Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 3


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Neil did all the packing to leave India with Prena , to Canada and to start a new life with Radhika (as he too lost hope in marriage, family etc like radhika) . Prena too accepted his feel as she knew him, if he takes a decision it is difficult for him to come out of it. Thats why Prena did not say anything when Neil had feelings for Sam.

Bird song.

Neil enters samrat’s cabin and hand over a cover to him. Samrat looks Neil with a questioning face .
Neil ; My resignation letter sir.
Samrat ; What ?? Neil are you leaving bird song and your friend Sam ??
Neil ; My friend left me months back. Samrat was hurt with those words .
Samrat ; But , but where are you going ?? I mean Arjun too left Birdsong and now you are saying that you are leaving?? Neil was not surprised as he knew Arjun was planning to leave Birdsong way back.
Neil ; Sir please I just want to move on and my written contract ended 2 months back . I was working here till I get a new job. I got a job which is suitable for me. Sorry for informing you late I have my flight within 2 days sir.
Samrat was helpless he took the cover and accepted Neil’s resignation.
Samrat ; Can you pls yourself say this to your friend, I’m sorry Sam .
Neil ; Sure sir she is still my friend. I never change my friendship with her. She was the one who left me i’m still standing in the same place but she was the one who moved on first. Samrat had no words to speak. Just got up his chair and congratulated Neil with a hug.
Samrat ; Stay blessed my boy and please be in touch.
Neil ; Sure uncle I will be the first person to work for my Sam’s wedding as she is my best friend from my childhood. Samrat was taken aback by Neil’s words but just covered his feel with a fake smile.

Neil entered Sam’s room and found her working busy . He smiled the way she was sitting with legs on the chair and seriously looking at the system.
Neil ; Sam if you scratch your head this way then for sure you will be bald on day. She threw a book over him and was smiling looking at the system.
Neil ; I’m leaving .
Sam ; So soon ?? Why are you sick ?? without looking at him.
Neil ; Sammy i’m leaving Bridsong , i’m leaving the job and going out once and for all so that I may not interfere in your way here after any more . Your wish is now fulfilled I guess. Sam did not raise her head but was hurt totally by his words, she did not say anything . Sam got up and hugged neil . She was crying behind his face but for her his happiness mattered than her’s . Sam gulped her cry and she broke the hug.
Sam ; So all the works done for the journey ??
Neil ; Yup all done but still packing needs to be done .
Sam ; Where are you going ??
Neil (thought for a minute) ; San Francisco .
Sam ; Job ??
Neil ; Found .
Sam ; When is your flight ??
Neil ; in 2 days. Sammy need to do many work dear . If you dont mind shall I start.
Sam ; I will mind if you ask me permission. Neil started from there with a pained heart . Was eagerly waiting for her to ask her to take so that he may abduct her and keep her in his heart always.
Sam ; Neillll……. Neil stopped Neil’s face was glowed . Turned and came near Sam. She just hugged him and sobbed. She was holding Neil tight and Neil was continuously rubbing her head. She was letting her pain out. Samrat saw this and cursed himself for the situation of Sam. He was ashamed of himself as for his safety he was numb those days but he never knew his silence would cause this big.

Sam ; I will miss you idiot. Neil was holding his tears and was determined enough not to show them in front of Sam . After few minutes they broke the hug. Neil wiped her tears and gave a kiss on her forehead and said “Stay strong Sammy and for me always your smile matters. Even though we are far from each other we are always connected at heart . I will always be your side . Feel free to call me any time. I’m your same idiot . Ok ?? Sam nodded and Neil left the cabin. The whole birdsong bid a farewell to neil.

Neil came to the parking lot and sat on the car and took the wheel. But he burst out his tears as he is going out of Sam’s life and bend his head and banged in the wheel and cried like anything . His sam his love his best friend from childhood….. he is stepping out from her once and for all. He cried out his pain but there was no one to console him. He thought the separation with sam would not cause much pain but he never thought that it would be like hell.

