Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 5


Hloo all my lovely friends.I’m Sv back with my next part of our journey. How are you all ?? Hope all are fine. Just typed fast , so please do spare me with the typos.Thank you all for those lovely comments. Please do comment your views regarding this part and did not start to write Let me live . Will update once i complete. Held up with my work thats why irregular update. Sorry for that. Love you all.

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All reaches the apartment and Neil immediately mails Sam about his arrival. Sam who sees his message finds smile in her face as she was not coming out of her room once she reached her house. Piyali who saw this condition of Sam was now in high angry with Samrat but he was not even looking at their face as he was not able to face them , his guilty is pricking his heart. But Piyali was just thinking that he is just avoiding them.

Radhika , Teji neil and rathore were in high mood of enjoying their time together and no one left a single chance to pull other’s leg. Radhika would help prena in the kitchen and Teji who will just come in between and take the pappads or something . Both Radhika and Prena were not able to understand as they will cook and keep it aside but after few minutes the food gets disappeared. At one time they found that he mouse is Teji and the ladies scared him out of the kitchen and Rathore was laughing at the ladies behaviour. Teji came with pout face and Rathore gave him a pappad which he secretly taken from the kitchen to teji and he jumped into Rathore’s lap and sat like a small kid and was eating the pappad and Neil was so happy to see his life is always fun filled. At that time he just remembered his Sammy . His thoughts were lost in her beautiful smile and her memories. Rathore gave a mobile to Neil. Neil gave a questioning look.
Rathore ; Go speak to your love .

Neil ; Why should I speak to Sam ??
Rathore ; When did I say Sam ?? I just said speak to your love . See even your heart says you still love Sam. Go speak to her. She might feel happy when she hears your voice.
Neil ; How do you know she might feel happy??
Rathore was just smiling at Neil’s stupidity ; Neil I know her , she always keeps your side from the school days. So stop acting like a big man now go and speak to her. Neil thought for a second and smiled and gave a peak on Rathore’s face. Rathore was smiling at Neil’s action and Radhika who saw this, hugged Rathore from the back.
Rathore ; Your welcome and pulled her front.

Radhika ; How do you know that I just came to say thank you??
Rathore ; See we might have not been born for same parents but I love you and Teji as you guys are my family . So my choti’s happiness is my happiness. She nodded and hugged him( Rathore knew everything about Radhika but he doesnot know who was the one she loved. Radhika purposefully hid that as Rathore may find him and bring him to Radhika as she doesnot want anyone to find her as she is happy here) . He caressed her head. Teji made a pout face. Rathore extended his hand and Teji too hugged and Neil who spoke to Sam was now super happy and hugged him from behind prena wished them to be happy always. All shouted till the whole apartment was shaken by their noise.

Rathore and Teji would dance for crazy hindi songs and Rathore would dance as the hero and Teji would wear nighty and dance heroine’s part and they make a perfect pair and other 3 would just laugh like hell. They were planning to go for Niagara falls and prena was not interested as she wanted stay home because of the cold climate and the other 4 started for Niagara and Radhika just texted someone and they reached the place.

Neil ; Chashni this is the world’s most largest waterfalls and the sound of the falls is huge . I beg you pls don’t talk as I need to hear the sound of the falls. Radhika in top anger started to chase Neil and Teji too joined them and they were playing like small kids . At that time Rathore collided with a cute girl and he lost his sense in her beauty . Radhika Neil and Teji who were standing some far place shook their hands.
Neil ; Soo this is Luna. Teji nodded .
Neil ; How does this Eiffel tower did not see her ??

Radhika ; Eiffel tower ?? Whom ??
Neil ; Ooh you guys don’t know this. Rathore’s nick name was Eiffel tower.He would be the last in the row. Where ever he goes we can easily spot as his head will always be top of everyone’s head. Radhika and teji saw rathore and accepted the name which was suitable.
Radhika ; She was a newly joined , my best friend but her only wish was to love rathore . She is soo cute a perfect one for my Rathore.
Neil ; Not a bad selection .

