Manmarziyan- It Happened (Valentine’s Day special) (Spin off to Sweeto loves khadoos) -OS

Hey all!! Thank you so much for liking the OS I had written off Sathya ka… I passed in Humor with flying colours.. lol.. thank you all so much!! Love you all ??

Back with another OS!! Hehe… unofficially shot 2 for Sweeto Loves Khadoos… but, moreover it can be called a spin off… lol I need my man and Geethu ka needs her Arjun.. cousin of the so called “Khadoos boss” who gave her the offer of giving his cousin’s hand ??

This update dedicated to Geethu ka.. the Emoji Queen.. and our Humor Queen.. my Ponne.. Vidhya aka SV.. you too.. can’t forget you..

I still remember how we were discussing about things… summa apdiye pechu vakula .. haha..

Hope you all enjoy this little ride like the previous one… Geethu ka and Ponne.. hope you both like it too…

Yes.. I forgot the most important thing!! Lol


LOL.. I know.. most of the single and hopeless people call this month “chutiya month”.. and I swear it is.. received hell number of roses and chocolates… three cute teddies.. cards filled with proposals at my doorstep.. letters asking “will you be my valentine for a day?”… and they be anonymous.. cowards… but hey I have free teddies.. no need to spend on birthday gifts…. ??.. cards flew straight to the bin.. I didn’t have the heart to pluck off and crush the rose petals.. why crush the pretty ones when they’re not at fault? chocolates filling up the fridge and freezer ??..

So this update is Valentine’s Day special..

Ok no more bak baking ??

Please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors..


Happy reading ??

It had been six month since the day Arjun had confessed his feelings to Sathya. They were officially engaged. Sathya sat smiling as she admired the vintage diamond ring that had rubies on the sides on her left ring finger. She and Arjun had had a big fight on her birthday for the expensive ring he had gifted her and he has just shut her up as he could hardly raise his voice at her. And then this mega expensive ring for the engagement.

“Thinking about me?” came a voice.

She looked up at the person with a smile. Yes, it was him who she was thinking about.
“You know” she smiled.

“Yep” he smiled as he took his chair.

“I still can’t forget what your dad made me do” he laughed.

“I told you about him” she smiled.

“He asked me to cook all your favourite food for seven days and act like you for all the days. Being you was hard than cooking” he blew a breath.

“You screwed up the biryani though. It’s my favourite dish. My love” she sighed.

“Love?” he cocked his eyebrow.

“Yes” she replied.

“Me?” he asked.

“Boyfriend” she replied.

“How can girls love food more than their fiancee?” he pouted.

“Because food came first in front of us. Not boyfriend or fiancee” she winked.

He threw a fake glare. It was hard being angry on her. And she loved riling him up. And she always dreamt of a dreamy valentine’s day, where he never believed in such stuff. He just hated the term “Valentine’s Day”. Why was it celebrated? Just to show you were in love and are able to shower gifts on all the days? From 8th to 14 of Feburary. Then at last, slap day on 15th. For which God knows why. The propose, rose, chocolate, teddy, kiss, hug and the blah blah blah and last being valentine’s made sense. He’s to the order it was supposed to be followed in.

What was he forgetting?

Yes the promise. Promise day. The stupidest and the most nonsensical theories of all.

Why the slap?

You do everything and get a slap? Crap to it all.

“Oh hello!! What happened? Where are you lost?” she asked.

“Nothing” he smiled.

“Where are they?” she pouted annoyed.

“Here I am” came a lively voice.

“Geethu!! Come come” Sathya smiled as she pulled her to sit next to her.

“Where is Deepu?” he asked.

“She said she has some paperwork. And it’ll take time” she replied.

“So… what’s the plan for valentine’s day?” she asked.

“Nothing” he snapped.

“Wow. Okay” she raised her hands in surrender.

“Now I need a coffee. Strong one” she shook her head and signalled for the waiter to take her order.

“Hello people!!” came another voice after a while.

“Here she is” Arjun heaved a sigh of relief.

“What happened? Why do you all look like something has happened?” Shree asked.

“It’s going to happen” Sathya replied.

“Huh? What?” asked Geethu.

