Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 4

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Mumbai Airport

Neil and sam did not speak but they were holding their hands wished each other that if the other to say their heart. But their stupidity played a game. Sam was just leaning over Neil’s shoulder and Neil was supporting leaning over Sam’s head. Prena was watching and wished Sam would ask Neil to stay. After some time Sam took her bag and gave a gift to Neil.

Neil ; What is this sammy ??
Sam ; Open it and see you will understand my heart but not now after you get into the flight , just open this and see. Neil obliged.
Sam ; Neil will you forget me ??
Neil ; Are you crazy sammy , you are my friend from childhood my best buddy always the one who would share everything with me then how can you think I would forget you ??

Sam who was expecting that Neil would say I love you Sam but she was disappointed but Neil purposefully did not speak his heart as she might take Arjun’s name which he gets irritated as Arjun ruined the life of the most important ladies of him. The board indicated the flight’s departure time and slowly all started for the flight. Sam was now holding Neil hand tight . Neil was also equally in pain. They were hugging and they started to cry like kids but the time was going on . Slowly Neil removed himself from Sam and she was holding his hand and at last after the fight their hands got seperated. Sam was standing and was crying shouting Neil’s name. Neil could not take that he ran away to the entrance and hugged her tight.

Sam ; Dont leave me neil pls dont leave me .
Neil ; I wont leave you . I will always be in touch with you sammy stay strong, stay strong I will miss you so much. They heard prena’s call for Neil. She saw her Neil for one last time and he ran away back and hugged his mother and they went in . Sam just sat out and cried and shouted “Neil I love you pls come back dont leave me” . Neil made sure that sam’s driver is present as she may break down and he did not want to spare her safety . Sam asked the driver to drive to the house where she and radhika were staying. She had the keys. When she entered she got a message from Neil “Flight started miss you sammy”

She was shattered . She broke down and sat and sobbed and remembered the days she was spending with radhika and Neil and their beautiful days. Their fight . The way she betrayed her idiot and chashni and just was brain washed by Nandhini.
Neil boared the flight and prena was just sleeping he takes the gift sam gave him. It was the drawing which Sam and Neil made when they were talking about the family of 9 when she believed Neil when he said they were spending the night together. Neil who was heartbroken was not totally gone. He then sees a note in the end written by Sam “Wish this had happened, I will miss you Neil” Neil cried out and prena who woke up say Neil in a very bad state rubbed his back.
Prena ; It is not required for this. Rathore will take good care of Radhika I know that, if you want to go we can cancel everything and go back to India, for me you are always improtant Neil . But neil did not say anything but just hugged her. Both Neil and sam were in their memories which they had together.
Yadaan Teriyan Aandiyaan Hanju Le Le Ke
Your memories haunt me accompanied by tears
Rone Aa Assi Kalle
I have to cry alone
Raati Os Chan Thalle Beh Beh Ke
Like dew-drops flow down in the night
Yadaan Teriyan Aandiyan Hanju Le Le Ke
Your memories haunt me accompanied by tears
Rone Aa Assi Kalle
I have to cry alone
Raati Os Chan Thalle Beh Beh Ke
Like dew-drops flow down in the night
Yadaan Teriyan Aandiyan Hanju Le Le Ke
Your memories haunt me accompanied by tears

Tere Bina Dil Eh Dhadhakda Nai…
My heart doesn’t beat without Your presence
Aa… Haaye
Oh my!
Tere Baajon Dil Eh Lagda Nai…
Without You my heart doesn’t attach itself to anything else
Roi Jaave Seene De Vich Beh Ke, Beh Ke
My heart is drenched due to incessant crying
Sohn Teri Dil Sukhda Nai
I swear in Your name, it’s not drying up
Haaye… Tujhe Bhi Pata, Mujhe Bhi Pata
You also know this, even I know this
Yeh Jo Bhi Hai Dil Ki Hain Galtiyaan
All these are just mistakes of the hearts
Tujhe Bhi Pata, Mujhe Bhi Pata
You also know this, even I know this
Yeh Jo Bhi Hai Dil Ki Hain Galtiyaan
All these are just mistakes of the hearts

Hum Hain Bekasoor, Ho Gaye Door Door
We are innocent, we got separated
Mar Na Jaayein Vichhode, Seh Seh Ke
May we not die like this being separated and tortured
Yadaan Teriyan Aandiyan Hanju Le Le Ke
Your memories haunt me accompanied by tears

Humein Jo Mile, Yeh Jo Faasle
The separation that exists between us
Marzi Nai Humari, Rab Ke Hain Faisle
It’s not because of our choice, it’s God’s decision
Humein Jo Mile, Yeh Jo Faasle
The separation that exists between us
Marzi Nai Humari, Rab Ke Hain Faisle
It’s not because of our choice, it’s God’s decision

Haathon Ki Laqeer, Jo Mod Deti Heer
If Heer would have twisted the lines of fate in her hands
Ranjha Aata Nai Khayalon Mein Reh Reh Ke
Ranjha would never come in her dreams/thoughts
(The above couple of lines are referring to Heer-Ranjha,
a famous romantic couple in Indian History, similar to Romeo-Juliet)
Yadaan Teriyan Aandiyan Hanju Le Le Ke
Your memories haunt me accompanied by tears
Tere Bina Dil Ae Dhadakda Nai
My heart doesn’t beat without Your presence
Tere Baajon Dil Eh Lagda Nai
Without You my heart doesn’t attach itself to anything
Roi Jave Seene De Vich Beh Ke
My heart is drenched due to incessant crying
Sohn Teri Dil Sukhda Nai
I swear in Your name, it’s not drying up
Hanju Le Le Ke… Hanju Le Le Ke…
Accompanied by tears
Sam and Neil were lost in their own pool of thoughts.

