Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 9

Hiee all here is the next part of our journey. Sorry for the late update, actually planned to update on Saturday but got stuck in the spring cleaning of my room. Man i never knew i had only unwanted stuffs. Ufff 2 days and some how managed to complete it now and updating it now. Please do comment your views as they are my energy booster. Love you all and always smile.

Enjoy the ride….

Radhika rushed to arjun with the umbrella as it was raining and he was dancing in rain. She pulled him inside the umbrella and was just looking at him and he was in a full happy mood.
Radhika ; oh my god AM never knew that u were so much in love with ur radhika.
Arjun ; wish said my heart before to her. Well come the rain is getting heavy this umbrella cannot hold us more and both started to creative and both were so happy.


Neil ; no food …. Noo food…….. stamped his foot in full frustration. Why is just for me. I am starving. Mom and her stupid tv and made a cry face. Just then luna called neil.
Luna ; neil if u r free can u come to a place .
Neil(full hungry mode) ; no luna im hell hungry need to find a restaurant. Hope i get some indian food. I want to eat something spicy of my region food.
Luna ; thanks heaven it is a small restaurant. A hut restaurant . My friend Jane’s and i want to bring my friends and it also has indian cusine . Neil’s eye popped up when he heard food.
Neil ; stop talking venue pls.
Luna (giggled) ; superb and said the place.
Neil ; 5 minutes i’ll be there.
Luna ; Thats my friend. She turned and saw sam was waiting for luna.
Sam ; shall we go ??
Luna ; sure u start and here ur passes for that. Here and go. Sam saw 2 passes .
Sam ; hey 2 passes ur giving me.
Luna (with a smile) ; i’ll join u a bit late 1 for u and 1 for me. Now go and pushed her. Sam smiled and started for the place.

Sam reached first and just then she heard some noise. Neil was fighting with the security as the security was not allowing neil to enter the venue. Sam rushed and took the side of Neil by saying “ Sorry honey came a bit late” and gave an angry glare to the security which meant dare not mess with him, gave the passes to him and clutched his hand and took him inside. Once they entered it was beautifully decorated and every table had the couple’s name . The one which was specially decorated was waiting for Neil and Sam.
A person came and received them and asked their name.
Neil ; I’m Neil and this is my friend sam . Do you have any empty seats available for us.
Man ; Sir you gotta to be kidding. You are the one who has won our lucky draw of today so there is your reserved table and pointed them towards their left and it was closed with the curtain.
Man ; Sir please go in and enjoy your feast as all are made ready as per the instructions. Neil head was revolving as he could not even guess what is happening and why is happening . Both saw each other and could not do anything but just to go.
Sam entered and was spell bound with the decoration. A beautiful glass table a light yet beautiful aroma of room spray and a small fountain near them and also a small space for slow dance area for them , a candle in the center of the table and surrounded by cute lamps and it was dark yet the lamps spread their light inside the room and was perfect for the perfect couple. Neil and sam were just blinking and looked at each other and smiled mischief as they wanted to have some time together for themselves to talk their heart out.
Sam ; Idiot this is the next dinner we are having after I cancelled the dinner with Arjun and had it with you. Neil closed his eyes . Some names which he does not want to hear were heard and he thought she will say something else but again Arjun. Why he again when he gave so much pain to his little chashni and Sam the one who is loved and can do anything for her even he was ready to sacrifice his love just for her. He was in the top anger but he controlled as he dont want to spoil the mood. Neil smiled and asked her to take the seat as he does not want to argue more.
Sam who did not recognize that was really happy as she is having some quality time with Neil, but Neil was least interested to speak as he was busy munching the food because of his hunger.
Neil (to the extend ok with the hunger) ; Why did you come here Sammy ?? Sam who did not expect these words saw him with a teary eyes but he was normal.
Neil (who saw this understood she was hurt) ; What happened I said why did you come here to this restaurant. Sam gave a breath of relief and smiled and said “ Luna gave me the passes so I came and saw you fighting with the guards so helped you.”
Neil (thought) ; Luna……. thank you for doing this (angry version). Now I should keep quiet orelse she will pull me my mouth and I will spill about radhika and Teji to Sam. Luna what did I do to you ??? Sam who saw multi facial reaction of Neil waved her hand and gestured him what ?? Neil nodded nothing .

