Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 21


Hiee all im sv back tadaaa………. entry tune lol. Thank u all for those lovely words and sry for late. Actually in my house’s patlock i got hit. Dont worry nothing happened to the lock but then i found my hand was slightly swollen, i never knew i can be fat by that mean too, then it started to pain. He he he cant help it ya now i am fine so back here tadaaaa again the tune. Talking too much sry love u all and do comment ur views as they mean a lot to me……… Our didi is not well . Let us all pray that she should be fine soon and always be strong with her smile in her face always and shree for heaven sake sleep pls sleep…… Both my sissys get well soon wanna see u both rocking love u both and love u all…………..
Sammy u asked here it is and aadia hope u will like teji’s proposal.

Enjoy the ride…..

Teji was in his high speed as he was going to propose to his love a true love. He was sweating badly but immediately shivering in cold. He was thinking ; why is it so tough. Rathore and luna are happy. Rathore was a shy when it comes to this but he himself proposed come on teji u can do it. She is ur flower come on buddy. He parked the car and he ran inside one of the gates…….
Arjun picked radhika and made her lay her head on his lap. She immediately wrapped her hands over his waist and made herself comfortable in his lap. He smiled and pulled her cheeks. She too smiled but was sleeping. Arjun caressed her hair and she was enjoying the royal treatement by her king.
Arjun ; panoti..she nodded.
Arjun ; wake up doll. She nodded again but all the time closing her eyes. He shook her again she nodded.
Arjun ; radhika we don’t have much time wake up panoti.
Radhika (nodded) ; hmmm hmmm. He smiled and kissed her forehead and said i love u .
Radhika ; i love u too arjun. He pulled her and hugged her by burying her with himself and she hugged but still sleeping and enjoying his warmth.
Arjun ; panoti wake up i have made coffee for u. She nodded again. He kissed her cheeks. She smiled and turned her face and showed another cheeks. He smiled and kissed that. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him in full love the way he was looking at her. She looped her arms around his neck and pulled him close and said “good morning khadoos” he nodded and smiled. She streched her arms and again fell over him and hugged him for the second dosage of sleep.
Arjun ; oye hello madam ji wake up.
Radhika ; pls 5 minutes hubby. He smiled as she was speaking but eyes all shut. He wondered how could she sleep for so much time. Arjun smiled and slowly husked.
Arjun ; panoti…….
Radhika ; hmm hmm ??
Arjun ; chipkali.
Radhika ; ok and after few seconds she realised what he said. She jumped and started to run on the bed all shouting. Arjun tried to speak but she was on her top of voice screaming. He held her hand and made her sit on the bed.
Arjun ; why are u running like a kid radhika ??
Radhika ; u said…….wait again u pranked me ?? Ur so dead mr.mehra and pounced on him and punched him. He was all the time screaming her name but she did not bother. He twisted himself by making her below him and held her hand and took few breathe to compose himself and slowly kissed her and said good morning panoti. She blushed and said ; morning khadoos will u always wake me up like today ??
Arjun ; i would love to. She giggled and hugged him tight and she dosed of again to sleep.
Teji ran inside the gate. He took a small rose flower and paid more than the rate of the flower. He was still in his night suit to be frank a Mickey mouse paijama. He saw rose with her couligue talking. He ran towards her. He went to her but his speed was too high. He thought he would pounce on her and fall her and roll over her atleast for 3 times but all his thought was ……..
He dashed over the glass. It was so neatly cleaned it was like it never exist. Just then he saw the glass company ad which was done by creative. He cursed all the words he knew about his situation. Rose heard the sound and came out and saw many people where standing surrounding something. Rose broke the crowd and saw teji. She keenly noticed then she found his nose was jammed and it was out of shape like a jammed cake.
Rose ; tej……. what happened ??
Teji (spoke in his nose) ; wanna tell something to u.
Rose ; look i donno Greek or Latin so pls speak in English and why ur nose this jammed and she kept her hand over his nose.
Teji ; ouch it hurts. She smiled at him.
Rose ; so why did u made this fuss ??
Teji ; wanna make a confession. Rose’s heart skipped a beat. Her heart was full of eagerness and eyes reflected that.
Teji ; well (he pulled the rose in his hand but only stem was there. He made a face and said) ; will u ?? Will u ??
She nodded and had tears in her eyes. She jumped and again dashed his nose with her head and both were on the floor.
Teji ; ouch honey. She saw him and he was ribbing his nose. She smiled and her friend saw that and asked rose to come to as the flight will start. Rose turned to the her friend and said ; i am sick.
Friend ; when ??
Teji ; well now in his nosey voice
Rose ; i have my sick leave if not granted i dont mind of loss of pay. I have got my love and im gonna enjoy this week. Bye bye dear and both started from the airport. Once inside the car.
Rose ; so where ??
Teji ; what about some where to enjoy like some place ??
Rose ; where ever u go i will come with u by closing my eyes. He saw her and smiled at her.
Rose ; did u come all the way with this paijama ?? He looked at himself and closed his eye. She laughed like a temple bell.
Teji ; this is my birthday dress frlm my sweet sister.
Rose ; u look cute in this one tej.
Teji ; really then i will say u it is my choice only not hers. She busrt out in laugh and he who looked at her for few seconds joined her in the laugh and they started to enjoy their life’s journey.