Dubai Airport……..
Arjun came to Dubai for the break of journey and he was just watching at the clock to strick 10.30 as that is the time for 12 in india . It was his wedding anniversary. First wedding anniversary and Arjun took a full sugared blue berry cake. He knew Radhika loved sweets so he ate to make her happy. He struggled to gulp the cake but he did that just for his love radhika.

Canada ……
Radhika was so happy as that was their wedding day. She woke up so early and wore a pink saree and went to a small temple nearby and came back and she took her bag and opened a box and found her wedding chain. The chain which made them one. She was just touching at that pendant and she just remebered the way she spent with Arjun . Their fight , their talk and the balcony sleep , his concern when the truck ran over her, that drive in which he was making her conscious and the hug when he was about to kill the lizard, when they got struck in the dark room and she was leaning over Arjun’s chest, his heartbeat . Then after nandhini left Arjun pleading to her to stay . “I need you” that word and the peaceful sleep with him, everything made her smile. She would have written atleast 100 times radhika arjun mehra and would be blushing seeing that.
She just forgot about sam or anyone and wore that chain and wished to see him for once today. Today she just wanted to cherish her wedding even though it did not last for long . She was doing the work and her alarm just buzzed. She made sure that it was exactly 12 in india. She went out of her cabin . Took a coffee without sugar to remember her love Arjun. She was literally vomiting as it stinks without sugar but she just drank and 2 full bottles of water to make normal.
Neil’s flight reached Dubai and they were in different gate and Arjun was on different gate. They were informed that all the flights to American side were cancelled due to bad weather and they have to wait for 3 more hours to take the flight which will go upto Canada and from there the airport authorities will take the passengers to their destination through road or if the weather is normal then through air.

Neil was standing in the queue asking prena to sit and he felt someone’s hand on his shoulders. Neil turned and saw Arjun. He was totally messed up with his hairs as he was in the same destination for more than 5 hours.
Arjun ; Neil what are you doing here ??
Neil ; I left birdsong and on the way to new life leaving all back . Arjun too nodded.
Arjun ; Where are you going ??
Neil ; San franciso . You ??
Arjun ; Chicago .

All the three boarded the same flight . Neil was now sweating bad as if Arjun sees radhika then what will happen ?? If Arjun comes to know radhika is alive he will take her and flee away as he was the only one who believes radhika is still alive. Neil tried really hard to make Arjun believe that radhika left but Arjun was so stubborn.

It was early morning and Teji and Radhika were standing near the entrance waiting for Neil and prena. Radhika was wearing a Pink T.Shirt and a jean pant and a overcoat tied in her waist . Teji saw Neil very back but when Teji saw radhika she was shocked . She saw her Arjun. He was not the one whom she left. With beard and unhealthy look and his face showed immense pain . Tears were just pouring as she saw him on her anniversary . Her wish came true .Her heart called him” Arjun sir…..” he raised his head and saw her love lady like a delicate rose flower standing far away. He was not sure that it was radhika but his heart promised that it was his radhika. He was just staring at her and everything around faded and tears were just rushing out. She was also just staring at him back . They wished the time to just stop so that they may just cherish those moments for ever. Neil who came behind Arjun understood the situation and gestured Teji to take her away. Neil called Arjun . He turned back to see Neil and immediately Teji pushed Radhika behind a pillar not visible for the others. Arjun immediately turned the place where he saw her and found no one and thought he might have imagined her and smiled .
Neil ; Arjun you forgot your bag.
Arjun ; Hey thanks . So which gate ??
Neil ; Umm actually I have a friend here my school mate . I will go to his place and after 2 days to San Francisco. Arjun just smiled and left the place and was continuously staring at the place where he saw his radhika. Rathore just came from behind and shouted in Neil ears. Neil jerked and saw his gigantic friend Rathore. Both had a warm hug.

Teji confirmed that Arjun left took radhika and they both ran towards Neil but they saw rathore too. Both stopped few steps back and saw each other and counted 1….2……3…… and ran and jumped and hugged . Teji hugged Rathore and Neil hugged radhika. Arjun saw from far and saw a girl hugging Neil and she jumped and hugged another tall person. Radhika who was hugging saw Arjun who was standing far away just wished happy anniversary. But to her surprise she heard Arjun shouted “ Thank you same to you too” She was surprised and blushed and they left the airport and Arjun headed to the next gate to catch the flight for Chicago.

Pre cap – Fun in Canada……. Piyali’s step for Sam……….Rathore calls radhika to Chicago……. Radhika’s trip to Chicago.

Thats it for today guys. I know some may be in high anger for Nesam’s pain. Pls do spare me for that. Love you all stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses too. Muhhhaaaaaaa

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    1. Supriya my lil one, its all because of ur encouraging words i’m doing this. Hope u all enjoyed it. i’m soo happy that you are reading this again and again. They will meet in chicago but for Arjun it will not be easy, coz i want him to prove his love for rads. Lil one Rathore is a best friend of Nesam and he does anything for Radhika and Teji also. So he is a protective shield when it comes to Rads and Teji. Yup they are gonna meet soon. You can straight away ask me no pls is required. Love you soo much dear bear hugs

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