Sam wanted to speak about her feelings to Neil but she had no guts to speak to him regarding that but finally made her mind to speak up.
Sam ; Idiot ??
Neil ; Hmm and raised his head and saw Sam .
Sam ; Will you forgive me ??
Neil ; For what sammy ???
Sam ; You dont know what am I meaning , for not trusting you and our chashni.
Neil (took a deep breath) ; Can you stop that topic.
Sam ; Why ?? I want to speak to you and want you to forgive me Neil even though I am happy that I found you here I can sense a change in you.
Neil ; Because that Neil is no more and I hate to look behind , I have moved on from that with what so ever happened to me in India.
Sam ; You have moved on means ??? Are you not my same old idiot ?? with broken heart.
Neil ; I was ,I am and I will always be your same old idiot sammy why that doubt ???
Sam ; Then why are you not speaking to me the way you used to speak ??
Neil ; Because it is not the same old Neil who worked in bird song and accompanied you and does what ever you say. The one whom u see here is Neil Malhotra the editor chief of Creative . His voice showed his hatred which Sam was not able to handle.
Sam (with teary eyes and with raised voice) ; So you dont want to know how I was lost when you left me. I was all alone when you were not around me. First my best friend, my soul sister left me in the name of accident and Arjun said he does not love me and you my idiot who always stood by my side left me and I was shattered. Neil lost his cool .
Neil (raised his voice) ; Did you ever thought of when Radhika who was betrayed by her own friend for which she did everything and lost her future and her family was against her, would she have been happy those days ?? speak out sammy . How can you think that all will forgive the same day when you apologize ?? When she tried her level best to save you, you were adamant to destroy yourself by Arjun and Nandhini. She was in the lion’s den but even at that time she mailed you that she did that only for you but what did you do ?? spoke bad about her and wanted to date her husband.

Wow you want me to speak to you normally and the way you insulted her and you even spoke bad about her character by making her pair with all the person in the office you even spoke bad by linking her with me and Teji. Sam was just looking at him as those words were coming from his heart which he held for these many days and those words were like arrow which pierced her heart like anything.

Neil (continued) ; You said Arjun was good but Radhika was bad. If Radhika had instigated Arjun to marry her where did he kept his mouth ?? He should have spoken that he never loved her and should have right royally took your hand and married you. If he was right then she was also right and if she was wrong then he was also wrong. And dont ever take that Man’s name whom I hate the most.
Sam ; I thought you supported him when chashni left him.
Neil’s thought ; You still take his side right , you never understood my heart. I thought you have changed but no you still hold your infatuation which you called love for him . Arjun why the hell did you come to our(Neil , sam and Radhika) life . Wish we never saw you, we would have been happy and my chashni and Sammy would never gone through what they are going through now.

Neil ; Ya I supported him when chashni was dead but it doesn’t mean that he was a good man or I have accepted him whole heartedly. I hate him sammy for the things he did . Ya he was mindwashed by Nandhini but he had sense too wasn’t he able to see the truth in chashni’s eyes ?? and if you wanna speak about that then please stay away from me as I’m not here to speak about those nonsense and stood from there and took a leave. At that time he was stopped by Sam’s call.
Sam ; I Love you Neil. Neil turned and saw her . She stood and ran to him and hugged him and cried her heart out to Neil.
Sam ; I love you Neil but I never said that, i never knew when but i just only love you Neil. I hid that from you because I wanted to pay for what I have done to chashni .
Neil (with no much reaction removed her from his shoulders) ; So did you think that you have paid for what have you done ??
Sam (frowned by his words but composed) ; My whole life would not be enough for what I have done to chashni and you but I cant see your hatred or your absence Neil I want to live a life with you and wanna make you go mad with my stupidity. Neil’s heart was so happy at last Sam too loved him but then his stupidity played a game.
Neil ; From when did you felt that you loved me ??? Before sam could respond Neil blurted out ; After Arjun left you ?? Sam just blinked as she never saw this side of Neil. He showed only his hatred to her.
Sam ; Neil is this you who is speaking ??
Neil ; Yes Sammy sorry Samaira Khanna this is only me who is speaking. I said I love you at that time but you did not value my heart and said you sill love that Arjun but when you are saying that you love me sorry I cannot help you as I have done with the stupid love and other stuffs. Here my only happiness is my family’s (he meant Prena, Radhika, rathore and Teji) happiness. I live for those who supported me when I was shattered. So please samaira khanna there is nothing between us and if you have any feel on me please rub that from your heart and try to move on, and started from there and sam who saw him leaving her and broke down and cried her heart out but no one was there to console her.

Neil took a cab and entered his house and saw Teji sleeping on the sofa while the TV was on. He smiled and slowly tried to wake him up.
Neil ; Teji my boy please wake up and go to your room and sleep.
Teji (murmured) ; Chashni pls 5 minutes and started to wave his hand by making martial art moves and one move punched Neil’s nose. Neil held his nose, he was not angry but happy as he found Teji sleeping like a 5 year old. Just then his heart pained the way he spoke to Sam . But he convinced himself as what he held for so long was spoken to her but he was not satisfied and wanted to speak to his lil girl radhika.


