Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 7

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Sam ; neil what are u doing here ??
Neil ; can i ask u the same question pls ??
When they searching words to speak further luna enterd and saw neil inbetween books. She smiled and picked up the books but he was still in that position . Luna was really close to neil and husked ” neil ?? “. Sam who saw this immediately went to neil and held his hand and pulled him her side with a fake smile but with full irritation thank u ma’am but my idiot is alright.
Luna ; u guys know each other ??
Sam ; yup im known to him from childhood im his best friend.
Luna ; Ooh is this the girl u spoke to me on our date ?? Sam was blown by the word date . She felt uncomfortable but she does not want to take her back so she said ” hey is this the girl u spoke about the date ??”
Luna ; yup im the girl k u guys just speak i’ll get u guys some coffee. Neil who was hearing the conversation was just blinking looking at sam and was just standing like a rock.
Sam ; idiot cant you say that i’m your only friend ???
Neil ; Haa and was blinking and sam banged her head with her hand.

Luna went out and made a conference call to radhika and teji.
Radhika ; how did he react ??
Luna ; he was standing like a battery dead toy. Teji and radhika laughed .
Teji ; what did he say ??
Luna ; well he was standing like a toy but she is furious. I purposely went near him and she pulled him to her side.
Teji ; yes the most required one.
Luna ; so meera did u speak something about me to ur brother.
Radhika ; candy dont worry he is gonna fall only for ya thats why i made the arrangements for making u come here to chicago and my little stupid u r also coming here as we dont wanna make them feel awkward.
Teji ; ok chashni.
Luna ; i’ll cut the call wanna pull their legs before i leave from here .
Teji ; go ahead and leave no chance. Radhika giggled and all held the call.
Radhika was jumping sitting in her chair and rathore who went out of the cabin for a minute came and saw her and she was shaking like sue was getting shock.
Rathore ; wooo woooo what happened.
Radhika (with over excitement) ; sam and neil met and im really happy.
Rathore was just smiling at her reaction ; when are u gonna meet ur husband chashni ?? Her smile faded and she was in tears.
Radhika ; i dont want to go back ever. Im living a life here . If i go there then all i will see is either sympathy on me or hatred for me. No one except u guys would make me feel happy and make me what i want to be. If i go back to my house my family will not accept me. Thats for sure. For them im dead i dont wanna go back to india here after rathore pls dont ask me that i live here not there.
Rathore ; Chashni what ever is your happiness is my happiness and please dont say that you are dead . I cant even think of that word. You are my little precious. Here come. Rathore just hugged her and she was like a cute rabbit in a strong giants hands.

Arjun who was working saw them and they were hugging and she was crying. He badly wanted to go there but she will run away if he tries to even go near her. Danny who went in saw them and he too hugged her and gave a kiss on her cheeks. She too kissed his cheeks back. Something disturbed Arjun as he was not able to see anyone coming near radhika as he felt she was only his and not others. Arjun who was holding a pen broke them into pieces and because of the sharp edges of the pen he got hurt in his hands and his hands were bleeding. He went to the wash room to clean the blood . When he came back there was an announcement by radhika .

Radhika ; guys my best friend has seen his love lady after days. To celebrate that we all are gonna have lunch out which would be sponsered by me.
All were ready for the lunch.
Rathore ; folks it is for lunch not for breakfast now u guys work as there is a big company looking for an ad agency to promote their project and if we get that deal done then 5 years we work with them and its a huge one. Come on guys let us show who we are come on all . All gave a cheerful voice “Creative rocks” (as they used to shout like this way whenever they start for a big deal and its one of their office custom).

