Manmarziyan: Happy Anniversary


Dosti.. Yaariyan.. Manmarziyan started airing on 13th April 2015. Exactly one year has passed but the memory of the show still run fresh in my head.

Hello everyone my name is Ronnie and though am not Indian but my best buddy is and she has got the craze about Indian series. She watches almost every show and always succeeds in dragging me into her madness (in my defence she’s my bestie, i love her a lot, i’ve known her since KG and just cant say no to her)

By her grace i have seen many shows (and many indeed) and left most of them in middle whether be it excessive negativity, meaningless twists, butchering characterisation just to compensate silly plots or too much dragging. I have seen a few shows that were an exception and enjoyed immensely. But whenever my bestie would pester me (or sometimes blackmail me ) to watch with her a new show, i would watch with caution believing that they all look promising in the beginning but get messed up with time.

I started watching Manmarziyan with the same mindset (started from the second episode) but it only got better with time. Even though Starplus messed things by resurrecting Nandini and trying to add high drama the chemistry btn Arjun-Radhika kept me glued to my seat. Kavya my bestie would taunt me with her “i told u so ” line because by that time i was more into the show than her. We would read written updates before the show aired, watch the telecast, the retelecast and sometimes rewatch it on hotstar as well (crazy ryt? )
Oh Yes, we were n still are crazy fans of Manmarziyan. Don’t know if it was the actors, their acting, the story, the dialogs, the BGM, or the combination of all but i’ve never been this attached to a fictional show. But now when am thinking about it, it was relatable. Radhika’s fight to find her identity, her enthusiasm, her positivity and her sweet nature of bringing happiness to others. (She is Chashni afterall) Samaira’s pain over Jai’s death, her antics with Neil, her boldness and insecurities. Neil the cool guy, his happy go lucky attitude, his unconditional friendship. Nobody would be afraid to fall when they have a friend like Neil coz u know he will catch you no matter what. And Arjun the man who started on the road of revenge and ended up on the road to redemption, good at heart but wounded badly, living in darkness until he meets the light by the name of Radhika. There are many more aspects that made me a fan of the show. But what i loved watching the most was the friendship (esp. Sa-Ra friendship) maybe because i share the same bond with my bestie not forgetting the intense love story btn ArDhika (i am an ardhikian BTW), NeSam’s “nok-jhok”, Changu, Mangu, Naangu and dadaji’s antics.

When i read the news that the show is gonna end i was heartbroken, felt little relieved knowing i can rewatch the episodes on hotstar.The last few episodes were lil bit rushed but it was all compensated on fantastic final episode. It was too good that it left me wanting for more. But i didn’t have to be sad for long coz in this crazy fanatic period i came across many Manmarziyan fanfictions and my lips curved upwards again. I remember it was Farha (kfar) who started posting her stories on the comment section of the WU later on Thena, Tanya, Deepa, Anu, Natasha and others followed. When TU started the fanfiction section it was like heaven finally smiled to us fans as a result we have so many ffs today.

All i want to say is THANK YOU to all the writers, you’re all such amazing people if u could just see the smile u bring to our faces. You bring us immense joy with your creativity, beautiful words and fascinating story telling. You should never stop writing because u have not only kept the show alive but also united us all fans who a year ago didn’t know each other. You take time to entertain us and fulfill our wishes and i appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I might not comment but i read every single ff and with each story i fall deeper n deeper n deeper in love with the show. If i could meet you all i would hug u, kiss u n throw u guys a party for such an amazing job. ??? God bless u all and May He reward you with abundance for all the happiness that you spread. Once again THANK YOU. Lots of hugs and kisses for u???????????????

Lots of love for my dym family

PS: Please do share ur journeys with Manmarziyan ur favorite scenes and what u miss the most about the show

Thanks for reading this. ?

Credit to: Ronnie

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  1. Hi I am Sam…. I just love this show and I started to watch this show after Arjun’s entry….cause I like his acting in Mahabharata as Karna I really like him after that show I was just waiting for his another show and my wish got completed in DYM but afterwards I like every single actor of this show I became big fan of this show I just don’t like actors but also the story….. I just love this show…when it was going to end I feel like someone has stabbed my heart with thousands of knife… I used to cry for this show and mom used say that everything has end so don’t cry I don’t know what feelings was that but I got medicine for my in the form of the FFs I want to say thank you guys for the amazing FFs …I just can’t explain my love for you guys in words…. You all have given hope to me… I really very love u alll who writes these FFs I just want to say you all are doing a great job….plz plz plz give us the amazing Ffs always… Love u all… Keep showering love ❤ on DYM…… Love ❤ u….