Radhika was busy working and left her phone on the table and went out for a coffee . Neil made a call to her and just then danny who was working attended the call and answered.
Neil ; Chashni ???
Danny (who knew Neil) ; Hey buddy whats up well your lil girl has gone out for coffee, wait i’ll give the phone to the big one(rathore).
Neil ; No man I just wanna speak to her. Just then Neil heard the voice who was familiar to him but was not able to guess whom.
Arjun ; Man check with this point you missed it.
Danny ; Thanks AM and hey can you give this to Meera ?? she has got a call from her home. Arjun took the phone and saw it . It mentioned as my life . That hurted him as he was the only life for Radhika not anyone. He went and found radhika with 2 cups of coffee and saw him. She saw her phone in his hand and was nervous as who it would be. Arjun took a cup her hand.
Arjun ; You got a call from home.
Radhika (confused look ) ; Home ?? and saw the phone and identified it was Neil . She jumped and drank the balance coffee and said “ He is my life thanks heaven he called and can you pls give that to Danny ?? He will kill me if that turns cold. She was super happy and was continuously kissing her phone. Arjun’s anger was in the peak. It was only him whom deserve her affection, love, hatred , kiss everything not any others. Neil spoke what happened in the restaurant and she kept quiet and slowly she went inside Rathore’s cabin and locked the door and sat near him so that no one can here what is she speaking except her trusted Rathore. They had a video chat but rathore was sitting against Radhika and just heard what Neil was speaking.
Radhika ; Neil I’m finished chapter in her life , I know you love her from the bottom of the heart , so why are you hurting yourself by hurting her ?? I dont understand that.
Neil ; Because I dont want to get into trouble again chashni . What if she again changes her mind by leaving me alone . She needs a support now thats it nothing more. What if this is also an infatuation ??I dont want any heart breaking anymore and sobbed Radhika was helpless as she too had tears for Neil as she was not able to prove that Neil was wrong. Just then Teji came from behind and hugged him . Neil recognized that, that was Teji and held his hand tight and cried out his heart. Neil kept his head over Teji’s lap and Teji was slowly rubbing his head. She slowly diverted the talk and they were speaking and after sometime Neil fell into a deep slumber. Teji cancelled the video call and continued to speak to her.
Teji ; Chashni I am not able to see him in this state. I dont want my family to get hurt.
Radhika ; Teji I know , I know how it is paining but we have to make them fight else he will not open his heart to her that he too loves her even till now and he was also equally hurt but for now we have to stay with his side to help him with these days which he is going through

Sam was walking down the street and continuously showering with tears. Finally she reached the apartment which was shared by Luna and Sasha. Luna was waiting for Sam to come to know what happened . But when she found sam , sam was totally shattered. Luna gestured what but sam just ran and hugged her and cried and luna continuously crying. Luna found something was wrong and she made Sam to take rest and made her sleep, she switched off the light and came out and called Radhika’s number but that was busy .She tried again and again but was not answered so she was restless, so she finally called the office number. The phone was attended by Rathore.
Luna ; Meera there ??
Rathore ; Yaa she is here but busy with the other line. What is the news. You can say that to me.
Luna ; Sorry honey something which is important I want to speak only to her as it is regarding her friend.
Rathore ; You can say that to me as i’m her brother. Luna was shocked to here the word brother.
Luna ; Ra…………..
Rathore ; Thore……. and both laughed and she blushed and did not speak anything. Excuse me madam you wanted to say something what was that. Just then she remembered and banged her head.
Luna ; I hope you know Sam right ??
Rathore ; Ya I know her.
Luna ; We planned for a date with Neil and her , it was a surprise plan made by me, Meera and your bro.
Rathore ; Ok I too know that. What happened now ??
Luna ; Sam …… she is totally lost what should we do now. I feel guilty for hurting her , I donno what happened but I dont wanna see her like this.
Rathore ; Hey dont be guilty for something for which you are not responsible. I will say that to her and please take care of her . She will soon be normal and hold his collar and shout on top of her voice and will give him command and he will just say yes ma’am to her.
Luna ; Do you think so ??
Rathore ; I know so… good bye and thanks for taking care of my friend ………Luna blushed .
Rathore ; Good night dear sweet dreams. Luna was stunned. She cancelled the call and danced and said “ He called me dear…. he called me dear and said that again and again and hopped and was continuouly blushing and waiting for the day to meet Rathore her love.

Precap ; Nesam fight (primary kids level) , Arjun doubts radhika with Danny and misunderstanding arises….. Teji and Luna to Chicago ……..

Thats it for today guys. How was it ?? I know some may be mad at me for Nesam pls do spare me for this and I’ll update 2 states by tomo evening and let me live day after tomorrow promise. Love you all and bear my hugs and kisses too. Muhhhaaaa……….

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