Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 25


Hiee all Im sv back here… I have taken a break from my writing coz i wanted a break… so here is the next chapter…u guys can see my work in wattpad as well my wattpad id is SvShri.. there are all my works there u can follow me there as well and i am sorry for late but trust me i will never leave this half half… i will complete as i promised… love u all….

Enjoy the ride…

Arjun u cannot do this… we will face her arjun pls dont do this to me i cannot live with out you and she cries… Arjun hugs her tight it was paining for him as well leaving radhika once and for all.. but it was necessary else nandhini will never let them in peace he wants her happiness and he does anything for that and thats what he is doing leaving radhika once and for all… Arjun looks at rathore… rathore was helpless to see his chashni crying Radhika sits on the floor and lost herself in the tears… teji picks her who was on the floor and holds her by shoulders…

Arjun ; remember radhika this can be the last time we are seeing each other she cries big he was not able to take that he hugs her tight and says ; but only u r my panoti no one else was and would be. Saying so he kisses her deep… she helds him tight and kisses with all the love she had… they close the eyes and break the kiss when she opens her eyes Arjun was not there…

Arjun… Arjun….. noooooooooooo


Radhika who was in deep sleep was now sweating badly. Her voice made Arjun wake up as well.. when she saw him she pounces on him and hugs tight and cries hard… Arjun was now scared of what is bothering her…

Arjun ; Panoti panoti what happened ?? DId u have any night mare ?? She nods her head but never loosens her grip over him.. Arjun was just hugging her tight and after few minutes she comes back to normal… she slowly removes her head over him and looks at him… It was that face she fell in love with and now there is no backing off.

Arjun ; What happened radhika ??

Radhika ; Promise me something…

Arjun ; i promise u …

Radhika ; i did not say anything..

Arjun ; i dont want to hear.. all i want is u and ur love so if u r gonna ask some thing is never leave me and i promise u is that what so ever happens or who so ever makes us apart we will face them together and atlast it is just the love u have for me and the love i have for u ….

Radhika had no words… she got what she wanted for… her thought went back and she thought of saral a stupid cruel male chauvinistic idiot. But Arjun who was called angry short tempered a head turner is my love and he understands me without even saying what i am going through.. i am really lucky to have him… her thought was broken by arjun’s shake.. she just saw him and hugged him again..

I saw u leaving me because of Nandhini…

Arjun ; the what ??

Radhika ; Hmmm she nods and continues i had a bad dream arjun that u are leaving me because nandhini di made all the mess so it was finally made that it was decided that she wanted u back with her to bring pain to me so u decided to leave me and…. saying so her voice chocked. He again hugs her and she cries bitterly…

Arjun ; woo wooo panoti relax relax… look at me she did not look at him.. radhika his voice was a bit demanding…she saw him with teary eyes… he wiped it slowly and gave some water to drink and made her messy hair straight and made her lay in his chest and hugged her protectively and said ; panoti that is just a dream but even in that dream if u had continued it u might have seen me coming back to u as i can never be away from u never ever… ok just hold this at heart i am not going to leave u come what may or what ever the situations may… i am holding ur hand and i will never leave u ok… she nods and the sleep was now gone…

Arjun ; come lets sleep…
Radhika ; no i dont want to sleep i dont want any bad dreams… he smiles and says ok come lets go for a bike ride… she nods and he picks the bike key and they just go for some ride…


Neil and sam were in their lovely ride….
Sam ; so mr.husband what is the next surprise ??
Neil ; wow mr.husband hmmm i like that word miss.wife…she giggles.. ooh sorry mrs.wife sam laughs more… he pulls her to him and she who was laughing was now frowned.
Sam ; neil what are u doing… what is some one sees us ??
Neil ; who cares wife ?? I am ur husband see the ring… she blushes and he leans to her and she slaps him…
Neil ; excuse me u r supposed to kiss me not slap me…
Sam ; im hungry neil and if i kiss u i wont stop until i eat ur lips… neil’s eyes widened ??
Neil ; sammy u r supposed to be a human not zombie. She laughs and comes to bite neil… he jerks and was about to run by opening the car door… she pulls him and kisses him hard and he melts in the kiss.

