Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 2


Hloo all im your Sv back with the next part of our journey. Im really excited with the encouragement you guys gave me so i came up with the next part. Thanks for those comments and please do comment your views regarding this update too and to my silent readers thank you all hope you all are happy with this track . Love you all my friends.

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Chap 2.
Radhika was seriously working with her team for their new project at that time Luna came with a cup of coffee .
Luna ; Meera stop working yaar . Don’t be so workaholic man now take a break dear. Radhika smiled and took the coffee and they were in the cafeteria and they heard a noise in the other side of cafeteria .
Teji ; I swear I did not go for the date. I swear dear. I promise sasha I did not go out for date with nancy I promise dear.
Sasha ; Do I look like a fool to u. I saw you taking her with you for the movie for which I brought tickets for u and me that too for my favorite Jungle book but you…… and took the book and started to hit him hard. Radhika was laughing out seeing his helplessness. She came near sasha and ringed her neck and said “ sasha you know one thing he said how he enjoyed the movie and he also said how beautiful she was”
Teji ; This is not fair chasni what did I do to you.
Radhika ; You killed my ears with your love story now suffer. Luna called Radhika “ Meera chief is calling you honey come on. Radhika murmured something in sasha’s ears and she was in high anger and looked at him. He escaped from sasha and went out for the product shoot.

Radhika continued the work and at that time she came around the name Arjun and she was lost in thoughts. Radhika thought what Arjun said “ If im alive then my radhika is also safe and alive” She smiled but she thought that this may also be a trick to make Sam feel for him so that she may accept Arjun. But she did not knew that Arjun was going mad to find her even if the whole world said she is no more.

Arjun entered his house and had a week smile in his face. He saw only radhika everywhere in his house. He made a big face of radhika with the pictures he collected and all put together formed beatiful face of radhika. Arjun took a shower and came out and saw radhika sitting in his bed. His eyes showered and went straight to her and hugged her and cried out. Radhika did not react but he was not in the mood of letting her go. After some time Arjun broke the embrace and saw her . She was the same radhika on the day she left him.

Arjun ; Where were you radhika I missed you so much . I wanted to live with you , you promised me that you will not leave me but you left me that day and when heard about the accident ,everyone are saying that you are dead . Where were you these days radhika I knew you were alive. Please dont go away from me , I will die please dont leave me and hugged her back again. Radhika broke the hug and she saw him without much change in her face.

Radhika ; Do you think i’m a fool to believe this drama of yours ?? Arjun was stunned to hear those words from his radhika . Before he could speak.

Radhika ; Sir you said you love me then why did you were in your revenge against Sam ??even after our marriage and you burned the bed for what ?? loving me ?? And you did not even speak a word when Sam accused me in front of every one and that slap do you think that I should feel happy for that , your sister did all wrong but I was the one who was tortured by Sam, you, your beloved sister and the whole birdsong and even my family. Wow superb sir and you say you love me really do you think that I would even think of considering you as a person ?? Arjun forgot to breath . He was just staring at her with his tears in his eyes .

Radhika ; Forgot some of my stuffs came here to take them . Sorry sir I will not come here after to you and walked out.
Arjun was pleading ; Radhika dont go ….. please dont leave me radhikaa. Radhikaaaaaaa………..
Arjun jerked and woke up. He realised that he was dreaming. He drank a glass of water and turned and saw radhika’s photo lying beside him.


Radhika felt like someone called and rushed out of her office and found no one. She was restless and she saw teji full exhausted after the shoot of the product. Teji and Radhika were working in creative – an ad agency . Neil had his friends in canada. After the accident Radhika took a drastic step of not going back anywhere and asked Neil’s help to make her disappear from the people whom she knew so that she may start a new life by pushing aside all her old memories away and to start afresh. Neil made all the arrangements and he asked teji to accompany her as she was broken. Everything was changed her name her look her slang but she still had Arjun in her heart which she never said to anyone and with the same kindness . She took an apartment with teji and they started to live in that apartment and Neil along with prena (who knew about Radhika )were also planning to say good bye to Sam and Birdsong as Neil doesnot want any more heart breaking after her betrayal .

