Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 6


Hloo all I’m Sv back with the next part of our journey. Here the network is soo week. So updating it in a hurry before i loose the network. Sorry for the bad alignment . Pls do say me the views regarding this part. Love you all.

Enjoy the ride…..

Radhika ; I missed you soo much.
Arjun ; I missed you too , please dont leave me.

Radhika (who broke the hug without looking at him with a smile) ; Iye nothing doing 2 months then i will go back rathore……. Arjun turned and faced her. She was just staring at him and he saw his radhika his panoti after many months.
Arjun (held her hands with tears and cupped her face) ; Why did you leave me radhika , i asked you to stay with me for 1 day . If you had stayed that day , these many sufferings wouldnt have hapened radhika.
Radhika (composed herself and removed his hand from her) ; Who are you ?? I thought i hugged my brother i’m sorry for that and she moved back and she dashed over danny.
Danny ; Meera honey here your fav .
Radhika ; Thanks dance and hugged him.
Arjun was just standing like a stone thinking at what she said and was totally confused as why she said that she does not knew him. He was in his thoughts when Danny shook him and Arjun came back to sense.

Danny ; AM this is meera rathore’s sister.
Radhika (as if seeing him for the first timewith a smile) ; Hiee i’m Meera Kundra and btw what is AM ??
Arjun ;(with a confusion) My self Arjun Mehra .
Radhika ; Hiee Mr.Mehra and shook his hands.
Arjun (a kind of a wicked smile to confirm that is she is lying or really donno) ; Call me Arjun Radhika , I’m sorry Meera call me Arjun. Now Radhika was gone.She gulped and saw Arjun who was smiling in his own way. She knew that she is gonna get caught but not want to loose the game which she started . Oh Arjun sir (sir in a lower voice) but Arjun heard sir and confirmed that it was his panoti only and smiled with pure joy and hapiness.

Danny ; Come on Meera lets go and btw where are your luggage ??
Radhika ; Dont ask dance …..
Danny ; Dont call me dance , call me danny .
Radhika ; No dear i love to call you dance. Rathore wants me to come soon so i ran away with clark to the airport and jumped out here . I’m tired now. Wanna eat something .
Danny ; Now stop talking and drink it. Its turning cold honey.
Radika ; Am i really sweet you call me honey??

Danny nodded and held her hand and wrapped it over her waist and they were walking out. Arjun was not able to take that but radhika was playing with him by ruffling his hair and pulling his cheeks and he was tickling her they were enjoying. He was burning as he is the one who should stand near her and hold her hand and pull her cheeks . No one should. But nothing could be done as they were enjoying.

Arjun thought for a second and slightly pushed Danny and he stood in between them. Radhika just pressed her lips and looked the other side. Arjun purposefully kept his leg in between and she slipped and fell down and got hurt. She tried to get up but her ankle got twisted by the way she slipped.

Radhika (holding her ankle) ; Danny pick me up. I’m hurt please help me. But before she could even say anything further danny ran away and hid himself behind a car and gestured them not to speak or see them . Radhika was helpless , she tried to stand up but she slipped again and sat on the ground. She saw Arjun and thought that he might help , but he was just looking at the sky .
Arjun (with out looking at her) ; Need help ??
Radhika ; Do you think that i dont need help Sii…… and stopped .
Arjun ; Haa i cant get you.
Radhika ; Nothing is required i’ll walk all alone.

Arjun ; The way you left me ??
Radhika ;Whats your problem ??by holding her ankle with all irritation and pain in the leg.
Arjun ; Well nothing for now . Do you need help ??
Radhika ; Yes i need your help to stand up. I want to hold your hands to walk , Can you please help me ??

Arjun smiled ; Always and picked her up. At that time the sky was so happy and they showered their happiness by the form of rain and Ardhika were drenching in the rain the way they drenched when he picked her up from the hut to his car when he thought she was lost during the lonavala trip. Both were lost in that same thought and saw each other and just smiled.

Slowly he made her sit in the car and gave a small towel to wipe the wet. Suddenly Danny came and jumped and hid in th e back seat which made radhika frighten .
Radhika (by hitting him) ; You scared me .
Danny ; Shushh meera she is here .
Radhika ; Who is here ?? Wait she….. where ??

Danny ; Yup she is there see and showed an air hostes.
Radhika ; You broke up with her ?? Poor you she looks gorgeous.
Danny ; You donno about her she knows karate and she was following me for more than half a kilometer to beat me. Radhika laughed and pulled his cheeks. Arjun was now furious.
Arjun ; Radhi….. Meera would you mind sitting in the front ??
Radhika (with no big change in her face) ; Not required im fine here and danny was sitting in the gap between the front and back seat.
Danny ; Drive the car AM , before she finds me and kill me i beg you please drive the car.
Arjun ; How can i ??

