Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 31

Nandhini was pacing in her room. Arjun her Arjun was against his own sister. This was making her loose her mind. She was turning wild, she first want Samrat to go down by making bird song into dust but Rathore was there to stop but she never thought Arjun was with Rathore. Arjun was always informed that he was in Mumbai but she never knew that he was in U.S. She smirked and thought ” You are playing with me Arjun ? , fine let me show you whom i am and your place in this world.” She made her call and the first thing which she did was she tried to transfer the money which was in the account they jointly holding.

Arjun was sipping his coffee and smirked looking at his account which was being reduced speedily. So you are accessing my account haan nandhini ?? Tst tst tst.. you are dealing with Arjun Mehra and i have my ways to make everything go by my way Ms. Nandhini…. He was sitting without any reaction in his face and in the same time Radhika came to his house and saw him with a weird look. He was in his 10 day beard and still he was looking devilishly handsome. She did not go to him rather went to the kitchen to have something to eat. He smirked and tiptoed and slowly he slipped his hand over her waist and pulled her towards him which made her scream.

Now why the hell did you do this Mr. Mehra ?? She shouted. He kissed her cheeks and said ” I missed you Mrs.Mehra” She smiled and then turned to look at him. His eyes went inside the socket, hair all messed up and he has lost weight still he has got his aura to make her legs go week. She smiled and went on her toes and tried to kiss him while he went on his toes and she landed kissing his chest. She pouted and punched him. He laughed at her and pulled her and crashed his lips and started to invade her lips like a hungry man. She broke the kiss and was panting hard.

What was that ?? She asked inbetween her breathe..

That was for making me go mad for you panoti.

She blushed and kept her head and next word made her hold over him tight.

Nandhini has taken every penny from my account. She was shocked. It was his hard work which was looted. “How do you know that Arjun ??” She asked him looking up his face.

Well i was the one who saw the account transferred from mine to her’s. She thought she has taken the money, but she does not know that i am gonna use the same trick to make her down. Is she playing with me really ?? I have my ways radhika and i will make her pay for every second she had destroyed my life and your life. Radhika was terrified to see the mad arjun back. She held his waist tight while she was keeping her head over his heart, but it was her heart beat which was terribly audible.

Relax panoti your heart is going wild.

Then never speak like a mad man Arjun… she said in a low voice.
He nodded and rubbed her back but his mind started to play the next trick and a smirk was adoring his lips.

Neil and Rathore with Danny were speaking where Teji barged in to the room and said ” there is a call from our client stating we have to complete the project in a week else this will be going out of hands” Neil stood up and Danny spatted his drink. Rathore was sitting and smiled i was expecting it a week before but they are really late. Fine we have to do it in one week , but what if i say we have already done with the project.

Then realisation dawned to Neil and he smiled and hugged and kissed Rathore.

Eeeyyuuu guys find a room. Sam said while she saw Neil romancing Rathore. Luna giggled with Teji and Prena’s eyes popped out. I never knew you were this much interested over Rathore. Poor Sam.. she said in a teasing tone.

Mom not you as well… Neil spoke as a warning. Danny was still processing. Rathore saw Danny and said ” your best friend already warned me so i made our chashni and Sam with Ian work with the project and that was supervised by Neil. I never said why but i just believed Arjun” Danny’s eyes went down. For Danny Arjun was his best friend.

He was a victim Danny… Rathore spoke in a low tone. Your friend needs you more than us, he needs you. He used to ask about you to me, will you give him a chance please. Rathore asked in a low tone.

Where the hell is that idiot ?? Danny shouted all happy. He is outside the house, Radhika said and all turned and Rathore nodded while Neil felt disguised. Radhika saw Neil and smiled. She knew he was still doubting Arjun while Arjun wants one chance to prove his stand.

Danny barged out and rushed outside the house. Arjun who was thinking why Radhika asked him to leave her his house, saw Danny running towards him. Arjun was worried. He , who was hiding himself from all started to run towards Danny.

Danny stood infront of Arjun and punched him hard and said ” I missed you… nonsense. He massaged his stomach and hugged him tight. I missed you brother. Arjun said. Danny too Come in , Let all of us work together. Arjun stood rooted there and nodded negative.

This is my war against Nandhini. Once i finish what i started i will enter this house and i dont want any one to have pity in my eyes which i terribly hate it . All i want is a full right to take my wife to my house and live a small life with her, for which i have to finish this mess which my sister has created. Danny felt proud.

But Arjun never knew this will just be a wish….. Looking at Radhika he smiled and she smiled back.. He started to way back home. His heart was unknowingly paining. He felt something wrong is about to happen. Will his intuition win or his love ??


Finally i wrote this… Argh missing the story line and writing it again… fwww finally i finished it and yes i will write this as promised. I got the hold of the story and will write it regularly.

My hearty apologies for making you all wait. Will update it soon…. muhhhhaaa

XOxo…. Bunny….

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