”….saying this i smiled at her, and stood staring at her for some minutes with my hands in my pant pocket….she was still sitting in the ground and sniffing her nose…. i smiled and gently caressed her head, before walking away backwards with my eyes fixed on her… she was still staring at me, with her orbs deeply locked into mine….i turned around and walked to my car, waiting for her to return… i have her time, to throw away all her withheld pain away….and i know my love will heal her wounds…. just as i wished…she walked back to the place where our cars were parked… and when she returned i saw her smiling a dreamy one, with her slightly pink cheels… my mind danced seeing her approaching form and i mumbled:”welcome my angle…”…she had those dries tear stains, which meant she had long ago stopped crying….but still i felt it lessening her angelic beauty… so i swiftly took a bottle from my car and handed to her…she smiled and took it without any argument.. and when she was finished… i pulled her close to with my arms snaking around her waist, and with my soaked kerchief wiped her face… she looked deep into my eyes, with her shade growing deeper every passing second with our forms attached to each othe…. and when i wiped her lips, she shivered under my fingers and closed her eyes sensing me leaning towards her…i smiled… she looked angelic, with the moon shining over her face and her face glowing with the newly developed blush….i leaned on more closer and kissed her forehead, with my lips staying their for some time…and i mumbled pulling away….:”i love you radhika… so much that i can’t even express…. and from now on my this love will heal your every single love…”..she blinked at me sooo cutely that i found it hard controlling myself before her…and her eyes the most beautiful features of her’s shined with the love it reflected…. i smiled coz i knew she fell for me..but instantly the next second i sighed..:”god.. she is sooo a nutcase to confess on herself…”..making my mind giggle at me…………well, its all fair in love ,it preached me..

And from the next day, my all time part time job became running behind my lady to make her confess her love for me….her cute irritating looks….the way she would try her level hard to shoo me off… the way she would roll her eyes, when i would jump at her front… everything just made me more crazy for her.. she would scream at me sometimes, but i knew that she was so poor in acting..that too when it comes to me…. and i made sure that before she would confess, i would make her life heaven.. and i did the same too.. her heart that craved for true friends and their craziness took a somersault when i introduced her my cousin sam and her crazy boyfriend neil… i knew they were the perfect cure for her ailing… they first took off from hi and hello in formal manner to both radhika and sam now irritating neil together with their blabberings.. i must say he is poor guy trapped between them… i know her heart craved for truthness in every relationship, and i knew for the same reason they three will click of well… and in the end they did…all credits to me.. and it has been six months since i have confessed , and now i knew my angel is ready to speak her heart out….which was clearly eveident to me through her constant stares on me and pouting lips whenever i disappered from her sight.. her eyes that travelled with me now told me that she has realised her love now…and one fine day, it was sam’s bithday and both that idiots radhika and neil invited me to the surprise party they both arranged for my cousin’s birthday… and when i walked in, the most beautiful sight of my life welcomed me.. there was my love all giggling and running behind neil with sam ,and for a reason i know neil had played a prank on them….she was all laughing pulling neil’s hair…i chuckled ,coz now whoever would see her would not call her a introvert or a poker face… as she was sitting their in front of him chatting like a nonstop chatter box.. making neil scream at their convo at times… my heart was overjoyed at her happy form and i mumbled to myself:”you are my everything radhika… i don’t know how but i love you…”…with these words running in my mind… i saw radhika to stop at her tracks as if someone pulled her to a halt… and she turned, looking straight into me… she walked towards me slowly, with tears blurring her eyes that are now shining fully with love filled only for me…my breath turned harder with her inching the gap between us…and when finally her angelic form stood before me, i felt as if there is no one in this world..only us…she at once leaped at me and hugged me tight and spoke in muffled voice with herself fully attatched into mine….:”i love you arjun… only and only you… and thank you for giving me all this happiness…truly your love healed me.. thank you for making me what i am today…”….

i shushed her pulling away keeping my fingers in her lips and i said looking straight into her eyes:”you are what you are just because of you… all i did ever was just to stand beside you….which i always will… i love you..”…i said to her and again hugged her tight….suddenly a sound of clearing their throat pulled us away..i saw sam hugging neil with her one hand on her chest, another closing neil’s eyes…she spoke:”am veryy happy neil..”..saying this she fakely sniffed and closing her eyes shut she said:”we didn’t see anything..neither will we…so please continue..”…she said looking away and neil smirked… i looked down at radhika to see her blushing like a rose, i chuckled and pulled her closer and asked:”so will you marry me?”….to which she acted to be in deep thinking and then after some time nodded a cute yes and a immediate no…i was perplexed..lifting my brows i asked her to explain, and she spoke innocently playing with my shirt button:”arjun…. i will marry you but not now..atleast for six months i wanna wander in this feeling of being truly loved and in loving someone crazily..”…i smiled when she looked up into my eyes with her hopeful ones….but just to tease her i said:”but you made me wait so long… and now another six months is very hard..”…she blinked at my words and spoke immediately:”arjun am ready to marry you rightaway.. come i will introduce u to my parents…”…i smiled and kissed her cheeks deep:”radhika stop living for others… start living for yourselves…”…radhika:”am not living for others arjun.. am living for my only love, which is you..”…i shook my heads at her impossible nature and said:”fine then make me drown in your love for six months before am tied up…” i said making a sad face….she rolled her eyes and pulled me closer with her arms around my neck ,she kissed my cheeks.. and husked in my ears:”with pleasure, my love..”….i pulled her tight into my arms soaking myself in her, and i felt complete drowning in her love when she snuggled closer in my arms……

and the other six months went as a beautiful dream ride with we roaming hand in hand in many places… and it was utter most fun for me, to tease her with my constant heated stares and sometimes locking her in my arms ,leaning towards… her red bloomed face everytime made me crazy that i ended up teasing her all over again….and finally after many stunts before her parents, we were tied in our holy matrimony to be in each other’s love forever from then……

Radhika’s pov:
He is the best thing that happened to me… and like he said his love healed my inner in the most beautiful way…. we still had fights… yellings.. tiny misunderstandings….but still none weakened our love, it only made it stronger…he gifted me the most precious people of my life, my besties neil and sam… who showed me what a real friend meant… he gifted me myself in his love that am nothing without him… and now through every thick and thin and every hardships of my life i knew i will walk past it with him beside me…with our love with us… with a heart to beat only for me…………………

**********************************THE END***********************************************

So guys, how was it?…. as i have clearly no idea how bad i messed it up..and am awaiting your honest comments…. this is a return gift from me to every beautiful soul of this tu that blessed me on my birthday.. thank u soo much guys for loving me and making me feel so special….
brin di, this is specially for you… hope u liked it…..thank u so much for ur love…
my sweetheart newbies…. u all r doing very wonderful job dears, that sometimes i feel myself in lack of words to appreciate ur beautiful works…..
thank u tellyupdates for giving me a family away from mine..and thank u everyone who made me their family….
love u all soooooo soooo much to infinity and beyond and back……tight hugs…muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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