Danny ; Beg you drive till the entrance of the airport then i will take the car.
Arjun nodded and took the wheels and from the front rear mirror he saw her.

Arjun’s thought ; You might hide from me, hate me or hurt me but please dont leave me radhika , I never knew what was true love and affection before you came to me. You are the best thing that happened in my life . 1 wish is that i wanna see you daily, talk to you, fight with you and when i open my eyes first thing is i should see is your face and when i close my eyes last thing which i want to see is your face. I have trust in my love, you will surely come to me and say yes i am your radhika radhika mehra and hug me tight. Waiting for the day my panoti. Will wait till the last breath for you.

Danny took the car from the entrance and both Danny and Radhika were just singing and dancing in the car and Arjun was just smiling seeing at her forgetting everything . Radhika who saw this nodded what ?? He nodded nothing and turned his head the other way and she smiled at him and continued her enjoyment.

Suddenly Radhika got a call from Neil . She was sweating and saw Arjun but she took the call.

Neil ; Chashni did you reach.
Radhika ; Yup reached , on the way home. I’ll call you once i reach home as my mobile’s battery is drying out soon.
Neil ; Ok call me once you reach me home ok ??
Radhika ; Yup i will love you darling and miss you too .
Neil looked at the phone and thought to whom he spoke as she never says that .

Neil’s thought ; Some one might have kept their eye on my chashni . More than enough for them to die . God bless you the poor soul and kept the phone aside and smiled. Arjun who heard the convo was now disturbed.
Arjun(clearing his throat) ; Ra… i mean Meera whom did you speak ??
Radhika ; Why are you asking my boy friend ofcourse.
Danny (applied sudden break and turned ) and Arjun unanimously ; What ????
Radhika laughed at the boys reaction and said a boy who is my friend . Both of them ex hauled their breath. She laughed at them and again Arjun was lost in her beautiful smile. They reached Rathore’s house.

It was a big villa a well furnished and full of garden works a perfect house which says by itself spreads love. Kundra’s residency the name of the house.Danny wished her good night by a hug and Radhika tried to get up but before she could even think she felt Arjun’s hand over her waist. She was just blinking.

Arjun ; What ?? you asked me a help i’m doing it. Why are you looking at me like that ??
Radhika ; Did i say anything ?? Arjun smiled and picked her up and entered the house. It was a huge house with a big picture of herself and Rathore with a full smile in her face and small yet an elegant wear she was wearing and happiness in his face. Arjun was spell bound at the picture .

Radhika(still in Arjun’s hand) ; Rathore…………….. the whole house was shaken by the shout. Arjun closed his eyes as the sound was too loud than the required level a ear could hear. She closed Arjun’s ears with her soft fingers and shouted Rrrraaaaaattttthhhhhhhhhoooooooooorrrrrreeeeeeeeeee. Arjun was just staring at her the way she was shouting closing her eyes and her fingers on his ears.

Arjun’s thought ; You are soo the same Radhika . You never change . Thats why i love you radhika
Radhika ; Did you call me . He nodded yes then no. She gave a look .
Radhika ; Raaaa
Rathore ; Coming coming coming, Hey AM why are you carrying her. Oye did you ask him to do that.
Radhika (with a fake cry face); See got hurt in my leg rathore.
Rathore (who took her from Arjun’s hand like a new born baby ) ; Ooh my little pricess did that hurt ?? and he at once put her on the cusion sofa. She was hitting him continuously.

Rathore ; AM she is like this only never hear her words. She would have got hurt by small safety pin but shouts as if a knife has stabbed her. Radhika gave a look.
Radhika ; Then i will say about you , hey AM you know what he did last summe and was about to speak but rathore jumped and closed her mouth and said “ AM you go home else she will speak till the whole night and you will go mad the next day.”
Arjun ; I would love to. Radhika’s eyes widened.
Rathore ; What ??

Arjun ; Haa nothing , will see you tomorrow rathore and started from there sat on the car and found Danny half sleep. Arjun shook him and woke him up and saw behind and found Rathore and Radhika fighting like small kids and finally they hugged each other. He smiled at them and leaving the house. Radhika just saw Arjun and Arjun saw her too . That 1 second was more than enough for the 2 of them . Arjun was in full happy mood and kissed Danny.
Danny ; Yuck what a kind of man are you AM ??
Arjun ; Nothing Danny nothing and was so happy that he saw his wife his life after months .