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for sharing ur journey with mmz. I know we all felt terrible with the premature death of our favorite show fingers crossed for season 2. Salute to all the writers

  2. Hi Ronnie glad to read such a fantastic review… U have just penned down d facts of an ardent mmz fan. I agree completely with u.I started watching it frm lonavla trip. I am a fan of aham Sharma . I was very much moved by his character potrayal of karna frm d mythological series Mahabharat. Hence wanted to check out how he would do in a contemporary role. And he was mind blowing .. I I loved radhika a lot. Now am a fan of monica sehgal too. I guess d chemistry btw nesam were grt. This was one serial which wasn’t a sasbahu craps. Targeted for younger audiences but starplus pulled d plug unfairly despite multiple request to extend d show. And yes d ending was rushed but d epic confession was compensation enough. Thou it left me wanting for more. Hence I searched d web for ardhika fanfiction and arrived here. I miss ardhika chemistry, tashaan. , arjun and radhikas intense scenes etc… Wished could have seen samrat and nandini confrontation , Sam apologising to radz as thoz were left for our imagination to pick up. But am preety happy with all d glorious writers out here who took pains to come down with their own version of mmz. Thank u each and every one of u guys who have made this possible for such ardent fans like me to read such awesome stuffs. Wished mmz could b back with season 2.

    1. Hi Rg, I think it was impossible to not get hooked with the show during the lonavla trip it was amazing. I just all writers should know that we appreciate all their hardwork. And thanks for sharing

  3. hi ronnie
    i m Manjari mariswamy

    well my journey with mmz started with first epi but repeate telecaste i never watched any shows before but my mumma used to watch YHM btw i saw a promo where radhika said to her mom that ” dosti ka rista tho dil chuntha hai na maa” which connected me to this n Monica wow the way she delivered that dailouge n her lips her hair style she so beatiful show but SP given them 10:30pm slot which is odd timings to me

    exactly an year back @9:30am this show repeated which is YHM slot for only one day me and my mumma started watching this show dadaji and radhika’s bond sam neil radhika meeting n the bgm while they were doing river rafting fire camp wow superb

    i m also Ardhikan i love ardhika a lot i still miss this pair
    i love whole serial specailly Ardhikas intense scenes except nandhini part n sam arjun washroom scene

    when sp changed repeate telecast time from 4:30pm to 8:00am i stopped watching show coz that time also odd to me then only i came to know abt TU after i started reading WU after ending ff’s

    thank u so much all the writers of fanfictions for keeping mmz alive

    1. Sp did treat the show unfairly few promos n odd telecast timing but still we didn’t give up on the show. The washroom scene was so out of character n unnecessary felt like pulling someone’s hair out.
      Thanks Manju for sharing n thanks writers for keeping mmz alive.


    hey ronnie…….ur bestie uNdoubtably remind me of my bestie who is also a serial freak………….she was the 1 who introduced me to mmz…..and i owe her for this……………well
    i miss for no doubt ardhika ……..and the friedship btwn rads and sam………not to mention the awesome frieship bod of nesam………….i really wish swatic productions would think of mmz second part…………….

    1. i am an odd fan of manmarziyan coz i have never watched it on TV………i had no cable connection to watch it……my dad cut it wen i ws in 11th…… i used to watch it wen i go to native place……and finally wen i got the chance to watch it…due to signal error sp would not open up………i only used to read the written updates and the 1st epi i watched was the 2nd last epi…….that too when i was alone in home lying down with fever…….well even though one year has passed mmz has not gone from my mind…….eventhough dad and sis wud scold me 4 sitting infront of computer all day reading ffs….i will not stop it… sis yesterday told to mom that i have gone mad coz i was watching serials i sp ad colors frm evening onwards……………..

      1. TFS is short for Thanks for sharing n yes I do read ur ff enemies from childhood its great btw infact I enjoy all mmz ff just been a silent reader

    2. I also owe it her for pulling into mmz world. I sometimes can’t understand where she gets so much energy to keep up with all the shows. I even call her Ekta Kapoor of NYC just to tease her n the crazy gal ended dressing as EK for Halloween. TFS Aastha n keep up the good work with ur ff

      1. umm ronnie thank you for replying……sry bt i dint understand TFS…..u read my ff ????????? thanks……….so i which country do you live ?????????

      2. I live in Manhattan NY

      3. hmmm my cuz is also in USA….California….so in which class are you studying ????????????????………..

  5. i really miss this show very much………..i hope for the second season to come…i love this show

    1. Me too missing it so much fingers crossed for season 2. TFS

  6. hiii ronnie…… i watched hindhi serial manmarziyan only ….. i love all ardhika scene.& i read manmarziyan ff only…love uuuuu

    1. Hi Subha I also love all ardhika scenes lots of love to u too and TFS

  7. manmarziyan- the only show i watched till the end. I still remember how i waited till 10.30 to watch this show, if i missed it on tv i had to wait till morning to watch this on hotstar and i used to read written update on this tu page whenever i had my exams. I was really sad when show ended but i accidently read BBACB by kfar and i’m madly addicted to all of her stories now.