Sam ; aaahhh so this is called a perfect kisssssssssss. He was not able look at her face.

Sam ; awww see neil ur blushing like a cute girl getting her first kiss man look at ur dimple cheeks it is pink. He looks at her and pouts..

Sam ; so what are we gonna do for dinner ??

Neil ; aaahhh dinner now thats a point wait and he takes his phone from his pocket and sam was all the time in his embrace… she giggles and he finally pulls his phone and dials the number and then after few yes yes yes he keeps the call.. sam was biting her lower lips and was staring at him…

Neil ; all done sammy lets start…

Sam ; excuse me neil it is almost mid night and u r saying that u have made the preparations ?? U r seriously idiot in bold… He makes a face and husks ; u donno who is ur husband wife… u will know it soon… a cold shiver passed her spinal… that voice was seducing her… she just nods and she could feel butterflies in her stomach.

They reached a place… was beautifully decorated the place was surrounded by cute lightings and sam was all the time looking at the decoration with mouth wide open.. the board welcomed them Welcome Mr and Mrs Neil Malhotra…

Sam was blushing looking at the board.. neil made this as an opportunity and picked her up in his arms and he walked inside and when they entered they were welcomed by all the members of Creative canada branch… Sam hid her face in Neil’s chest coz of sudden happiness and embarrassment… He looks with a proud smile and Sam finds Prena standing with a big smile… Sam jumps and runs and hugs prena.

Sam ; thank u so much aunty.

Prena ; susshhh not required it is all i want u guys marriage. im so happy for this sam… and she has tears in her eyes and neil hugs her from back and says.

Neil ; mom how is my selection ??

Prena ; ur face she is my selection come sammy saying so she takes sam and sam pokes her tongue out to neil… neil who was acting angry laughed at Sam…

Few days later…

Nandhini was looking at the details she got gave a smirk and said ; rathore u have played with a wrong person i will come and show u the real me…


Rathore collected the details of Nandhini and he who was going through found out she had a adopted brother and he was used for her plan..

Rathore’s pov ; so he is the one who chashni married but his identity is not known here but i knew he is been used… if he is really a good person i will make sure chashni is living with him… Just then he saw Arjun entering with Teji and Radhika and Danny inside the office and radhika was laughing all mad he speaks something and she bangs him with the file and arjun pulls danny inside and she bangs all and they are having fun.

Rathore’s pov ; wish these kids are happy the way they are today… Im sorry nandhini when it comes to my family i will always be with them and here my chashni is my only family with teji..i knew u will be coming to take revenge with me but u r not that intelligent that i have made my man there… thinking that he smiles and goes back to his work…

Precap ; Nandhini comes to chicago… Arjun and Nandhini face to face….


So thats it for today… i knew i was late spare me… i will make sure that i am updating it regularly… love u all and always smile… muhhhaaaa If u guys feel this is nice can u pls share me ur views ?? If u can ?? stay blessed all

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  1. Superb update…waiting for next one…post soon ?

    1. S.v

      Thank u neha ?will post soon love u

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiii,I’m Ritwika…I’m a huge fan of yours…..till now i was a sitent reader….but now a dayes i started to give comments
    About the episode…………. its just fabulous.. as usual…. i love this track….. Plz post soon,plzzzzzzzzzzz
    tack care….

    1. S.v

      Ritwika thank u so much for those sweet words of yours… im so much happy to hear that u loved my works… thank u and from now on i can eagerly wait for ur comment right ??? Thank u once again and love u si much and also bear hugs ????