Rathore ; Hey you know he is a newly joined in our office. Always reserved but very talanted, lost his wife i guess.
Radhika ; Did he say anything about that to you ?? (with looking at him with her big brown eyes)
Rathore ; Not to me but to his best buddy danny. I heard them speaking at that time AM said “I had a wife a precious wife in the world . She promised me that she will bring brightness to my life. She did that and left me once and for all in the darkness.” I was not able to understand what he meant but i was able to understand that he truely loves his wife. Radhika just saw rathore and did not say anything further.
Rathore (giving a deep breath) ; Well….. you cant go back to Canada for now.
Radhika (on top of her voice) ; What ??
Rathore (in a half closed eyes) ; yaar chashni who gave you the name chashni should have kept loud speaker, my ear drums are tearing with your voice. She giggled.
Radhika ; But why i should not go there , what will Teji do without me as you are also not there Neil will continuously pull his legs.
Rathore ; Arey meri Sasu maa dont worry Neil wil be fully engaged with some one .
Radhika ; Who ??

Rathore ; Sam ofcourse. Radhika jaw dropped.
Radhika (in a stamerring manner) ; Is she….. i mean did you ……. will she ………
Rathore ; Shu…. either speak or dont but why this kind of half word out and half word in ??
Radhika (clearing her throut) ; Did Neil knew this , i should have been there would have helped her.
Rathore ; Thats why i took you here . You know for every one over there you are……….. you know
Radhika ; Dead ??

Rathore ; Yaar dont say that word again. She nodded. If Sam comes to know then these many days of struggle will be all waste and she will say to your husband and he will come and take you away. Thays why i called you here She gave a look which was like he already knew .
Radhika ; What about Teji then what if she comes to know about Sam if you wanna make me safe then you have to make your brother safe too.
Rathore ; Sasu ma sasu ma wait , he will come here within the next week until that time he will stay in the apartment and he will come here with your friend Luna.
Radhika was sweating as how is she thought how is she gonna manage her lie of Arjun that she does not know him. But she was helpless as she also wants neil’s happiness so she accepted it .

Arjun’s apartment.

He entered his house and he danced , jumped and was twisting, turning doing all sorts of circus activity shouting singing screaming everything as he was not able to control is joy as he saw her hugged her picked her up talked to her he started to live his life again. He was continuously smiling blushing and thinking only of her and he turned and went near the picture of radhika and slightly kissed the pic .

Radhika jerked and woke up and made a helpless disguisting face and hitted her head with the pillow and again she fell down on the bed and closed her eyes but could not sleep as she saw Arjun after many days she was continuously blushing and she was twisting and turning in the bed and laughing hugging her pillow. But suddenly the smile faded a fear struck as it would be also a part of his revenge plan for ruining his relationship between him and nandhini. Is that his plan to see me in pain again ?? No he cannot even think of doing that Rathore is with me and i dont have any relation with him and i’m not his so called wife Radhika. I’m meera sister of Rathor. So no need to worry at all. But she never knew that he was in true love with her.


Arjun did a clean shave and wore a neat formals and was back to form to impress her with his looks . He was breath taking . But when he entered the office was all upside down. No one was in formals all were forming a circle and some are in the middle and others are in the side and some where even sitting on the table but one loud voice was continuously heard. It was none other than Radhika ……..

She made a chaos of her twisted ankle. One hand was held by Rathore other hand was held by Mark and Danny the expert was trying to make her leg normal .She was continuously begging not to make it but all were not in a mood of letting her go. Danny was doing all sort of things and Radhika just closed her eyes and she was now in pain and started to scream. Slowly Arjun came and asked Danny to move but Radhika did not open her eyes. Arjun held her feet and slightly tickled and she giggled.
Radhika ; Hey Dance dont tickle yaar and she smiled in the middle of the scream. Arjun smiled and slowly twisted her feet and one turn a crack sound, all was normal. She screamed and next second she felt normal ,slightly opened her one eye and found Arjun who was holding her feet with a smile. She was about to remove her leg.

Arjun ; Aaaaaa it will pain for now leave like this for some time after wards you can walk. Rathore who was holding her hand now waved and wiped his sweat.
Rathore ; One small issue making the office upside down.

Radhika (in a kind of a weep) ; Why wont you say, that was paining horribly and Danny was twisting my feet in all directions like a globe. Rathore held her hand and she slowly hopped with one leg and gave a thankful smile to Arjun and left to Rathore’s room. Arjun who was expecting that she will speak was now disappointed. But he knew she could not be convinced that soon as she was hurt so he did not loose hope that he will surely impress her and he too started his work.


Neil was working in his system and his face was fully covered by files and books and hears a knock in his door and a voice informing “ May i come in sir”. Neil without looking at her “ Come in” and she entered and stood in front of him. Neil looked up and because of the shook jerked and all the books on the table fell on him and he fell down. She was just staring at him in a shock and he in between the books looked at his love lady.

Thats it guys for today. Did u all enjoyed it ?? Pls comment ur views. Love you all stay blessed take care bye…

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