Radhika; Thank you.
Neil ; I said her choice , my best friend. Radhika shrink her eyes and gave a look towards Neil .
Neil ; What ok ok she is also cute you are great. Now ok ?? Radhika nodded and found them talking and most of the time Rathore was blushing. Neil was making fun of Rathore and Teji and Radhika was just enjoying his acting skills.


Arjun reached the airport and found a person holding his name card and Arjun came to that person and he took to the apartment. It was not huge but a perfect one for 3 people to live. A small yet a cute apartment for him . He thanked the person who dropped him and that person informed that he will come and pick Arjun next day morning to the office. Arjun gave a hug to that person and the person was taken back with Arjun’s hug.

Driver; My name is Cook sir .
Arjun ; Just call me Arjun Cook, Sir would be called by…… just call me by my name and gave his signature smile. Bye Cook. Cook too wished him and left the place.
Arjun to himself ; Sir would be called by my wife , and smiled and closed the main door. He took his bag and unpacked his luggage and started to keep his life’s picture the whole house which will give him full confidence for him to find her. He then thought that the girl he met in Canada airport and he thought that why did I feel that it was my Radhika ?? Is that really you Panoti ?? I will find you and always make you my panoti of my life so that you wont leave me and smiled.

Arjun started his job in creative and got many friends and silently was just searching Radhika’s profile as this is one of the big Ad agencies in the country but he was not able to find her name nor her picture as Rathore made sure that their safety was ensured.

After 1 month of full enjoyment Rathore left for Chicago . All the 3 made a sad face and Neil too joined creative and with his charms he too earned many friends but always missed his best one. Sam started to work in bird song and she started to move on but that was not an easy one for her. She was detoriating.

Piyali was thinking of speaking to Prena as she is the one who knew about Neil and Sam . So she called Prena but couldn’t reach her. Piyali slowly asked Sam Neil’s number . Sam was not able to understand but just gave the number. Piyali spoke to Neil in a formal way and she asked Neil to give to Prena.
Piyali ; Prena I know what Sam has done was not a correct one but she is also suffering here. She lost her Radhika, then Neil too left us. She is shattered. I just want your help prena. I know this sounds greedy but I am not able to see Sam in this way.
Prena (who saw Neil who was also missing his Sammy) ; Piyali I will make sure that my daughter in law is happy.
Piyali ; Prena ?? with tears in her eyes.

Prena ; Look if you are happy then can I take my sam as my daughter in law .
Piyali (wiped her eyes) ; Sure .
Prena ; Then I’ll make all the arrangements for her in Canada, don’t say anything to Sam but just send her here and I will take care of my Sam but not now after 1 month as I have to make all the arrangements.
Piyali ; Canada ?? But Neil said you all are going to San Francisco .
Prena (thought of Neil’s stupid intelligence ) ; No that one was dropped . We are in Canada only and they held their call and both felt a kind of relief in their heart thinking of their children.

2 months later……


There was an important project which needs to be made immediately and for which he was asking some assistance from Canada office. Rathore called Radhika .
Rathore ; Chashni I need your help .
Radhika ; Anything for my rathore say me what should I need to do ??
Rathore ; come here many big clients are coming I need help.
Radhika ; Rathore I don’t see you talking like a big business man but like a panicked kid. Someone from the other side called him.
Rathore ; Just say me a punch line for this immediately. Here all are just breaking our head. She giggled .
Rathore gave the phone to Arjun and he took the phone and again his heart was now dancing. Some kind of happiness struck. The words struck in his neck. He was struggling to speak. Somehow he got the strength he spoke.