“Sathya ka don’t scare her” Shree slapped her arm.

“She’s Anni (sister in law). Not akka” he snapped.

“Not yet married to you. So to be Anni” she poked her tongue out.

“Vandone talai vali. Chaaa. Coffee venum” she sighed.
(Headache as soon as I arrive. Chaaa. Need a coffee.)

“Office tolai” Geethu pouted.
(Office torture.)

“Illa illa illa. Ivana madri oru Annan irundale podhum. Adhuvum boss vera” she rolled her eyes.
(No no no. If I have a brother like him it’s more than enough. On top of it, boss.)

“Ippo naan enna panen?” he asked.
(What did I do now?)

“Enna dhaan panala nee?” came another loud lively voice.
(What did you not do?)

“Vanduta ya” he facepalmed himself.
(Here she comes.)

Shree turned around “Akka!!” she hugged her.

“Ey, etana daruva soliruken. Akka nu kupdade maa. Not so aged I am” she pouted.
(EY, how many times have I told you? Not to call me akka. Not so aged I am.)

“Ok ok. Vaa Ponne (come girl)” Shree smiled.

“Enna maa kannu soukiyama?” Arjun smirked.
(Is all going well dear?)

“Aama kannu. Soukiyam dhaan” she smirked back.
(Yes dear. All’s well.)

“Arjun don’t rile my wife” said her husband.

“That’s like my tiger” she patted his chest.

“Tiger? What sort of a name is that?” Arjun looked wide eyed.

“By the way, you both are not married yet. So, Vidhya is not wife” he said.

“We are married” Vidhya smiled.

“When?” he gasped.

“When you were in US” she laughed.

“Holy mother!!” he shook his head throwing his hands in the air.

“So Mr. Mama (jiju). First time I meet you. I’m Dhanshree” she stuck her hand out for a handshake.

“No. Not mama. Call me Arjun” the other Arjun smiled.

“You too Arjun?! Ada aata!! (oh holy mother!!)” Shree sighed as she threw her head back in the headrest.

“Yen di, unaku Vera aale kedakilaya? Ella pakamum Arjun Arjun Arjun. Ipo oru Arjun irukan. Avanum oru Annan dhaan. Ippo mamavum Arjun. Uta pulainga perum Arjun vachiruvanga” she shook her head.
(You, You didn’t get any other person? Everywhere Arjun Arjun Arjun. Now one more is there. That too brother. Now jiju also Arjun. If we let go, even the kids will be named Arjun.)

“Shree relax” Geethu laughed.

“This is atrocity to the peaks. How is the world still functioning?” she buried her face in her palms.

“Missed me?” came a voice.

“Ivaru periya Obama vaam.. illana kaiyum kaalum odadu” Vidhya scoffed.
(He is Obama. If he’s not here our legs and hands won’t function.)

“Why? Why do you do this to me?” he pouted “hey darling” he pecked Geethu’s cheek and sat down next to her.

“Who the hell are you?” she scowled her as she rubbed her cheek.

“Arjun. Arjun Shivakumar. Cousin of Arjun and Dhanshree Ramesh and Vidhya… what is your last name Vidhya?” he replied and mocked at last part.

“That’s not needed for you” Vidhya rolled her eyes.

“Arjun?! Oh lord!!” Geethu cried.

“Why? What happened?” asked Arjun Shivakumar.

“Mr. Shivakumar please stop patting my thigh. It’s so very annoying” she scowled.

“What is this Mr. Shivakumar and all. Call me AS. So sweet and cute” he smiled.

“Cuteum ivan moonjiyum” she cussed under her breath.
(Cute and his face.)

“Arjun’s told me a lot about you. You’re too cute. I do like you” he smiled.

“I’ll kill you khadoos” she screamed.

“Talk to me. Stop pulling my cousin” he pulled her face to face him.

“Leave me” she scolded as she slapped his hand off.

“We’re not done so soon baby” he husked.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Simple. YOU” he smiled.

“That’s not happening” she said.

“Why?” he asked.

“My parents trust me. And I will not let them down” she replied.

Deep down she was attracted to him. She didn’t want to give her nod and take things quick. Whatever that was happening was quick. Too quick.