(That day in the party after nandhini spoke her truth radhika went to neil and asked him to book the tickets for her as she knew only he would the only one who would not stop her but help her. He dropped her and booked the ticket with teji as he knew she would be heart broken and gave them to him and he went to sam who called him. They were spending an emotional night and next day when Sam said that she is going to say to Arjun, Neil was totally broken and thought even after this mess sam still loves Arjun so he thought to step out of Sam’s life as he doesnot want to get hurt. But after the accident incident Sam was shattered as her best friend who did everything to her was no more, she was hurt and so she did not say her feelings to Neil as she thought this would be the best price which she is paying for not trusting her chasni)

Radhika was in her thoughts and she was continuously hearing Arjun’s voice over her head. She informed to teji and went to the apartment and without her knowledge her eyes were wet. She opened her bag and took Arjun’s picture and held it tight in her arms and burying it in her heart.
Arjun lied down in his bed and was continuously staring at radhika’s picture . He slowly placed his hand over the pic and was rubbing over her face and closed his eyes and was in his own memory world where only himself and his radhika were their.
kitni baatein yaaad aati hain
how many talks i remember

tasveerein si ban jaati hain
they become like pictures

main kaise inhein bhooloon, dil ko kyaa samjhaaoon
how can i forget them, what should i tell the heart

kitni baatein kahane ki hain
there are many talks to say

hothon par jo sahmi si hain
that are silent on the lips

ek roz inhein sun lo, kyun aise gumsum ho
listen to them one day, why are you so absent minded

kyun poori ho na paayee daastaan
why did the story not become complete

kaise aayee hain aisi dooriyaan..
where has this distance come from

donon ke dilon mein chhupaa hai jo ek anjaanaa sa gham
in both our hearts, an unusual sorrow is hidden

kyaa ho paayegaa vo kam, koi kyaa kahe
will it become less, what can one say

donon ne kabhi zindagi ki ik mod pe thi jo payee
both of us had once obtained in a curve in life

hai kaisi vo tanhaai, koi kyaa kahe
what kind of loneliness, what can one say

kitnaa veeraan hai ye samaa
how isolate is this moment

saanson mein jaise ghultaa hai dhuaan
like how smoke languishes in the breaths

kaise aayee hain aisi dooriyaan
where has this distance come from

kitni baatein yaaad aati hain
how many talks i remember

tasveerein si ban jaati hain
they become like pictures

main kaise inhein bhooloon
how can i forget them

tumse aaj yun milke dil ko yaad aaye lamhe kal ke
after meeting you today, the heart remembered moment from yesterday

ye aansoo kyun hai chhalke, ab kyaa kahein….
why have these tears splashed, what to say now

tumne hamko dekhaa jo aise to ek ummeed hai jaagi
when you saw me in such a way that an expectation has grown

meri tumse pyaar paane ki, ab kyaa karein
to obtain your love, what to do now

aa gaye ham kahaan se kahaan
where have we come to

dekhe mud ke ye dil kaa kaarvaan, kaise aayee hain aisi dooriyaan
the caravan of the heart turns and looks, where has this distance come from

kitni baatein kahne ki hain
there are many talks to say

hothon par jo sahmi si hain
that are silent on the lips

ek roz inhein sun lo, kyun aise gumsum ho
listen to them one day, why are you so absent minded

kitni baatein yaaad aati hain
how many talks i remember

tasveerein si ban jaati hain
they become like pictures

main kaise inhein bhooloon, dil ko kyaa samjhaaoon
how can i forget them, what should i tell the heart

Radhika was still restless so she just took the mobile and was about to call neil but stopeed . She then dialed Arjun’s landline and it was late night in Mumbai. Arjun who was sleeping heard the phone’s noise and came to the hall and picked the phone.
Arjun ; Hello who is this ??? Radhika heard his voice directly after months. She did not speak at all but was just holding her mobile tight.
Arjun ; Hello who is this ??? and felt something strange in his heart…… his heart was beating hard ……
Arjun (slowly , who was breathing heavily) ; Radhika ????? Radhika closed her mouth not to hear her cry by Arjun
Arjun ; Radhika is that you radhika ?? Radhika please speak out radhika , Radhika I know you are alive radhika please radhika speak up . Talk something, anything scold me or just one word “ Arjun sir” call me Arjun sir radhika that is more than enough and was continuously calling her name. She was crying hard.
Radhika (after few seconds composing herself with a kind of changed voice ); May I speak you Kunal ??
Arjun (disappointed); Sorry wrong number and held the call. Arjun felt some kind of relief but radhika was crying her heart out . She did not cry after she left Arjun and she was stubborn enough for her to keep her grief within herself but today she poured out.

Thats it guys . How was the update ?? Did you guys like it ?? Please do comment your views. Love you all , stay blessed and take care.

Credit to: Sv

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