All started their work and danny mark and rads were doing the presentation stuffs and arjun and rathore were doing the paper works for that deal and the others were in the location hunt and other sources and made all possible way for the deal to be made them. Arjun who came out dashed over radhika and she found his hand got cut.
Radhika ; what did u do to ur hand AM ??
Arjun ; just got hurt.
Radhika ; now come and made him sit and went and took a first aid box and treated his hand. When she was cleaning the wound he felt pain and buring in his hands.
Arjun ; ouch that hurts radhika .
Radhika ; may i know who is radhika ?? Im meera AM. Pls call me by my name meera.
Arjun ; dont hide to me radhika .
Radhika (with full anger) ; im meera ok call me either meera or dont call me but i hate the name ur keeping to me radhika.
Arjun (in max anger) ; one word against my radhika then i wont spare u. He smirked and left from there. Radhika was just shocked by his words. She could see his love for her but she does not wanna get hurt as she had, had enough from all.
Radhika’s thought ; come on meera what so ever happens dont loose hope and dont even think of going back to any one. For them ur dead so let go him . He is just trying to take some attention so that he call fulfill his revenge on u . Be strong and continue to play the game.
Radhika(a kind of a loud voice) ; my mom and dad has kept my name meera to call and i dont want any other names AM do u get it ?? Arjun who went half way came back and held her hand and pinned her on the wall.
Arjun ; i know who u r and why u r talking like this. I know i deserve more anger from u but it doesnt mean that im not hurt . Im dead radhika as u left me. U are my soul. Please try to understand me radhika.
Radhika(totally irritated) ; radhika….. Radhika….. Radhika who the hell is radhika why dont u believe me i might look like her but im not her please try to understand me. Please . Arjun was not able to trust his ears. Is she really not my radhika ?? Is she really meera ?? Or did she forgot everything ??.
Arjun ; u wanna know who is radhika ??
Radhika (smirked) ; im not interested AM.
Arjun (smiled sarcastically) ; fine…. sorry for hurting u and thanks for the first aid and left the place . Radhika was just looking at him and silently said “i’m sorry sir , but i wont come to u how so ever u try to convince me”.

All were busy working and arjun and radhika were not able to concentrate on thier work as they hurted their heart. But could not be done as she had 2 minds. 1 loves arjun a lot and the second one was to not to go back what ever happens.


Piyali ; whatever it is, sam is not here and will never come back here as i have sent her some place safe and happy .
Samrat ; are u out of ur mind ?? I was looking for a groom for her and what will i say to them when they ask about sam.
Piyali ; say them that because of my stupidity i lost a peaceful life which was gifted to me and my daughter left me because she came to know that i had an affire even after my marriage.
Samrat ; it was nandhini who loved me not me piyali.
Piyali ; but u were also the reason of my daughter’s tears. So stop acting good and leave the topic at once before i take some drastic step. Samrat was dumpstruck and saw piyali .


Sam and neil (unanimously) ; what are u doing here ??
Both looks at each other and laughs and they hug. It was been months they hugged and they felt contented when they were in the embrace.
Sam(without breaking the hug) ; u know how much i missed u ??
Neil ; me too sammy and broke the hug and found tears in her eyes. He wiped them and gave a cute peak on her forehead.
Neil ; how r u sammy ?? Did u undergo any diet program to reduce ur cholestral ?? She punched him in his stomach .
Neil ; ouch that hurts .
Sam ; sry sry. Btw u said u are going for san francisco but her in canada ??
Neil (in a kind of stammer) ; that… That did not go well so came here and joined here with the help of rathore. At that time sasha stromed into neil’s room.
Sasha ; where is that idiot ??
Neil ; which idiot ?? Sam giggled.
Sasha ; ur best friend forever.
Neil ; i guess he has not shown up today.
Sasha ; mark my words if he is not coming to take me today u wont see him here after . Neil nodded and felt pity for teji and texted him about the issue and neil and sam were talking as they missed each other so badly for months.