“At least we can be friends. If we think it’s ok, we can go with it. Else we’ll call it off” he said.

“Are you talking about trial and error?” Shree screamed.

“Almost” he replied.

“Are you out of your…” she was cut off.

“Hey Danny!!” came a voice from behind.

“Who is this?” she turned around “who are you?” she asked.

“Arjun. Arjun Manan” he smiled.

“One more Arjun” Sathya looked confused.

“Did the world forget that there are other names other than Arjun? Oh God!!” Shree cried.

“All Arjuns here” Geethu blinked.

“Damn this is too much” Vidhya pulled her hair.

Arjun eyed AM(Arjun Manan) with anger. He had the guts to talk to his sister in front of him. Was more like an Arjun gathering.

“Baby look” AM went on his knee and took her hands in his.

“You can take a chair” Shree said.

“No listen” he said.

“Ohkay” she stuttered.

“You might not know me as you were so much into Sid. It was all me who sent all those notes and gifts in college. You thought it was Sid and he too lied to you. I tried so much to talk to you, I just couldn’t” he sighed.

“I don’t even know you. Why are you telling me all this?” she asked.

“That’s because I was one amongst the nerdos. Not the popular paparazzi types, you know” he sighed air quoting the “paparazzi types” words.

“Can you please take a chair? It’s like a punishment for you and a little embarrassing for me” she said putting her head down and her hair covered her face.

“It’s not embarrassing for me” he said as he tucked her hair behind her ear “no way punishment” he cupped her face “and that’s because I love you” he smiled as he pecked her forehead.

Ummm..” she started off.

“Ssshhh… Don’t say a thing. I’m not forcing you. I just wanted to confess my feelings. It was pricking me inside out and I felt like a coward” he said as he got up “I don’t expect your answer” he said as he walked back.

“Arjun you can have coffee with us” she called out.

“Next time” he smiled as he walked out.

“I didn’t even do a thing. He’s going like I rejected him” she sighed.

“Lord. AM. We have AR (Arjun Ramesh), AS (Arjun Shivakumar) and AK (Arjun Krishnan/ Tiger)” Sathya blew a breath “an Arjun for all of us” she shook her head.

“I like that guy. Deepu think about him” AR said.

“Not you too” Shree sighed.

Evalo azhaga propose panitu poran. Kayi ututiye di” AS scolded.
(How nicely he proposed and went. You let him slip away.)

“Nee pesada” she retorted.
(You don’t talk.)

“Let her be. It’s her wish” Geethu said.

“That’s what. You both are the same. Why won’t you support her” he mocked.

“Doesn’t seem bad to me too Dhanu. Talk to him” AK said.

“Now can I concentrate on my love story?” AS asked pouting.

“Please. Go to your girl” Geethu clapped.

“My girl is right here” he smiled holding her hands.

“Dai tambi romba jolu oota try pandra, aana jolu varamatendu” Vidhya laughed.
(Oh little brother, you’re trying to drool, but no drool coming.)

“Oh lord!! Ponne enna di nee (what are you girl)?” Shree laughed.

“I’m Vidhya. Shrividhya” she flipped her braid proudly.

“If the Shree and Shri team up we are doomed” AR shook his head.

“I don’t think AS is the jollu (drool) types. He’s serious and straightforward. Ain’t I right brother in law?” Sathya winked.

“Someone understands me. Thank you Anni (sister in law)” he heaved a sigh of relief placing his hand over his chest.

“Can you please leave? Just collect all your belongings and just leave” she spoke pushing his keys and phone to him angrily.

“Yes” she smiled as he stood up “but not so soon” he smirked as he picked her up in his arms and walked towards the exit and could hear everyone laugh behind.

“You idiot let me go” she beat him hard and he laughed.

“Not anymore. I was nice. But you woke up the AS in me” he smirked as he walked.

“He did it” Vidhya cheered.

“So you provoked him?” Shree asked.

“Yes. She did equally well too. Though she didn’t know what she was doing” she laughed.

“One down. One to go” AK smiled.

“On more. Who?” Sathya asked “oh k” she smiled as realisation struck.