Neil and sam were roaming every streets of canada. She was literally making him go mad with her shopping. It was just 2 hours of their shopping but he was hell tired.
Neil ; yaar sammy enough na yaar.
Sam ; idiot we have just started to roam and u r saying enough ??
Neil ; sammy my throat is getting dry pls let me drink some juice atleast. She nodded and found chaos there suddely. It was a bet as who will drink more of wine. Sam pulled Neil and asked him to drink with an American person. He was wearing a sleeveless bunyan and a hat and his hand was covered with full tattoos. Neil gulped at the figure of the person. He by his looks made the opponent get scared. Neil saw sam she smiled and said ; u will do bottoms up with the scotch idiot its just wine now drink and make me proud my lover boy. He rolled his eyes as he knew when she said that she means it. He looks at the oponent he was smirking and looked at neil.

The croud shouted 3…..2……1…….. go both started. The opponent was drinking the same speed of neil at one point of time the drink entered his nose. He started to cough but neil used it as an opportunity and drank and won the match. All applauded and sam hugged him and gave a lovely kiss on his dimple cheeks. He smiled at her and looked at her with full love. He pulled her and made gave a tight and passionate kiss and she hugged him tight making him feel that she will never leave him.

All the love birds had a hide and seek time with their pairs and enjoying every second at the fullest.


Rathore wanted to sleep with his siblings the way they used to sleep. So he called radhika and teji to the common bedroom where the brothers and sister used to sleep and speak out everything. Radhika was a bit reluctant as she knew arjun would come anytime. She came there in her night dress. Rathore made a bed and even luna was there. All slept hugging each other by luna in a seperate bed where as rathore in the middle and teji and radhika on the either side. Rathore saw teji hugging rathore and sleeping. Radhika was keeping her head over rathore’s arms and sleeping. He caressed their head and he saw his love lady sleeping peacefully and she was twinkling in the moon light. He saw her and then dosed of to sleep.
Radhika felt her hand over waist and she was pulled to one side of the bed. She jerked and found arjun laying next to her.
Radhika ; aarr……..he closed her mouth.
Arjun ; shush……both spoke in rats voice.
Radhika ; what if rathore sees u ??
Arjun ; i made a promise that u will always sleep with ur teddy bear how can i break my promise.
Radhika ; what if they see u ??
Arjun ; i will make my way out now come panoti i wanna sleep and he opened his arms. She jumped in his arms and held him tight and said ; i love u arjun. He smiled and slept so peacefully with his lovely wife.
Samrat called the press for the public announcement he will no longer be the owner of the bird song and this is gonna be sold for him to pay his dues which are pending for a long time because of the business which went on a toss when neil sam and arjun left the company.
Piyali was shattered this was her 2 home. Manya tried to pacify her but no use she was all shattered. Manya requested piyali that she will inform about this to sam.
Piyali ; dont say anything to sam she is just now started to live a life i ruined her claiming that she killed jai and again after the chaos she punished herself for the mistake which she never did i dont want her to suffer again and she hugged and cried her heart out that she failed.
Manya silently texted the message to sam and she pacified piyali.
Some where……………..
It was a dark room someone was watching the news where samrat spoke ; i am going to sell birdsong…… that words gave a small smile on the person’s face. The person got up and said ; this is the perfect slap for u samrat for what u have done u will beg in the streets of mumbai for what u have done to me. I did not did anything this time yet i won the game which i started long back with arjun. He was stupid, he believed me blindly but then that radhika made him realise then she too left him in the accident. This was the pay he paid for betraying me. Im happy here after a long time im very happy. U r finished Samrat khanna.
All the 3 were in the apartment. Prena and sam were playing chess and neil was dancing in the kitchen in waering the apron hearing the songs in sam’s mobile and just then he heard a voice.
Idiot we are starving come quick u dumbo. He cursed that his girlfriend and his mother made him the cook for the day as they were busy from the morning but doing nothing. He was about to say then he heard another voice.
Prena ; are u living ur life there now hurry up we ladies are hungry. Neil had enough he took his spoon and made that held behind his ears and came with his bathroom slippers and his apron was way more bigger than his trousers and with another big spoon in his hands. Prena and sam were shocked to see the kitchen model neil. They both saw each other and laughed out loud and gave hi fi to each other and that made neil to roll his eyes and to go back. He entered the kitchen and just then manya’s message popped up. He was pained to learn that bird song lost its charms. It was his house too . He wanted to get that badly but how ?? He was thinking and then he got an idea about that he smiled thinking about that…….
Precap – still thinking…….. donno seriously ……….

Thats it guys…. How was it ?? Did u all like it ?? was it nice ?? Pls do say me ur views.. Love u all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile. Love u all

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      1. Jessie

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