Arjun ; Hhee Hello…. ummm hiee
Radhika ; Hiee say me the details I’ll do it and say it to you. Arjun heard the voice which was like his radhika’s and he was just standing like a stone.
Rathore who saw this hit his back and Arjun came back to sense and spoke about the product and she said she will mail the punch line to Rathore . Arjun just nodded and gave back the phone to Rathore and he went out of the cabin and held Danny’s hands and twisted him and was dancing because of his unexplainable happiness.
Rathore ; Chashni connect to Neil too , she too did the same. Inbetween she send the required info to Rathore
Radhika ; Rathore sent.
Rathore ; Chashni you are the best. Neil I need you guys help , can you please send chashni here as there are many projects are coming I want chashni here . For 2 months then let her go back to Canada. Neil who totally forgot about Arjun , said “ Rathore she will come, no need to ask permission at all”
Rathore; Neil I love you.
Neil ; I love you too.
Radhika ; Yuck you guys are disgusting but let me take my friend umm luna with me but she will join me after a week. So when is my flight Rathore ??
Rathore ; Mailed and it is today evening and you will reach home tonight.

Radhika ; Packing ??
Rathore ; You have few dresses in our house also so stop your talk get up and Clark will be waiting for you.
Neil ; Wait did you ask me permission or saying me the information.
Rathore ; Bro both .
Radhika ; What are you made of ?? U r impossible. Ok ok but you should buy few set of new dresses as i want some trendy one.
Rathore ; Anything for my chashni. Now get up rush out dear.
Radhika ; Neil say to mom and teji too he has gone outside with Sasha.
Rathore ; Who is sasha ??

Radhika ; I thought you would ask why did he go out during working hours.
Rathore (laughed) ; Come on get up we will talk about that later run chashni run.
They held the call and Radhika who was happy for no reason just rushed out and hugged Neil and took the passport and visa from the receptionist took the car and started from there. She was jumping in the car laughing singing . Clark also joined her and they reached the airport. She gave a warm hug to Clark and rushed inside the airport to catch the flight with a small bag.
Rathore called Danny.
Danny ; What chief ??
Rathore ; Can you go to airport and pick up meera ??
Danny ; Who ?? Your sis ??
Rathore ; Yup Meera Kundra my sis is coming here for 2 months.
Danny ; Wow she is coming . I wish i again get those sweets which she makes she is unique in that .
Rathore ; You have 2 full months son go and pick her up.
Danny ; Chief let me take the new one too.
Rathore ; Who that one ?? Pointing Arjun. Danny nodded.
Rathore ; Never no to my danny now go before she lands , if you go late she will rip you apart .
Danny ; You are the best . K i’ll take him bye chief. Danny went out stood on the table and shouted “ Meera is coming here for 2 months” All threw the paper over the head and shouted like they were having price hike.

Danny ; A M (Arjun Mehra’s short form , all called him AM). Come we are gonna pick her up.
Arjun ; Wait who is Meera ??
Danny ; Rathore’s sister . Rathore has a sister and a brother. They are in Canada , Arjun’s heart now stopped hearing the word Canada.
Arjun ;What place did you say ??
Danny ; Canada .
Arjun ; Dont waste a single minute, now come and held his hand and rushed to the airport.
They reached the airport on time and found the flight has just arrived. Danny just went to a coffee shop to get 2 coffees for them. Arjun was breathing heavily. His heart was having a speed check that how fast his heart can beat. He turned and was standing by facing opposite to the entrance.
Radhika came out and found a tall guy and something made her to come close to him. She just hugged tight him from behind and closed her eyes and some unknown peace came and from her eyes a tiny tear escaped . Arjun’s heart beat was now audible and he too held her hand tight in a manner that he just want her and nothing and he will not leave her again.
Radhika ; I missed you soo much .

Arjun ; I missed you too . Please don’t leave me .

Precap – Sam’s trip to Canada….Arjun tries to impress Radhika…….and lot more…….

That’s it guys for today Hope this was a lengthy one. Do you all like that ?? Please say me your views and let me know how was this one. Love you all. Will try to be regular. Stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses too. Muhhaaaaaa…..

Credit to: Sv

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