Neil (crying and letting out his grief) ; I’m sorry Sammy I broke the promise of being with you…… I will do anything for you dear but why cant you see the love I have for you…. I cant see you with anyone, you are my Sammy my love but how can I hurt my heart where you are the only one who is ruling. Should have said what I felt for you way back and I wouldn’t have made you suffer this hard. I’m sorry Sammy your idiot failed in all the aspects of a friend.

He thought how radhika would have felt when she left Arjun for Sam. Her stubbornness was the only thing which she had when she gone through many things. He badly needed Radhika to convince him as she is the only one who knows his pain. He drank more and more water but he was not able to gulp his sorrow. Just then Radhika called.

Radhika ; Neil all work done ?? (with all excitement).
Neil (clearing his throut , took deep breath and making himself normal) ; Yup chashni all done , hey what do you want from here . Coz i’m going for shopping .
Radhika ; Vada pav , teji from the behind shouted ; Any chat food something spicy Neil. This bread is making my tongue die and chashni is not at all cooking properly and they were quarelling for the food items.

Neil laughed at those 2 kids he thought how he became the father of 2 kids. Sam saw from her cabin through the glasses the way Neil was laughing .She too had a smile in her face . After few minutes ended the call and started the car and left the eyesight of Sam. Sam burst out and sat down the floor and cried her heart out. Piyali saw this and was in murderous rage over samrat. Piyali just crashed open samrat’s cabin and banged his table.

Piyali ; Do you know what have you done Mr.Khanna ??
Samrat ; Piyali relax what happened now ??
Piyali ; Relax how can I relax seeing my daughter’s situation. If you had said the relationship between you and Nandhini before… Sam would have been saved from this torture which she is going through now. What did you achieve Mr.Khanna by maintaining silence ?? My daughter’s life is ruined can you take it back ?? Answer me samrat ?? Samrat was silent again.
Piyali ; Stay like this itself Samrat . I will take care of my daughter. But before piyali left the room she saw Sam was standing behind with teary red eyes.
Sam ; Mom stop blaming dad. It is not only his fault it is also my fault of not trusting my chashni and also my idiot . Forget it mom . Dad dont feel im ok now. Mom i’m going out.
Piyali ; But where ??
Sam ; Shopping for neil . He is leaving so need to help him. Before piyali reacted Sam left the room. She went to the wash room splashed the water hard on her face and came back normal . She went to the place where neil messaged and those 2 were having some good times together as they dont know whether they will meet or not.

Arjun’s house.

Arjun was doing packing and was continuously speaking to the picture of Radhika hope she will hear. He took all the pictures of radhika and gently packed them. He took out the shirt which she wore on the day of their first time spent in that house and he wrapped the shirt and held it tight. Unknown happiness struck his heart as if he found radhika.

Arjun got a job offer in creative (same ad agency where radhika and teji are working) but not canada another office at chicago. He was one of the chief in that ad agency. Arjun accepted the offer because he wanted to find radhika as he knew she would be hiding not in mumbai and also he made a wild guess that he may find her there . He boarded the flight with a smile and said “ Radhika I know I will see you soon , wait for me dear.I felt you when I got a call in that night because I can sensed your presence. I will find you and live a beautiful life with you. This time I will not leave you and wont hurt you. I will make you feel my love. I love you radhika.”

Radhika was sleeping heard Arjun’s voice around. She jerked and woke up and saw here and there, she smiled at her stupid heart and went back by hugging the pillow and said in the sleep “I love you too.”