“Who?” Shree asked confused.

“You” AR smiled.

“Me?” she blinked “no not with Manan” she said panicked.

“Think” he said.

“He’s a good guy” Vidhya said.

“I’ll see” she blew a breath.


“Where have brought me?” asked an annoyed blindfolded Geethu.

“Ssshhh.. we’re here” he replied all happy.

“Now come” he said as he pulled her out of the car.

“Let me go” she pushed him, but he pulled her with him.

She knew they were in a beach as her feet were not in the tar road and was over sand. She could smell the salty breeze and the waves. He smiled at her confused state. He had fallen in love with her the moment Arjun had mentioned about her and sent her picture to him. He was never interested in women and this girl just had him flat in one glance. He had brought her to Taj Fisherman’s Cove. One of the finest resorts on covelong beach. He guided her carefully through the stairs.

He opened the blindfold “open” he whispered.

She brought herself together as his breath tickled her skin and it gave her goosebumps. Not to forget the light blush that covered her cheeks.

She opened her eyes to see a beautifully decorated hall. Wooden floor neatly polished. Walls brown with white delicate curtains. A table for two with a bottle of champagne and white and red candles. It was dimlit. She being afraid of darkness started to shiver.

“Don’t worry. I’m right here” he whispered as he looped his arms around her waist.

“May I have this dance?” he asked as he turned her around.

She smiled and gave her hand to him. They danced and Arjun made sure not to be too close to her. He didn’t want to scare her. She looked him in the eye and that’s what was needed for him. He expected her to curse, scold. But she didn’t talk the amount she would. Five months he had stalked her to know everything about her. A resident of Pondicherry. Simple, cute, sweet. Had little temper issues. Working under his cousin. Confidence that was at sky’s heights. They then had dinner and it was quiet. There were no words needed, the silence was more than enough to convey what they wanted to say. His eyes on her all the time and she had her eyes down as she couldn’t meet his loving gaze. They walked on the sand holding hands and the hold growing tighter as each second passed by, which they themselves didn’t know. Arjun turned back and smiled at their footprints on the sand together. Watching the full moon standing in the cool water, he only wished for her love and her positive response for marriage. He dropped her home.

“How do you know my address?” she asked.

“I just do” he replied.

“My favourite food?” she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Get down” he said in a stern voice.

“Huh?” she asked confused.

“I said get off my car” he screamed and she got off all frightened.

“You wanna know how I know?” he asked to which she nodded.

“That’s because I stalked you for five months” he smiled giving her a fly kiss and sped away before she could scold him.

Her mouth opened and closed like a fish. He was cute. He had planned smart. She knew he’d scold and hit if she was inside. He was the kind of man she wanted. But it seemed too fast.

On the other hand, Shree lost in AM. All she could think of was his confession. The way he approached. He didn’t want to force her. He had put all those feelings in his tiny heart for five years.

Days passed…

No updates from both AS and AM. Both the girls didn’t know what to do and everyone around seemed to be enjoying it. The so called “Valentine’s Day” it was.

“Shree coming to the cafe outside?” Geethu asked.

“We have a Canteen. Why out?” Shree asked.

“Coming or not?” she asked annoyed.

“I’m coming. Chill” Shree said as she walked out with her.

“Valentine’s day it is. Hope no random guy comes and pecks and pulls me” Shree blew a breath.

“Heh?” she asked.

“They just pull you calling you your valentine for a day. Random guys they be” Shree replied.

“Why is this cafe dark?” Geethu asked as they reached the cafe.

“Like I know” Shree shrugged her shoulders.

Suddenly the lights went on and there they were. AS and AM. Both the Arjuns on their knees in front of the girls.

“Will you marry me?” they both asked in unison to their respective lady loves with a solitaire diamond ring in their hands.

“Go on. Give your nods” Sathya whispered from behind.

They looked behind to see all of them.

“So this was all planned?” both the girls threw daggers at the guys kneeling.

“Kinds yes” AS stuttered.

“Now can you please tell your answers” AM looked tired with the kneeling.