Ardhika were busy with their work and rathore ordered all to stop the work and all were instructed to come be ready for the lunch and all took the lift and arjun came last at that time he found radhika coming talking thinking it was rathore without looking at him said ” rathore u forgot ur wallet and she gave to arjun and she was busy with her hand bag checking her walet and she looked up and saw arjun standing showing his back to her. She felt pained as she hurt the person whom she loved the most. She was about to keep her hand over his shoulder when arjun called “radhika ??”. She jerked and saw him and thought ” does he really love me?? Or just acting ??”
Radhika ; AM if u r ok then can u say me about ur wife ??
Arjun turned and saw her and gave a smile.
Arjun ; when i asked u , u said u dont want to know but now u r asking me ??
Radhika ; heard that u lost ur wife.
Arjun ; no no she is angry on me so she took a break from me and flew away . Im here to find her and to ask sorry. Radhika was moved by the words but she was too stubborn.
Radhika ; chalo say me was she really like me ?? Do you really miss her ?? was she so beautiful ?? Say me about her AM.
Arjun ; i’ll answer all ur questions but not now as im starving and here ur brother’s wallet. She smiled and took it from him and the lift just came. Both got in and they got in to their memories. The lift scene. Both were unknowingly smiling. Arjun was standing left to radhika and both were standing in a tilting way and radhika was imagining Arjun and the way arjun held her hand and speaking and arjun dreamt radhika and thought the way radhika was staring at him and those round brown eyes in which he lost his heart. Both were continuously blushing but did not see each other. Rathore called radhika and she thrashed his wallet in his hand.
Radhika(in a fake anger way) ; Always forgetting things .
Rathore(held his ears) ; sorry sasu ma. She beat him slightly and they went to the restaurant. Arjun sat with danny and rathore had booked a big hall for them and all were just enjoying the food as that was indian cusine. Many were not able to spell the names of the food items and all were having some good times but Arjun was jus in his own thought thinking what radhika said “ who the hell is radhika why dont u believe me i might look like her but im not her please try to understand me”. He saw radhika feeding some food to rathore and mark was also opeing his mouth and gesture her to give the food.

Arjun’s thought ; Radhika is that you or are you hiding somewhere or are you really……… no no arjun she is not…. (dead) she is the front of your eyes. If you are really radhika why are you not realising me ?? did you forget me radhika ?? or are you acting ?? There is only one way to find out i’m gonna call you if you turn and answer me then you are hiding from me if you dont turn then i wont hurt you radhika.
Arjun’s thought ; Radhika if this is really you then please turn and see me. Just once so that i will get more confident to make you mine. I’ll go to any extend to make you mine.
Radhika…………. He was continuously looking at her eagerly waiting for her to see him but she was busy with her work with her friends and arjun who was staring at her lost his hope that she was radhika . He turned as he was hurt and unknowingly his eyes were wet and he was continuously sobbing. He was trying to stop the tears but they were not listening to his words to day.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulders. His body vibrated by the touch his heart again made a race. He slowly turned and saw his life standing in front of him with a plate full of sweets and a sweet smile in the face.

Radhika ; AM do you like sweets ?? Arjun was just staring at her with a teary eyes and his heart now was making fun of him by saying “i said it was my radhika but you did not believe me Arjun”. Radhika took a piece of sweet and kept it near his mouth and gestured him to take. He took and gave a tight hug to her . She was stunned and he held her hand and shouted “Thank you…. thank you so much.”

He ran outside and was stretching his hand over the air and was rounding as he confirmed that it was his radhika and rain too accompanied him. All came out and saw arjun dancing in the rain , smiled and asked him to come. He ran and entered the car.

As he enjoyed the rain and surrounded by air condition he started to sneeze. Radhika who saw this was worried and went to his cabin. At that time he was changing his shirt and he took off his shirt and was about to wear a t.shirt which he by mistakenly brought days before in his bag to the office. She entered the room without knocking and saw him shirtless . At once she turned and said “maine kuch nahi dheka” which means i did not see anything. Arjun smiled as this was the same word she said when he came out of his shower when she brought milk for him and he tried to beat lizard but ended in a cute hug. Arjun’s smile became big as this was the second confirmation that it was radhika but wanted to go by her way so that he may slowly , slowly convince her and make her believe his love to her.

Precap – Arjun speaks about radhika to radhika and she starts to believe him.

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