Rathore calls to Radhika’s apartment.
Teji ; Hello who is this ??
Rathore ; Teju ??
Teji ; Rathore is that you , come in the video call . Wait I’ll call chashni too. Rathore smiles and comes in video chat.
Teji (on top of voice) ; Chashni Rathore’s call come soon. She rushes and crashes with teji. Both sat in the sofa and starts the video chat.
Radhika ; Rathore How are you?? Wait don’t talk to me. You don’t have affection on us. You promised me that you will come but you still didn’t come don’t talk to me.
Teji ; Don’t talk to her , talk to me (radhika was beating teji and rathore was just enjoying those kids fight).
Rathore ; Guys guys stop stop see I’m coming within 2 days to see you both. Suddenly there was a silence . Both froze .
Rathore ; Guys ?? guys ?? both shouted on the top of the voice and jumped.
Teji ; Did you get my fav game and this time you have to play x box with me.
Radhika ; Hmm if you buy one more game then I will kill you both . In his dream he is thinking he is fighting and making some kind of karate sound so no games . Both teji and rathore made a sad face.
Radhika ; Don’t make that face you 2 then I cannot say no. They still had the same face.
Radhika ; Fine do whatever you want . Teji gave a kiss in her cheeks and rathore gave a kiss through the phone. Radhika laughed and they were continuing the talk.

Rathore the best friend of Nesam. Rathore her adopted brother for Teji and Radhika. They were so close to each other. He was the one who brought the chrispy chashni back. Rathore was the owner of the creative a big ad agency , Rathore’s only wish was his friend’s happiness as he did not have many people as his family so he treats all the employees as his family. All would eagerly wait for them to join creative. Rathore is coming to Canada just to spend some time with Radhika and teji his little boy. He used to pamper teji as if teji was a small kid. Teji was very special for Rathore as Teji’s innocent face but mischief acts was really rathore’s fav.

Neil’s house.

Sam and neil were packing and prena was just looking at them who were continuously fighting for petty issues. Prena thought “ Sam is really happy with Neil but she did not feel the way neil felt. If that would have happened then there would not be this big mess. Hope she always be happy the way she is today.” Neil’s phone was continuosly buzzing and sam attended the call it was radhika .

Sam ; Hello who is this ?? Radhika was so happy to hear sam’s voice she was about to say her name but then she stopped herself realising the situation.
Radhika ; I’m Kundra from san Francisco (neil said radhika what he told to sam so radhika too maintained the same lie) may I speak to Mr.Malhotra please. Sam gave the phone to neil and said “ yaar malhotra you have a call. That voice is so familiar neil who is she??”
Neil ; Who knows you only took the phone. Wait and he went out.
Radhika ; Yaar neil im sorry I called to say Rathore is coming to canada day after tomorrow from chicago. I just called to inform that. I’m sorry did Sam find out ??
Neil ; Take a break chashni no problem thank god I said to you what is said to her. She is here to help me in packing , not helping but delaying the packing and laughed. Radhika giggled.
Radhika ; Neil think twice before you leave . Neil you seriously dont miss her ?? Neil took a deep breath to control himself
Neil ; Radhika you seriously dont miss Arjun ??
Radhika ; How do you…… I mean what do you mean neil.
Neil ; Dont act smart in front of me chashni . I know your heart . If u can do that then I can do this too. Dont worry she will be fine.
Radhika ; But she needs you Neil. Without you she would be shattered.
Neil ; No radhika she needs space. She has to realise what she feels . She should speak to her heart . There should be break for me too . I’m done being more reasonable with her. Chashni do you feel like i’m a disturbance to you ?? Radhika was now in tears
Radhika ; Idiot did I say you that you are my disturbance. It was you who stood for me in that mess. You helped me to get me back and you think I would feel you disturbance. Sam is so right you are an idiot. Neil was just giggling at her anger.
Neil ; Then stop this topic Leave it. I will come soon and I want to speak with you many things if he comes he will not allow me to speak and you will take his side to pull my legs. Radhika laughed.
Radhika ; Come soon Neil missing you badly. Wanna talk to you many things and if you come I would be released from teji and his love stories. Man he is killing me.
Neil ; Sure dear just few hours I will be standing in front of you. Bye…… before sam comes I will cut the call. Radhika too accepted and ended the call.

Precap – Flight cancelled due to bad weather. Arjun, Neil and prena travelling the same flight . All reaches Canada . Radhika and Teji were waiting for Neil in the airport .What will happen next ???

Credit to: Sv

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