Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 20


hloo all im sv back with the next part . Oh my god 20 updates. It was like just i wrote my first episode. Guys this is all because of ur love im writing it thank you all soo much, those comments which u guys gave me was an encouragement and i am soo blessed to have so many friends here, so for that i have made a happy update, hope u guys like at and pls do comment ur views regarding this one too as they are my encouragement and they mean a lot to me. Typed in a bit hurry so was not able to see the spellings spare me for the typos and silent readers if u find time pls do comment your views. Love you soo much…

Enjoy the ride…..

Ardhika were having happy times. Radhika was playing with arjun’s fingers by leaning over his shoulder and he was hugging her and was busy on the phone . Radhika saw his wrist which had a tattoo. She removed his watch which he was always wearing and saw the tattoo. It was a beautiful flower she looked keenly and found radhika was engraved as a flower pattern. She did not know what to say or how to react. She hugged him tight. Arjun ended the call and hugged her too and after sometimes she composed and looked at him.
Radhika ; why r u like this ??
Arjun ; like what ??
Radhika ; like this and showed the tattoo. He hugged her and she kept her head over his heart and was looking at him who was smiling at her innocent eyes which was only love for him. He smiled and peaked on her nose and said ; is there any crime to love my wife the best one.
Radhika ; wish we saw each other in a different time or place so that i wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving u…….he placed his index finger over her lips and said ; that was just a bad nightmare ok ?? we will never get separated even by force u know me right ?? she nodded and again hugged him. Suddenly she realised that rathore was in town.
Radhika ; arjun rathore ?? what if he comes to know that we are together i mean i am here with u and teji he will blurt out gosh i donno what will happen and she was pacing here and there and he was smiling at her child nature. Radhika was scratching her head and was mumbling something and arjun maximum controlled his laugh as he knew how much she will shout when he laughs at her at this time.
Radhika ; arjun start we need to go…………
Arjun ; do u think i would be that stupid ??
Radhika ; of course yes and folded her hands and raising her eye brows.
Arjun ; really ?? and he stood up and walked towards her.
Radhika ; yes ….. and slightly blushed at him as he was coming close to her and he was walking back as he was walking towards her.
Arjun ; really ?? she dashed on the wall and jerked she was about to move to her left he pinned her so she tried to go by right he again pinned her by his other hand. She was breathing heavily and he was seriously close to her and she closed her eyes.
Arjun (husked) ; do u think im stupid behanji ?? she opened her eyes and saw him smiling. She was so angry and pushed him and walked angrily. He held her by her wrist and pulled her towards him but she was in no mood to look at him and she was annoyed what arjun said.
Arjun ; sry………radhika jerked and removed herself from him.
Radhika ; get lost.
Arjun ; radhika im soo sorry.
Radhika ; i donno u who are u im not radhika im meera get that.
Arjun ; oh my god again started the same record. Hey man who so ever above me save me from my wife.
Radhika ; u r free to go to anyone go as ur wife is dead and she turned to leave. Arjun held her hand and hugged her tight but she struggled to leave by pushing him away from her but he was in no mood to leave her and finally she was gave up and then she too hugged him and was sobbing.
Arjun ; what happened ?? why are u crying ??
Radhika ; u still have that grudge na that i dont look nice not suitable to u ??
Arjun ; who said that u are not beautiful ??
Radhika ; u said behanji
Arjun ; oh god i was just joking
Radhika ; whatever in the heart is only coming through the mouth so u still feel like i dont suit u right ?? Arjun then realised her heart was not strong which it used to be she is so fragile cant even take a word which was spoken as a joke.

Arjun kissed her and said ; u r the most valuable person dear i never knew my joke would turn out to hurt u and wiped her tears. She was still sobbing. Arjun knew how to divert her mood he took his mobile and played soch na sake and placed it on the sofa without breaking the hug and slowly danced to the rhythm and she who was first hesitant started to dance slowly and he was singing the song with the tune and she smiled in between her tears and finally he made her normal.
Arjun ; sorry panoti. She beat him over his hand and said ; u will be punished for what u have done . Arjun gulped as what the lady is up to.
Radhika ; u have to prepare food all the three times a day for ur life for hurting me. He gave a sign of relief and said ; i will cook for eternity if u r not mad at me. She smiled and punched him and said ; come lets go home. But he held her and said ; they wont come back tonight .
Radhika ; haaa ??why ??
Arjun ; coz rathore and luna are on a weekend trip and will be back only on Monday.
Radhika ; teji ??
Arjun ; he is busy with his date.
Radhika ; date ??
Arjun ; yup his date rose.
Radhika (laughing) ; u r joking for me right ?? and looked at him he did not change his reaction.
Radhika ; oh my god we are gonna spend some time together ?? yippiee and she jumped and ran to the other room arjun had happy tears and promised himself that he will not hurt her. Radhika made the arrangements for the bed and came out changing to her fav arjun’s pink shirt and smiled at him and pulled him inside the bedroom to play cards and they had mast time together.