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. S.v

      Thabk u kavina

  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode, is Radhika’s nightmare going to come true, is she going to loose Arjun? Eagerly waiting for the next update, S.v you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Brin thank u sooo sooo much well night mare donno but i wish that never comes true. Thank u so much brin u r an awesome person love u sooo much

  5. arti viswanathan

    Sv darling as usual outstanding episode. I loved it…. Don’t seperate ardhika yaar…. I want neil and sam coming back to bs will be interesting dear.. Now arjun is nice person so he has rights with radhika… They both love each other….. And about nandini she wont be able to seperate arjun and radhika…tc loads of love and teddy hug to u from me… Will be waiting for next episode dear…..

    1. S.v

      Arti arti arti relax relax relax ardhika of now they cant be separated and i dont want that to happen but i donno ehat is gonna happen to them arjun is a good person he has his heart only of radhika so he has all the right to live with her…. dont panic theu can not be separated but dinno what is nandhini is upto let us wait and watch what are she upto…. love u sooo much and bear my hugs as well love u muhhhhaaa☺☺☺???

    1. S.v

      Thank u ☺☺☺

  6. Jnana

    hey darling…. hows you? seriously i was totally shocked at the start…. you really gave ma a bad time then…. later you know…. i was…. i suppose you can imagine…. dancing…. nesam…. ahhhh…. cute….. hahaah nandini says that rathore is playing with a wrong person…. papam…. i dont know what will she do when the table turns around…. nandini arjun face off….. waiting for that…. will that be emotional? curious…. and did i miss somethin??? i dont know… if yes pls give me the link….. bye… tc….

    1. S.v

      jnana thank u so much dear and yes if it is nesam then i will surely think of u really u were dancing i can see this… yup she is gonna fight against the mountain… emotional hmmm yup it will be… nope u will missed anything i guess.. love u so much my sweet heart…. love u

  7. Gauri

    Awesome update girl…I was so sad when Arjun left Radhika but it was a dream sigh!!!! Sam_neil cute…Rathore is a gem…but am I feeling or it is short compared to your previous updates …but was a rocking one 🙂 waiting for next loads of love 🙂 stay blessed cutie pie

    1. S.v

      didi thank u so much for those words and yes it is a bit small when compared to other updates… yup it is small rathore is a gem thank u so much and ur wr is on the way will update that soon as well.. love u so much my angel didi… love u and bear hugs,…

  8. Rossy

    Nandini why she back with such storms….aaaagh lady have some mercy on people…radz scared after dream. Was natural…what to say…nesam was awesome… Waiting for rathore nandu face off.

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    sulbi thank u so much. will update soon… love u stay blessed

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    Baby….this is super cool…..Ardhika…wow…she fears…I was like for a second…yen.indha kolaveri…but you know what’s the highlight…..Arjun promises without asking what..and. says…if u had further dreamt,you would have seen me coming back 2 you…..whistle…..adi dhool dialogue….enama upload uruga vachiteengale ma….!!!! Baby…andha dialogue chancea illa…!! Nesam…hahah…sam score panra…..Neil kalakuran….prena…arumaiya mamiyar…..Rathore…..Anna…anna….unga match. Ku than wait panrom…..field ku vanga….Nandhini….ethana adi patalum un attooliyam kuraiyave matenkudhu…..,waiting 4 the face off….. aana Arjun dialogue sema po…..???????TC….waiting for next

    1. S.v

      baby thank u so much …. idha idha idha than naa edhir paarthen…. enakku idhu romba pudichurukku… arjunukku whistle podu…. rathore anna vandhu score panna dhan poraru naamalum paakadhan porom…. love u so much baby …. muhhhaaaaa love u tons…

  12. Dev

    Hey sv….i know u wud b ready with hockey bat 2 do me d rituals….bt sorry yaar im opening dis aftr nearly 1 week due 2 my cousin bros marriage….dat bcam busy ……
    So d epi was an emotional 1 with d ni8mare of radu n pacifying of arjun….love of nesam….revenge of nandini….n protectiveness in rathore….lovely epi yaar….
    Lov u always….waiting 4 d nxt n rst of ur ff….tc ….hugs n pecks

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