    1. Hi Swathi same condition here missing the show like anything really hoping for a season 2. TFS

  8. Hi this Shreya I was not at all interested in this show but when I saw in news that its staring sham sharma I was all crazy n even I remember that 13 tha April 2015 was my last paper of 10 boardexam even while writing I was thinking about the show hahaha ………1 ep itself I was impressed I thought something is new slowly its interesting with Sam no jay s past ….then it turned out horrible when I saw Arjun in modern look it was difficult for my family to look him like this were totally shocked … n ice on the cake was Arjun dancing , romancing oh god ……..I loved everything sply lonaval trip ……

    1. Hi, one of the things that attracted me to show was it’s freshness it was something I hadn’t seen in a long time. TFS Shreya

  9. Best show….. I m waiting for Ardhika come back on-screen…

    1. Best show indeed n if we could get Ahamica back on screen I would literally flip. TFS Anwesha

  10. I also miss Manmarziyan a lot, one of my all time fav star plus show though I didn’t like this show in it’s first month but the next three months I loved this show so much that I don’t want to miss a single episode. Even today I miss Ardhika and Nesam and thanks mmz ff writers for recreating Ardhika and Nesam scenes

  11. Hi Ronnie iam crazy fan of mmz …such a wonderful youth show….all the cast are amazing …I miss my fav couple ardhika very much..i loved their chemistry….i just hate star plus when the show end i dinnot watch any serial in starplus still..waiting for ahamica come back on screen….I really miss them.. We want mmz season2 with same cast..

  12. Hey Ronnie your each and every word felt like it coming from my heart..we are die hard fan of mmz…thought mmz got ended abruptly but still it there in our heart securing the most special place. i m too a diwani of most of the youth bases show but nevet ever any show made me about like mmz did..still watched mmz on hotstar..Thank you dear you share your words with us which make me feel so good. tears are rolling down from my eyes remembering all mmz memories. MMZ giving so many sweet frends and stories yo read n encourage me to write a story which made my hidden dream come true…love you dear for this thought .take care

  13. Hey deariiiiiiieeess, this is Roma here….most of you know me….as I read all the mmz ff’s n plus some more stories in TU ff page…..I also want to share my mmz story with you alllllllllll….

    My TU journey start with reading a random written update….I liked Qubool Hai show but being in usa, there is hard to get Indian channels…yes we could get cable, but due to rates n packaging I never got what I wanted. Plus my mother-in-law prefer to watch Pakistani dramas, so my choice gets down….n I don’t complain ,I also love those dramas and watch it with her on YouTube or other sites. I was watching qh online on desitvforum site, but read the written epi on telly updates as it was the first one to upload it…..

    so talking about my mmz journey…it starts from one fine day I was reading qh epi, then I saw the ad for mmz last episode…I saw some promos of this show online as it popup n I knew this show just started few months back n got surprised as Indian shows don’t end that fast, but I loved those mmz promos which were very motivating. …so I read the last episode, I loved it to the core… then came to comments..omg 2,704 comments!!!, I couldn’t believe my eyes..n read all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess comments….then I got overwhelmed with all these lovelyyyyyy comments n tears filled my eyes n I thought this was really awesome show but it ended so soon n I know now about it when it already ended…so I decided to read all the episodes n I did…then I thought to watch with more interest…so I searched n found n watched all episode from beginning to end. ..that was not enough but I read all the comments in each written updates……also read kfar’s stories, renu n thena’s analysis on episode n lots of lovely comments….then TU started its ff page….from then till now I’m here reading every single ff on mmz n others…n happy with it. ..I’m living my dream world……

    All the TU writers n reader’s kfar/blue, thena, manha, Natasha, ameena, brity, shree, gauri, aastha,Rg, love, happy, anaika, anaya, ruby,sathya, angel, roshini, madhumita, nisha, richa, medhavi, ishu, kalai, bhgi, deepa, deepthi, dipika, sv, rosie, hope, lucky, fatarajo, cutie pie, devga, bisha,divya, pooja, sindhu, kirti, niri, nt, bella, misha, tanya, mandy, mansi, sunitha, anu, ananya, arshi, nishi, maandey, n many many more….sorry if i forgot someones name, my memory is not very good but I love every single one here from the bottom of my heart….

    Ronnie my dear you spoke our heart out…each n every writer here is very talented n I appreciate everyone here fans, readers, silent readers…they keep this show alive in our heart with their tremendous hard work….and also now reading very different n amazing stories just because of this show…..a very BIG THAAAAAANNNNKKKK YOUUUUUU from me to everyone here our friends in this sweeeeeet, lovely, marvellous, awesooooomeeee journey of mmz…

    Happy Birthday Dosti…Yaariaan. ..Manmarzian. ….

    Love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeetheartttttsss deariiiiiiieeess. …..muaaaaahhhhhh, very tight big group hug to all of youuuuuuuuu

  14. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s journey thank you all mmzians ???

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