Neil was snoring hard and sam who was sleeping closed his nose. He was not able to breath and jerked and stopped to snore. She was sleeping over the bed and he was sleeping below the bed but they were both holding their hands together. Prena who found this smiled and clicked a picture and messaged that to radhika.
Sam slowly turned and she was in the edge. She slipped and fell on neil and he screamed thinking some rock has fallen on him.
Neil ; help me land slide some big rocks are falling over me. Sam who got hurt in her hand saw neil who was shouting throwing his hand over the air and shouting.
Sam ; did u get hurt ??
Neil ; ya here (without opening his eyes) and pointed his leg. She realised that the sound was because of his dream. Sam smiled and said ; i love u neil and kept her head over his hand he immediately closed his hand and said ; i love you sammy. She thought he was dreaming but he said that in real.
Neil ; sammy i said i love you.
Sam ; u awake ??
Neil ; then what will happen if a 60 kg feather falls on me ??
Sam ; who is 60 kg im just 57 .
Neil ; not a big difference. Still i was the one need to bear u……
Sam ; for ur whole life and smiled. Neil smiled and peaked on her cheeks.
Neil ; sammy what shall we do today ??
Sam ; hmmm its been a long time lets just enjoy the city i want to go for some shopping with u and movie and then Niagara.
Neil ; woo wooo easy samindher singh easy all these in one day ??
Sam ; if u feel like its too much then how about life time ??
Neil ; sounds good now start we have to go but he was the one who was lying on the floor.
Sam ; neil u should be the one who should start first as u will get some spirit when u enter the washroom and u will sing dance and then some weird sounds too so pls getup and go. He smiled and went inside the washroom and she stood up and found prena was sitting and reading news paper with tea in her hand. Sam came and peaked prena’s cheeks and hugged her from back. Prena smiled and said ; all done ur breakfast have it and enjoy the day.
Sam ; thank you so much aunty, well is that ok if i call u aunty as……
Prena ; for heaven sake call me aunty as i dont want to be a normal mother in law stuff and we will make a team to make him go mad. Done ??
Sam ; done aunty and just then neil came.
Neil ; sam can u pls brush ur teeth ur mouth is stinking. Sam gave a glare and hitted him by her shoulders and went to freshen up.
Prena ; so neil how r u feeling now ??
Neil ; donno mom i wish im not dreaming.
Prena (patted his shoulders) ; she truly loves u only u forget about the past and start a new life neil. He nodded and said ; thanks mom and took the tea cup from her hand and sipped the tea. Prena hitted his head with the news paper and went to the kitchen for tea. He smiled and wished his life is the same as it was today.

Radhika’s phone buzzed and arjun who heard the sound took the mobile and saw the pic he was so happy that at last sam and neil are together and his guilty level was not that high now. He turned and found radhika sleeping with mouth open. She was murmuring something and he pulled her to himself and rubbed her head and she comfortably slept by burying herself into arjun . Arjun smiled and peaked over her forehead and was about to move but found she was clutching her hand into his hand and their fingers were held close tight.
Arjun ; radhika can u leave me i will prepare coffee for u ?? radhika was in no mood of leaving the hand . Arjun finally kissed her hand and slowly removed his hand and kept a pillow which she may hug and sleep.
Rathore was sleeping and luna who came from jog found the great business man sleeping shivering in cold and sleeping. She smiled and pulled the bedspread over rathore and he slept in peace with a smile. She smiled and said ; i never had a true family or love first i got a friend in the form of meera and a puppy as teji and now a true love from u . Rathore will u always be my side ??
He who was waiting for this time slipped a cute ring and said ; always.
Luna ; so u did not sleep ??
Rathore ; who would get sleep when u fall for the beautiful blue eyes ?? She blushed and her face which was pure white turned into a cute rose colour.
Rathore ; i love you so much luna and today im gonna speak to my motherly figure for me my aunty prena.
Luna ; will she say yes to me ??
Rathore ; who will not say yes to u haa say me ?? Look luna for me chashni teji neil and u r important get that ?? so prena aunty will always be happy as for a mom it is only her child’s happiness so she will always be happy for u i bet that. Luna smiled and rathore peaked her cheeks.
Luna (jumped) ; oh my god i just had a dream that u will kiss me then it has come true , he pulled her and said ; it was not a dream luna when u were sleeping it was me who kissed u………..
Luna ; where (in a doubtful voice)
Rathore ; well ur cheeks dont think too much. She gave a glare to him and said ; fine get up u lazy leg need to roam the city come and pulled him from the bed and pushed him inside the room.

Arjun called teji so that he will not search for radhika.
Teji (with half sleep) ; who is this ??
Arjun ; im arjun teji .
Teji ; good morning and good night.
Arjun(murmured) ; so as brother so as sister. Teji ur flower is going for a week to india for her job so it is the best day for u to propose her.
Teji ; hmm hmm and was sleeping.
Arjun ; teji rose is leaving today to india(shouted on his top of his voice).Teji jerked and said ; what did u say ??
Arjun ; nursery rhymes now start before she leaves.
Teji ; chashni is sleeping i will say her and start.
Arjun ; teji if u want to speak to her then im sorry the flight will land but she will not wake up.
Teji ; how do u know ??
Arjun; now stop asking questions and start now. Teji took his glasses and peeped inside radhika’s house and saw her sleeping (was a pillow setup). He gave a sign of relief and then he took his car keys and rushed to the airport in his night suit.
Arjun ; thank god i am saved and so is my panoti and turned and saw her who was hugging the pillow and sleeping peacefully. He smiled at her and took 2 cups of coffee to start the day.

Precap – Teji proposal to rose and some fun Nesam happy times, bird song made a public announcement for sale and an
unwanted entry.

Thats it guys how was it ?? Did you all like it ?? was it nice or boring ?? pls comment your views love you all stay strong and stay blessed and dont forget to smile.

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      thank you so much sree deeksha im overwhelmed by ur words dear thank you soo soo much unwanted entry will be revealed the next and i hope u will enjoy that too love you dear

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