Geethu looked at Shree and Shree smirked. She walked to AM and pounces on his making him tumble on the floor. She laughed tickling and hugging him tight. AS looked at Geethu and sighed. She walked to him all blank and sat on his knee. And he looked at her blinking.

“Are you going to keep blinking or slip in the finger?” she asked.

It took him seconds to gather things and he laughed out loud hugging her to him. The others cheered from behind as both the Arjuns slipped in the rings.

“I love you” AS whispered.

“Love you too” Geethu smiled as she pecked his cheek.

“Love you Danny” AM whispered.

“Love you nerdo. Happy valentine’s day” she tickled him.

“Haha that too” he laughed as tickled him even more.

The other four whispered their love for each other and smiled at the newfound lovebirds all happy and smiling. It happened finally. They found their love.

Ok this is it… just typed.. had to post this long ago…. But found it better to post it for valentine’s.. lol.. I’m blank with this.. don’t know how this has come out … it’s up to you all to decide and judge.. signing off now… Tata babaye.. love you all loads.. TC…. Keep smiling… bear hugs to all of you ??

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  2. Sangee

    Hey shree wat have you done girl.. It a sooper dooper update ma kizhi kizhi…. I enjoyed to the core… ? ? ? ? ? ?
    U nailed it girl… I was smiling ear to ear while reading… Now my cheeks are paining.. ? vidhya and arjuns convos were hilarious to the core…. Its raining arjun everywhere… Pls no more arjuns ???
    Satz arjun is so cute… But spoiled the biriyani ?… AM rocked the floor what a proposal yar without being cheesy…. I liked that soon much…. Finally u got ur arjun ????… Next vidhyas Tiger ?… Vidhya is one atom bomb… And this AS
    what a planning ha ha ha ha… Dance ????… Proposal on valentines day ??? all plan panni kootu sadi ???
    Altogether super super super no words to express my feelings ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. Love you girl ????? take care… Don’t take stress ok va…

    1. Shree

      Hahaha akka.. onnume panaleye.. ??… Happy to see you smiling.. yey.. it was for you.. tadaaaa.. unga Arjun lol…. Yes yes raining Arjuns.. AR.. AM… AK.. AS… Uufff.. yes yes no more Arjuns..

      Sathya ka Arjun has to be cute.. en Anna avan.. aama biryani koututan.. bad boy.. I like it simple so I made AM’s proposal simple.. hehe ??… yes I got my Arjun too.. yey!! Tiger udunga.. he is mama.. lol.. Vidhya has to be nuclear bomb.. because she is one.. paavum tiger.. ?? .. velila Puli veetla poonai ??.. AS also my brother.. romba desperate.. adhunala konjam planning Pani uten.. paavum payan pulachi pogatume nu… N he’s in love with you so extra pananum cause I love you.. dance.. I’m still imagining it

      Yes yes.. mega kootu Sadi.. on a valentine’s day..

      Yey!! I’m so happy that you liked and enjoyed it!! Awwww.. I love you too.. ok oru velaiyum pakameten.. will be veti.. ??

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    1. Shree

      Hahaha.. you know me la.. adhu illama valkai illai.. mayakam teliyaleya? Lol.. it’s k.
      Let her go with the flow ??.. lol romba kulambitiyo? Haha tiger… Unnakaha be that version fell from heaven.. lol…

      I’m glad that you liked it!! Thank you so much!!

      Muaah to you too.. love you ??

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    Shree darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, marvelous, outstanding episode…. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes dear…… tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u……

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      Thank you so much!!

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  8. Tooo funny. Raining arjun everywhere. Loved it to the core. Love uuu too

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      Love you

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    Wow…wow…wowwww. ..All got their own version of Arjun…awwww…kaash..aisa Sach mein hota….lol….brilliantly penned. ..n mind blowing dialogues….each and every bit of it was superbbbb. …loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. ….awesoooooome, marvellous, outstanding. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss. ..and Happy Valentine’s Day my sweeeeeetheartttttsss. ..♡♡♡♡♡♡ ,* 😉

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      Hehe.. yep di.. all got their Arjuns.. kash aisa hota.. it’s k… Will wait..

      Thank you so much for liking it!! Glad that you enjoyed!!

      Love you too di ??

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